Thursday, October 31, 2019

Holodomor: Why Communism is Parasitism, and Parasitism Isn't Sustainable

Eliminate private property
You eliminate people's incentive to work
When they won't work
Then you can enslave them, forcing them to work
Or you kill them so there are less mouths to feed.

These will ALWAYS be the questions socialists get to face when they vote away, or simply kill the productive people they parasite off of.  And with productive people gone, they will have only each other to parasite off of.  In the end, the socialists always lose.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Cappy's Final Health Update

Good and final news everyone.

If you did not know, the Ole Captain had a health scare that lasted just shy of 2 months.  It originally started as something potentially wrong with my liver/gall bladder/pancreas/right side/area, to them finding a growth on my liver, to finding out that growth had been then since I was born and it was nothing, to "are you sure there's nothing wrong with my liver," to "what the heck is this feeling on my side then?"

After a CT scan, an MRI, and a final ultrasound, it turns out everything is perfectly fine (especially my liver, apparently it's in excellent shape, which is almost a miracle enough for me to believe in divine intervention now).  And after experimenting with my diet, cutting out coffee and caffeine, as well as avoiding stressful situations, it is most very likely an irritation in my digestive track triggered by stress and acidic foods/drinks.

If I avoid traffic, misbehaved children, and Minnesota dumbasses in the left lane, as well as coffee, I feel perfectly fine, and will slowly be ramping up my production from 75% back to 100%, but never again to the 150% I was running at before.

Consequently, my book "How Not to Become a Millennial" will be delayed into December, possibly January as I will be taking a less-aggressive writing schedule to finish it.  I also have decided to write a short essay as timing demands it be written now which will further postpone the book.  I will still try to do two podcasts a week, but will be taking the occasional day off if need be to either rest, calm down, or work on other projects.

Thank you for all your support, e-mails, kind words, mockery, ball busting, and ridicule.  And special thanks to all my family, loved ones, friends, and Piggott.


Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Enjoy the Decline California

Communists always have trouble keeping the lights on.

Oh, and by the way.  For all you pro-Californian people, can you please comment below how California is the world's 7th largest economy and how great the weather is again? We always get a laugh about that here.

Why Older Women Hate Younger Women

Because their time has passed, and they do NOT want the competition.

Enjoy the show!  And Enjoy the Decline!

The Hour Long Rant (and Solution to) the Student Debt Crisis

Ended up doing an hour long video rant for Asshole Consulting which cost me my voice.  So unfortunately there will not be an Older Brother podcast tomorrow, but this will have to suffice instead.

Share with any young person about to head off to college, a young person in college, or parents of children who are about to go off to college...that assumes they'll listen.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Did Shaming Single Mothers Work?

Good news today is very rare.

It's rare in part because it doesn't sell, thus main street and alternative media has no reason to report it.
It's rare because society as a whole is deteriorating in terms of quality and caliber.
It's rare because government policy (at least in the west) celebrates losers over winners.
And it's rare because anytime something good is attempted the established powers often prevent it from happening.

But one got past the goalie and I'm happy to share it.  So please share this good news as well because we earned this one.

During my research for "How Not to Become a Millennial" I was compiling data on family formation.  I was absolutely certain that along with the decrease in marriage rates, increase in divorce, and a deterioration just about every other sociological metric, out of wedlock births would be up.  But to my surprise it wasn't. It was actually down.  And not only down, but sharply down from 2008.

I'm sure there are many and valid reasons for this, some more official than others.  But I cannot help but notice that 2009 is when bandwidth on the internet not only allowed for blogs, but podcasts and youtube channels.  It also coincides with an explosion in social media where people regularly exchanged and posted their political opinions on the internet.

Now the "official stance" according to the dinosaur media, college, government and education industry is that single motherhood is perfectly fine and acceptable. And not only is it fine and acceptable, it's brave, courageous, and amazing.  So fervent did this narrative become, single motherhood became more of a cult and single mom worship became the norm.  But that was the official stance.

The "unofficial stance," I argue, didn't finally get out into the public until the citizens' media in the form of the internet had the bandwidth and platforms to do so. And while Oprah, the Democrat party, and every ancient washed up women's print magazine in the world was still towing the "She Works Hard for the Money" line, young women started noticing on;

Blogs they read
Podcasts they listened to
YouTube channels they watched,

and most certainly

their social media accounts

that men were sick and god damned tired of the 24-7, non-stop, "rah rah single mom" worship-bullshit and distinctly did not like, want to worship, nor want to marry, single moms.

Not only was this "unofficial stance" against single moms, but it was so vehement, so clear, and so consistent that young women actually started to pay attention. And while I'm sure some education, access to birth control, and other sociological variables are in part to explain the collapse in single motherhood, I would bet my left nut that men letting their honest opinions about single motherhood be known publicly on the internet has scared young women straight into not fucking up by becoming a single mom.

This is a rare victory for people in the red pill/manosphere/alt media.  Where pushing a counter-narrative the truth against the narrative lies put out by the establishment media, actually brings about the result the rest of normal, healthy, sane people want.  It could indeed be that some government program had great success in reducing the amount of single moms being created, but I would argue it was more the fact that enough men had the courage to say they were sick of single motherhood, they were sick of single moms, we're sick of being asked to raise somebody else's mistake and threw it right back in their face.  And we did it so well that even YOUNG WOMEN listened and are now knocking it off with the single mom schtick.

