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Cops or It Didn't Happen

A year later THEN she decides to accuse him of rape.

Keep crying wolf ladies.  Soon nobody is going to believe any woman ever again, including the true victims of rape.

Oh, and boys, remember, if you want to protect yourself against false accusations of rape, this is a mandatory short read.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Friday, March 29, 2019

Clarey Podcast #286 - The "Tell Your Mother in Law to Fuck Off" Episode

Cappy and a Drunk DT discuss:

"Micro-stressors" for Millennials
Cappy's new book.
Cappy's first "Key Fob" car key
Check engine lights lie
Guilt-ridden SuperChats
Telling Mother in Laws to Fuck Off.


in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Deep Down Inside, Women Just Want to Get Married and Have Kids...Too Bad, So Sad

"Deep Down Inside"

I was tuning into the "Masculine Geek Podcast."  Specifically, episode 7 where TJ Martinell regaled the story of a therapist who confessed unto to TJ,

"Every young girl who comes in and talks to me...EVERY ONE OF THEM...tells me deep down inside all they want is to get married and have kids."

This was couched in just one of the unlimited conversations men have had about women since the dawn of time.

"Women say X, when they really want Y."
"Women do A, when they actually do B."
"And women will claim F, when in reality it's really Q that they believe."

And as is with all these types of conversations, men are left with the reality that women simply are not going to be direct, forthright, or honest with their intentions, and its up to us to interpret what they really want.  This results in a cute little "dance of the sexes" where the boys chase the girls, awkwardly trying to "figure them out," but inevitably achieving victory as the boys finally get the girls (....and in all likelihood the girls divorce the boys with life-long alimony and no visitation rights to the children).

Cute as this is, gamefully-playful as it might be, and even hard-wired into the female sex's genetic and biological hardwiring as it is, this coy, indirect, and confusing characteristic of women gets tiring an exhausting after a while.  Men get older, their testosterone goes down, their opportunity costs for playing this game goes up as they make more money, plus it's just plain beaten out of us.  Life is short, it inevitably ends, and men's patience for games drops below their desire to have sex.  We move onto focus on our careers, make money, make a life for ourselves, and focus on systems that are logical, meritorious, and provide a return on investment for our time.  But whereas men inevitably quit this mating dance and move-on to focus on the real world, women prefer to continue the game.  And not only do they prefer to continue the game, but institutions and authoritative entities within society encourage them to do so.  And there are drastic costs for being intellectually-dishonest with yourself.

For example the wage gap.

Women deep down inside know that they make less money than men because they major in worthless subjects, don't put in as many hours, and inevitably drop out of the work force to have kids.  If women really wanted success in the working world, they would acknowledge what they already know, go into STEM, go into a CPA program, learn to code, and close the gap.  But for whatever reason (be it genetic, biological, or socio-political propaganda), they prefer to "play the game" and act ignorantly coy about basic labor market economics.

Another example would be being fat.

EVERY, SINGLE, WOMAN deep down inside knows men don't like fat chicks.  But the mental acrobatics they and society will go through to lie to themselves, and convince themselves otherwise is amazing.  "Fat acceptance," "big is beautiful," shaming men for NOT liking fat chicks.  They actually think social propaganda will override men's hardwired biology.  The result is not only no man asking them out on dates, but health risks due to obesity, not to mention mental-illness where you start to mutilate your body with piercings, tattoos and ear plugs as a protesting, "anti-beauty" form of beauty.

There are many more examples of where living in denial results in real world costs and consequences, but the point is the majority of women would prefer to continue the dance, no matter what the costs are to their real-world lives.  And, worse, the majority of society and society's institutions will indulge them.  But where believing "big is beautiful" or majoring in sociology will lead to a successful career has a price, the biggest price women pay in their lives is the one TJ Martinell mentioned before - forfeiting a husband and children.  Because while "deep down inside" having a husband and children is indeed the most important, hard-wired, undeniable thing in women's lives, there's an amazing amount of lies, propaganda, and even outright bullying that...

