Friday, August 30, 2013

I Standby My Captain America Shirt

I don't know why I catch such guff for my Captain America T-Shirt.  Especially when everybody is wearing one.

Again, It Is OK to Hate Your Teachers

Because they are not there to educate you.  They are there to brainwash you and take your money.

Kathleen Rice

I saw this, but then I remember I knew I heard that name before.

How much you want to bet she didn't major in STEM and comes from a richer family than what you and i have?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

"My Child Comes First"

Whilst peering over the shoulder of my male friend, perusing the Match or the POF, he'll occasionally point out how common it is for women to list in their description,

"My child comes first"

and then laugh as he moves onto the next, hopefully, childless profile. 

But this brings up an important issue about hierarchy and the importance of different people in people's lives.

First, gentlemen, before you wed, you will (not "need" or "should") you WILL make it very clear you will be the number one thing in her life and she will be the number one thing in yours.  The kids will come second because without two parents, they will suffer.  This doesn't mean you put your kids beneath you, as it is akin to having a pilot and a co-pilot on the plane.  Those are the two most important people.  The fliers, very important, but they would all die if in an emergency the emphasis was put on them.  If you fail to convey this concept then you WILL be relegated below the children and relegated further to the position of ATM.  You are not an ATM, you are the father of the household.  Don't just act like it, insist on it.

Second, if you fail to do that, you will perpetually be knocked down the hierarchy as various "important" things enter your wife's life.  This will result in the following hierarchy and placement as time goes on.

2nd place behind the wife

3rd place behind the wife and any kids

4th place behind the wife, any kids, and if she's religious, Jesus (or God or Allah, etc.)

5th place behind the wife, any kids, any god, and her career

6th place behind the wife, any kids, any god, her career, her affair

7th place behind the wife, any kids, any god, her career, her affair, her family

I could go on, but if there are enough "false gods" you could in theory be bumped down to 117th place.

Regardless, it is important to assess these things about a woman before considering marriage.  Say, for example, she's already divorced with kids, has a career and is a really religious girl.

Well lil' buckaroo, you're default placed at 5th.

She's got no kids, but constantly listens to her mother's advice over yours, and is insistent on getting her "Masters in Feelings," you're default ranked 4th.

Again, at any time you men can put your foot down and say, "No, I am the head of the house hold, and I will be in first place."  It really is that simple.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why You Will Remain Poor

The Economy That Was Immune to Keynesian Viagra

I did a post a while ago showing just what a waste education has become by calculating how much GDP is yielded per dollar in educational spending.  This ratio was essentially a "return on investment" for the now trillion dollars we spend on education annually and showed not only diminishing marginal returns but just what a sad and pathetic lot populates the education industry.

But then I got an idea while motorcycling around.

Since Obama, Krugman, and every other leftist economist out there is constantly plugging Keynesian stimulus and government spending as the way to get the economy out of its doldrums (still waiting by the way guys, anytime time now), I figured a similar calculation would be called for in that if there's a ratio that would measure Keynesian success, it would be GDP per dollar in federal government spending.  In short, since there is that *COUGH COUGH WHEEZE WHEEZE* "multiplier effect" a dollar in government spending should result in multiple amounts of GDP.

So here it is:

You'll note that the Great Depression and WWII skew things a bit.  When nearly half of your production goes into the war effort, you can expect some odd ratios, so I made another chart post WWII, but keeping 1945 in there so you can see where we came from:

And shucks howdy, look at that.  Just like education spending, it looks like federal government spending just isn't getting the bang for the buck it used to.  In those "evil 50's" you would get $6.50 in GDP for every $1 in government spending, now we only get $4.30.  Matter of fact, in the short 5 years since America's first socialist president took over we lost nearly a buck in GDP per government dollar of spending.  The Keynesian Viagra just isn't taking, so what is going on?

It's very simple - government spending does not, in fact, contribute to economic growth.  It takes away from economic growth and merely redistributes wealth with a production or efficiency loss.

If you look at what leftists and Keynesians advocate, they advocate merely moving money around in the economy to get things "shaking up a bit" in the childish and naive hopes this jostling will get the economy going again.  The problem is this "shaking things up a bit" means taking money from productive people (or the future via borrowing) and giving it to Barack Obama's biggest supporters - economically worthless, productionless parasites.

I say such things not in the pejorative, but in accuracy.  That's who gets the lions share of money.  People who don't work.  People who don't produce.  People who are not independent and, thus, by default, and dependent and parasitical.

The problem with such people (and thus, a Keynesian economic stimulus plan) is that they do nothing to earn it.  And that is why GDP is not as responsive today to government spending as in days past.  Normally when you give somebody money you do so for some kind of production or service in exchange  You don't just randomly pass out money, you expect a soda, a video game, a burger or something in return.  But the government (specifically, Keynesian stimulus) doesn't work that way.  It takes money from people's savings, their income, or the future, normally productive people, and gives it to non-productive people in exchange for nothing.  Not one cent of GDP is produced when you pay out a social security check.  Not one cent of GDP is produced when you pass out Obamaphones.  Not one cent of GDP is produced when you hand out food stamps.

Of course people will argue not all of the stimulus spending is handouts and income transfers.  Why there are billions of dollars of grants, investments, etc., that go to bail out companies, invest in new technologies, etc.  And this is true.  Such government spending DOES get some modicum of return in the form of GDP...just not as much as if it remained in the private sector.

I need not remind people of the spectacular failure and losses of Solyndra and the score of other connected-cronies of Obama who faked like they were serious about building a solar company.  I need not remind people of the billions spent on worthless social programs and the employees that manage them that not only fail to solve the social ailment they contend they're trying to fix, but also results in fake GDP as nothing anybody REALLY wanted was produced.  And wasn't there a bridge (though in a Republican's district) to the middle of nowhere?  Again, Keynesian spending might get a bang for its federal government buck, but comes nowhere near as productive and high as the private sector.

No, the truth is that not only is government spending inherently NOT economic production, when you give it to the least productive and parasitic groups of people in the nation to either not produce at all or to fake producing (so public school teachers can claim they have some kind of "career" while their students shoot each other and can't read out of high school), you can expect the economy to stagnate and the ratios we have charted above.

But what's really precious is how so many people think the likes of Obama and Krugman are still well-intending, just misled about economics.  The reality is they hate this country, they hate freedom, they hate success, they hate liberty, and they make their careers off of giving an ignorant electorate their undeserved pound of by destroying the country.

Enjoy the decline!

The Academian Rationalization Hamster

Man, look at this hamster spin.

It makes me wonder if a human brain, after a certain amount of brainwashing/environment/etc., is incapable or independent thought, let alone taking criticism.  And even if it is in its best interests to stop, admit it made a mistake, take action to correct it, and thereby have a better life and future, how the ego overrides such wisdom.

I'd suggest sending her a copy of "Worthless" but it would be akin to her most likely path in life - pointless.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Latinos Get What They Deserve

You move here to escape a country that is lousy.

You then vote for a guy and policies that are the EXACT SAME THING YOU WERE TRYING TO ESCAPE FROM IN THE FIRST PLACE.

And then you wonder why life isn't better.

Well, you're at least American in one regard - you have the same astounding ignorance of economics that most native Americans have.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Straight Line or Bell Distribution of 1-10?

Heh, a deeper analysis than you thought about "she's a perfect 10!"

Leykis Financial Planning

It is a basic primer that if every man (and woman) followed, there would be no financial problems.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Just Can't Make It Up

So here is the really really short version.

A feminist posts a picture of herself with the "This is What a Feminist Looks Like" meme.

It goes pretty much viral as everybody points out the obvious that she is ugly, overweight, and precisely what a feminist looks like.

I tweet back to the originator who bravely put herself up there and somewhatknown feminist writer Vanessa Valenti,  "thank you.  priceless" in that it is so rich you just couldn't make it up.

But they take it seriously

Honest to the Patron Saint Name of Frick, you just can't make this stuff up.

enjoy the decline folks!

Taxi Dancers

So I was watching Peter Gunn and there was a scene where elder men were buying tickets at this dance hall.  They would then give the ticket to a lady and she would dance with him.