There also gives hope that other messages can be spread through the internet to counter the lies of the mainstream and established media.  Perhaps we can convince blacks that the democrats are INDEED NOT THEIR FRIENDS.  Perhaps we can convince women that not every guy is a rapist, sexual assaulter.  Perhaps we can convince young people that they should major in something wise and not some dumbass liberal arts degree.  Perhaps we can even get Gen Z boys to hit the gym, be masculine, and act like American men, and Gen Z girls to be cute, be feminine, and maybe not hate men.

I know it's a long list.  But if you can get YOUNG WOMEN to listen to you, you can get anybody to do the same.
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Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Clarey Podcast #313 - The "DT Blood Shekel Shuffle" Episode

Cappy and DT discuss:

Cappy and Thanos both retiring at their small houses.
After Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
The Definition of "Progress"
Women Who Take Care of Other Women's Child So They Can Take Care of Other Women's Children
All Taxes are Paid By The People, PERIOD.
Windows 7 and B-52's
Vice vs the 7 Deadly Sins
Black History Month is Boring

In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!
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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The Shipyards of Men

The Team-Agent Relationship

The USS Yorktown has an interesting story.  Heavily damaged and crippled at the Battle of Coral Sea, it limped its way back to Pearl Harbor where it could be repaired.  However, this was not going to be a regular repair job, queued up behind other ships that were in the shipyards first.  It HAD TO BE REPAIRED ASAP as every possible carrier and ship would be needed for the predicted and determining Battle of Midway.  And so what can only be considered the greatest repair job history in the world was set off.  Repair crews worked on the ship as she was sailing back to Pearl Harbor.  Labor, materials, and equipment were secured in advance so they could work on the Yorktown the moment she docked at Pearl Harbor.  They even put parts of Hawaii on rolling black outs so the electricity needed to repair the ship in time would be supplied.  And in three short days she was sent back out into the Pacific in battleworthy condition (with repair crews still aboard her fixing what they could before the upcoming battle).

While the Yorktown is a unique story forced by emergency war conditions, it highlights a vitally important part of any naval vessel's life - a shipyard.  A repair dock.  A group of people that can maintain and repair this ship so that it may have not only have the longest life possible, but do the most when it comes to war, patrolling, defense, even commercial transport.  It's vital to a ship because protects, maintains, and extends the inordinate amount of resources that went into building the ship in the first place.  And it's certainly cheaper in the long run than building new ships whilst you let the old ones go into disrepair.

But this relationship between shipyard and ship, where there's an agent that goes out and performs a function and a team supporting said agent, is not relegated to naval vessels.  There is an entire crew that supports a single fighter plane and fighter pilot (so much so the repair chief tells the pilot to bring back HIS plane).  There is an entire team behind a single race car and race car driver.  Even the cops are a group of guys going out into the field, supported by dispatchers and other specialists back at HQ.  But long before fighter planes, race cars and aircraft carriers the very first instance of this agent-support team relationship existed.  And that was the relationship between men and women.

In the olden days men were the agents, the battle ships, the fighter planes sent out into the field to do a variety of tasks.  Defend the village.  Fight the horde.  Hunt the antelope.  Till the fields.  Build the forts.  And in the not-so-olden days they did the modern day same.  Work at factory.  Work at the office.  The 9-5 grind.  Bring home the bacon.  Women were the equally-vital shipyards of men, repairing them as they came back to harbor.  They would fuel the men with food.  Keep a nice dockyard in good condition.  Tend to any wounds or injuries men might have sustained in the field.  And the vitally important morale booster of soothing men, being kind to them, loving them, and giving them an emotional and existential point and purpose to go back out into the field and do it all over again.  This team-agent relationship formed naturally over the course of hundreds of thousands of years and it seemed to work pretty good with it culminating in nuclear power, flight, freedom, landing on the moon, medicine, the elimination of hunger, the internet and self publishing.

But times have changed and things are no longer what they were a mere short 60 years ago.  And there are ramifications, especially for men.  For while you may have been built in a shipyard, and have 17 years of training and education put into you, and you are ready to take on the world, the problem is you no longer have a support team back at bay.  There is no repair crew to extend your life and efficacy.  If you suffer any damage (which you will, because it is the definition of life) you will only have yourself to rely upon to repair, maintain, as well as incentivize you over the course of your life.  And the sooner you swallow and accept this very bitter pill of reality, the better your future life will be.

Yes, Aunt Bea Did Exist

First, however, it needs to be stated and established that at one time women did like, love, cherish and support men.  Yes, Aunt Bea is a fictional character and so was June Cleaver, but they epitomized the ideal Team-Agent relationship men and women had with one another.  But if that's not enough to convince you, one only need to remember their WWII grandparents and ask how grandma treated grandpa.  My grandma treated my grandpa with support, love, dignity and respect.  If it was a hard day I cannot see ANY instance in which she would not support him.  And not once, never could it ever possibly happen that my grandmother would ever nag, criticism, lecture, tax, let alone divorce my grandfather.  Furthermore, if they're lucky enough to even be alive, ask them whether they would stand men up on dates, "flake," sit on their ass and say nothing while on a date, and in general act like the way young ladies comport themselves today.  You will find out it never crossed their minds, and even the mere prospect of such mistreatment they find appalling.  Women liked men back in the day, period.

But the real reason it needs to be established that at one time women did support their men is for posterity.  For historical record.  And above all else because it is human nature.  It is human reality.  Traditionalism, no matter how much it is under attack, is the default program settings of humans.  And when you work within these default settings the human race performs at its best.  However, you being a freshly christened vessel, recently released from the loading docks into this modern day ocean of anti-male feminism, you will be told the complete opposite of what your genetics, biology, and instincts are telling you.  This will cause you great confusion.  You will constantly ask "what's wrong with me?"  And you will go through an incalculable level of hell trying to reconcile what your entire biological instinct is screaming at you versus what society is screaming back.  But understand, they are wrong.  You are right.  No you're not insane.  At one time women did like men.  And there's nothing wrong in wishing to return to that, because that is nature.