"You're a strong independent woman, who don't need no man."

And women's desire to continue the dance, lie to themselves, and believe in the propaganda costs them this most important thing in life.

Too Weak to Go Against the Herd

At the core of women forfeiting the most important thing is their lives is another genetic hard-wiring - conformity.  The short version is while men were out hunting mammoth women had to get along with the other women at the tribe which resulted in a social-hierarchy where getting along with everybody else was key to survival.  This also had the unfortunate side-consequence of backstabbery, gossip, and even more passive-aggressive backstabbery as women's only form of defense was subterfuge and politicking instead of physical confrontation. 
Whatever the genetic pathology of this trait, the desire to CONFORM with what other women say and think, no matter how wrong, is just as hard-wired into women's psyche as their desire to have a husband and children.  Because if they didn't get along with the of the women in the tribe, this spelt ostracization and excommunication from the tribe, which resulted in death for the woman and any of her children. 

This then leads to...

Feminist Shaming and Bullying

It's one thing if Tina is conforming with the cold-shoulder fashion this year, and Amy was conforming with the maxi-dress last year, and you decide to do both.  But that's fashion.  Not the most important thing in your life, which is (again "deep down inside") "to get married and have kids."

But what if a group of women decided to expand conforming with the herd to include things that went beyond what you were wearing, what you were eating, whether you agreed that Leslie was queen bee, or that you were all going to watch Empire that year?  What if it went into other aspects of your life that actually were VERY important?

Introducing feminism.

We can debate whether feminism is simply the "equal treatment of women," or a man-hating psycho-cult of socialist parasites later.  But what it no doubt is, is a cabal of self-declared queen bee women dictating to other, younger women what it means to be a woman and belong to the herd.  It's unique in that, whereas in the past, women needed men to survive, today they no longer have to consider what men want because there is the government.  The government (through taxing disproportionately men) can transfer wealth to women, support them and their children, with no requirements, standards or expectations of a husband or father, because there is none - there is only "Government Check.".  On the face of this, this "freedom" may seem liberating, but it kicks out the most important thing in women's lives - a husband and children.

But this is where the propaganda, lies, and bullying come in.

Feminism (with the help of socialist political parties, government, public schools, media and colleges) have totally, thoroughly, and brilliantly brainwashed women into ignoring what they want most in life, and replaced it with politics, careers, student debts, materialism, masters degrees, commutes and taxes.  This is fine as no good person is going to begrudge women their political preferences, the pursuit of an education or career, nor their right to spend their money how they please.  But when they put it above (once again, "deep down inside") the love and affection of a husband and children, they're lying to themselves and only hurting themselves.  However, DARE a woman express her true desire to get married and have kids, the "hive" of queen bee feminists will come crashing down on them, shaming women for being "stay at home moms" or "relying on a man."

This then pits poor, young women's genetic conditions against one another.  They (once again) "deep down inside" want to have a husband and children, but if they betray the hive, and upset the feminist hierarchy, they will be ostracized, they won't belong, and they will be kicked out of the club.  Today, with the brainwashing starting at the age of 5 and with trillions of government and corporate dollars spent annually on advocating "Team Feminism" it's very apparent which side they succumb to. Most young women today "don't need no man," and are all aggressively pursuing careers and educations.  Thus the official veneer of "I don't need a man, I'm my own woman," while late at night, after getting drunk at the night club, they cry themselves to sleep because they "can't find a man."

Feminism 1, Love 0.

Cartelish Behavior Has Benefits

Once women are brainwashed to go down this path, there are, however, some fringe benefits, primarily originating from the nature of "economies to scale" and effectively "cartelish behavior."

