Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Temper Your Hopes for Trump

The election of Donald Trump was historic.  Not because of his unconventional manner in which he ran his campaign.  Not because of his unconventional style in which he runs himself.  And not because every presidential election is historic.  It's genuinely historic because...

he is the first non-politician to be elected since Dwight Eisenhower.

This is the real reason people should have hope in Donald Trump.  Because he was never a politician.  And though my support for Trump is timid, and I am forever the pessimist, if there is a president I can see who will actually make tangible improvements, it's Donald Trump because he has 0 F's to G.

This, however, does not mean I'm a screaming, feinting school girl whose watching Elvis swing his hips.  I'm not some teeny bopper bobby-soxer crying because the Beatles are on the Ed Sullivan Show.  I'm not some hippy baby boomer woman getting wet to Mick Jagger.  And I'm certainly not some black single-mom of 7 from the south side of Chicago fawning over Barack Obama at Grant Park.  But some people on the right, including colleagues of mine ARE when it comes to Donald Trump.

Ergo, just like the insanely-over-rated Beatles music
The OD-ing Elvis Presley
And the failed-to-perform Affirmative Action president

people on the right need to temper their expectations of Trump.

First, the man hasn't done anything yet.  Heck, he hasn't even been inaugurated!  But I've heard people heralding his coming as the "saving of America," or the "dawn of a second golden age."  I even recall an article (or a comment, I can't remember which) saying that there will never be a democrat president ever again.

Please.  You have to be kidding me.

I prefer to look at Trump as I would any prospective date with a girl or business I conduct with a company - Nothing happens until it happens.

Just because a girl agrees to a date doesn't mean she's going to show.  And just because you've done work for a company, doesn't mean you're going to get paid.  The girl can stand you up at the last moment and the company's check can bounce.  Ergo, I think it is wise to judge Trump's performance....when there's a performance to actually judge.

Second, as I've said before, Trump does not get to willy nilly dictate new laws.  He has a congress where both parties hate him, and members even within his "own" party are RINO enough to vote with the democrats.  This of course would not reflect upon Trump if congress decides to get in his way, but it will directly affect what he can and cannot deliver to the American people.

Third, if any real progress is to be made, the challenges facing him are (in his own words) "uuuuge."  Deporting 3 million illegals, re-establishing American sovereignty, restructuring Obamacare, deconstructing the leftist education industry, solving social security/medicare, closing the deficit, paying off the debt, scaling back the welfare state.  These challenges will present Trump incredible backlash, even necessary violence in the street if he is to seriously solve these problems.  At best a president has maybe managed to solve one problem of this magnitude during his entire tenure (Clinton closing the deficit, though that was due to the dotcom bubble economy, and Bush Jr. landing the largest tax cuts since Reagan...along side the largest spending increases since LBJ).  But to have Trump tackle all 8, and successfully so?  I would not hold your breath.

And finally, demographics.  Understand one of the main (and many) reasons Trump won was because the democrats put up a HORRIBLE candidate, while also alienating its base by cheating Bernie Sanders out of a fair primary race.  This resulted in 2 million less voters turning out for Hillary than did Obama.  Ergo, it's not so much that Trump "won over America" as much as it was Hillary pissing off blue-collar democrats and anybody with a soul.  This suggests Trump's win was a lucky fluke, and if we look at long term demographic trends in the US, I believe it's the LAST TIME we will see a republican presidency. 

By 2047 whites will no longer be the majority population in the US.  This doesn't mean that minorities always vote left....but minorities always vote left.  Combine this with the fact younger generations, fresh from the brainwashing academy of the public schools and American colleges, vote left more than...well...ever and there is a structural trend in America's voting bloc against conservatism, freedom, liberty, capitalism, and the individual.  The ONLY hope the republican party (and America) has is to win over minority males with blunt force truth and talk about the reality of the country, the world, the economy, and (frankly) women.  Trump achieved a modicum of this, winning over more minority males than Romney and McCain, and if there's an ounce of intelligence within the GOP (which there is not) they would try to reverse engineer the formula why, and mass produce it in time for the next election.

Still, even though I know this secret formula (stop treating minority men like idiots and explain how the government has replaced them), it is doubtful there's enough conservatives and libertarians in the country who have the balls like Trump to disseminate this message to minority males, thereby winning them over.  And it is because of that I am warily hopeful of a Trump presidency, and infinitely confident that in 4-8 years we will once again be enjoying the decline.
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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Episode #175 of The Clarey Podcast - "Will Women EVER Stop Complaining About Sexism?"

More shed issues
Showing off your master bedroom is weird
Fan mail
Will women ever stop complaining about "sexism?"


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Simplifying Marxism

Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, and Aurini

To my great pleasure, my friend and colleague Davis Aurini started up his YouTube channel again.  I enjoy his videos very much because I lack any formal education or training in philosophy and his channel does an amazing job of separating the wheat from the chaff for people like me who have an interest in philosophy, but aren't stupid enough to waste 8 years studying it in college.

So when his video "Lenin and Trotsky: Early Marxist Philosophers - An in Depth Analysis" was posted, I was excited because while I am thoroughly familiar with the economic side of Marxism, I knew little of its philosophical underpinnings.  So off I went, downloaded the video, converted it to an MP3, put it on my phone and started listening to it over the course of my day.

It was a 41 minute waste of time.

Not because Mr. Aurini did a poor job or somehow failed to make any kind of interesting philosophical insights (it's actually impossible for him not to).  But because he made a mistake that ensured he wasted his time making the video, I wasted my time listening to it, and anybody else who studied communism wasted their time too. And that mistake was he stayed within these long-dead communists' frame, and in doing so lent credence, credibility, and legitimacy to faulty premises and arguments.

Faulty Premises Waste Our Time

Not that I am against "communist premises and arguments."  I certainly am in a real world, but the point I am trying to make here is one of argument and debate tactics.  One of trying to advance one's philosophical understanding on anything (communism included) in the most efficient way possible.  And if we operate from flawed, faulty or (what I contend is the case of the original communist philosophers) intellectually-dishonest premises, all - AND I MEAN ALL - time, effort, energy, and resources spent discussing it, debating it, and philosophizing about it, are wasted.

And communist philosophy is the epitome of what I'm talking about here.

For example, take two premises about communism and what it is.

1.  Communist philosophers' views on communism


2.  My own.

The communist philosophers' opinions and views on communism are lengthy, long, varied, diverse, and arguably limitless.  They are complex, ever-evolving, and encompass completely new concepts, theories, and vocabulary that didn't exist a short 200 years ago.  Karl Marx's "Das Kapital" alone is 610 pages.  The "essential" works of Lenin only comes in at 410 pages.  Trotsky's "History of the Russian Revolution" is 1,040 pages.  And that's just arguably the first three founding members of communism!  You throw in the literally millions of pages that have been written by other communists, leftist-journalists, propagandists, and (perhaps the most prolific writers of them all) academians, and there are hundreds-of-thousands of life-time works dedicated towards communism, what it is, its theories, and its philosophies.

Now replace all of that with my own personal take on communism:

"It's an excuse for lazy fucks to steal your shit so they don't have to work"

and ask which premise is more accurate, more grounded in truth, and is therefore going to result in more progress being made about this political philosophy.

Simplifying Marxism

To be honest, I don't have the time, and neither do you, to sit and listen to the fanciful blatherings of socialists in academia or the meandering, blathering, screeds of long-dead and empirically disproven "philosophers."  And especially so in light of communism's abysmal historical economic and human rights track record.  But more importantly, we need to step back, clear our eyes, and ensure we don't fall for the very first trap communists always lay.  And that trap is that somehow their philosophy of "communism" is a philosophy at all.  That it has merit.  That the debate of communism is some kind of "higher-intelligence" debate that is the preserve of PhD's, academics, and "social scientists" AND can only be argued within the confines of "communist philosophy."  We need to never accept this premise in the first place, rejecting their flawed frame, therefore avoiding the faux-philosophical pablum and hokum that ensnared Aurini, and did nothing to genuinely advance or resolve the debate about communism.

So permit me to offer a much more succinct, concise, and empirical explanation of communism that will save us all a lot of time, a lot of headache, tons of brain cells, not to mention, explain what communism truly is and advance society more than Marx ever did.

Communism is a method by which lazy people concoct reasons and rationales to steal other people's money legally.

That's all it is.

There's nothing more to it than that.