No, Aunt Bea Don't Exist No More

Yet in a certain tragic sense they are right and you are wrong.  Because that's effectively what you get to deal with in the here and now.  The current pool of women available to you today do not have the traits, values, ethics, let alone incentives of WWII women.  And no matter what their underlying biological hard-wiring may be screaming at them, most women have chosen to abandon their men in the pursuit of becoming agents themselves.  This has resulted in new types of relationships between men and women today, the types of which are heavily dependent upon the individual women themselves as well as their age. 

The most common replacement relationship between men and women is the "Agent-Agent Relationship."  This has been the standard since the Baby Boomer generation and is where women put their own careers and the determination of their own lives ahead of that of men and anyone else.  Yes, they may get married.  Yes, they may even love their husbands and children.  But at no point in time do they exercise selflessness or altruism.  Their definition, their core, their purpose and agency in life is to be a professional.

They are an accountant.
They are an HR professional.
They are a teacher.
They are lawyer.
They are a politician.

Their new "Agent Role" is so ingrained in their psyche that they even mock and ridicule motherhood, stay at home moms, accuse traditionalists of wanting women to be barefoot and pregnant, even Hillary Clinton maligned the stay at home moms.

There is still some remnants of traditional functionality within this new "Agent-Agent" relationship, but they are few in that nearly all of the traditional "support team" functions have been outsourced.  Meals are prepared by chefs at restaurants, not by a wife with love and care.  Children are raised by nannies, day care centers, public school teachers, and the juvenile detention industry, not the mother.  If you've fallen ill your wife is not going to pamper you back to health as she also has to go to work.  And even if there is a nuclear family with children, those children are shipped out to after-school activities so the least bit of labor needs to be invested in them.  There is no home base.  There is no home.  There is no docking bay.  There is no loving, caring, womanly touch.  It is a place you sleep to breed children and then flip a coin as to whether or not you'll get divorced.

The second relationship is likely that of what Gen X'ers have - The "Agent-Competitor Relationship."  It's like the "Agent-Agent" relationship, but instead of potentially loving you and some accidental tacit support, women view men more as competitors, not a teammate to work with.

This is no more obvious than today's fad of promoting women, constantly, 24-7, on the news, the media, education, government, video games, and EVERYWHERE.  If there's a stereotype of an aged, career-woman, spinster who sold her soul to the corporation Gen X women would be it.  Highly educated, highly driven, even highly intelligent, they took what their Baby Boomer mothers and teachers taught them and took it to a whole new level.  Being part of this generation I have seen this since the 1st grade where our baby boomer teachers were CONSTANTLY hounding us young boys that the girls were just as good as us and could do whatever we could do.  FOUR DECADES of this constant, pro-woman, rah-rah, you go girrrrrrlllll, propaganda pitting women against men.  The predictable result was women didn't outright hate us, but it was made very clear they didn't like us (unless we pulled off some amazing shit), and the hell if they were going to give up careers for the degrading role of stay at home wife or mother.  Alas, it is no shock that divorce rates between Gen X'ers and Baby Boomers remained the same (especially when you consider how co-habitation understates divorce statistics).  Women truly didn't need...maybe didn't even want men.

Finally, there is what Millennials and Gen Z'ers get to face - The "Agent-Enemy" Relationship.

Again, it is highly dependent upon the girl, and I doubt the majority of young women today hate men, but an increasing number of women certainly do.  With even more vitriolic, sometimes outright hatred of men being programmed and indoctrinated into women from Kindergarten-to-Career, many young women today view men as the enemy.  Their elder Gen X sisters already viewed men as the competition, so it was only a couple more clicks to the right to transition that into being Public Enemy #1.  "Masculinity" is not  what saved women from being raped by the Japanese in WWII.  It's now "toxic."  Men who make more than women because they slaved their asses off majoring in STEM or working dangerous jobs in dangerous conditions didn't "work harder," they were "sexists."  Penis is privilege, so we're going to eliminate meritocracy from our ENTIRE ECONOMY promoting people based on sexism and racism.  Women (and their children) should be entitled to a lifetime of government support so they don't have to rely on a man.  And if a guy rejects me after having sex with him, it's perfectly fine to accuse him of rape.

What was once the cute battle of the sexes where the push and pull led to an intense liking of one another, has now turned into a true war where some women loathe and detest men.  And like hell if they're going to go to the shipyards to repair you or loving wives to cherish.  They literally hate you.  You are the enemy.

Self Care

When you add it up (which is tough to do because the data is somewhat lacking) I'd estimate the percent of the young, female population who are looking to be part of that traditional "Team Agent" team has got to be below 5%.  Even if they say they want the traditional relationship and will support you, often times it comes with other poison pills that make it a deal breaker.  So with such horrible odds, young men today need to acknowledge this reality.  And not only do they need to acknowledge it, they need to act on it.  Yes, you might get statistically lucky and find yourself a keeper, but going forward in life you have to operate from the premise you are going to be taking care of yourself, doing your own repairs, and very likely sustaining damage - not benefiting from - the handful of women you date.

This then enters the realm of "there is no solution," because like it or not you are programmed to need a woman.  Yes, technically you "don't" need a woman.  You can eat.  You can work out.  You can engage in hobbies.  But for all of human genetic history you were programmed to want a woman.  And without them, you are going to sustain certain types and amounts of damage because you were built to be a ship, not a repair team.  So the "solutions" are not really "solutions" since there are none.  These are merely prescriptions to treat a problem that will (in all statistical likelihood) never go away.