I personally couldn't believe this happened in that the demand to dance is higher among women than it is men, but it was such an outlandish, but well-organized set up I was viewing on the show that I presumed it must have been true.

Sure enough, it was - Taxi Dancers.

Back in the day men would actually PAY to dance with women. And we're not talking the naughty types of lap dances and strip teases.  We're talking ballroom dancing.

Regardless of its history, this is a great example of economics where the suppliers and demanders switched.  For whatever reason men no longer cared to dance with women. The demand dropped, and Taxi Dancers went extinct along with the industry and employment that came with it.  But (oh cruel, twisted, ironic fate of economics!) just because male demand for dancing vanished, didn't mean women didn't enjoy dancing themselves.  They did, it was just that at the time men demanded dancing more, making women the default supplier and allowing them to charge for it.  Now with male demand below female demand, it is men who supply the dances and women who are demanding (nay) desperately clamoring for male ballroom dancers.

I should know!  I billed out more than once at $100 per hour to dance with clients!

But Math Is Tough


The Captain Interviews Roosh on the Drawbacks of Success

I had hit on the topic of peerlessness and some of the drawbacks of success while doing two two week adventures in the Black Hills and a motorcycle ride to Alaska.  Admittedly it is a philosophy in progress, but decided to interview somebody who is down the rabbit hole of success and individualism more than most and that is Roosh V.  You may not agree with his lifestyle, and many will criticize it, but you cannot deny this is a man who set out to do his own thing, is doing it, and is successful at it.  Consequently, he is one of the few men who is "living his dream" and somebody whose opinions about success should be heeded. 

My questions are in regular font, his answers are in italics.

"You are arguably "peerless" in that there is no other man on the planet whose job it is to fly around the planet and try to seduce different women in different countries.  And in being this individual, it is only you who has experienced this particular path in life.  Now, to the outside observer, most men would say you are living the dream and can only see benefits to such a lifestyle/profession.  However, we all know that just because one is "living the dream" or "achieving their dreams," there are always drawbacks.  What are the major drawbacks or disadvantages of your lifestyle or "achieving your dream" most people don't see?"

Loneliness is the biggest drawback. I meet a ton of new people, but very few of those develop into something deeper. I am a novelty to the locals and they are the same to me, so it's no surprise that friendships I've met among non-Westerners have been superficial and fleeting. I find it exceedingly difficult, almost impossible, to make male friends abroad that don't already know me through my blog. This may be a product of age: men develop such specific personalities in their 30s that there are few others who can reasonably match it.

Travel is also exhausting in that you have to constantly learn new environments and adapt to them. Just when I begin to relax in a new city after identifying my favorite cafes, supermarkets, and bars, or after I finally adapt to a city's vibe and character, it's time to go somewhere else and start the process all over again. It becomes a grind of having to continually re-adapt to new environments and hopefully find comfort in yet another strange place. I'm usually quite tense during the first couple of days in a new city or apartment, of having to mentally accept a complete change to my living space.

Another result is that since I know I can't really get attached to any person or place, my emotions have to lean towards the cold side. I approach every city or encounter with detachment.

"Most other people have contemporaries or colleagues in their profession.  Even rivals (a la Joker and the Batman) can be considered colleagues.  I would surmise you have none.  Does that result in any kind of loneliness or a hopelessness that you just cannot just crack open a beer and talk to somebody "about your day at the office?"

The higher up you climb the mountain, the fewer people you see around you. I do meet a lot of men who are internationally mobile with internet marketing businesses, but this mobility means lasting friendships are rare. I hang out with them for a week or two and one of us has to leave for the next city. Even one night out with such man has a lot of value to me, because I can go months without it. I know perhaps the most interesting men in the world, but they are not where I am.

Sometimes I do long to be a member of a fixed community and the sense of belonging that goes with it, where someone at my usual gathering place would ask "Where's Roosh?" if I wasn't there. Once I leave a city, maybe one or two girls may care, and that's it.

I realized that being alone is a skill like any other, and I'm starting to believe my blog is a sort of "friend" where I can write thoughts that would have otherwise been spoken to a group of friends. The fact that I developed a working strategy for "going out alone" signifies how scarce friendship can be while on the road.

"Your profession requires extensive travel in countries where you not only don't know the language, but have inadequate time to become proficient in the language.  It doesn't seem to affect your game, but there must be some social drawbacks I'd imagine.  You can't sit down with your local chums at the bar.  The closest friend you have may be in Stuttgart.  Yes, the internet is always there for you to converse, but does language proficiency pose a problem and have an effect on your social life?"

English is becoming very common around the world, because it's a gateway to the middle class for many foreigners who want what Americans already take for granted. While studying Russian in Ukraine, I've had to expend some effort to exclude people from my social life who speak English---it was just that common.

It only takes six months of study in any language to become proficient enough to have sex with the local women, but the conversations will be extremely general. Silences are long. You can only make corny jokes. There is little depth, and complicated opinions can't be shared. You definitely won't be talking about philosophy. It takes years of language study before you can express yourself similarly to your own language, but life is long, and so I believe you should start somewhere. 

One thing men have to realize is that the connections they have with foreigners will rarely be stronger than what they can experience with their own countrymen. Sure you can fall in love with a Ukrainian woman because of her beauty, sweetness, and ability to cook you hearty meals, but you won't be able to have as many interesting conversations with your style of humor. Then again, I don't know any man who travels because he wants more friends. They do it mainly for adventure, experience, sexual abundance, and dissatisfaction with either their homeland or lifestyle.

"You have gone on great adventures.  South America, Scandinavia, your Central European expedition.  And even before you left for your first one (South America) a friend of yours told you about how you would go through a "time machine."  You would change, but everybody back home wouldn't.  they'd stay the same.   You would have experiences, adventures, wisdom and observations, while everybody back home would stagnate doing the run of the mill 9-5 thing.  One, are people even able to comprehend your experiences when you come back home and want to share them, and two, does it alienate (not in a bad way, but just a differential way) from your home social network?  And three, is this something any adventure seeker should heed in terms of a consequence/cost?"

Even if you don't live abroad, but merely travel short-term, the distance between your friends can only increase. They get new office jobs, move to neighboring towns, get girlfriends, and so on while you're seeing the world. Living abroad only accelerates the problem because you are doing things that they've never done, and so when you return, you're no longer interested in the same habits or routines as when you left.

My friends remain in DC, and they can only pursue DC women, so they go to bars that now I simply cannot tolerate because of my experience in Europe and South America. Since chasing DC women was the main activity that we did together, my inability to dive into that bar scene (or even live in DC), puts a strain on our friendship. Eventually you have to come to the realization that it will get only harder to meet someone who has similar experience as you do, and it's best just to seek basic companionship instead. Humans need someone to talk to, and soon you forget the notion that a man must share in all your interests to be a friend. If your friendship standards don't decline, you will soon find yourself without any friends.

Men must also realize that every lifestyle has a cost. Anything you gain with a lifestyle change must cause something else to be lost. The problem is that travel is like a medicine with a side effect that never goes away. You cure the disease only to create another condition. Even if you want to go back to your stable lifestyle, your mind has now had a taste of adventure and better women, so it will sabotage future efforts at stability, making travel both a blessing and curse. You can never revert back to your old self once you spend a long time abroad. An animal that escaped the zoo doesn't want to go back, even if his daily food is guaranteed.

"The quote, 'When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer.' highlights a problem a lot of independent minded people might face in their lives - nothing left to do.  Do you suffer from "adventure burn out?"  i.e. - you have lived such a unique life, done pretty much everything your 20 something self would have ever desired.  Upon completing or satiating these "adventures/desires" do you ever say "what's next?" but sadly have no answer?  Again, to the outside observer, what does a man do after flying around the planet, laying every girl he can?  Is there any intellectual, physical, or economic challenges that seem appetizing to you?  or is it a challenge to find "that next project?"

I think it's likely for a man to become an adventure junkie, of seeking higher highs, and then finally burn out from it all. He wants to experience a new adventure which exceeds his previous one. Of course this isn't sustainable in the long run.