The classical economic incentive of forming a "cartel" is to limit supply to increase price.  Women as a group are (effectively) less interested in family formation than they are their careers and education.  Laden with debt, they aren't ready to get married until they're well into their late 20's, even early 30's.  Nor do they have any interest in getting married until they get their career going, even attaining their masters degrees.  This has resulted in later and less marriages, a low birth rate, and an increase in women in the work force as well as their salaries.  It also makes marriagable women HIGHLY valuable in that they're so rare.  It also makes what women remain who are at least tacitly interested in marriage valuable as well.

You would think you'd find some empirical economic pricing data that would show an increased price in wedding rings, engagement rings, or average money spent on weddings confirming the "higher price" paid to women.  But at the same time interest in marriage on the part of men has dropped dramatically as well (which is a discussion for another time).  But the price increase in women has moved from the marriage market to the non-marriage market - specifically in the form of "sugar daddy sites," porn, and non-porn internet attention.

Men may not want to get married, but they will spend up to $200 just for ONE DATE through sites like "Name Your Price."  Your average "sugar baby" who is on the payroll of a man can earn $3,000 a month for regularly providing company and sex.  Webcam models can make on average $50,000 from the comforts of their own bed.  And you don't even have to do porn or prostitution - you can just sell selfies for $5,000 a month.

This is all great news for women who *officially* value their careers and educations above husbands and children.  Just because they dried up the supply of women on the marriage market, doesn't mean men demand sex any less.  An additional added benefit is you don't even need to physically be there, physically touching a man in order to make money off of your beauty.  You can continue to cash in on your looks with really none of the traditional obligations that would come with being with a man.

But *unofficially* where (COUGH, once again, "deep down inside") women just want to get married and have kids, such a lifestyle - easy and profitable as it may be - does not scratch that hard-wired biological itch.

Intellectual Weaklings

Genetic predisposition to conformity and compliance within the female hive aside, given the cacophony of constant "women are equal to men" propaganda we've heard since the 60's, I feel it necessary to hold women to men's standards.  I truly do not want to be sexist.  And if women are truly equal to men, then they should be ashamed of being too intellectually weak to acknowledge what they want "deep down inside," and consequently too cowardly to stand up to feminism and feminists and say

"No, I want a husband and children.  I don't want to work or commute or wake up at 6AM or look at a screen.  I don't want an MBA or a Masters in Sociology.  I don't want to pay taxes and end up a spinster.  I want a strong man who will rock my world in bed, 4 children to raise, love and cherish, who will also give me grandchildren that I can spoil rotten when I'm old.  I want a family, I want love, I want what I want."

However, it's very obvious which side they have chosen, whether coerced through shaming, bullying, ostracization or not.  Women are increasingly choosing a relationship with government, politics, feminism, careers, commutes, and themselves over a relationship with a husband and children.  And they do so not because "deep down inside" they want to, but because they lack the intellectual strength and independence to simply tell the propagandists "no" and actually enjoy what pathetically short lives they have on this planet on what they truly want. 

Actions vs. Words vs. Effective Reality

This sadly results in what I like to call the "My Bipolar Girlfriend Axiom," which simply states;

"It doesn't matter if your girlfriend actually has Bipolar Disorder or claims to have it as a weapon to excuse unacceptable behavior. In either case she's psycho and you should dump her ass."

And this axiom applies to modern day women as well.

"It doesn't matter if deep down inside she wants to have a husband and children.  Her actions creates the reality that she effectively doesn't."

Alas, why I find the statement and truism

"Deep down inside women just want to get married and have children"

and cute.

But ultimately for everybody it's moot. That's nice you girls want that.  That's great.  And it's 100% natural.  But the problem is merely stating this reality (mis)leads men into thinking there's hope that women effectively want to get married, when in reality it's simply not possible.  Women's actions is all that matters, no matter what they truly believe in their hearts.  Men cannot commit to a serious relationship such as marriage based on theory or what women want "deep down inside."