The first step is to acknowledge this is reality.  You (roughly) stand a 1 in 20, a 5% chance of meeting a traditional woman that, if you marry her, she will support you and be a net positive in your life.

The remaining 95% are likely going to be the bane of your existence.

Ergo, with such odds, you simply cannot put your hope, faith, dreams, and value in a wife or any consequential children because women have simply been programmed to be the opposite.  If you do find one of these unicorns, consider it like winning the lottery.  It's a statistical fluke.  But remember, no matter how much you'd like otherwise, TRILLIONS of dollars and TRILLIONS of hours have gone into programming young women today to be Agents, Competitors, or Enemies, and NONE have been invested into teaching them how to be loving wives or mothers.  So stop looking or at least learn to cut your losses quickly, early, and often when dating women.

The second step is to find agency and purpose outside of family and marriage.  This will be the subject of a more detailed future post, but without women and family you will have to find something else to kill the decades of time you'll have.  You can technically do anything.  All of life's options are on the table.  But some key ones are going to provide you the most worth and value in life.  Your career will be the most likely one in that it gives you immediate agency and purpose, as it has for all men in all of history.  It will also provide you comradery assuming you work for a team of people, essentially making that a substitute, though inferior family.  Friends, if you can find them should be cherished as they tend to go by the wayside over the decades.  Hobbies are also a must where you craft or build something of value that will remain on this planet after you die.  Finally, you may want to consider religion or at least some philosophy to ultimately face what happens after you die.  This alone will take some serious effort and resources, but the benefits of answering this question for yourself personally will pay dividends over the course of your consciousness.

Third, physical and mental health.

Without what has traditionally given men value in life, your body is going to have an uphill battle staying in both mental and physical shape.  The love of your spouse as well as your children would have normally given you the incentive to get up in the morning and take on the day, but without that fuel you can easily lapse into lethargy, sloth, depression, drug use, and loneliness.  This means eating right and working out are absolutely mandatory part-time jobs in that they will at least partially offset and fight the loss of what you should have normally had.  They will boost endorphins, enhance mental clarity, stave off depression, and maybe even give you a social group to belong to should you find a quality running club or hiking group.  But keep in mind your hind brain and the millions of years of evolution it has gone through is going to be constantly reminding you that you should be down and depressed without your crew, team, or support.  It's not wrong, but there is no solution.  Hit the gym and eat right.

Fourth, adventure and explore.

To give yourself an incentive you need to adventure and explore the world.  Maybe not global trips to Antarctica or Tanzania, but visiting new and different places to at least provide your mind with some novelty and adventure.  Based on my personal experiences, this should give you at least a decade's worth of meat to chew on and feed your soul, but inevitably the novelty wears off, you get old, and traveling gets tiring.  Still, it serves its purpose and makes you a season man.

Fifth, your family.  You may not have one of your own, but you came from one and if they're not toxic or abusive visiting them and spending time with them before either you or they die is a good substitute for your own.  Again, your parents will likely die before you do, but there's no reason not to visit them before they do.

Finally, leaving a line in for the 5%.

Though statistically unlikely, a quality woman who loves you, cherishes you, and supports you is worth at least keeping a line out for.  This doesn't mean you go to night clubs.  It doesn't mean you spend hours on Tinder or cumulative days on dates.  But you do leave a line out for a quality girl in case one comes along and bites.  A lot of this can also be helped if you're direct and blunt with women in what you want.  Being honest on your dating profile that you are looking for a SAHW and a traditional relationship will cut through the chase and act as a lightning rod for what few women want the same.  Taking a conservative fat girl whose nice and telling her you'd date her if she'd lose weight is more efficient than hoping to make a pretty leftist girl a traditional stay at home wife.  Your life should be so occupied with other activities that you don't have time to waste on anything but the rare marriage material woman, and when you hit that stage it's sometimes surprising when quality women show up.

Still, by math alone only 1 in 20 of us are going to get a quality girl.  By math alone only 1 in 20 of us CAN get a quality girl.  And until society starts to place value on family, husbands, fathers, and other USS Yorktowns, and start putting in the support need to keep those things afloat, it's going to be a lonely haul and a lonely life for the majority of American men.  Make the best of it and as always, enjoy the decline.
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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The Older Brother Podcast #63 - The "Red Pill Frontiers" Episode

When the world forcibly retires you from youth.
English majors are still worthless.
"Why Can't I Find a Man"
Red Pill Frontiers
You can have children EASILY into your 60's.  YOU GO GIRLZAS!!!
Cappy's and Chad's greatest mistakes
The Great One's Cripplingly depressing podcast.
Borderlands 3 gets Round House Kicking Chick Cop Woke
Men deserve better than single moms
Walk away from fights
Skip high school. Get your GED at 14.
You know who cares about you?  NOBODY!


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Monday, October 21, 2019

Behind the Post: Ruth Whippman

It's once again time for "Behind the Post" where people posing as journalists or intellectuals write stupid stuff with the intentional purpose of getting click bait.  These articles are so absurd they get you angry, upset, and enraged, but instead of getting angry at the absurd stuff they write, I highlight the real journalistic value of these brown-journalism pieces - the people behind them.

Today's tabloid is a piece written by Ruth Whippman.  It's in the New York Times so you can ignore it.  And yes, it's about feminism and empowerment, blah blah blah.  Specifically, that men need to change, abandon excellent, lower standards so women can play too, the same tiring slop you've been hearing for a decade.  The article has no value (and it's behind a paywall so why bother?), but who is the person using a national platform (albeit a tabloid) to push a political agenda and raise your blood pressure?