I do agree that you do reach a point of diminishing return of what travel can give you and start to see new countries as being similar to ones you've already visited. Even new girls, in no matter what exotic locale you find yourself in, will start reminding you of previous ones you already slept with.

I don't know the solution to this besides living the life you want. I like reading and writing, so no matter where I am, I can at least do that, which offers a buffer from burn out. For guys who don't have their own hobbies that they can take wherever they go, I do believe they will find it harder to continue abroad for more than a year or two. This is why almost all the guys I meet who have been doing it for years have an internet business---they can take it anywhere. You stay grounded when you have a consistent daily routine.

You ask what a man has left to do after flying around the planet, but I would ask what the man in a corporation---who has achieved middle management---would do after his big promotion. You hit walls without whatever lifestyle you pursue. The smart man will appreciate what he has, take one day at a time, and be open to any new opportunities to either learn new skills or enjoy his leisure. Once a man reaches his potential, or at least close to it, I guess there is not a whole lot more he can do but refine his craft.

For me, intellectual challenges offer high rewards. My recent mission was sleeping with women using Russian. I get a nice high when I have a conversation in a foreign language that I only started learning after turning 30, but like any other goal, you experience a little success and then get bored. I have met a lot of men who have monetary goals (i.e. saving $1,000,000), but I already make enough to meet my needs, so such a goal would not serve me any benefit. One thing that I  wonder is if my best work is behind me or not. Have I already created my best book? This will be interesting to find out when I'm on my death bed looking back.

"Since you have been down this path and very few others have, is there any warnings you'd give younger men (or women) who dare to live such an individualist lifestyle.  Not so much in terms of "risks" or "failure," but success?"

The individualist lifestyle is great if you are an individualist. If you can't handle loneliness, constant adaption, unpredictability, and intense struggle, you may not be fit for this type of life. Then again, the only way to find out is to embark on a trip of a month or longer. You will never know if you don't make an attempt. As hard as my first trip abroad was, I wanted to get back out there and do it again, so I knew that my days in America were numbered. The main idea is to try something you've never done before, take a rest, and then listen to what your gut is telling you to do next. While my life isn't perfect, this strategy has worked for me, because I prefer my life of today than the one I had in the States.

You can find Roosh's books, travel guides and essays here.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Meet Rozzell Medina - Professional Crusader

From our agent in the field.

How much you want to be Rozzell is costing you tax payers more money for some worthless academian cause or social/ist crusade?

Regardless, outstanding work from our agent.

America's Best Days Are Behind Us

From an interview with Mr. Cotto of the Washington Times:

"When you go from Frank Sinatra to Jim Morrison in 8 years, that’s not a slow transition from musical tastes of society, that is an immediate change purposely forced by a generation determined to ignore wisdom, taste, culture and value just for the sake of doing so. 
But music is only one aspect. Fashion turned hideous, divorce became an Olympic event, the idea of outsourcing your children to daycare became standard, nearly every aspect of work, effort, and ethic was thrown out the door and every non-economic aspect of society shows it."

The Maelstrom Underneath

The ladies of St. Petersburg are the gift that keeps on giving, and they couldn't let me return home without providing one final present.  My flight had been canceled due to weather.  My buddy picked me up 2 hours after he had dropped me off a Tampa International and without even having to discuss it we both said, "cigar lounge?" as our solution for what to do for the night.  So there we were on Central Avenue, smoking cigars once again.

To keep our prime-real-estate-of-a-seat outside, I had my buddy go in first to get his cigar while I sat outside and reserved our table.  But while he was in there I noticed something peculiar.  A cutesie blond I had seen previously that afternoon 7 HOURS AGO came walking out of the nextdoor bar with some guy.  She had been drinking, starting at 2PM, ON A MONDAY AFTERNOON and was still there 7 hours later.

Her and her male friend sat at the outdoor table next to me, where she began to call a friend and leave him/her a long rambling, curse-filled message that only drunk, angry girls could.  It was hilarious.  Accusations of stabbing in the back, how she wasn't trying to steal somebody's guy, and who would want to steal that guy anyway, and how dare somebody violate her trust blah blah blah.  I laughed inside because she looked a little too old to be leaving such a message, not to mention the guy seemed pained to be seen in public with her.

My buddy returned to our table with cigar in hand.  It was now my turn to pick out a stogie and as I got up I said, "You gotta see this girl."  I walked into the lounge and there was George, the smart alecky 23 year old maitre d.  I said, "have you seen the girl outside?"  He said, "Holy cow!  Look out for her!  She asked me how old I thought she was and I said '28'.  Then she yelled at me and cursed at me saying I was an ass and didn't know shit and looked like Doogie Howser!" (George was a young looking 23 year old kid).  I proceeded to the humidor, purchased a Connecticut wrapped cigar, and rejoined my friend outside.

By this time her male friend had left leaving me and my friend in the uncomfortable position of dealing with this volatile and angry woman by ourselves.  Long as she remained at her table and we didn't bother her, things should be alright.  There was just one problem.

I had been imbibing a bit myself at the airport because...well...what else is there to do at an airport? I wasn't completely gone, matter of fact I was quite sober, but I had enough booze in me to turn off any concern or worries about offending somebody that would be so easily offended. So I told my buddy at the table how this lady eviscerated poor George and then turned to the lady and ask, "Hey, how old are you?"

Visibly disturbed she said in a condescending manner, "Why?  How old do you think I am?"

George had told me previously she was 33, so I said promptly, "42, 43?"

My friend, now mentally shaking his head, immediately jumped in, "33?" as a means to calm her, but it was too late.  The drunken tart had seen red.

"OH YEAH ASSHOLE!!!???  What makes you think 43!??!!"

I said, "you look 43."

"Well, I'm not!!!  I'm 33 asswipe!"

In a brilliant backhanded-complimenting comeback I said, "Really???  It must be your clothes.  If I just look at your face, you actually do look 33, but I had to include your clothes.  You kind of dress like you're 43."

This did nothing to calm the situation.

She then lit me up over my fashion.

"Oh yeah fuckhole!?  Look at you with your stupid hat (I was wearing a fedora) and your Steva sandals.  Who the fuck wears Steva sandals nowadays!?  You're dressed like your grandpa."

And it was here I knew I had her on the ropes.  I didn't even know what brand name my sandals were.  They were purchased for me over 10 years ago by a girlfriend from long past, but were (obviously) of such high quality they lasted.  But in being able to tell what brand they were, and to know when they were in fashion, the lady belied the fact 10 years ago she was so hot and in such a high socio-economic class (which she didn't earn herself into) that she had the luxury to know about luxury sandals.  This was going to be a piece of cake.

I continued my goading along a logical line of inquiry, that was occasionally derailed by her cursing, rants, and sometimes just outright hilarious stuff.  But there was a purpose and a direction of where I was guiding the conversation.  I first leveraged the fact I had a significant other and she didn't by pointing out "my loving girlfriend, who I am returning to tomorrow, bought me these sandals."  I asked her if her boyfriend (which I knew she didn't have) ever bought her nice sandals, "No, I don't have a boyfriend!  But my boyfriends in the past have bought me much nicer things that those shitty sandals!"  I then asked about her orange pants, if she had purchased those on purpose, and if they were not themselves 10 years old.  Angered even more, she screamed that those pants were $60 pants, were very much in fashion, and that she could easily afford them with the money she made.  I asked what she did for a living that she could afford $60 pants, at which point she grew a full inch and said proudly she was some marketing muckity muck at some local magazine.  She then took the bait and said in her most condescending and demeaning manner,

"So what do you do for a living?"

I responded, "I wrote a book about a shitting buffalo."

She didn't have an immediate response.  She was actually kind of confused as I imagine most people are.   She inevitably scoffed at it and said, "Ha!  You probably make jack shit."

Knowing my income and how I do make jack shit, but make enough to avoid a real job, I revisited her pants saying, "Yeah, but I don't have to work a real job because I don't buy $60 43 year old pants."