So boys, yes, it is true.  Women truly do want marriage and children more than anything else in the world.  But their actions prove they effectively value their politics, careers, educations and feminism more.  This makes marriage today not only unacceptable, but impossible, tragically despite what women truly want.  Alas, too bad, so sad, but that's reality.  And at least men live in reality.
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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

More Work Avoidance from Cappy

Work bad.
Weather Nice.
Cappy went hiking instead.
No GDP was produced.
Cappy didn't care.
Be like Cappy.  Screw work.  Go hike.  Enjoy the Decline.

And what better way to IMPROVE your hiking than binging on The Clarey Podcast!!!???

Monday, March 25, 2019

The Clarey Podcast - Roadtrip Special

Trinidad, Colorado.
Coffee stores is NOT a good retirement.
Cappy's dream of riding around America visiting old, quaint bars.
Women love their politics more than orgasms.
Cappy dates a pacifist...unintentionally.

Podcast here.

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Friday, March 22, 2019

The Clarey Podcast #284 - The "I Want a Big Mac" Episode

Cappy rambles as the morning gets ahead of him and he needs to post-pone his writing.  He reads three articles about women making money through dating, even posting selfies, and doesn't want to hear about "the wage gap."  He fields some superchat questions.  Explains why you should never join the Wisconsin Synod.  And more!

Podcast here.
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Thursday, March 21, 2019

I Present Thee, a Millennial

This is mandatory listening.

The reason why is this shows you what the end result or "final stage" of development is of a millennial.  And not a millennial per se, but any kid unfortunate enough to grow up under poor parents, with marxist public school brainwashing, a worthless degree, and a world that bends over backwards for them.

It's very telling about the millennial generation, but is also very telling about raising any generation under such soft conditions in that they ultimately become a truly worthless person, only capable of self-worship and praise.

And after you're done listening to that, and you feel despair and no hope for the future, remember to purchase a copy of Enjoy the Decline, because you're going to need it.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Older Brother Podcast #38 - The "Millennials are Zombies" Episode

The gift of Millennials keeps on giving as Cappy discusses how they:

1 - Are creating contracts for everything
2 - Get pissed off when sexual consent apps are made
3 - Are lured into banking through gimmickry and clowns
4 - Have dream jobs in cases, but seem incredibly depressed
5 - Have the most overpriced luxury apartment complexes in the world.

Elkins also joins the club and we field a couple Asshole Consulting questions.

Podcast here.
MP3 here.
YouTube here.

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The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment

Because she was (say it with me now)

a strong
don't need no man


Too bad for Cheyenne.  I guess kids named "Cheyenne" don't have long life expectancies.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Mistakeless vs. Mistakeful Economy

The Wyoming 3

Let me explain to you what I call "The Wyoming 3."

Whilst living in Wyoming you could reliably rely upon your fellow Wyomingians to never get it right the first two times.  You would order a chicken sub and the "sandwich artist" would make you a steak and cheese.  You would point out it's not a steak and cheese, return it, only to get back a turkey club.  On the third try the "sandwich artist" would finally get it right, but then you'd have the wrong bag of chips or the wrong type of bread, in which case you'd give up and just accept that you're dealing with a mental retard Wyomingian.

Or perhaps scheduling a dental appointment.  You would originally schedule your cleaning for 11AM on Thursday.  There you are at 1055AM and the secretary then informs you they didn't have you down in the book.  You would reschedule for later that afternoon at 2PM when there was an opening.  But after returning a second time, there was yet another scheduling snafu.  "Come back at 4 and I'll squeeze you in," which you did and the dentist was ready for you this time, though the cleaning job was so poor you knew you'd have to repeat this scheduling dance 3 months later.

I could go on, but the larger point is the amount of time we waste in this economy not doing things right the first ime.  And not just our time, but the time of the businesses we're trying to do business with.  Had the sandwich artist got the order right the first time, he/she would be able to immediately serve the next two customers in the same amount of time, producing thrice the GDP.  Had the dentist had his act together, he could have easily eeked out two additional paying clients.  And who knows what the customer could have done with the hours of time wasted on these peoples' mistakes?  He could have worked some more. Spent more.  Or just enjoy his life.