Well Ruth Whippman is an author, journalist and film maker because they're easy careers, because of course she is.  She's not much of an author with two books, only one of which has had marginal success.  And keep in mind this is with having connections to a media platform like the NYT's and McMillan as a publisher.  Once again proving self publishing is the way to go.  She's done a Ted Talk, she wrote for some online sites, and the standard embellished resume no name authors post about themselves.  And it's so cookie cutter that if you stereotyped her as your standard female millennial writer you'd be 100% accurate.  There is nothing unique, mentionable, or interesting to say about this person.  She is completely common.

But the truth about Ruth is the truth I'm trying to point out about nearly all writers "Behind the Post" - they're nobodies.  They unaccomplished nobodies.  Like everybody else who write these insult pieces, there's no real jobs, no real degrees, no real work.  And since none of these people have ever had a toe in the real world, why would you listen to them? And not only listen, but get upset or angry about the foolishness they write? 

The truth is you, me, and most other people have real jobs, real professions and real lives we get to enjoy.  And just because the NYT's is so desperate for clicks/traffic/money they posted (yet another) feminist troll piece, doesn't mean you have to let it lessen your day, let alone raise your blood pressure.  These "Behind the Post" articles are going to be continued to be written until we're dead because about half the population have no purpose or agency aside from their politics and need an outlet to vainly prove to themselves they have value.  But it doesn't mean you have to listen to this generation of liberal arts majors and sanctimonious "holier-than-thou" know-it-all 20 somethings.

Life is just too damn short.  So enjoy the decline instead.

Why Women Won't Marry Tradesmen

Because they're not good enough for our precious American princesses!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

TFM Reviews "Enjoy the Decline"

A very interesting review of Enjoy the Decline because TFM vehemently disagrees with some of the points of the book.  Getting rarer and rarer to hear people actually disagree (critically and constructively) with you which is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

The Familyless Life Men are Forced to Have

Probably one of the best podcasts I've heard this year.  The author uses the word "Sterile Life" but I didn't want that to be confused with "sterilization".  Regardless, the point still remains.  A must listen to podcast this weekend.

Friday, October 18, 2019

The Clarey Podcast #312 - The "Don't Eat Before Your Appointment" Episode

A starving Cappy and DT discuss:

Skip breakfast.
Go West Young Man
Everybody wants to murder someone
If everybody was "The Flash"
Dads who fail their sons.
Malinvesting your time in girls when you're younger.

AND MORE!  in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast
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MP3 here.

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Older Brother Podcast #62 - The "Cappy's Gonna Live' Episode

Cappy and Chad talk about

Cappy's Health Update
Bachelor's in Exhibiting Management
You can't save anybody
Racial Jokes


in THIS EPISODE of The Older Brother Podcast!
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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

When the Pronoun Junkies Lose Their Fix

A common observation I like to recommend people make is to go to Target, WalMart or about their normal day and instead of focusing on what the eye wants to - pretty people - to open their eyes to the disgusting and depressing amount of everyday ugly, overweight people.  You sadly can't say "average" because these obese land whales (both male and female) make up the majority of the population.  Thus "average" today in America means hideously ugly, not merely a unmentionable or unnnotable "5."  The lesson to learn from this is to realize just how low grade, pathetic, and deteriorated the average American has become and to let this epiphany guide your actions when dealing with people in the future (most notably, to lower your expectations).

But I had another epiphany and unlike the "Fat people at WalMart" it was a positive one.  One that gives the Ole Capmeister a bit of hope.  One that should give you a bit of hope as well.  And that epiphany was that everybody in public, EVERYBODY I saw was either male or female.

I had this observation while antiquing of all things.  I woke up, debated with the GF as to what to do with the day.  And we decided to go "antiquing" as a means to have an activity to do, as well as a way for me to meditate and have a calming afternoon.  But during the entire process of going to the antique stores, getting espresso, stopping at a winery, and stopping at more antique store, and stopping to get gas, not one "zhe" or "zher" or "it" was seen.  Of the thousands of people we must have seen, there was no sexually ambiguous people.  No purple haired, tatted up freaks.  No "Pats" from SNL.  Everybody, 100% of all the people I saw were distinguishably male or female, or at least non-binary people courtously presenting as such.

This then brings about an important lesson much like the fat people at the grocery store.

Yes, every news article you read online has people championing non-binary genders.
Yes, every time you log out of Yahoo mail, their "news" site jams in your face some F-list celebrity who decided to identify as "quattro-pan-sapio-sexual."
Yes, companies can't wait to get on the virtue signaling bandwagon to show how progressive they are with "pronoun name tags."
And yes, sanctimonious nobodies will always sign off their e-mails or social media with "preferred pronouns."

But the digital world does not represent the real world.  And annoying as these "pronoun nazis" are, they have failed spectacularly in the real world.  They are no where to be seen.  And no matter how much they bang away at the keyboard, it will only be their small digital enclaves that are affected by it, and the even smaller real world enclaves found in the insane asylums known as universities and non-profits today.  Matter of fact you can celebrate these people wasting the time, effort, energy, and stress posting about how they're "him/his" or "she/her" on the internet or at conventions with their name tags because it's ultimately pointless.  Nobody in the real world cares, including most non-binary people.  And nobody in the real world dares to be that much of a sanctimonious prick to people in public.

This then behooves the question why do the Pronoun Nazis do this?  Why after decades, perhaps centuries of non-binary people just living along side us, fitting in normally do some people find it necessary to force and foist personal information about themselves into situations that it is not only uncalled for, but unprofessional and rude?  And not only that, but why does it seem to be straight people, not non-binary people who do this?