"OK Mr. Smart Guy!!!!  What did you study in college!!!???"

And it was here I knew I had her.  Because drunk, professional marketing type ladies who start drinking at 2PM on a Monday just have to prove they're better at and superior than you at something.  And so we were going to go the "intelligence/education" route.

I said, "Finance."

"Oooooo!  Finance.  Big deal!"

I inquired, "What did you study in school?"

In a Fresno Valley Girl, talk-to-the-hand tone she said, "Uh, I went to Eckhart!?"

Not answering my question because she was so drunk, I said, "No, what did you study???"

"I went to Eckhart!  What shitty school did you go to???"

Further not answering my question, I said, "University of Minnesota."

This then prompted one of Eckhart's finest to start slamming on my accent.  "Oooooo!  Ya der hey.  Dontcha know, Minnesooooootaaaahhh!  Bunch of fucking morons up there."

My friend and I laughed.  We retorted, "No, you are confusing Fargo, which is in North Dakota.  And they don't even talk like that."

"Whatever, bunch of fuckers who probably still are wearing Steva sandals!"

Trying again to confirm what I already knew was true (liberal arts degree) I asked, "So what did you study in Eckhart?"

She said with beaming pride, "Political Science."

I then asked, "Masters degree?"

"Yes," she said proudly.

I then asked, "So what does that have to do with marketing or your job?"

This then sent her into a tizzy. So much so she ignored the question and went on her 37th tirade.

"YOu know what!  I went to ECKHART!!!!  I'm rich mother fucker!!!  Do you know what tuition was???"

I said, "No, I don't, but you're missing my point, if you majored in..."

"$1,000 a year!!!!!"

The booze had taken over.  Hell, I'd go to Eckhart for $1,000 a year.  I tried to point out her mistake,

"Wait, Eckhart charges only $1,000 a year???"



"No, wait, it was $47,000 a year!" she yelled.

And then I tried to do some math, "So you spent roughly $50,000 per year for 6 years to go to college.  That's $300,000.  To get a degree in..."

But I couldn't finish my point before she started her 38th tirade,

"I'm rich mother fucker!  I can afford any school!!!  Do you know how rich you have to be to go to Eckhart?  You need TONS of money!  if you even knew blah blah blah blah..."

I wanted until there was a pause to ask my next question.

"Then why did you go to school if you're already rich.  Why work?"

"Well my dad is rich!  We're loaded!" she said.

And that's when I kicked the keystone from out beneath her life.

I said, "Well then YOU'RE not rich.  You're DAD is rich.  That's his money.  Not yours.  You did nothing to earn it.  You're not a real woman.  You're a DEPENDENT WOMAN.  You DEPEND on a man!!! You don't support yourself."

For once she shut up, though her eyes told me she was more livid than ever before.  Apparently nobody had pointed out this obvious fact and her brain (educated at Eckhart, mind you) was scrambling for something to say.  But it couldn't.  How do you respond to truth?  I was expecting more name calling, but, luckily the taxi cab she had called pulled up.  Knowing deep down inside I was right, and having nothing to retort, she got up in a harrumph and made her way to the cab.  Refusing to even talk or look at us.  But I couldn't let it go.  I had in front of me everything I hated.

A spoiled brat.
A person who thought she was better than us.
A former cutie pie who led on lord knows how many superior men cause she was hot at one time.
A liberal.
A liberal arts major.
With a cushy job she got through connections.
Who no doubt votes for socialism
Makes my life more difficult
And a hypocrite thinking in her mind she's an independent minded person.
And scum thinking she's better than other people because her DAD is rich.

It was everything that was wrong with America.  It was an enemy of and an affront to America, freedom, liberty, adulthood, and every decent human being who busted their assess off every day, who were superior to this women in every regard.

And so as she walked away I goaded her even more,

"Hey daddy's girl!  Enjoy your ride home on daddy's dime.  May be he can buy you a boyfriend to tolerate you!  Maybe he can buy you another job so you can play make-believe-independent woman.  Just know you're not!  You are a DEPENDENT WOMAN!!!!"

I said some other things, but whatever I said, I believe the entirety was too much for her ego to take.  She couldn't let inferior, Steva-wearing-scum like me say such things about her, so she got out of the cab and came walking back.  She was walking straight for me and I knew what I better do.  Treat her like an equal.

So I stood up, and made sure to give her a stare that said, "I will treat you like an equal in all regards, including letting you have the first punch and then throwing you down to the ground and holding you there as we call the cops.  And if daddy's little princess' face happens to be throw face-first into the pavement, then so be it."

She was walking up fast, but then suddenly stopped short about 5 feet.  I believe (can't prove) she saw my stare, it pierced through all the alcohol, making it to her frontal lobes, and she saw I would indeed honor her women's studies' classes demands and treat her like an equal.

She spat at my feet.  Falling 3 whole feet short of my "Steva sandaled" toes.  About faced and returned to the taxi.

Now I tell you this story not out of entertainment value (though my friend and I found the whole interaction entertaining), but rather there is a very important lesson here.  For every "top notch, elite, socialite, daddy's little princess," there is a torture soul underneath.

I say this not out of desire.
I say this not out of "what I'd like to see or think."

I say this out of experience.

Every hottie, every night club girl, every super attractive woman who is hitting the night scene that I have ran into has a hidden psychological maelstrom going on.

You wouldn't know it, because all you see is them put together item.  All you see is the exterior.  All you see is what she wants you to see, which is the flash and the cash and the short skits and the "look at me, I'm beautiful."  But if you ever date these girls, or catch them at a moment of weakness as a friend, or catch them in a drunken rage like my friend and I did, you will see this maelstrom.

For example, St. Petersburg's marketing queen has every, and I mean EVERY financial, familial, social, and educational advantage normal schlepps like you and me don't have.  She had EVERYTHING.  A rich dad, free education, no fear about how to pay rent, and a cake job lined up for her.  She has so much she can afford to get hammered at 2PM on a Monday.  She should be living on cloud 9.

But all that material wealth and social status is NOT enough to make her happy.  That is what society TOLD HER would make her happy.

The college degree.  The masters degree.  The corporate job.  The $60 orange pants.  The night clubbing.  Men buying her drinks to get in her pants.  Every material and bogus desire foisted on her by society.

Problem is society doesn't tell you what is the true source of happiness and that is other, high quality people. 

This puts girls (and men) like the St. Petersburg Marketing Queen in a sad and confusing situation that is ultimately very damaging.  Being brought up they never had to develop or hone their personality into an interesting one, a caring one, or an adult one.  A personality other humans might find interesting.  However, at the same time ironically, they have EVERYTHING ELSE handed to them.  Either by genetic luck in looks, being born into wealth, or both.  They have money, attention, adoration, toys, drinks, tuition, etc., everything that "should" make them happy, but sadly, no respect.  Sadly, no friends.  Sadly, no loved ones.

Oh, sure, they have people that just want to use them for their money.
Oh, sure, they have people who just want to nail them.

But nobody in their right mind will tolerate their insufferable personalities to the point they become good friends or genuine, caring lovers rendering them alone.

So by these spoiled children live three decades of life (like our aforementioned subject) they have EVERYTHING society has told them they need to be happy, bar one thing - other cool and genuine humans.

Loved ones.

It's like having a Ferrari, but no keys.

Of course, this causes great confusion, great angst, and ultimately great anger and depression in the elite socialites.  When the hottie turns 33 and the body starts to age, the attention and free drinks dry up.  Her friends get married, and there are fewer in her cackle of friends (and yes, I use that word purposely).  What she thought was "important" in life is being taken away from her, while at the same time she cannot fill that unknown darwinistic desire in her core psychological programming that is screaming for friends and loved ones which would result in true happiness.  But what is arguably the worst curse you can wish on a human, is because she has had such a spoiled upbringing her personality mutually excludes any hope of her finding true happiness.  Worse still, her ego won't allow her to change her personality condemning her to this fate forever.

This is why you see the maelstrom unleash itself on Central Avenue in St. Petersburg.  It is also why she will no doubt go home and cry herself to sleep, every night, until she's dead, for reasons she will never understand.