They're lazy people, deathly afraid of work, labor, and toil, and instead of suffering the pain of work that all of us do, they'd rather spend lifetimes concocting reasons why the rest of society should be enslaved to provide them a free living.  And that's precisely what they do.

Academians constantly begging for more money in fake disciplines such as "sociology," "women's studies," and "lesbian-Portuguese-Anthropological-Studies" all so they can avoid the real world. 

Millennial college students forever perpetually putting off adulthood, DEMANDING their student loans be forgiven so they can avoid the working world as long as possible.

Politicians who find real work beneath them, opt to instead divide us against one another, blaming those who work harder have more wealth for the idiotic mistakes misfortunes of others.

Non-profits and their army of "employees" always championing some cause or another, yet never solving it.

And all of them, ALL OF THEM, blaming people with more money as the cause of the world's problems, yet ironically demanding rich people's evil money as the solution.

One could even argue that the true job of a communist, socialist or leftist is to CONSTANTLY come up with new reasons and rationales as to why they're disadvantaged, oppressed, discriminated against, etc., and therefore deserving of other people's life and labor.  It makes me wonder if they had just put forth the same effort they did into parasiting off of others towards productive endeavors in the real world, whether or not they'd all be millionaires.  Regardless, if you look at people who advocate socialism you will see them wasting nearly every minute of their fininte lives begging, scamming, and demanding other people's

Of course, none of this makes sense unless I provide some evidence.  And the empirical proof I'd like to tender are the founders, supporters, and advocates of communism themselves.  For if you look at them the vast majority of them are precisely what my theory would predict they'd be: rich, spoiled brats, that hail from the upper classes of society, who were so lazy and so fearful of real work, they spent the lions share of their lives advocating the theft of others.  And it is AMAZING how accurate and applicable this description is to all communists over the ages.

Karl Marx himself hailed from a well-to-do family where his father was a lawyer and vineyard owner, allowing Karl to attend private schools and join a drinking club.  Avoiding work with all of his might, Karl fancied himself a great philosopher which led to his genuinely unintelligible writings, but also a perpetual parasitic reliance on others to support him.  Most notably, Friedrich Engels...who was also a spoiled brat pampered son of a rich man.  The irony that communism couldn't exist without first parasiting off of capitalism should make one think.

Vladimir Lenin, perhaps the original executor and implementer of socialism, also was not missing any meals in his childhood.  His father, Ilya, was a rather well to do director in the school system in Russia.  Despite the passing of his father early in life, there was enough money to send Lenin to university where today's millennials...majored in protesting and not any kind of serious study.

Mao Zedong, the son of an incredibly rich father, was just another spoiled brat in a different country...who ended up starving out 50 million of his own countrymen.  And a little to his south, a few years later would come Pol Pot, the son of a relatively well to do farmer, who would go on to study in France (which most of us never had the money to do)...and kill only 2 million of his own countrymen.  Both early adapters, advocates, and implementers of socialism.

I could go on with historical communist figures, and you'd find a shocking majority of them were just spoiled rich kids who wanted to tell the world what to do, but you will see a similar, almost identical profile of people who advocate socialism, communism, and leftism today.

Today's professorial class, ESPECIALLY in the liberal arts are by FAR the weakest minded, most fraudulent parasites in today's western world.  Not only are they too lazy to work real jobs, they're complete hypocrites living off of their presumed beloved "young."  Having no real skills to offer society, they instead sell their fake "trade" to naive college students for $200 a credit and $150 per textbook.  In exchange these naive students receive a worthless piece of paper, sopping wet with rank leftist propaganda, so they're too brainwashed to realize how much they just got screwed over by their professors.  Of course, to keep this racket up, this communist class of professors need a perpetual inflow of government money, and therefore it should notbe surprising they are the most fervent advocates of communism.

Today's students are simply the proto-professorial class.  Most of them hailing from the SWPL white suburbs, or flooded with tons of scholarship money because of their minority status or vagina, they too are spoiled children who like Marx, Mao, and Lenin find real work beneath them.  Thus when given the choice between majoring in engineering or political science, they'll chose political science because (once again) they're lazy and are deathly afraid of real work.  Of course, just like Marx, Mao, and Lenin, this won't stop them from telling the rest of the world how to live...perhaps become parasitic professors themselves...but such intellectual hypocrisy won't bother them as they vote for Bernie Sanders to take your money so they can live the parasitic life of a professional student.

Journalists anyone?  Speaking of lazy and worthless degrees, could there be a better major that more clearly declares to the world "I'm lazy, don't want to work hard, but want to have a job that strokes my ego!"?  Their desperate desire for an easy and lazy life shines through with the horrendous political bias "journalists" have.  And that political bias is, you guessed it, to the left.

And politicians.  Unless specifically anti-communist, nearly every democrat/labor/leftist/socialist/left-leaning political party in the world is staffed by worthless, lazy people, typically from rich backgrounds, who have the gall to not only demand other people work hard to pay for their salaries, but demand to be put in charge of the world's governments, and thus rule the world.  If there is proof that there's a second "incentive" or motive for communists and socialists beyond laziness/weakness/fear, it is ego.  You see it in professors, protestors, college students, media, non-profit directors, and others.  But nowhere is ego as prominent as it is in our politicians.

So my question to you is, why would you bother wasting your time arguing the differences between "Trotskyite communism" vs. "Leninism" vs. "Marxism" when the entire political philosophy is explained in one word - parasitism?  Why would you waste your time arguing at their pig-in-mud level when you can simply dismiss them all as lazy pigs?  Communists, whatever their incarnation, be they historical figures, your university professors, your local democratic politician, etc., are lazy, worthless, parasitic human beings who cowardly hide behind lofty and fabricated academic theories, solely created to steal your wealth, all while boosting their egos as they fool themselves into thinking they're somehow smart, educated, or superior.  And if it isn't lofty, fabricated academic theories, it's rank and cowardly lies such as "privilege," "racism," "the glass ceiling," etc.

My life, as well as yours, is too damn short to tolerate these lazy, egotistical, and above all else, evil people.  And I am not going to validate them by giving their arguments credit or trying to debate them using their premises.  I'm going to simply call them what they are and dismiss them as such, because that's all they deserve.

They're a bunch of spoiled brat, lazy, weak, parasites.
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Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Alternative to Black Friday

I swear I don't know why the malls parking lots are full when this exists.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday Day Linkage

Liberals and leftists are anti-democratic.  And this is my counter-argument.

How does a man lose his faith?  When god fucks him over so much, you realize it's just bad luck (a must-listen from the Black Brigade Debrief)

"Eight years of calling whites racists has consequences."  Another MUST LISTEN TO analysis by Cynical Libertarian Society where he (correctly) analyzes the election results.

Cappy Schools a Millennial on Economics

Some lessons that are a basic Econ 101 review for us, but are completely new material for the "college educated" millennials:

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

"Whitey and Welfare"

From our Canadian Indian Agent in the Field:

$235.00 for bills and food, $325.00 for rent.

That's how I managed to move out of my parents place when I was 20, by getting on welfare. From one crappy reservation house to another. This is what I survived on for... 6 years.

Didn't do anything either just spent my days and nights playing League of Legends and downloading Movies 90% of the time.

Keep in mind I never invested in myself either. Didn't have a licence until I was 26, all my ID was expired and I didn't exercise.

Because who needs all that when the money just rolls on in?

Plus my entitlement always had to be fed. "White man took it all, I at least deserve this!"

So fast forward 6 years of this sloth: no job, no car, no girlfriend, and an extra 80lbs in fat.

Who cared? Not one damn person told me I wasting my youth. Told me I was wrong to accept someone else's money because I didn't earn it. No one pointed at me and laughed. Why? Great question.

What would my people give up to continue believing the White Man was keeping them down? At least their honesty with me... so my misery was worth it to them.

They would never admit it was hard work, discipline, and honesty that provided true wealth. Nope. Never.

Another fun-fact: Not everyone got as much money as I did. Welfare was the bottom of the totem pole, the only competition we had was over comfy Band Office jobs. Where the only work done was to look busy and watch the chief manage to get most of his/her family members all "jobs" long enough to go on Employment Insurance. Not to mention all the missing funds from the Bands bank account, yep how the mighty have fallen.

At one time we lived like hunter-gatherers, against nature. Back when masculinity was celebrated.

But now whenever anyone try's to leave the crab bucket everyone else attempts to pull him back in. I could never be right in my arguments with family nor could we ever be in the wrong ethically as a people.