Because the real reason is not to help welcome non-binary people into society.  It's to virtue signal.  And it's not even really to virtue signal.  It's to get a fix.

Once again, we need to be reminded as to just how pointless, worthless, and shallow most virtue signalers are.  When I get up I have to write, I have to consult, I have to work out, and I have some hobbies or social activities at night.  I have a life, a purpose, a reason to live, and I go about my day exercising this agency.  You no doubt have the same in that you have a job, a family, some hobbies, maybe even a religion to practice.  But the people who have so much time on their hands, the best use of their time they can come up with is making "pronoun name tags" or sign off their e-mails with "him/her" have nothing going on in their lives.  NOTHING.  They are invariably of the leftist political stripe because they demand payment for no work.  They invariably have some kind of welfare job that is paid for either by forced taxation or reluctant charity.  Some may claim to be an 'entrepreneur" but any cursory overview of their linkedin profile will show it's not a legitimate company, and more of a masking of the fact they're unemployed.  And they are also usually ugly indicating the ultimate lack of work ethic because the gym is the ultimate test of work ethic.  These aren't universal traits, but you dig deep enough you'll find out most of these people are losers.

So what do losers do?

Well they need a fix.  They need a drug. They need something that will give them the illusion of purpose and agency, but without all that nasty work, toil, and effort.  And whereas at least respectable losers will get a fix from heroin, booze, pot or cocaine, the left-leaning, intellectual class of losers get it through virtue signaling "edgy" politically correct politics.  Alas, these people are not so much "Pronoun Nazis" as much as they are "Pronoun Junkies."

The problem with being a junkie is that the fix is never enough. You always need more, and you always need a bigger fix, and so you seek out higher doses or perhaps completely new drugs, and the Pronoun Junkies are going to face this same thing.

The day will come that either everybody starts signing off their e-mails with "preferred pronouns," or (more likely) nobody in the real world will care, let alone conform with such idiocy.  I predict a combination of both because corporations sole marketing plan is to be so politically "woke" and "edgy" today, they will more or less force this shit on their unsuspecting slave class of workers, while normal people will just go about their day buying gas, not giving the Pronoun Junkies the time of day.  And once this is achieved the Pronoun Junkie is going to have to find another fix because they're no longer edgy. They're no longer agitating the normal people.  Their crusade/cause has been successful/come to its final conclusion, and they as a person now no longer have any point or purpose.  So they will have to seek a new drug, a new fix, a new political cause (...well, that or they'll have to get....A JOB!  NOOOOOO!!!!!).

What this new cause is, is anybody's guess.  One thing I'm amazed of the left is their ability to create problems that don't exist.  Make themselves a crisis (in their world) and then lecture the rest of society about how evil and "ist" or "ism" they are about said topic.  Be it pronouns, banning plastic bags, banning plastic straws, 46 flavors of gender, the "pink tax," feminism, or complaining about "yard privilege," they are absolutely amazing at finding offense, injustice, oppression, and crisis in just about anything.

But if you think about it, they have to. They're junkies.  They need to find a new drug, any drug that allows them to continue to get the sanctimonious high, as long as they don't have to do real, legitimate work.  Like any other addict, the drug is used to mask and hide the fact their lives have no value, all of which is driven by the fear of doing a 9-5, putting in the hard effort and work being a real productive human requires.  They'd rather be high on a drug, ANY DRUG than come live with us commoners and realize they're not special.  And just like any other junkie, they will waste their lives, accomplishing nothing, doing nothing, and at best have a euphemistic linkedin profile replete with bogus, made up awards, social science PhD's, and a resume of a whole lot of nothing.

These Pronoun Junkies may be annoying, and they are.  But realize just how pathetic their lives are that it resorts to them putting such nonsense at the core of their lives.  Realize tomorrow they will have to find another insane fix.  Realize how "fun" such people must be when such lame activism is what gives them point and purpose in life.  And finally, on your next outing when you go to run errands or perhaps get some food, look around at all the normal people who accurately refer to you as a "he" or a "she" and nobody, ABSOLUTELY NOBODY is saying "zhe" or "zher" because we're not completely mental and have more important shit to do in our lives.

As always Enjoy the Decline.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Texas A&M's "Aggie Achieve" Program: Taking Advantage of the Mentally Disabled

I need you to actually practice critical thinking.

Yes, yes, I know.  You were told by your philosophy professor you're all critical thinkers, now I actually need you to be one so that society may advance.

Do "African American Studies" degrees benefit African Americans?

This is an important question because it tells you who is really your friend and who is a vile contemptible person trying to take advantage of you. On the face of it "African American Studies" degrees would logically be to the benefit of African Americans.  But if you critically think about it, it is the opposite.  Majoring in such a worthless degree does NOTHING to help any African Americans unfortunate enough to earn such a degree.  It does nothing to increase your employability.  It does nothing to teach you an employable trade or skill.  You could learn everything an African American Studies degree offers for free online or at the library.  And the debt one goes into to earn such a degree cripples them for the rest of their lives.  It's an Uncle Tom degree if there ever was one.

Now, let us take the mentally retarded. 

Forget on the face of it people with mental disabilities should not be going to college.  It's a waste of time.  It's a waste of money.  People who are truly mentally disabled need training programs that help them integrate into the real world as much as they're capable and help so that they don't end up homeless or wandering the streets.  But would a 4 year program (that doesn't even result in a degree by the way) be the best way to help out the mentally retarded?  Or, like an African American Studies degree, it's just an elaborate way to make money on a group that is already disadvantaged.

The answer is obviously the latter.