Now think about this.  Be it somebody getting your order wrong.  Scheduling problems.  Somebody driving slow in the left lane.  Or a woman ordering and returning a pair of shoes she "didn't like," what percent of our time (and thus economy) is wasted dealing with and remedying "mistakes?"  What percent of our time is ACTUALLY DOING NEW, PRODUCTIVE, WEALTH-PRODUCING activities versus merely cleaning up the fuck up of others?  And when you think about this, it's DEPRESSING.

In my days in banking nearly all my time was spent dealing with mistakes.  I didn't spend my time on new loans, for new businesses that had their act together and were about to reliably employ 12 new people as they produced $40 million in annual production at a new factory.  It was dealing with delinquent loans, loans in default, collateral that had never been maintained, dead beat clients, and in general "other people's fuck ups."

For you white collar workers in corporate America, AT LEAST half your time is dealing with other people's mistakes.  Your underling didn't scan the documents in right.  The data in the spreadsheet is wrong.  Your boss forces everybody to attend a meeting that only is meant for 4 people. And yes even YOU make mistakes, as we are human after all.  How much of your daily time is spent simply remedying mistakes.

And manufacturing or the trades.  Oh heaven help you if a mistake is made. The basement gets flooded because some idiot plumber didn't plumb the pipes right.  A fire ensues because a light was wired wrong. Or GM has to recall MILLIONS of cars costing BILLIONS of dollars because some idiot engineer designer never worked on a car, only designed them in his comfy white collar office.  When you add it all up, I'd say at least half of our GDP is merely a broken window fallacy.

There is, however, another problem. An cascading component of mistakes that makes their costs exponential.  For example, allow me to regale you with a tale that will be long and painful, but you'll understand why.

A 2 Second Mistake Costs the US Economy $3,000

I needed to pay a Canadian some money for some services he rendered.  All I had to do was mail him a check and it "should" work.  His Canadian bank would accept American checks.  Three weeks later we are wondering whether it was the US post office or the Canadian post office that lost the check.

Waiting on the mail wouldn't have been an issue, but my Canadian colleague had a rather large bill due that week and he needed the money.  So I decided to cancel the check, and send him a wire transfer.  Thankfully, I was traveling through Arizona at the time and my bank has branches there.  But when I pulled into the Arizona branch of my bank, they were having troubles getting the wire to go through even though I had all the correct information.  Soon it was an hour, then 2, and by the 2 and 1/2 hour that branch had THREE tellers AND the branch manager trying to get my wire to go through.  That's 10 hours of all of our time working on something that should have been done in 20 minutes total time.

I was informed they could not get it to go through so I would have to return to Phoenix the next day because I would have to physically sign the wire transfer.  I was staying in Tucson.  So I drove the 2 hours to Tucson.  Woke up the next day, DROVE BACK TO PHOENIX, and returned to the branch.

They still couldn't get it to go through.

After another hour of the entire branch trying to get the wire to go through, I figured out I could pay my friend via a combination credit-card-to-paypal technique, though it might cost me some fees.  This actually worked (because yours truly was in charge) and I told the bank to cancel the wire, cancel the check, and that I would be reconsidering my banking relationship with them.

But it doesn't end there, because they canceled the wrong check.

Fast forward a week later and a vendor of mine is wondering why my check had been canceled.  I said, "Your check shouldn't have been canceled!"  Panicking I looked up whether I had enough funds in the account.  He wasted his time going to the bank to deposit the check, and now I shamefully probably didn't have enough money in the account.  After looking up my balance, no, there was plenty of money in the account.  It was those incompetent bastards in Phoenix who canceled the wrong check.

Now, after all that, let me ask you this:

How much in total wasted time, money, and lost economic production did the ONE mistake of the post office not delivering ONE letter cost?

It's impossible to measure, but it's easily within the thousands of dollars.

