Monday, October 03, 2022

Violence and Revenge in Modern America

I received a request at Asshole Consulting, and I thought it would be of benefit to the few readers I still have on the ole blog.  I edited it a bit to be more thorough, but since many of you are no doubt angry, I have found solace in how people just absolutely destroy themselves being lazy, criminal, incompetent or just egotistical. Enjoy the Decline!

Well here is my policy on the use of physical violence.
First, can I even use it without going to jail?  This limits the use of violence to only self defense, and in some states, not even that.  Some states you have to let the criminal into your house and YOU have to leave.  But this more or less sets the entire tone of my policy on using violence, making it not a moral issue, but an entirely practical one - WILL I END UP IN A CAGE?  If the answer is yes, then I do not use violence.  If the answer is no, and I'm being threatened, then yes, I use violence.
Second, outside having my life threatened, I may have a desire to be violent to people (slow drivers, dumb people, leftists etc). but since I end up in jail, there isn't much I can do to these people no matter how much I want to hurt them.  This forces me to take a stoic approach to the dumb, parasitic, even outright evil people in the world as their actions may prompt me to desire violence, but it is at the same time not an option.
This then manifests in karma, poetic justice, and just letting the evil/stupid/egotistical suffer, which is where my current philosophy is.  MOST evil or stupid people will suffer at their own hand.  Be it a single mom whore who's always on welfare.  A criminal.  A lazy fat ass NEET.  A student loan bail-out receiving feminist. Whoever it is, the reason most people want to commit violence upon those people is they are violating society in one way or another.  However, while these people may get away with crimes against humanity (whether they're illegal or or just socially frowned upon), that doesn't mean they don't pay a price.  Specifically, immoral and unacceptable behavior is detested by society at large, and while these people may not end up in jail, other people will have nothing to do with these people.
This results in an ostracization of the stupid and evil from the rest of society.  Or at least forcing them to be with other low quality humans.  Poor people fuck and breed poor people who perennially live off of welfare.  Criminals have no stable relationships because they're always stealing from family and friends.  Dumb leftists/political parasites never have true friends as their parasitic and lazy nature bleeds into all relationships, preventing quality people from wanting to hang out with them.  And lazy people are always desperately tying to find a way to live off of others, which deters all people in all aspects of their lives, and condemns them to poverty.
In short, yes, you desperately may want to beat the shit out of some welfare trash thug or ram some slow driving RV boomer fuck off the road, and no doubt you have every moral right to.  But how much worse would you make these people's lives REALLY?  The boomer fuck who can't drive the speed limit can barely go to the post office without it being a huge mental challenge.  The welfare mom spitting out kids and living off the taxpayer, she's going to be forever poor and never experience love.  The 40 year old millennial receiving a $20,000 student loan bail out, still has $80,000 left and no work ethic to EVER achieve a normal standard of living.  And man-hating feminists will live an entire life blaming men for their non-existent love lives.
Once you view it through that lens, you kinda don't really care about the stupid, lazy or criminal.  You just let them be and their entire lives will be one of pain and misery.  You couldn't cause them more harm than they're causing themselves.