I would point out the flawed logic in spending money of the 'White Mans' children(Tax/Debt payers) they didn't do anything to hurt us. "They inherited a legacy of genocide!" My mother told me... now that's fucked up.

Even if we followed that principle ourselves we would end up owing other natives money. I'm sure at one point we took land, women, and resources during war. But why would I owe anyone anything? I wouldn't do those things unless in self-defence. Yet no one expects me to pay anyone!

Logic, Reason and Evidence don't work on the willingly ignorant. I'm almost 28 now and for the past year and a half I've wasted my time trying to save those who don't want to see the world is full of possibility and if they worked hard enough could afford a happy lifestyle.

My latest mistake is obvious. I attempted to bring those who hurt me off the reservation. But I now realized they can't change unless they decide to and most of them are so old now that, in my opinion, they deserve the misery they brought onto themselves.

Remember: they are now subjecting the young and innocent to their delusion and broken way of life.

So in the wise words of the man who Red Pilled me: '"Giving back to the community" presupposes the community ever gave to you in the first place.  Fuck the community.' -Aaron Clarey

About Allen:
I'm just some fat native guy trying to get his life started. Working on odd jobs and in becoming a minimalist. Feel free to follow me @realAllenK, in my free time I watch/listen philosophy and podcasts.

Cool Stuff I Bought My Niece

OK, maybe I bought them for myself, but I'll buy another set for my niece too.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Episode #174 of The Clarey Podcast!

Fan mail.
We might be sent to war if you join the military.
Blow jobs interrupted by central banking discussion.
Australians lose freedom of speech for precious white, blond, girl.
St. Thomas University keeps poor kids off campus
The Ashoka Changemaker Cult.


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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How Prissy Spoiled White Girls Destroyed the Freedom of Speech

I shall be talking about this at length in my podcast.

Monday, November 21, 2016

"When We Rise" On Track to do WORSE than Feminist Ghostbusters

Minority Men Using White Guilt to Lay SJW Girls

I love it when a plan comes together!

Additional Proof Western Civilization Is Superior in Every Regard

Gab.Ai: Where the Front Lines of the Battle for Freedom Are

I find it necessary to fully disclose that I have no financial or personal interest in  I was not paid to write this article, I do not benefit financially from doing so, but am writing it because I found it necessary as it highlights what is truly the front lines in the battle between freedom and oppression, right and wrong, free speech and political correctness.  I hope anybody who is serious about these issues reads this and at minimum understands the point I am trying to make, and the importance that a platform like is successful.

While the presidential election of 2016 has turned social media and its many platforms into an indecipherable swamp of mudslinging, hate, death threats, accusations, slander, libel, triggering, and other forms of political drama, an infinitely more important battle is going on behind the scenes that all people must be aware of.  For while SJW's are using Tumblr to campaign against whatever fabricated evil white males have perpetrated against them, and Trumpsters are using Facebook to counter-trigger those on the left, what people don't see is that more and more eyes are viewing the computer screen than the television screen. And what once was the source where Americans got their news, information, data, and empiricism from, has now gone from the television to the internet.

Though originally perhaps intended merely to be social media, online social technology has unintentionally become the preferred source of news by today's younger (and likely future) generations (or at least the method by which it is spread and consumed).  This means the masters, and ultimate owners of these social platforms have (whether they like it or not) been forced into the role of not so much the media companies, but the providers of the tools that puts the power of journalism and media into the hands of the people.  News-gathering, journalism, research, investigative journalism, editorializing, marketing and dissemination has all been handed over from the outdated-dinosaur media such as radio, television, and cable to everyday people like us (as it ideally would be in a truly democratic society). 

But the problem is just like traditional and MSM companies were biased, filtering the news, biasing the news, and pushing a narrative that fit their political agendas, so too are the companies of these new tools.  And just like their predecessors they are biased, quite clearly, to the left.

Apple's CEO doesn't want you buying stock if you don't believe in global warming.  Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook fame is known more for her feminist propaganda piece posing as a book than she is for her actual job.  Facebook co-founder Dustin Markovitz famously donated $20 million to Hillary Clinton.  And if these anecdotes don't convince you, research will show an overwhelming bias towards the left in Silicon Valley.  Of course, it is possible that they keep their politics out of policy - leaving people be, drawing a clear line between their personal beliefs and company policy - but sadly they don't.  Just like their obsoleted MSM counterparts, they cannot help but let their bias seep through...if not, maliciously force it on their customers.

Mozilla famously thought it was their business to get into the personal life of their former CEO, Brendan Eich, to the point he was forced to resign over a political donation regarding gay marriage.  GrubHub (though not an anchor Silicon Valley company) told employees to quit over their political views. But these blatant violations of morality and the freedom of speech, choice, and association aside, what is most disconcerting as it pertains to the freedom of this "neo-press" and the freedom of speech in general is the way the major social media players are tightening the noose around their platforms, and the disproportionate effect it has on their non-leftist clients.

People will of course say there is no bias, but I am calling BS.  Not only because there is no study that has been published that would conclusively dis/prove it, but the anecdotal evidence I've witnessed points towards a leftist bias. I've seen Facebook put people in "Facebook Jail" for RECEIVING death threats from leftists because they were a Trump supporter.  I've had a friend's YouTube channel put on probation for videos that were NOT controversial or threatening.  Furthermore, I'm sorry, with that level of bias, where 100% of Twitter employee donations to political parties went to the democrats, do not tell me this bias and hatred of the right does not seep through.  What I believe to be an accurate assessment of Silicon Valley's true political bias AND INTENT is Twitter's recent (and at least honestly open) decision to ban what they deem "Alt-Right" accounts.  Whether the Silicon Valley masters of these new media tools will admit to having this same desire/intent, I don't care.  This is the reality the American people get to deal with or will get to deal with in the near future.

This then leaves us with the question - If the new media is controlled AND OWNED by private companies, then do we just suffer this new reality and accept a compromised freedom of speech?  And the answer is, "No, we just pull a Fox News like they did during the cable wars." And is the first "Fox News" in this new digital news media age to offer an alternative to the oligopolist Silicon Valley "neo-news" industry.

Since Twitter, Google, Facebook, and Instagram are all private companies, no amount of morality, logic, reason, or ethics will FORCE them to truly be unbiased or benevolent masters of these new media tools.  They are private entities, owned by private people, and they can plug Karl Marx and anti-western philosophy all they want.  It is up to (as it usually is) the free market and competition to deliver a new platform that TRULY allows for the freedom of speech and uses that as its selling point (NOT "virtue signaling," "going green," "diversity" or whatever other political heroin today's American sheep are addicted and masturbating to).  The real issue is - like all platforms, be they operating systems or social media - will they get a critical mass of people to subscribe to them, so instead of logging into MySpace they log into Facebook?

And I believe is the platform that will attract that critical mass.

If you don't know what is, it's not the alternative to Twitter, it's its replacement. was purposely created to ensure the freedom of speech, no matter how harsh, on a social media platform.  You would think with no controls it would be taken over by trolls, political factions, anarchists, etc., but even if it was, it doesn't matter.  It offers something no other current social media platform offers:

Freedom of speech.

This has made it an attractive refuge for what I can only describe as "the adults of Twitter."  People who wanted to have blunt, direct, and honest conversations, share their opinions, all without the worry or concern their account might get banned, put on probation, or landed in "Facebook Jail."  You can have adult, mature, and (above all else) empirical real-world conversations about race, sex, production, economics, philosophy, politics, ANYTHING all without the shackles of fear and political correctness inhibiting your speech, and thus inhibiting your intellect.  It is an oasis for people who just do not have the patience to tolerate the petty and power-tripping neo-bureacrats in Silicon Valley's neo-news industry.  And it is the "breath of fresh air" true independent thinkers and philosophers of the internet have been searching for.

But freedom of speech and all that other good stuff aside, the reason I personally like it (and I think it's's best selling point) is very simple:

I'm treated like a god damned adult.

If you've ever been banned on Twitter, got a "strike" against you on YouTube, or ever landed in "Facebook Jail," you start to realize just how insulting and condescending it truly is.  It's no different than if at the age of 37 your father started lecturing you about not going to church.  Or your mother started nagging you about your language.  Worse is where they think they have the authority to give you a "time out" or "ground you."  And even worse than that is these social media platforms are honeycombed with little, pathetic, cowardly millennial SJW "tattle-tails" who will "narc" on you as if it were the 4th grade.