The Adventures of Government Check Dad

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Work Place Post Baby Boomers

Dear Baby Boomer Bosses,

This is now officially my new office.

I know you suffered the past 40 years of your career in a sunless cubicle, the destination of which you aimed for with countless hours in traffic during a stroke-inducing commute,

and then, after you were a good little boy/girl, foregoing your children, outsourcing them to daycare, so you could chase the almighty dollar, maybe, hopefully, after enough brown nosing, ass kissing and "networking" got promoted to the office WITH A DOOR (giggity!),

but technology has advanced enough that offices, cubicles, and massive office tower skyscrapers are officially obsolete.

Notice that rectangular looking thing to the right?  That's what we "youngin's" call a "laptop."  These "laptops" are also computers and serve the same function as those "desktop computers" you keep insisting me and my generation ball and chain ourselves to.

It has all of the functionality, but with the added benefit of PORTABILITY meaning we can work from anywhere.

Also notice it's seemingly not hooked up to anything?

Well, that's where the wonders of this thing called the "INTERNET" come in.  You see, the "INTERNET" is this...well, you know what, it's too damn complicated for people who listened to too much Jim Morrison.  The short version is that I can do work from anywhere.  I'm able to send e-mails, make pointless MS Word and Excel documents that impress you, but do nothing to boost profitability for the firm.  I can do EVERYTHING you want me to, but I don't have to be indoors AND I can e-mail those TPS reports to you just the same.

Oh, you noticed that snifter glass did you?

No, that's not water.  That's Rumpleminze.

You see, I'm what's called an "adult."  It's a foreign concept, so let me explain.  You see, I can get my work done, I can do it in a very high quality manner, and I can do it, not only without you looking over my shoulder, but I can do it while imbibing a bit.  I know, crazy, huh?  You thought with your social security, medicare, multi-trillion dollar deficits, and the destruction of the world's greatest country, YOU were the only *COUGH COUGH WHEEZE WHEEZE PHLEGM PHLEGM HEAVY FREAKING QUOTES* "adults" in this country, but no, apparently not.  Us youngin's can do what you did, but better, cheaper, faster, and at a fraction of the cost, while drunk, outdoors and part time.

I know, I know, you weren't able to enjoy this during your 40 years of work experience, and therefore, illogically, and quite vindictively of you, you think I and every other successive generation should suffer your same shitty fate, but, again, technology has allowed us to do our work, with quality, and if you would make the HUGE jump of faith to assume that I am an adult and can get my work done, regardless of how you THINK it should be done, then we're all going to get along much better.

But wait, now that I think about it.  In order to work for you, I have to do all the same shit you did for the past 40 years.  Kiss ass, brown nose, buck for promotion, "put in my dues."  Hmmm....that seems to inefficient, corrupt, nepositist, cronyistic, and well...stupid.

You know what.  I think instead, I'm just going to go and start my own business and market it through the internet.  I don't need to go to college because your academian bretheren are charging too much, and well, they wouldn't teach me anything practical anyway.  Certainly not with all those prerequisite classes and fees and bloated tuition classes all steeped in leftist indoctrination.

No, I think I have a much simpler idea and business model.  I have a skill/product, I will market that skill/product over the internet, I will get paid over the internet, and my clients will pay me.  And you know something, here's the real crazy bit.  They won't care

how the work gets done
where the work gets done
or what I was doing when the work gets done

because  (and this is the shocker)

the work got done.

I know RIGHT?

I mean, you boomers just "KNOW" unless you see people working, then they aren't working, right?  I mean, you can't trust any generation other than yourselves to get shit done, right?  Why take advantage of the internet to lower costs like eliminating rent and corporate office buildings and leases while people work from home because you need to have control over those good for nothing "loafers" who insist on working from home.  I mean micro-managing and never delegating is the GREATEST way to ensure profitability, robust growth, higher employment, and prosperity for all, right?

You enjoy your visitless-nursing homes and the well-deserved reputation as the generation that destroyed the US.

I'm going to enjoy my new office and I'm going to enjoy the decline.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Do Not Tell Me "Economic Growth" Has a Limit

"I still contest to this day, a population adequately educated in economics could inoculate itself against recessions. I still contest to this day, that I don't care how "mature" the US economy is, RGDP growth of 7% per year is possible. I still contest to this day that if we mastered economics as a society we could have income per capitas of $250,000 per person and effectively eliminate poverty, not to mention extend life expectancies to unfathomable ages. All these benefits are possible if we just master economics."

Done With the Foul Mouthed Langauge Against Women

I was at a regular haunt last night in St. Petersburg, Florida - "Central Cigars."  It is hands down by favorite cigar lounge because it not only has cigars, but

a bar
a jazz club

and assumes you are an adult capable of making your own adult decisions ergo serving you booze and (GASP) allowing you to take a GLASS CONTAINER OUTSIDE!

The other reason I like it is me and my buddy just pull off a Dean Martin and watch all the girls go by.  THere is a college campus in town, plus the local ladies usually dress quite provocatively and sometimes quite pretty as well, that it really is a sight to behold. However, past experiences tell us the best thing to do is look.  You never approach, you never talk.  They are incredibly arrogant, incredibly snooty.  The best thing to do is take a drag from your Cusano M1, take a sip of your scotch, while standing on the corner, watching all the girls go by.

But last night the ladies of St. Petersburg pulled off another one, further cementing their reputation.

My buddy and I are sitting at our outside table.  A cackle of young 20 something girls walk past us, giggling, and strutting, as one in their cabal places her empty pizza cardboard container on our table, without a bat of the eye, and continues walking with her friends.  Following my theory that if shit like this is "let go" it will simply reinforce behavior and turn her into an even more insufferable woman for some (or multiple) schmoes in the future, I grabbed it, darted after her and put in upside down on her head.  Of course she just let it fall off and continued her little strut, but the cackle did stop giggling. 

Now this is the epitome of a girl who is a genuine, 100% USDA certified "bitch." Her behavior was unacceptable, arrogant, cocky, and demeaning to everybody else to think she could just drop off her garbage at any ole table.  She deserves to be called a "bitch" (and many other derogatory words).

However, this is ONE person.  A SINGLE girl who may represent a sub-group of people, BUT NOT ALL WOMEN.  And it's high time this be pointed out to a significant percentage of readers in The Manosphere.

I've instituted a new policy on comment approval - I'm no longer approving posts that call women in general names and other derogatory terms.

Do I use foul language to describe women at time?


Is the language crass?

Of course.

But it is ALWAYS a specific girl.  And anecdote.  A single person.  Somebody who deserves it.

Never women in general.

And when some basement, keyboard jockey says things like "Ameri-cunts" or "whores" or cannot help but put "gina" as a suffix to every word, I'm angry and therefore done.  I'm sick of the childishness of it all.  I'm sick of "faux Manosphere academians" who merely co-opt the manosphere as an excuse for their poor performance and fear of trying in life. I'm sick of people trying to paint the "Us vs. Them" when it is "Us vs. Feminism/Communism." I'm sick of seeing genuine, sincere, nice women being included with the vile scum ruining the country.

And so I'm instituting the new comment policy for these official reasons three.

1.  You damn right NAWALT

We are fortunate enough to have scores of women on the internet coming to bat for men, family, and loved ones.  They like men, they appreciate men, and they are spending their time defending them.  And for every female blogger out there there are thousands of nice, wonderful, caring, traditional women.  Just because they live in "America" or are "western" does not mean they all have their triple masters in Women's Studies and will die of old age with their cats.

2.  It's childish to call women names

Name calling????  Are you kidding me???  Of all the legitimate and sincere criticisms that can be made about affirmative action, fake rape charges, lopsided divorce courts, feminist hatred, and insane unacceptable courting behavior of women, you have to resort to NAME CALLING????  First, it isn't going to work.  Second, it makes you look like an idiot.  Do you think that veritable bitch in St. Pete's would even be phased by calling her names?  It won't be until she lives life and hits the wall will she even begin to get her comeuppance.  Name calling does nothing but make you look pissed off, out of options, and one who has no legitimate beefs, just a genuine bigotry against women. 