Still, Big Education know no lows and is willing to make a buck however it can, and Texas A&M's "Aggie Achieve Program" is just that.  When the value of college degrees is no longer questionable (they're pretty worthless) colleges and universities are becoming more and more desperate to make money anyway they can.  And they've gone so low they're now taking advantage of mentally retarded people (and their parents) all so they can keep their academic coffers going and avoid having to get jobs in the real world.  For the tune of $10,000 A SEMESTER your mentally impaired son/daughter can "become an Aggie" and that's the least egregious of sins this program offers.

I would like to delve into the details of the Aggie Achieve program, but The Great One has done an outstanding job breaking down the details of this scam.  And the $10,000/semester price tag is the least of the insults of this program.  It's such a naked grab for money and abuse of mentally retarded people by worthless academics it should be national news and used as an example as to why all government funding should be cut to colleges and universities, as well as the completely uselessness of the social sciences.

Still, the academics will cowardly hide behind those they're taking advantage of (first children, then women, then minorities, now the mentally disabled).  And the low IQ sheep of America will not be able to make that critical distinction between helping mentally disabled people versus taking advantage of them.  And anybody pointing out the Aggie Achieve Emperors have no clothes will be accused of some kind of "ist" or "ism."  But I don't care.  This needs to be highlighted and The Great One's take down of Texas A&M's disgusting abuse of the mentally impaired is a must.

Warning - The Great One and his site is a bit harsh to swallow.  You will not agree with him on all things.  But this topic he hits on the head.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

The Economics of Antiquing

Cappy goes antiquing and has some interesting observations in this completely spontaneous podcast with Mr. Elkins.

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Saturday, October 12, 2019

The Clarey Podcast #311 "Should I Date a Girl With Herpes" Episode

Rapid City Snow
Should I date a girl with Herpes
Cappy's and DT's greatest fuck ups
"Women's Bank"
Civil Engineering is a Worthless Degree


in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!
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Slow Walkers are Slow People

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Wednesday, October 09, 2019

"Total Maximum Effort"

In the movie 12 O'Clock High Gregory Peck takes over an underperforming bomber group during WWII to get them up to snuff.  It not only entails the standard horrors the 8th Air Force endured during WWII, but focuses on what they call "Maximum Effort" as all war is economics and one can only win by putting forth the maximum effort.  But what is "maximum effort?"  How much can an already embattled bomber group take?  And not so much in terms of physical causalities and injuries, but psychological limits as well.

Well they find out.

The bomber group is whipped up into shaped.  They have improved success.  With better tactics their casualties go down.  There's even the dividend of improved morale, increasing the "maximum effort" the group can put forth.  But General Savage (Gregory Peck) himself finds out what the limits are as he succumbs to his own limitations.  On the eve of the final bombing run he finally breaks down mentally, trying to recall the bombers that have already raced down the runway, forcing his adjutants to restrain him on a jeep.  Thus learning the lesson that the only way to find out what a maximum effort is, is to push your point to failure and collapse, rendering you useless thereafter.

But whereas this fictional WWII piece focuses on what is a (relatively) short period of time, "Maximum Effort" is something any young man of any worth is going to face over the course of his lifetime.  And the way you're most likely going to face "Maximum Effort" is the prospect that if you hustle now, you burn your engines at 125%, 150%, even 200%, you'll be able to achieve a lot more, earlier on, making the remainder of your life all that much easier.

You can see this in many instances of younger people.  War for example is essentially younger men putting in 200% "Maximum Effort" for months, tours, even years at a time all in an effort to bring about the earliest end to the war as possible.  Accountants who work for the Big Four in public accounting regularly put in 80-100 hour work weeks, not only to get experience, but to also put "Big Four" on their resumes.  Junior analysts at investment banks sacrifice their 20 something selves as well for Wall Street, jockeying to inevitably become an investment banker.  And med school is the epitomal example of "Maximum Effort."  Even simply attending college while also working to support yourself can be considered "Maximum Effort" as you are simply working two fulltime jobs at the same time.

But, like General Savage found out, there is one problem with "maximum effort."  You cannot push the throttles all the way forward...and then some... for too long a time.  Because if you do, you will crack.  And that's precisely what will happen to you young men if you run at "maximum effort" for too long.

The problem with being young is that you get old.  And not only do you get old, you'll get older faster if you're constantly at "maximum effort."  This will accelerate the time at which you will "crack,"  "break down," or in some extreme cases, suffer a heart attack and drop dead.  The Ole Captain is unfortunately finding this out as his body is starting to poop out after decades-long "maximum effort," but he's seen buddies his age under extreme stress suffer heart attacks and strokes when their hair just began turning grey.  And for whatever long term benefits there might be to running your engines at 150%, you won't get to enjoy them if you're disabled, crippled, or dead.

This puts young men in a paradox, especially if they want to be successful in life, and even DOUBLY so if you come from a disadvantaged background.  If you're poor, from a broken home, have no support, and can really only rely on yourself, "total maximum effort" is your only way out of that hole.  Even if you're not disadvantaged, but merely want to be successful in life, out-hustling others is again your path to said success.  And who said anything about putting for the "maximum effort" for only a fixed amount of time in your life?  Can't you in theory continue putting forth the maximum effort over the course of your entire career and become very wealthy in the process?  And all of this is true.  If you put forth your total maximum effort, it's very, very likely you will succeed in life.  If you ALWAYS put forth your maximum effort you will certainly outperform your peers, even become rich.  But only for a time.  Because the time is coming where your mind (but more likely your body) will no longer be able to sustain the engines being ran at 200% and you will crack.