Not on  There's no teacher.  There's no authority.  There's no Silicon Valley Gestapo.  It truly is the nightclub where all the cool kids hang out (and I'm not joking, the cool kids of the internet are there).

The only problem is needs two things:

1.  Subscribers
2.  Money

Thankfully, the first problem is easily solvable.  You go to and sign up.  Unfortunately, like any hot nightclub there is a waiting list.  They are growing faster than they have the computer/server infrastructure to handle, so it might be a couple weeks before you are approved.  But once you're in, you're in and you can join me at my table for intellectual shots of Rumpleminze on me.

The real problem, however is money.  And not so much so can buy the servers and hardware to handle stealing 60% of Twitter's client base.  But so that it becomes a viable option to Twitter and thus the first TRULY FREE SPEECH tool in this world of neo-news media.

To that end I ask three things of anybody who is for the freedom of speech and FULLY COMPREHENDS HOW IMPORTANT IT IS THAT GAB.AI MAKES IT OFF THE GROUND.

1.  If you are are a smart person who enjoys speaking freely, sign up with now.
2.  If you have some money you can part with, forget donating to the local corrupt RINO republican re-election campaign or some non-profit that never manages to actually solve the problem it's been claiming it will solve for the past 40 years.  Donate it to instead.
3.  And if you are an established large donor to the Republican party, Libertarian party, or any other kind of conservative group or movement, stop what you're doing right now.  Understand HOW THE BATTLE FOR FREEDOM AND AMERICA'S FUTURE IS BEING FOUGHT HERE (and not some god damned country club republican fund raiser) and ACTUALLY MAKE A GOD DAMNED DIFFERENCE by donating enough money to make the dominant player in this arena.

And yes, I'm looking at you Koch Brothers.
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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Support Your Local Economist

...and get your Christmas shopping done this weekend by making all your online purchases via Cappy's Amazon affiliate program.

100% of ALL PROCEEDS go to my favorite charity:


Friday, November 18, 2016

Curse Free Episode #12 of The Clarey Podcast

New recording studio is up!
Getting old and having no energy.
The real world will destroy the left.
Mansplaining Hotline in Sweden.
Cappy's "Irish Hat Date."


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Friday Linkfest

Where should Trump people move?

Grilling your turkey for Thanksgiving.  It's truly American.

Trump don't need no media.

Green companies vested in wind farms paid indian tribes who are now protesting the North Dakota pipeline.  They could just be whiny cunts who were going to protest anyway too.

Chicago to remain a shithole.

Shemale candidate doesn't win in Utah.

If millennials read this chart for 2 minutes they'd have learned more about civics than what all their "teachers" taught them in K-college education.

Threatening the lives of electoral voters.  It's what peaceful, democrats do.

Rebooting "Golden Girls' with Millennial girls in Texas.

Cynical Libertarian Society's pretty good podcast about intelligence being an accident or by design. (takes a while to get through the first 5 minutes of bullshit)

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Trump, Precious Metals, and the Honeymoon Period (that hasn't even started yet)

Our pal Kerry Lutz has an interesting guest on his podcast if you're a gold bug and curious about precious metals prices post election.

Should White Men Work for Fortune 500 Companies?

Is It Worth It?

I had an interesting client.  He was a white male and had been passed over for promotion, not once, not twice, but thrice.  In each instance he was passed over for a minority or female (or both) candidate who had less experience and lesser qualifications.  This prompted him to ask me,

"Should white males even bother working for Corporate America?"

To which, after some pondering and thinking I said, "No, no they shouldn't."

And it's important other white males (not to mention males in general) understand why.

There is no study or research that measures or tracks "how much white males get passed over/screwed over in Corporate America."  Not only would such a statistic be stupid, but academians and politicians are too focused pushing the opposite narrative proving just how much women and minorities are oppressed.  This relegates us to what humankind has relied upon the past 2 million years to discover the truth - our eyes.  And though anecdotal, the evidence is compelling.

There is the story of my client above.  There is my friend who was passed over for promotion because the company preferred gays and black women at a large financial firm.  There's a VERY HIGH ranking lesbian economist in one of the federal government's key economic institutions who doesn't even have her degree in economics.  I know one of the Big Four accounting firms was aggressively promoting minorities and women over higher qualified CPA's to managerial positions. recently created an affirmative action position out of whole cloth (filled by a black man, of course), the sole purpose of which is to ensure SalesForce hires based on skin color and plumbing, and not character.  And don't get me started about Target Corporation, where they go out of their way to hire, promote, and celebrate anything but white males.  You combine this with blatant-but-approved sexism/racism in the form of affirmative action, the constant celebration of women and minorities in society, and the villanization of white males with cowardly concepts like "privilege," and it presents white males a serious question;

"Is it worth working for a Fortune 500 company?"

It's Way Too Risky

While the above is nothing more than anecdotal evidence, and there is no hard statistical or scientific proof white males are actively discriminated against by large employers, realize there doesn't have to be.  The sheer risk one takes trying to make it in corporate America is daunting enough that if there's even a whiff, a slight hint things are not meritocratic it's not worth it. 

First you have to commit your entire life to working for the corporation.  To "make it" in a Fortune 500 company you need to prioritize your career ahead of your life.  Forget your spouse, forget your family, forget your friends, forget your loved ones, and forget your life. The company is your life.

Second, progressive credentialism.  Once you commit to working for a Fortune 500 company you are NEVER leaving school.  You need a bachelors just to get an entry level position, an MBA so you can keep it, and you better be keeping on top of all those freshly-pulled-from-the-ass certifications via CPE or "continuing education" classes if you hope to make it into management.  Fortune 500 companies know they have you by the balls, and can constantly dangle promotions to "SENIOR Vice Reserve Assistant Regional Director" to validate why you wasted your youth on stupid degrees and family time on worthless certifications. But what's worse is competition to advance within Fortune 500 companies is so fierce, they'll actually get you guys to pay for your own unnecessary education.

Third is competition.  If you really want to "make it" in corporate America you need to outperform and be better than everybody else.  That way you get promoted to that glorious "6 figure salary" and get the much-coveted "corner office!"  But to be better than everybody else, that means you get to work overtime, weekends, holidays, and extra hours.  It also translates into your wife divorcing you and all your children being diagnosed with Aspergers.

Now when you add this all up, and realize just what you have to risk and sacrifice in order to have a successful Fortune 500 career, even the first-day freshman business major realizes it's all contingent on meritocracy.  That in order to get promoted and make sure this HUGE investment pays off, your work and excellence has to be recognized.  It MUST BE rewarded. And if it's not or is somehow undermined by corruption, nepotism, cronyism, or incompetence, then all your efforts and labor will have been wasted, and you have more or less ruined your life.

And sexism/racism in the form of affirmative action is precisely what undermines this meritocracy, and should scare away any competent, capable, hard-working, and self-respecting white males.

What In the Wild Wild World of Sports is Going on Here?

For those of you either already ensconced in a Fortune 500 career or aspiring to work for a Fortune 500 company (or you just have an intellectual interest), you may not be able to understand why, at such a competitive level, Fortune 500 companies are abandoning excellence for skin pigmentation and "vagina."  The NFL, MLB, and NBA cannot afford NOT to award excellence, and you'd think it would be the same for a soulless corporation whose only motive is profit.  But there are two key reasons why sexism and racism is pursued in Fortune 500 companies.

1.  Virtue signalling. 
2.  Whites are perfectly OK with being discriminated against.

Let us understand VERY clearly why corporate America, Fortune 500 companies, the government, and other large employers prefer to hire anybody but white males.  It has nothing to do with "noble" motives such as "diversity," "affirmative action," or "helping close the wage gap."  Nor does it have anything to do with capitalizing off of cheaper labor via hiring women and minorities.  All this is, is marketing thinly veiled as virtue signalling.

That's it.

That's all it is.

Corporations want a cheap, nay, free way to market to idiotic sheeple and they do this by signalling their "politically correct virtues" said idiot sheeple were brainwashed to worship and value.

Don't believe me?

This is merely the third or fourth reincarnation of "Virtue Signal Marketing."

First, it was corporations donating to charities like the United Way.
Then it was corporations "going green" or "caring about the environment."
Third was the fad of "fair trade" and implementing full blown "Corporate Social Responsibility" departments.
And now it's magnanimously promoting every possible minority or woman to unearned positions of power or parading them on their advertisements and annual reports for the whole world to see.