3.  Real revenge

Name calling isn't revenge.  There is really only going to be ONE source of revenge and that is your absence.  I shall review it VERY briefly here, but, the most important thing in life is not material wealth, not income, not riches, but your husband/wife.  A member of the opposite sex you fall in love with.  They are likely to be the single greatest source of happiness in your life.  So in you, and millions of other men, extracting yourself from the marriage market, you deny these women the best thing that can happen to them, and thus exact your toll of REAL revenge.  But this is COMPLETELY dependent and presupposed on YOU BEING A QUALITY MAN.

If you are in shape, supporting yourself, are interesting, have a profession, have hobbies and have a life, then you in refusing to date certain types of women get your revenge.  But if you are fat, uninteresting, can't support yourself, live with your parents, not hygienic, and just don't have anything going on, then you won't get your revenge, you ARE the revenge of others in that women are left with you to date.  Ergo, not only is this a reason NOT to call women names, but it is a practical COMMAND for you to get off your ass, get in shape, becoming interesting, and become a man.

Friday, August 16, 2013

It Is Alright to Disagree

Chances are I will throw it up, especially if I'm vacationing and not blogging.

The Onus of Man by Damian Bouch

I was down in Dallas doing my speech at the Liberty Mastermind Symposium. It was only a two day affair and I had to fly back to South Dakota to retrieve my motorcycle and drive it back to Minnesota. So early the next morn, after the symposium was done, I checked out of my hotel and started to make my way to my Mustang GT 5.0 rental, until I saw Damian, a young attended in the atrium.

He looked like he was waiting for the shuttle and so I asked, “Are you heading to the airport?”

He said, “Yes.”

I said, “Want a ride?”

Preferring a sooner and more convenient ride he said, “Sure!”

So off we went for the 10 minute drive to the airport. I learned Damian was a 23 year old kid, ahead of his peers in terms of economics if he was attending an economics seminar, but he was also an author. I didn't dismiss him because he was sincere and earnest about writing, but in my mind I was saying, “Great, another kid with no worldly experience is going to churn out what he thinks is going to be a great book. Maybe another 10 years in the real world and he'll cut his teeth and increase his writing skills.”

That being said he did have a book and he was curious about how to go about getting it marketed. I told him to NEVER go the traditional publishing route and that the best option for a young, unknown man like him was to pitch it through various blogs and social media. He thanked me for the advice and asked if I'd read his book if he ever mailed me a copy.

“Sure!” I said, completely predispositioned to read another directionless rambling of another 20 something.

I was completely wrong

I just finished “The Onus of Man” on the flight to Florida and I was amazed. Not so much with the plot, the character development, or the “Gotcha” at the end (which I DID predict, Damian!), but the SUPERB quality of writing, especially coming from such a young man. I was also flabbergasted by the structure of the book and the plot (which switches between a young man's life memories and his pursuit to go dig up his treasure he had buried out in the wilderness – it will throw you off at first, but after three chapters you'll see how it flows). It was well organized, made sense, and the “gotcha” is just killer, and quite bold I might say for such a young author.

IN short “The Onus ofMan” is the fiction version of “Worthless.” It follows a young man from roughly the age of 14 through the first few years of college and addresses, from a first person narrative, the experiences, thoughts, and challenges the average American high school/college student faces today. Because it is fiction, it is more entertaining that “Worthless” as well as more personable as you familiarize yourself with the various characters (Aunt Malorie is somebody you love to hate and see die). Also, it paints a personal face on the education bubble, rather than mine and others' dry and academic non-fiction accounts. You see the personal pain young kids are going through, the confusion, and the helplessness/hopelessness of being indebted to such a great amount. You also see just how much havoc and ruin worthless degrees can cause and just what a despicable vile system “big education” has come.

The are drawbacks of course. My primary complaint being it reads too much as a familial memoir, with stories being too long, dragged out, and irrelevant to the primary plot (though this is of course to paint the picture of a “normal” life for the hero). It is also a tad verbose with words that even I don't want to look up on account that I am lazy and have too low of an IQ to understand such words.

Regardless, “The Onus of Man”is incredibly timely and written by some one who has recently gone through the scam known as “college” and thus can relate on a personal level to the people who would benefit most from it – high school and college students. So if you want to warn your kids about the risks of a worthless degree, but don't want to bore them with charts, data and screeds, I highly recommend “The Onus of Man.”

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"But Math is Tough!"

this is why I love IT chicks, or just smart chicks in general, they pull their freaking weight.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Forget the Night Club, Go to the Fabric Store

I'm working on a youtube video that, in all honesty and bias set aside, I believe will go viral.  It's extremely clever and witty, however, the cleverness and wittiness requires a costume as a gimmick.  So there your Captain was today at Joann Fabrics in the suburbs, completely out of his element, looking sad, pitiful and hopeless as he meandered in a clueless pattern trying to find the materiel he needed to make his costume. 

However, as I stumbled through Joann Fabrics I started to notice that not only was I the ONLY man in the place, but about half the women were young and good looking.  Some, drop dead gorgeous.  While I appreciated the scenery, I was on a mission and wanted to get back home before rush hour started.  And so, for one of the rare times in my life, I decided to ask for help.  And shucks howdy, as luck would have it, the first girl that physically came within a reasonable distance to politely ask for help was a 9.6 20 something babe with a wedding ring the size of a Buick.

"Excuse me," I said, "but can you help me?"

She said with a smile on her face AND WITHOUT HESITATION, "Sure!"

"I'm looking for some velcro that can adhere to both fabric and cloth, but don't know what kind of adhesive to get.  Glue?  Sticky back?  Should I just sew it?"

"Well what are you making?" she asked.

I said, "I'm making a costume for a video I'm putting together."

"Really!?  What kind of video?" she inquired.

And it is here that I must interrupt the story and point out a sad fact.

I wasn't there to hit on women, I was there on a mission.  AND I had only a finite time to accomplish my mission before the suburbanite idiotic driving masses clogged the streets.

Could I have continued to converse with this pretty lady?


Could I have laid on the charm?

Of course.

But I wasn't there for that, and thus, when she asked, "What kind of video?" I must sadly admit I aborted the mission I was NOT on and said, "Oh, it's very boring.  It's about economics, you wouldn't like it.  So would you recommend one adhesive over another?"

She recommended a fabric glue and so I was on my way to the cloth counter.

At the cloth counter I realized that Joann Fabrics is indeed a store for women.  It's clientele is women.  It's staff is women. And I'd gather the majority of its shareholders are women.  Consequently, this meant standing in a long and unnecessary line as women would take numbers, line up, and when it was their turn to get their cloth cut, they would gab with the seamstress about the world's most inconsequential shit.

"Oh that is a NICE pattern!  What are you using it for?"

"Oh, my son likes trucks, it's for his bedroom."

"You know there are more truck patterns in aisle 7."

"I didn't know that.  Is there any flanel?"

"Oh my yes!"

I sat there for at least 30 minutes while the staff managed only to serve THREE PEOPLE in that time, thus further advocating my call for bachelor lanes.

Regardless, during that 30 minutes I was able to study the environment a little more.  Yes, the women were definitely very attractive, but they were also alone.  Very few came there with somebody else, if it there was somebody else it was usually a child.  Obesity was not an issue.  There was the occasional fat woman, but it reminded me of the 1980's where the vast MINORITY of people were over weight.  ie- women there seemed to be the traditional types.  And the only other man in the place was staff, and matter of fact, I think most women noticed that too.  They were all looking at me as I caught them stealing glances.  I mayhaps would have had more sociological observations, but my number was called and in a mere fraction of the time it took my predecessors, I had my cloth cut and was off to the check out lane.

Now while the above may sound like a cute little anecdote about a man stumbling about in a woman's world, what it really is, is a huge advance in the study of "day game."  For there are elements and lessons within that can be of benefit to all men.