One dipshit moron at either the US or Canadian post office made a 2 second error, and that 2 second error destroyed around $3,000 in GDP.  And when you consider this cascading effect, it makes you wonder if damn well near 85% of our economy is merely cleaning up other people's broken-window-fallacy-mistakes.

There's Good News

There is, however, a silver lining to this "The-Economy's-Full-of-Morons" cloud.  Because while politicians, democrats, republicans, socialists, and producers all focus on how to grow the economy and divvy it up, "mistakes" present a non-political opportunity to help grow and boost the economy.  We needn't talk about lowering taxes, or increasing spending.  We don't have to worry about deficit spending or debts.  If we can just get people to make less mistakes and do things right the first time, I argue we could make the economy boom well beyond this paltry 3-4% RGDP growth everybody seems to get excited about.

There are other examples of this where there are "non-political" ways to boost the economy.  Making American women thin again (no matter how distasteful you might find that...though men won't) would seriously make the economy boom.  Men would wake up invigorated, work more, create more, perhaps colonize Mars next week.  Eliminating worthless degrees from colleges and universities would free up trillions in spending from young people, not to mention prevent them from crippling their financial futures.  And employers allowing everybody to telecommute from home who can would save us billions in unnecessary travel, inflated rents, and money spent on bridges and roads.  But mistakes are so universal, so atomic, so endemic to the American people and American society, that if you can just get people to make 20% less mistakes, I'd argue real-non-broken-window economic production could easily go up by 40%.

And There's Bad News

But while I've just given you this glimmer of hope, this potential chance that we could solve all our economic problems by focusing on mistakes AND IT WON'T COST US A PENNY, let me snuff out that hope as I pull the rug out from underneath you.  Because while we may like to whittle the Wyoming 3 down to the Wyoming 2, or the national equivalent of "The US 2" down to "The US 1.25," the truth is our country is going in the opposite direction.  We are making more mistakes and will continue to make even more mistakes in the future.  And the reason why is that your average American is becoming dumber, lazier, and less moral.

First, dumb people breed more than smart people.  We are seeing Idiocracy in the making.  You could also look at it as "smart people are removing themselves from society," resulting in a dumber average future labor pool overall.  But whichever the case, with a dumb population comes more mistakes.  Alas, I predict the US national standard will become the "Wyoming 3" (while Wyoming no doubt will have decayed to "The Wyoming 7").

Second, immigration.  Immigrants are predominantly coming from more corrupt countries.  I understand why immigrants would like to escape corrupt countries, they themselves may not be corrupt and would like to escape the corruption for a better future.  But how did those countries become corrupt in the first place if they were democracies?  Low economic growth, high birth rates, poverty, corruption, crime are at least a partial reflection upon the culture and the people from those countries.  And when immigrants reflect their native population in terms of crime, welfare fraud, corruption, etc., in the US, well you've merely imported more mistakes.  You can expect this demographic shift to cause more mistakes in the future.

Finally, the domestic population.  Don't think that just because you were born in the Whitey-McWhite-White suburbs that you are somehow competent, sharp, and mistakeless.  Matter of fact, you're probably worse.  You're spoiled.  You're pampered.  You're lazy.  You never worked a real job in your life.  The millennials are the epitomal example of a mistake, wasting their youth on the most spectacularly stupid degrees and careers.  Worse, they're more likely to sue you for "an unsafe working environment" or false sexual harassment accusation.  You'll WISH they merely scanned the documents in wrong as you're facing a $50 million sexual discrimination suit.  And you'll beg to make all you're employees Wyomingians.

In the end my economic spidey senses put the chances of a "Mistakeless Economy" on par with American women getting thin again - zero.  You can fully expect a "Mistakeful Economy" where the US starts to represent a dysfunctional South American democracy where the people, on the granular level, are just too stupid, making too many mistakes,  for anything to get done.  You can expect corruption to increase, bribery to grow, traffic to increase, single moms to breed, talent-reality shows and everything else that comes with being California a solid, corrupt 2nd world country.  And keep in mind, none of this can be prevented through taxation, spending, or any other traditional political-economic solutions.  It's cultural and biological.  It's doomed to happen.