Still don't believe me?

The examples are hilarious as they are naked.

There's Battlefield One where the WWI video game has a black hero.  There's the constant white-washing of traditionally white male super-heroes in Marvel comics to hispanic, black, or female ones.  Target Corporation's hilarious debacle of bragging about how they'll let anybody use whatever bathrooms they want.  Do I need to bring up Feminist Ghostbusters?  Pepsi's CEO is a blatant case of politics and skin color over competence.  And I dare you to find an annual report of any Fortune 500 company that has a mix of races and genders representative to the actual population, instead of a heavily lopsided mix of minorities and women.

All corporations are doing are capitalizing off of the political, psychological, and mental infrastructure schools, colleges, media outlets, and politicians have laid down by brainwashing two full generations of American sheeple.  They are playing to the vanity,ego, and laziness of millions of Americans who don't want to actually put forth the effort to achieve good, but will gladly buy political indulgences to "feel good" via buying "organic coffee," "fair trade CD's," and buying from companies who discriminate against whites and males aggressively pursue affirmative action.

Normally this farce would be seen for the bigotry, discrimination, and charlatanism that it is.  But it works because there's one unwilling accomplice - white males.  They, frankly, don't have the balls to stand up for themselves and boycott companies who marginalize them and outright discriminate against them.  And good luck getting women, even conservative ones, to boycott their precious Target or give up their morning lattes at Starbucks.  Why, that would just be too inconvenient to forego their precious Apple machines even though their husband was passed over for promotion at Apple.  Whites are universally wimps when it comes to self-respect, and some are even stupid enough to feel guilt for sins they're not guilty of.  And so they just shrug their shoulders and accept this discrimination.

This gives Fortune 500 companies carte blanche to abuse them and use them (or the lack of them) in this virtue signalling marketing racket.  And they're not going to give up this racket, because the economic truth is the free marketing is more profitable than the money they would have made pursuing a policy of excellence and meritocracy.  Ergo, they aren't really being racist or sexist as much as they are leveraging the political zeitgeist and infrastructure of "diversity," "going green," "organic," "affirmative action," and other forms of virtue signalling that American sheeple are suckers enough to swallow. 

Trust Me, They're Doing You a Favor

At one time I was the "corporate man."  I worked for large corporations, made my way up to management, earned what today would be an inflationary-adjusted six figure income, and also had that coveted "corner office."  It's what I thought I wanted, what I worked hard to get, and in the end got it.  But as a man who has walked this path in life I can tell you, nay GUARANTEE you one simple thing;

It's not worth it.

Understand from the day you can comprehend wealth the media, corporations, and the larger society is conditioning you to think money is everything.  When you get to college not only will business schools convince you "investment banking" is the path to heavenly riches and success, but Hollywood will throw in a couple of movies to convince you this is true.  The networks will create shows showing power-tripping women in New York sipping martinis and having the time of their lives.  And the relentless barrage of advertising to convince men that they need a luxury sports car to woo the women is never ending.  Corporations and colleges are not only selling you their products so that they may enrich themselves, they're also selling you the lie that "success" is a junior executive position in a downtown office for a Fortune 500 company so that you slave away for them for peanuts.

So if you're stupid enough to drink this cool aid, it is a 100% guarantee you will ruin your life.

The time commitment to succeed in "Corporate America" will ensure you have no life worth living outside work.

The taxes you'll pay, if you succeed, will ensure you take home only half.

The psychological price you'll pay sitting in pointless meetings, working for inept bosses, while commuting 50 minutes one-way downtown (because that's "where the action is!") is immeasurable.

The increasing "politically correct culture" where you're forced into "diversity training," "sexual harassment training," and you're only one fake sexual-harassment accusation away from a ruined career is intolerable.

The never ending educational and training requirements that are completely unnecessary.

And the incompetence.  Mercy, the incompetence.  I know MBA's and corporate executives like to fool people into thinking they're smart, but the fact that this "Virtue Signal Marketing" fad is the BEST idea they got is proof there's not a single ounce of originality, innovation, or intelligence among them.  You won't be working with Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg.  You'll be working with idiotic ass-kissers who try to pass on obedience and conformity for actual intelligence and leadership.  The exact same types who, no matter how "diverse" or obedient, are so myopic they typically drive corporations into the ground.

The truth is when you take the entirety of what is required to excel in a Fortune 500 company, no man, regardless of race, deserves this hell.  Not only is it unacceptable in terms of professionalism, wages, commitment, and fairness, the reality is you'll make a lot more working for a smaller company, perhaps even yourself, for a fraction of the effort.  In other words, white males may not find it fair that Fortune 500 companies and corporate America are adamantly pursuing an anti-white male agenda.  And it may have been your pre-conditioned dream to become the "corporate man."  But if you are truly the best, regardless of your race, you simply are not going to be allowed to achieve your best in an environment where we promote people because "vagina."  Let the diversity pimps have corporate America.  Entrepreneurship, or just a happy life of minimalism, intellectual stimulation, and a pursuit of one's hobbies is an infinitely better one.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Why Trump Should NOT Build a Wall

Why Donald Trump No Longer Needs the Media

Brian Stetler, of MSM fame, penned a piece (where comments are, of course, not allowed) frantically claiming there was a "backlash" because Donald Trump committed the egregious sin of (GASP!) NOT TELLING THE MEDIA WHERE HE WAS GOING!!!  He abandoned the press pool and carried on with his personal life getting dinner with his family!

Of course to "the" Brian Stetler and the echo chamber of "journalists" this is just not acceptable.  Why, they're the PRESS!  They're JOURNALISTS!!!  They have a right to follow Trump no matter where he goes all the time!  And the flimsy excuse they give is that the American people have a right to know what our president elect is doing.

To which I penned a video calling bullshit on him and the MSM.

The truth is the MSM, especially CNN, are not the media.  They are propagandists for the democrat party and socialist political forces in the US.  This isn't an accusation.  This isn't hyperbole or rhetoric.  It's merely a description.  The people who constitute the main stream media today are not unbiased journalists who report the truth. They are lazy, egotistical high school kids from the 90's who wanted to "change the world" but not do any real work so they attended j school.  Their political bias is thoroughly documented and the last three elections where they pandered and carried water for the democrat party undermines all their credibility.

They just aren't real journalists.  So why should anybody who isn't with the democrat party listen to them?

But what is doubly precious is how their ignorance is only outdone by their arrogance as think they're still relevant or needed in today's world.  The truth is with the internet, YouTube, blogs, and social media, they're obsolete.  Just like authors today do not need east coast publishing houses, or artists of today don't need record labels, President Trump, or any president in the future, does not need a "White House Press Corps."  They need a YouTube channel whereby they can can communicate to American public about whatever, whenever with the added benefit of....(are you ready for it?)


I've said this before, and I'll say it again, you NEVER talk to the media.  100%, and I mean 100% of the MSM articles written about me or quoting me are spun, biased, and edited to the point that what they wrote is not the truth.  So since the point and purpose of journalism is the truth, why would you go through an institution that has a horrible track record, has blatant bias, not to mention, especially when there's a cheaper, more direct, more efficient work around - the internet?

If anything the arrogant attitude and claims there's a "backlash" from Mr. Stetler is proof just how out of touch the dinosaurs in the MSM are.  It's proof their attitudes of entitlement, laziness, and crusaderism from their teens has carried on to their careers today.  And instead of asking the very important question of "why is president-elect Trump not talking to us" and thinking about their future job security, their reaction is to throw a temper tantrum and pout.

Pout away Mr. Stetler.  I can't think of a more deserving group of people that deserve to go hungry and actually hustle for a real job in the real world for a change.
Aaron Clarey is a mean, mean man who says hurtful things in the form of truth.  You can find his books, consultancy, YouTube channel, podcast, and other awesome stuff below:
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When Young Boys Used to Buy Girls Flowers

Remember when you'd find a girl you thought was pretty in middle school and you'd spend you hard earned cash on buying her flowers so she'd go on a date with you?

Yeah, neither do I.

Link fixed

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Episode #173 of The Clarey Podcast!

Buying a girl flowers when you were 14.
What do middle eastern and latin seducers tell white 50 year old Western women to part with their money?
The MSM is no longer the media.  We are.


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Guess I'm Not Buying Pepsi Anymore Then!

Pepsi CEO, big Hillary supporter, opens mouth about Trump.