First, if you don't know what "day game" is, it's simply approaching women during the day time and not at night.  The reasons for doing so are many.  Night clubs have largely deteriorated to attention-fests for women where they score as many free drinks and covers from the naive, 20 something male populace.  They have no intention of meeting a guy and are there simply to extract resources and boost their egos.  Social media has further relegated night game to obsolescence as more and more people flirt and score over facebook or  Women are also more approachable during the day time as they usually are alone, without the herd there to run interference/cockblock.  And they also do not have the mentality and confidence/arrogance at the book store that they would at the night club.  It is because of this many men recommend replacing night game with day game (and also why I predict night clubs will go the way of the dinosaur).  Regardless, as you age and gain wisdom, you'll probably want to deploy day game instead of dropping $50 a night to maybe, potentially, hopefully, sort of get a number.

Second, just like night clubs or "night game" there are also different strategies for "day game."  While there is no "official list" and playing it by ear seems to be as far as the study has advanced, Roosh V's book "Day Bang" extrapolates some strategics based on the basic and pioneering principles of day game.  A lot of these strategies exploit the obvious advantages of approaching during the day:
  • The girl is usually alone at the coffee store.
  • You can engage in conversation better, and thus display your charm, because there isn't loud music blaring as there is at the bar.
  • The girl doesn't have her "bitch shield" up while at the library, matter of fact, she's completely off guard
  • You feign "ignorance" and ask the girl to help you with a task to open her up to conversation
  • You feign "helplessness" to assuage the girl of any concerns that you're a masher, and perhaps beget pity
There's more to it than that obviously, but those are the basic tenets of "day game" strategy.

So riddle me this, riddle me that, Batman, how is the fabric store not the IDEAL set up for day game.  How is it not "day game heaven?"

While Roosh recommends pretty much any place to exercise day game (coffee store, grocery store, library, gas station), the fabric store I contend is the OPTIMAL place to deploy day game because it not only has all of the qualities above, but has three additional and distinct advantages.

One, the ratio of men to women.  You go to the library, the coffee shop, etc., you will have roughly a 1:1 ratio of men to women.  You go to the fabric store, you are VERY LIKELY to be the only guy there. You have NO competition whatsover.  You will have a ratio of 40:1, 50:1 if you include staff.  You will stand out and immediately have high comparative value (for example, I was on my motorcycle today, and thus looked completely bad ass. The one other guy was staff with a mandatory polo shirt and khakis).

Two, you don't have to "feign" anything.  A brilliant tactic Roosh recommends is asking girls where the closest pet store is.  It is ambiguous, can tangent into the discussion of pets (which is "cute" and safe), and shows you are "hopeless" and need help.  But you have to fake it.  However, when you are in a fabric store, you don't have to fake helplessness and hopelessness, you REALLY ARE helpless and hopeless.  You will be COMPLETELY clueless as to what you're doing in such an environment and thus your pitifulness will be sincere.  Women will take pity on you.  And when you ask for help, you're not doing so to hit on the girl, you're doing so because you REALLY NEED HELP.  Thus, you should at minimum have a certain amount of performance anxiety reduced because you aren't performing.  Your a being genuine.

Three, whatever craft project you're working on (make one up) becomes a NATURAL and IMMEDIATE topic of discussion.  The women there were all genuinely curious about each other's projects and it was completely normal to inquire and ask.

Got yourself a nephew?  Make him a "truck blanket."

Got yourself a niece?  Make her some "Barbie Pajamas."

Don't got either?  Lie and make it up, so when you approach the cutesie near the "flannel" department you can ask, "I'm sorry, but I'm trying to sew some pajamas for my new born niece.  Do you recommend wool, flannel or some other material?  I'm afraid I don't remember as I was an infant last time this decision came up, not to mention don't know what little girls like today."

The crafts and in's are not only natural, but limitless.

Antioch College - The Epitome of the Education Bubble

After it closed its doors, it re-opened with a whole, whopping 75 applicants!!!


Couldn't be they're a bunch of batshit insane leftists and feminists incapable of math, accounting and basic budgeting now could it?

Let us know when you close again.

Friday, August 09, 2013

"He Was a Good Boy"

Dear "Parents of Criminal Children Who Keep Saying 'He Was a Good Kid',"

I speak for everybody when I say the following:

No, he wasn't.

He was a piece of shit.

And you, by default, were a piece of shit parent.

You failed to bring up a reliable, responsible child because you were a lousy, lazy, pathetic failure of a parent who was too lazy to instill the basic moral lessons in your illegitimate offspring because you were too busy watching daytime TV or getting knocked up by the next latest loser.

We're glad he's gone because he was a criminal.  We're glad he's dead.  The world is better off without him.  Matter of fact, if you didn't bring him into the world in the first place, we'd be better off even more so.  Matter of fact, the world could do without you.

So have yourself a cup of STFU, collect your welfare check, and continue to piss away the one finite life you have with Schlitz beer, meth, and a loose crotch.


The Rest of Society

Here's the photo.  You should note TWO things.  One obvious, one not so.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

How to Avenge the Death of the United States

I, along with millions of others, are angry.

And we are angry because we have had our country, culture and futures taken away from us.

We were supposed to inherit the world's greatest country, and with hard work, a good education, and a good moral code, we would enjoy a great life.  Some of us would have great careers.  Some would have great families.  Others would have great adventures.  And most of us would have all three.  On top of it, there was a guarantee that we'd be reasonably safe and that this country, its economy, and its government would be reasonably stable.  We could focus on advancing ourselves and enjoying our lives, instead of having to fight just to maintain our culture, our nation, and common sense.

Of course, all of this is now rapidly becoming just a dream.  Yes, it was very feasible back in the 1980's when you had the likes of Ronald Reagan in office and the majority of the population loved America, what it stood for and were willing to fight for it.  But three decades of socialist brainwashing in the public schools, media, and government has resulted in an ignorant, entitled, and lazy electorate that cumulatively has rejected America, freedom, individualism and liberty, and instead replaced it with socialism, the lack of responsibility, commune, lies about the real world, and a vile code of political correctness.

And thus every aspect of America has been destroyed and we all get to suffer for it.

Romance (arguably the most important part of people's lives) has been corrupted as women are fat, narcissistic, arrogant and ugly, while men are weak, emasculated, timid and breakable.  The labor market is dysfunctional as you now need a masters in some worthless degree (and the debt that comes along with it) just to get a ENTRY LEVEL POSITION.  The government mandates we judge people by the color of their skin and not their character.  Generational unity has become a joke as one generation insists on living off of the others via social security, medicare and Obamacare.  We don't even have the self-respect to protect our borders, allowing people from the world's worst countries to come in and live off the government because it brings in more socialist votes.  Worse still the left has been so successful at brainwashing people you have the most spoiled brats in the entire world hating the country that afforded them a 1st world lifestyle.

And so instead of that stable job right out of high school, with the fit wife and two healthy children, and a car and house you can afford, with the knowledge and security that your government is working for you, you now have...

Ugly and disgusting options when it comes to choosing a mate
Children that are going to be brought up by the state
Student loans that prevent you from ever having a house
A lousy job market that will prevent you from ever affording a decent car
and a constant battle on your hands against a growing number of brainwashed, leftists zombies who are trained to hate you and wage war on you and your country daily through activism, regulations, taxation, lawsuits, lobbying and idiotic faux religions like global warming. 

The difference could not be more stark, and your anger could not be more justified.

But what do you do?

As I've said before, this IS a democracy, and for better or worse, the majority DID vote this in.  So you can't be killing people or taking up arms as it would be the antithesis of democracy - i.e.- you would be a tyrant.  But this still doesn't address how you stop this unstoppable trend towards socialism and the destruction of the United States.  Voting doesn't work when the electorate is getting dumber, more dependent, more parasitical and more socialist.  And write all the letters to the editor or try to reason with people, they are so thoroughly brainwashed they have become zealots - beyond reason, logic and fact.

Well my good junior, deputy, aspiring, official or otherwise economists, there's only one thing we can do.

Help accelerate the transition to socialism.