Therefore, it's important to have some rules to make sure you don't work so hard only to blow your engines out and suffer a stroke, cancer, a heart attack, or a simple mental break down.  This is not "work-life-balance" because only inferior people use such a thing, but to know when to "retire" from total maximum effort and simply put forth a normal effort that you can sustain for a longer life expectancy.

First, realize maximum effort is a young man's game.  I would also say maximum effort is mandatory for any 20 something who wants to get ahead in this world.  Go to college, work in the oil fields, join the military, run a side hustle, whatever it is you have to do, do it while you have the energy and you're young.  I would even go so far as to say that you can continue to hustle into your mid 30's to further capitalize on the trajectory and infrastructure you laid down in your 20's.  But once you're in your mid 30's, you need to start scaling it back.  Not only to preempt any medical issues you might have, but you need to have some fun in life while you physically still can.  And your 30's are that time where you *should* have the money and the youth to enjoy it.

Second, "working hard and playing hard."

One of the douchiest quotes business majors will say is "we work hard, but we play hard."  That's great, Skippy.  Good for you.  But "playing hard" is still taxing your body and mind, and I should know.  The Ole Captain's "vacations" include motorcycling to Alaska, hiking mountains, weekend binges, month's long motorcycle trips, leaving home for months at a time, all to make up for lost time I was putting forth "maximum effort" in my youth.  These epic adventures and vacations are perfectly fine, and I would even say mandatory for a real life.  But people who put forth "maximum effort" tend to do it in all aspects of their lives, NEVER giving their bodies or minds the time they need to rest.  I just recently came back from a 5 day TRUE vacation where I did nothing but sleep, eat, and sleep some more with the Masculine Geeks at an Atlantic beach house.  The last time I had a vacation like that was 7 years ago at a wedding in Jamaica where there was no cell phone reception or internet.  The body needs to sit and rest for at least a week a year.  And by "rest" I mean "do absolutely nothing."

Third, screen your health.

You may think you're young, and you might actually be young, but if your family or genetics has a predisposition to a particular illness you'll merely accelerate its metastasization if you overextend your maximum effort.  The technology exists today that you have have genetic screenings, but have a chat with your parents as well as a doctor to find out what diseases or disorders might flow through your veins.  And then do what you can health wise to prevent it, INCLUDING REGULAR CHECK UPS (which is how Cappy found out he has high cholesterol).

Fourth, cut the bad people out of your life.

I could go on about this one, but dating that bi-polar girl for 18 months did nothing to extend my life.  Working for genuinely mentally ill and abusive bosses also did nothing to extend my life.  I said it on the latest podcast and I'll say it again, "go on welfare if you have to.  Sadistic bosses are not worth it."

Kick any non-supporting, toxic asshole out of your life whether it's your girlfriend, your wife, your spouse, your boss, even your family.  Life is already set on difficult mode for people who wish to do more than vote democrat and collect a government check.  You needn't be further burdened by the many mental-and-financial parasites you a GUARANTEED to run into in life.

Fifth, eliminate/lessen your commute.

I'd like to say "work from home" but that comes with it's own disadvantages, but there is no reason for you to be mentally tortured and stressed 90 minutes a day sitting in traffic, dealing with the weapon's grade dipshits that now clog American roads.  Be they soccer moms, teenagers on their phones, immigrants who don't know what 55 MPH means, or dude bros racing their leased vehicle, commutes are the slow-moving cesspool of idiots who are only going to slow down your maximum effort, thus causing you incredible amounts of anger, rage, and stress.  For every minute you cut from your commute, you add a minute to your life.

Sixth, know when to quit.

I can give you age estimates at when you should scale it back and revert to a normal life.  I can say at "33 you should be normal" and "at 43 you should be looking at part time work."  But the problem is everybody is different, as well as the track and speed of each individual's career.  But the objective way to know when you should turn off the afterburners is when you can't.

What I mean by this is if you take some actual time off, to actually sit down and do nothing, is all you think about work?  Is work and what needs to be done constantly at the back of your mind when you're supposed to be hiking Zion, laying on a beach, or simply chilling out and watching the game?  This is the tell tale sign that you've been running at maximum effort too long because it's like winning WWII but still wanting to get up into the B17 and go on a bombing run.  It's become such an engrained and integral part of your psychology, you don't know anything else to do.  Worse, you've likely lost your taste for fun, relaxation, and simply enjoying life.  Matter of fact, you likely CAN'T enjoy life because you've forgotten what it was like.  It's going to take you a significant amount of time, even years, to unplug and relearn what it's like to be normal, and even then you will never fully revert back to your youthful ability to enjoy leisure time.  The "maximum effort" will always haunt you.

Check out Aaron's other cool posts!

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

"Congenital Syphilis"

"...which is when a mother passes the STD to her baby during pregnancy, increased 40 percent from 2017 to 2018"

Not only do I want to say "Enjoy the Decline" and "for the Patron Saint's Name of Frick," I also want to point out...

how fucking self-centered of a woman do you have to be to have a child when you know you're going to pass on an STD to him?  Don't you think maybe, just maybe, you ought not have a child?  That, you know, you're already such a fuck up, you'd make a bad parent, but on top of that YOU'D MAR YOUR CHILD FOR IT'S ENTIRE LIFE????

No, no, I know.  Reproductive rights and all.  Body choice.  Feminism.  Fuck the kids.  Got it.

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Business Degrees as a Percent of Total Degrees

In other words at least 20% of degrees are worthless.

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Lessons I Learned from My Divorce

"First of all, there is nothing worse that you will go through. I have been through personal chronic illness, deaths of close friends and family, job losses and natural disasters.

They were all child’s play in comparison to a divorce initiated by your other half."