Come on guy, please, just this once, will republicans actually grow a pair and boycott Pepsi?

Monday, November 14, 2016

Trump's Whitehouse Press Corps

Cernovich, Molyneux, Milo, and me?

Hell yeah!

The Black Brigade Debrief with DT and Thee Man Returns!

Of course, it won't be anything permanent, so don't get your hopes up.  But they have a new Trump election episode!

The Buzz Aldrin Syndrome

"And if you’ve done it right, you’ll be two decades ahead of your Gen X peers since you avoided worthless degrees and leap-frogged your philosophical understanding of life. You will be accomplished, you will be successful, you will have paid a fraction of the mental toll to get there, and you will indeed be an amazing man, the world’s most interesting perhaps. You have reached the so called “finish line” much earlier and faster than Buzz Aldrin…

and that’s when your real problems start."

From my latest piece at Return of Kings.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Loving Government Checks More than Your Children

This is child abuse and somebody better call CPS:

Stupid Degrees and How to Get Blacks Out of Poverty...Well the Men Anyway

Was on Laurie Zoock's show.  The podomatic screen seems to have a little bit of technical issues, but you can find the direct MP3 download here.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Donate to the "White Male Bachelor Who Really Doesn't Need It" Fund

Did you know that in every major metropolitan area, there are middle income bachelors, with minimalist lifestyles, who don't really need your money?

Did you know that 95% of them will do just fine without additional funds and the other 5%, would probably do just as fine anyway?

Did you know that these bachelors eat, drink, travel, and do whatever they want, when they want, with no major obligations or responsibilities in life?

And did you know because of fiscal discipline, frugality, and spending within their means their only real debts are their mortgages?

It's a tragedy many people don't want to talk about.  But these poor bachelors are forced to pay their own mortgages.

But you can help.

With your commitment to use Cappy's Amazon Affiliate program for all your online and Christmas shopping, you can help eliminate Cappy's mortgage.  Just go online here and do your shopping and 7% of all your purchases will go to help this one particular bachelor in no particular need.  Yes, your money could go to poor starving children, minorities in desperate need of more government scholarships, third world countries that never get their shit together, or single moms who couldn't keep their legs shut, but trillions still haven't solved those problems so why waste a penny more?

Spend your money on something that is mathematically feasible and possible instead.

Donate to the "Eliminate Cappy's Mortgage Fund."

Unlike all other charities, 100% of your donations will go directly to the "Eliminate Cappy's Mortgage Fund" allowing this bachelor-not-really-in-need to spend even more disposable income on motorcycles, Rumpleminze, hiking, sleeping in late, girls, video games, and guns.  You'll also have the added benefit of knowing you helped out a CIS-gendered, white male, which will really piss off all the right people.  And for every $1,000 in commission he earns, you'll receive a signed picture of this poor bachelor on his motorcycle, hang-gliding in the Alps, smoking a cigar in Vegas, or sleeping in his cozy bed till noon.  But the real reward is that you will have made his already-pretty-easy-life even easier.

So when you're sick and tired of contributing to charities that never actually solve the problems they portend to, and only seem to make things worse, consider doing your online shopping to help the "Eliminate Cappy's Mortgage Fund."

Because charity with no solution is in all reality just pissing away money.

What Would Happen If California Seceded?

We'd rejoice:

My Compilation of Crying Hillary Supporters

This makes me feel a touch better.  But we're a loooooong way from even-stevens for these socialist parasites taking 40% of my life time labor for their own political interests.  Do note how ugly these women are.  I'm not joking, there is a correlation between leftist political belief and ugliness.

I know ladies, I know.  "Vagina" didn't win it, and nor should it ever have because that's genuine sexism.  You might get 5% less a raise this year in your cushy government-make-work non-profit jobs.  And you know what, some of you might experience what we do in the private sector and get laid off.  I know, your life is NOT going to be perfect.  It's just not fair!

And I know, I know.  You're likely going to have to pay back those nasty mean taxpayers who lent you money at lower-than-market-rates for your women's studies degrees and your masters in communications programs.  And there's an increasing chance you'll have to work real jobs, because, well...most of you are fat and ugly and no man is going to want to marry you.  So good luck paying back your $150,000 liberal arts degree tab slinging coffee for $8.60 an hour.

And dearies, trust me, I know.  Without private sector workers forced to fork over 50% of their income, you're not going to be able to afford that brand new Volvo because the "Vice Reserve Assistant Deputy Diversity Director" position won't be funded at PCU.  You're not going to be able to afford those daily $5 lattes at the organic shop.  Yes, you may have to shop at the commoner's grocery stores where everything is not organic.  You'll have to slum it with normal, real people who work real jobs, and don't depend on government largess to finance their made-up faux careers, or just outright government checks.  It is truly horrible the world you live in.

But at anytime, and trust me, we all understand, it's OK if you move to Sweden where everything is perfect and feminism reigns supreme.  Because they at least know that "because vagina" is the answer to all of the world's problems.  They're so much smarter and not-sexist, it's a utopia already in existence.  I suggest moving to Malmo.  I hear it's very diverse over there.

Enjoy the decline.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Curse Free Episode #11 of The Clarey Podcast

Lost a bet to the Bechtloff.
Trump hasn't done anything yet.
An olive branch to the intellectually honest left.
Cappy gets confused about bras.
How Cappy's business network meeting went.


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!!!

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Trump Victory Triggers Twin Cities to Call in Sick, Rush Hour a Breeze

In full intellectually honest disclosure I must admit that the day after the election I intended to drive around and visit all the coffee houses in the Uptown area of Minneapolis.  This is where all the hipsters who live off of their parents or taxpayers' monies hang out to convince one another that they are all smart, independent minded, and special while epitomizing the word "conformity."  I wanted to see them in their misery.  These are the same leftist sheep who voted to destroy this nation, who constantly remind me that I'm evil because of my skin color and plumbing, and at such a young age have the arrogance to think they're smarter than people who have been on this planet twice, even thrice as long as they have.  I also knew they were worthless people, having no real value to them except their religion of politics and political crusades.  So with this defeat their entire life-meaning and purpose would be called into question in their minds and I wanted to witness this show as I rightly deserved to enjoy their grief.  But before I could even get to Uptown I started noticing on the interstate...

"Geez there's NO traffic!"

Normally at that  time of day the roads would be "slow and go."  I would get mightily frustrated and it was the largest factor weighing on my mind against going to Uptown.  But then a thought occurred to me.

Quickly I grabbed my cell phone and called my girlfriend.

I said, "Girlfriend, was traffic bad this morning?"

She said, "No, it's almost like it was a government holiday.  Why?"

I called a buddy of mine and said, "Buddy of Mine, how was traffic this morning."

He said, "Traffic?  What traffic?  It was like a weekend!"

It then dawned on me that Donald Trump had triggered so many people in the Twin Cities that enough of them called into work sick that there was no morning rush hour.

I tried to do some actual journalism by calling different Twin Cities employers to see if a higher than normal number of people called in sick.  None of them could disclose that information because of company policy  But the more ancillary and indirect evidence I saw, the more I realized it HAD TO BE weak-minded leftists calling into work because they needed a "mental health day."

There were the numerous reports of colleges accommodating students who were traumatized by a Trump win democracy.  The baristas I talked to said business was slow.  And Uptown was a ghost town.  I had not seen it so desolate ever.

This then made me realize it wasn't just your average college kid who was this weak, but damn well near 20% of the adult Twin Cities population.  There are so many weak, emotionally fragile people that a democratic election triggered them to the point they had to call in sick for a day.  Of course, the real reason for this odd phenomenon was not that these petulant little children with pubic hair couldn't handle a Trump victory.  It's that society has brainwashed them, conditioned them, and spoiled them to the point that at the age of 30, 40, even 50 they actually think in their feeble minds they're entitled and need to take a day off because things didn't go their way.  The constant Minnesotan-socialism-pampering they're received these past 3 decades both in terms of government checks and pretty lies they were told about themselves and society, has resulted in a major metro area populated by pussies who simply cannot handle real life.

It is here I will say it again, as I've said it before,


It is a socialist hell hole with the contiguous US' coldest temperatures, which is only outdone by the world's coldest people.  They are arrogant, snooty, dumb, clueless, and smugger than the smuggest of faux intellectuals.  Out of the entire country there are THOUSANDS of infinitely better places to start a business, find a spouse, raise a family, attend school, retire, or just plain enjoy life. Because if you have to wait for a republican presidential victory to make it so traffic is tolerable you are dealing with a highly pampered and spoiled society.  One that is very unlikely to offer anything of value to genuinely productive and intelligent people.
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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

A Jew in China

Except this Jew is a savvy finance and economics guy, and took a group of people there to learn how to have products made in China and have them directly sourced/sold on Amazon.