You see, trying to stop socialism is futile in that the majority of its adherents are again, zealots.  They are zombies.  They don't care about anything else but their religion, which just so happens to take the form of socialism.  They are so wedded to their ideology that it trumps facts, reality, truth, and data.  They are literally delusional and NO amount of reasoning, arguing, or rationalizing with these people will work.

How many times have you been at a 20 something party and gone in scores of circles with some ditz or some pansy of a man explaining, rationally, logically, and empirically your point, only to have them dismiss you with a bogus study from academia, flawed logic, or just get frustrated and call you an "ist?" (racist, sexist, etc.).  How many times have you tried to explain to the 32 year old mom that "no, there really isn't enough money to pay for all these kid's programs" only to have her respond with "well the rich have loopholes and they don't pay their fair share" (never once her ever looking at the federal budget).  I could go on, but you get the point - the majority of ADULTS (let alone children) do not care to be intellectually honest or take the time to study or think through their ideology.  And most people's lives are so void of any real accomplishment or meaning, socialism is the ONLY thing they have in their lives.  And any time you dare to introduce an ounce of sanity, realism, reality, facts, or data into their fragile world, you deliver a blow to their egos and their core, resulting in (at best) polite cognitive dissonance, but more often vitriol and hatred.

You will NEVER convince these people as they have no desire nor capacity for intellectual honesty.

The only option is to give them socialism full force and make them sleep in the bed they made.


Well, here is where it is actually quite practical and feasible.

Understand socialism is parasitical (and by default, unsustainable) in nature.  It needs a host to do the majority of the work while the parasites live off of that host.

But what if that host goes on strike?

Yes, yes, "going Galt," you've heard it before, but have you looked at the numbers?

Already people have been going Galt since 2008.  A lot of this has been of course by force with the recession forcing unemployment on people.  But a better sign is the labor force participation rate which shows the percent of people who can work and are ACTUALLY SEEKING WORK.

Again, some of frustration from not being able to find a job, but some are also changing their life views towards work and "making do with less."  This trend essentially proves the host is shrinking itself, producing less for the parasites.

Of course, the parasites in the US haven't been on a diet.  Government spending has gone through the roof, obesity of presumably "poor" people have ballooned as well, heck, we even give phones for votes to our worst citizens.

But if the host is shrinking, where does all the money come from to feed the parasites?

Thank you China, Japan, Saudi Arabia and other suckers federal government creditors:

We have been running TRILLION DOLLAR PLUS deficits for the past 4 years and will probably run another for a 5th. 

Trillion dollar surpluses are proof positive the host is no longer large enough to sustain the parasites and the system needs a blood transfusion.

In other words if it wasn't for the Chinese, Japanese and other suckers federal government creditors this "economic reckoning" would have occurred a long time ago and the full price of socialism would have finally been borne by the parasites and socialists.  Without borrowing, prices for every good would skyrocket.  Electricity and energy would become a crippling expense.  Shelves would not be as full, if not outright empty, giving EBT card holders a dose or irony.  In general, a whole host and slew of economic consequences, always associated with socialism, would rain down on the ignorant electorate giving them the much needed economic slap across the face in the form of starvation, hunger, cold, disease and general physical and mental pain.  But as long as the suckers creditors are there, lending money, politicians can at least keep the lights on, buy votes, and postpone the inevitable economic punishment that will come.

So how do we get our creditors to turn off the line of credit?  How do we get them to stop lending the US government money so society can actually pay and experience the full costs and price of socialism?

Tank our credit rating.

Understand that if enough people were to go Galt and go on strike, the US' economic fundamentals would sour enough that it would have an effect on our credit rating.  If GDP were to start to contract, instead of grow, it would make the Chinese very nervous.  If consumer spending were to tank, instead of grow, it would make the Japanese very nervous.  And if the labor force participation rate, labor force productivity, and other measures of labor utility were to tank, it would make the Saudi's very nervous.

In short, if a critical mass of people were to just

stop spending so much money
drop down to part time
and in general minimize themselves

our economy would contract to the point even the Chinese, Japanese and Saudi's wouldn't lend us money.  The line of credit is cut, nobody lends any more money to Obama and Pelosi, their bribe money runs dry, and their parasitical constituents force the first time are not bailed out of their mistakes.  EBT cards run balances down to zero.  The welfare check bounces.  Your disability check is late.  You student loans aren't funded.  The buses aren't running.  And it all wouldn't matter anyway because there's nothing in the shelves at Wal-Mart because 25% of their work force went Galt and are at home living off of their home grown veggies.

Of course, grinding the US economy to a halt like this is not likely.  And the reason why is the beta-debt-ridden-wage-slave.  The single, largest and most powerful part of the US economic engine are those hard working, loyal, wage slaves who plain cannot afford to "go Galt."


A whole host of reasons.

They have a family.  They have a wife/husband.  They have a mortgage.  They have car loans.  They have student loans.  They have their kids student loans.  They have to pay for hockey.  They have a credit card debt.  They have a line of credit.

In short a goodly portion of the US' economic engine is ball and chained to their jobs via debts they can barely afford and families that are dependent upon them.  They will slave away for 3rd world illegal immigrants who hate them because they need to make the next lease payment on that Lexus SUV for wifey.  They will slave away for the quadruple single mom who is majoring in Women's Studies because they need to live in that McMansion in that good school district where the property taxes are sky high.  They will slave away for any parasite because the banks, mortgage companies, car companies, credit cards, and divorce/legal system has them by the balls.

There is some good news however.

These beta-debt-ridden-wage-slaves are NOT the innovators or creators.  They are not the entrepreneurs or the business developers.  They are SLAVES, they are CONFORMISTS, they will NEVER create a Microsoft, an Apple, a Wal-Mart or what have you.

That is where you renegade, non-conforming, misbehaving, individualists come in.

I contend, though I have no hard numbers to back it up, there are enough individualistic people, who are not ridden with debt, not beholden to their families, that we could lop off at least 4% GDP, sending the US economy into recession.

How?  By becoming Minimalism Pirates.

If enough people, who can afford to go the minimalism lifestyle, were to just up and quit their jobs, drop down to part time, or heck, even go on the government dole, you will do your share in helping bring the socialist system down.  Also, in spending less, you will also do your share to bring the socialist system down.  In just having a critical mass percentage of the independent minded types, the future or current entrepreneurs, just go Galt and become Minimalism Pirates, that should be enough to slow the US economy down, send it back into recession, increase the amount the US needs to borrow, and decrease its credit rating.

Of course, this requires some sacrifice on the part of people going Galt.  Say you have a great career and you can't "scale it" to part time.  YOu need to work full time, you might lose your skill set, you worked hard for what you earned.  It may not be worth it.  But if you're like most people, you hate your job, you hate paying taxes for socialist, parasitic scum, and with some cut backs in spending, debt abatement, you can minimize your "economic footprint" and enjoy a freer life.  You know that family, friends and loves ones are the most important thing in life, and thus you don't need that Mercedes and thus you don't need to work.  You know sleeping in will help boost your health vs. a daily stressful commute every day, and so you only work part time telecommuting.  And while you wake up, refreshed, drinking your coffee at 10AM, finishing your "work" by noon, you go out and ride your motorcycle, watch cartoons, write that book you always wanted to write, or spend time with your kids.

And if that's how you have to defend America and strike back at the parasitical socialist scum of this society, then so be it.

Minimalism Pirates


We scallywags be set to destroy the leftist socialist economy by denying her the fruits of our labor and thus the life blood she needs to pay fer her parasitic constituents!  Avast President Obama, you not be gettin' us Minimalist Pirates to work for ye!

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

How Feminism Took Over the Church



We have made a society that has created enough child-women to actually, honestly believe that their personal preferences trump the standards and rules of pre-established institutions, and yet STILL BELIEVE THEY ARE ENTITLED TO BE PART OF THOSE INSTITUTIONS.

I await the response from the religious community.

Do you kowtow to these demands (like gay marriage), thereby admitting you are nothing more than a money making, for-profit organization duping your congregation into donating money to you, or do you hold fast to your religious standards?

I eagerly await your decision!

Ahhh, religion.  The trade older than the oldest trade.