His economic observations about technology, economics, and business are interesting to say the least.

Why Did the Stock Market Go Down When Trump Won the Election?

I give you my SAEG (TM) here:

How Trump Did Better With Blacks and Hispanics

Understand, until the Trump campaign, there were two general strategies to winning over the black and hispanic vote:

The Democrat way which was kiss their ass, pat them on their heads, say "oooooh poor babies," and then blame the Republicans for whatever ill befell them.


The Republican way which was to say in a panicked way, "We're not racist!  We're not racist!!" and kiss minorities' asses a touch less than the democrats.

But then Trump came along and presented people a third way - treat minorities like adults.

And he succeeded.

Though polling data is still coming in, I'm going to predict that by simply being a man, telling a group of people "no" and holding to standards is why Trump won more minority votes than his previous Republican predecessors.  By not patronizing minorities, treating them like retarded little step children, bribing them with candy for good behavior, he become the father figure that is sorely lacking in minority cultures and said, "No, I'm laying the law down."

This confuses both democrats and republicans because to them it was simply a bribing game about who could buy minority votes with the most government money.  This, when you think about it, is insulting to minority voters because it implies they're not intelligent, don't have their own agency, and can simply be bought off.  It's also creepy as hell because no real man trusts or respects people who are constantly trying to kiss his ass.  Trump didn't do this, instead he risked telling them no, but in the process also made it very clear he was honest and (to men anyway) showed he had a spine.

And that is where my other prediction is.

To win the minority vote the republicans (or any party) needs to play a game the democrats have been playing and that is divide and conquer.  And the line by which to divide minorities (and whites I might add) is between the sexes.  All men, regardless of race, may not like what Trump said, did, or said he was going to do, but they respected Trump for simply being a man and standing on principle.  It's why most men, if you ask them, have more respect for Bernie than they do Hillary because at least Bernie was honest.  But drawing this line does another thing - it makes men aware just how much the government has ruined their lives by replacing men's role in society with a government check.  And it is my belief, that in combination with the manosphere/red pill community, minority males are starting to wake up and see who their real enemy is - a socialist government that has replaced them.

It is here that IF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY WANTED TO they could ensure victories until I'm dead.  If the republican party were to win over the MALE minority vote, the democrats would never win an election ever again.  Of course they'd lose the female minority vote...all 2 % of them that vote republican... but they'd gain, I'd estimate 90% of the male minority vote.

Thankfully, this "divide and conquer" is not immoral or not in line with conservative and libertarian principles.  While the democrats are more than happy to ruin minorities' lives by destroying the nuclear family, replacing men with government checks, and brow-beating them into defeatism, winning minority males over with "Hey, we gotta put you back as head of the household" means a smaller state, lower taxation, increased individual liberty, and nuclear families which strengthens the country.

Of course, republican strategists like Dick Morris will never come up with ideas like this.  That takes balls.  But if any politician, President-Elect Trump included, is interested in implement such a strategy (and more), you can find me here...for a price.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Episode #172 of The Clarey Podcast - "The Jerry Springer Presidential Election" Special

Politics is nothing more than Jerry Springer.
Watching Saturday morning cartoons in the 80's.
Wal-Mart is cheaper than Goodwill.
Venezuela...what a socialist shithole.
Prostituting your daughters for survival.
Cappy turns Negan.

and MORE in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

Direct MP3 link located here.

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How's that Whole "Fuck Whitey" Thing Working for Ya?

Imagine that.  Whodathunkit?

Hey MSM, Keep Making False Rape Accusations

Because it's all fun and games until you get slapped with a $3 million tab.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

A World Without White People

We all know that white people, especially the males, are to blame for everything bad that has ever happened to anyone and are to be blamed for all bad things that will happen in the future.  This is a fact because it's taught in the public schools, both K-12 and college, and our politicians say so.

But just for a little fun I decided to "economics" a little bit and see precisely what the US would look like if we were to remove white people from the picture.  More specifically, what would the economy, our standards of living, government, and taxation look like if we just got rid of those nasty, nasty white people.

And the results are...heh..."interesting" to say the least.

First, our population would be whittled down immediately from 318 million to the 122 million non-whites that live in the US today.  This is more or less 42.5% black, 42.5% hispanic, and 15% other (Asian, mixed race, indian, Pacific/Eskimo, etc.).

Second, the economy would obviously be much smaller than the $18 trillion it is today.  You would think with 38% the original population, the "New Non-White America" GDP would be 38% of $18 trillion - $6.9 trillion.  However, quite bluntly, minorities don't produce as much as whites (except Asians, who produce more).  Using income per capita as a measure as to one's economic productivity, weighting it based on percentage of the new population, and then pro-rating that production per person based on race, the resultant GDP would be more in the ballpark of $4.9 trillion.

This would result in a GDP per capita of only $40,303 versus the $55,800 it is today, meaning people would (on average) be 28% poorer.

Third, the federal budget.

Again, assuming straight proportionality and percentages, the federal budget would take 22% of GDP like it does today.  This would result in a total federal budget of $1.09 trillion.

But there's, yet again, another problem.

The NON-SOCIAL SECURITY portion of the federal budget is largely income transfers (welfare, WIC, TANF, TANG, BANG, WANG, CHUNG, etc.).  And even though those nasty, icky, gross white people are evil incarnate, the problem is only 2.2% of them use welfare contrasted with 10.2% of the black population and 5.7% of hispanics (who would make up the lion's share of "Not-Whitey-Nuevo-America").  Again, doing some weighted averaging using today's population, we suss out that even though non-whites are only roughly a third of the population, they consume 70% of welfare and parasitic income transferring services, for a total bill of $1.12 trillion.  This expense would not go away because, again, it's what non-whites consume every year in income transfers, which would wipe out ALL of the presumed federal spending (and more) if tax rates were to remain at 22% GDP.

Ergo, to account for the military, general government, social security, and all other functions of the federal government, PLUS the welfare/social spending component, federal taxation/spending would have to increase to 36% GDP (a 63% increase) to account for the higher percent of the population that is dependent on the taxpayer.

Fourth, the state and local budgets.

Unfortunately in "Ne'er A Whitey Man Seen Again America," this 36% tax rate does NOT account for state or local taxation.  And while there is significant disparity between local and state governments between say Wyoming and New York, on average state and local governments tax around 15% the economy.  If we add this to the new federal tax rate of 36%, that would imply a new overall tax rate of around 51%.  But once again we have to account for the fact that state and local government budgets are very similar to the federal one.  Around 2/3rds go to welfare/social spending, and the rest goes to cops, judicial systems, and actual governing.  Since the budgets are similar you can expect state and local budgets to increase by that same 63%.  This would increase state and local governments' take of GDP to 24.5% resulting in a TOTAL tax rate of....


Welcome to Sweden...well...without the white people.

Fifth, not all minorities are welfare-collecting bums.  The majority of them work.  But those that do work will get to face this new post-whitey tax rate of 60%.  And understand that's an AVERAGE tax rate.  Given minorities preference for the democrat party and socialism, I'm sure they'll all be on board with a progressive tax system which means if any one of you rat bastards tries to work harder or smarter and dare to make more money than your neighbor, why you're a bourgeoisie, capitalist bastard!  And you'll be facing tax rates around 80-90% (and when that day comes, methinks many of you will be voting republican real quick). 

We could go on, but the ramifications from the above are numerous, telling, juicy, and arguably the single most serious warning to minorities who truly believe it's evil whitey keeping them down.  And it is here that minorities have a choice when it comes to reading further.  Write me off as a racist and ignore this warning, in which case I guarantee your life will continue on as it has, or read on and there's much higher chance it will improve.  Regardless of your choice, the below won't change.

One, bar Asians, nearly all other races in the US are hopelessly dependent upon whites.  Not so much in terms of technological advancements, medical innovation, and economic growth (though that stuff too), but the welfare state minorities disproportionately rely on.  Without whites shouldering the majority of the welfare bill, minorities would have to nearly double their current economic production to afford the welfare state they currently need AND keep the economy from becoming a debtor nation.  Additionally, I believe minorities (blacks in particular) have more self-respect than most (specifically SWPL white folks) that they would not tolerate on average a 60% tax rate.  Technically, our country doesn't even tolerate the 40% effective tax rate we have today as we borrow and print about 7% of it per annum since Bush Jr.  But the unwillingness/self-respect not to work and go on the dole when tax rates are at 60%, not only ensures the non-white welfare state would never be financed, but minorities would either have to cut their own welfare state or effectively enlist a slave class to willingly and charitably finance it...which would lead to war unless you conveniently find a compliant group of slaves.

Two, as a group minorities in the US are parasitic.

You may not like this, it may anger you, but in all sincerity I am not saying this to anger people.  I'm saying it to point it out in order to accurately diagnose reality so that we may actually progress.  Mathematically, minorities need whites to live.  The reverse cannot be said to be true.  The reason highlighting this politically incorrect fact is that the day IS COMING where whites will not be the majority of the population.  And if trends continue, they'll be the minuscule minority.  And all other races - black, hispanic, indian, every one - will have to become self-reliant OR the entire population will wither and die, if not crater into poverty.  Maybe not this generation.  Maybe not the next.  And it certainly won't happen over night.  But if demographic trends continue, in 100 years your grand children or great grandchildren will no longer be able to blame whitey because, well, whitey won't be there.

This brings up a third interesting point.  Who are you going to blame?

Though the intent of this post is to get minorities of today to realize the problem they will face tomorrow (and perhaps even provide a solution to their poverty today) , I am fully aware of human nature.  And human nature (regardless of race) puts ego, pride, and arrogance above reason, intelligence, reality, and responsibility.  People would rather have a scapegoat to excuse their laziness, poor decisions, and mistakes than own up to them, change them, and thus improve their lives forever.  This has afforded minorities (and women I might add) about 60 years of worth of excuses that has done nothing but spare them guilt at the expense of their livelihoods.  And no attempt at reason, sanity, or logic has seemed to get them off of their addiction to "blaming whitey" for their problems, no matter how much better lives they'd lead.

Therefore, it is my (admittedly) pessimistic and misanthropic prediction that once whitey isn't around anymore to blame, minorities will simply blame each other.

Blacks will blame Hispanics.
Hispanics will blame Asians.
Asians will simply leave (as I predict Asians won't tolerate a slave-level of taxation).
And everybody will be incredibly original and blame "the Jews."

Never mind that your standards of living will be 72% what it once was.  Never mind that the economy will be in free fall.  And never mind you'll look more and more like South Africa, Venezuela, or Zimbabwe.  Your petty and fragile egos, feelings, emotions and pride won't take the hit.  And instead of inflection, honest assessment, and a desire to adhere to empiricism and reality, your grand children will continue to abdicate responsibility, living in increasing squalor.  This then leads to...

Four, Islam.

Islam, for all of its faults has two things going for it:

1.  Self respect (they don't have things like "white guilt" or believe they're guilty of "privilege.")
2.  Aggression

And while various races are bickering about who's at fault if some single mom spat out her 7th kid from the 6th boyfriend, Islam won't care.  Islam will become not only the fastest growing force in the US, but the most unifying.  And they too will want a piece of the long-gone American dream.  Ergo, while minorities are too busy fighting over skin color, gender, racism, and "gender identity," Islam will be forming the largest unified group of people in the country and they won't be as understanding, tolerating, and accommodating as those long-gone "evil white people" were.  This I believe will lead to confrontations, both cold and hot, that your grand children will get to look forward to.

Five, your kids and grand kids will pay.

Did I mention it will be your grand children that get to deal with all this?

Remember, whitey is gone.  You don't get to play that proverbial race card ever again.  But if you insist on playing that same ole broken record of "Blame the Gringos for Everything" instead of teaching your offpsring about work ethics, REAL EDUCATIONS, not to mention basic civics and understanding of economics and government finances, they will have neither the skills nor ability to improve their own lives, let alone deal with the deteriorating world you brought them into.  All you will have passed down to them was "woeismeism," "defeatism," "entitlement," and a race card that no longer works.  The real issue is whether you love your future children and grandchildren (heck, even yourself) enough to start finding the true cause, and thus, true solution to your poverty, lower life expectancies, and other achievement gaps between minorities and whites/Asians.  The answers are all there.  It's whether you want to get rid of the pride and ego that have been your true slave masters these past 60 years.

Six, people will finally learn there is no "magic dirt."

What I love about this article is it shows how ignorant illegal aliens are about America.  They think that somehow if they pass some arbitrary line in the desert and make it into the US that everything is going to turn out OK.  They don't learn the language, they don't skill up, they spit out kids they can't afford, they don't save for retirement, and then they are "shocked, just shocked" that they don't have enough for retirement.

This is called the "Magic Dirt Theory."

It's the theory that America and the Americans that founded it, built it, and created it, were nothing special.  They themselves were (once again) normal, everyday evil white people.  It was the DIRT, you see, that made this country great.  And once those European settlers came over (never mind the indians never did anything with the magical dirt), and made it past that geographical finish line, BOOM!  World's greatest country ever!!!  They just got LUCKY because they were on magic dirt!

The fact people believe this is insulting.

The reason the United States became hands down the greatest nation ever was because of its culture.  It was because of WESTERN CIVILIZATION.  It was the principles of freedom, liberty AND SELF OWNERSHIP, RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-RELIANCE, and INDEPENDENCE that made it great.  It wasn't welfare, it wasn't racism, it wasn't "diversity" and it sure as hell wasn't "magic dirt."  It was a group of hard workers, who worked even smarter than they did hard, and they were allowed to keep the majority of the fruits of their labor.  Not have 40% of it taxed and sent to a bunch of parasites living on welfare.

But if you don't want to believe that, don't worry, because your grandchildren will be forced to.  Because if the "no-whites economy" detailed above ever approaches reality, American dirt won't be too magical.  Thus, without a race card to play, and no magic dirt to make government checks magically come in the mail, future Americans will be forced to re-learn what it took Western Civilization 3,000 years to figure out.  And trust you me.  It will be learned the hard way.

Seven, it's not just minorities.

Before you pull out that race card, in intellectual honesty I have to admit white culture is not exactly pure as the driven snow.  Matter of fact it's deteriorating, and I'd say at rates faster than minorities.  Labor force participation rates are down.  The majority of white kids major in the world's dumbest subjects.  They're lazy, they're whiny, they're spoiled, they're entitled and they're worthless.  Furthermore, the dual scourge of single-motherhood and government-checks-replacing-fathers that has been laying waste to minority communities, is now fully wreaking havoc on whites as well.

But before you celebrate the fact that the same social ills affecting minorities are now affecting whites, realize it's destroying the precise economic engine that minorities rely on disproportionately.  Sociology majors don't make a lot of money and therefore DON'T PAY A LOT IN TAXES.  Social Justice Warriors and "professional activists" don't create jobs, and matter of fact, drive them away!  The feminists who seem to whine all day about men, patriarchy, and the wage gap?  None of that results in a penny of economic production, taxes, jobs, or employment.  Minorities may want to close the achievement gap, but whites are doing everything in their power to destroy themselves so that you won't have to.

Finally, as I said before, I have no faith in humanity.  The ego, pride, laziness, and hubris of people is more powerful than any desire to achieve greatness or success.  And with minorities clocking in at a 3-1 ratio of government dependency, it's even more pronounced in those circles.  Therefore, once the "whitey gravy train" runs out, I predict the United States will no longer be viable economically and will, much like the Roman empire, not so much "collapse," as much as fizzle out.  And without that great economic, technical, and innovative juggernaut in the world, the world will see a second Dark Age.

It won't be as bad or as dire as the first one because of all the medical and technological advances made.  But it will force all of us (well, your grandchildren anyway) to go through a second enlightenment, a second renaissance, oh...and let's not forget all those wars Western Civilization had to wage to get to this point in history.  Of course, this could all be avoided if minorities started to take a more honest, vested, and empirical role in their lives and the future.  They could say, "Hey, maybe I should major in STEM, not commit any crimes, learn the language, study the budget, learn about capitalism, and not have children I can't afford."  But my money is on human nature.  It's just a lot easier to major in "Chicano Studies," get knocked up at 15, get involved in crime, and then blame your consequential life on "whitey" or "the Jews." 

Alas, that's why I'm not going to hold my breath, and that's why I recommend enjoy the decline.
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