So I suggest you kick back, pour yourself a drink, get yourself a vasectomy, and Enjoy the Decline, because that's all you're going to be able to do.

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Monday, March 18, 2019

Asshole Consulting Live with Special Guest Matt Forney

Noon CST today.  Tune in!  Ask questions in da super chats.  Spread the word.  And as Matt Forney says "Give mammons."

Go Fund Me So I Don't Have to Fund My Own Damn Hobbies

A go fund me account for fat wedding dresses.


No.  Absolutely not.  That would close the wage gap.

I want to make pretty dressies for fatties!!!  Then have cappacinos with biscotti's with my girlfriends at the cafe!  Tee hee! I 'm an entrepreneur!!!

Students Get in Trouble for Creating Sexual Consent App

Students create app that gets consent to protect women from rape.

Students get in trouble.

Cappy recommends reading this book because these leftists and feminists want men dead, in jail, or slaving away for being a man.

Friday, March 15, 2019

The Clarey Podcast #283 - The "Cappy's Dream Home No More" Episode

Cappy and DT broadcast from the Hunker Bunker as they discuss

DT's framed Jennifer Aniston picture from college
AOC is not attractive.
"He'll Land on His Feet."
escaping Minnesota,
Cappy's dream home dreams destroyed,
self-loathing white people and more!

in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!
MP3 here.

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Loud, Drunk, Middle Aged Women

I'm sure they were all polite angels, behaving perfectly well, and not one of them were screeching or yelling in that painful middle aged woman cackling voice.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Revenge of the English Majors

I don't think the English language is robust or thorough enough for me to convey my hatred, despisement, and loathing of English majors.  They are first and foremost lazy people who decide to major in a language they're already fluent in by the age of 4.  They are intellectual inferiors who think studying a subject to the point of atomic levels of anal retentive detail is a legitimate endeavor.  And worst of all they are fascist tyrants who lord their technical, but impractical, knowledge of petty rules and laws of a "language" over the rest of us who use the language to live our lives, not make it our lives, because we have lives...unlike English majors.

I cannot overstate how inferior English majors are or how much I hate their loathesome and laughably inferior selves.

But they are getting their revenge.  And in a way most of you have no clue about.

Normally and in the past English majors got their revenge upon society by torturing young children in the public schools.  Completely unemployable and worthless elsewhere, America's English majors taught "English" to 100% conversant and fluent English speaking kids.  Having no real value they focused on technicalities like the difference between adverbs and adjectives (I, as a professional author, still don't know the difference) and would likely masturbate themselves as they awarded C's and D's to young 10 year old children who were smarter and superior to them but still couldn't identify "dangling participles" or other truly irrelevant and pointless shit nobody ever cared about.  Most of these teachers were females and spinsters because to be something of worth in society takes effort, and ergo it's no shock the majority of English teachers were fat, bloated, middled aged women because to be comely and attractive takes effort.  But still, they got their retaliatory pound of flesh by essentially abusing the children of those who managed to breed, grating their skin over the pointless minutiae of the rules of English.

It wasn't fair, but these (predominantly) women ended up paying for their laziness and sloth.  They were fat.  They were miserable.  No man loved them.  No man wanted them.  All students hated them.  And truly, what society appreciates a nag, constantly pointing out your technical incorrectnesses?  These women died lonely, alone, and unloved, and I cannot think of a better prison sentence than that.  But do not think just because the last baby boomer English teacher spinster may be breathing her last breath at an unvisited government funded nursing home that the scourge of English majors has left us.  They are coming back in force.  And in an area you, I, and everybody else never asked for.

Social media.

I was first tipped off to the return of the English majors when nearly every book I wrote was flagged as having "errors" when KDP (aka "Kindle") was merged with Createspace (AKA "Amazon").  Never mind some of these books have been published for over a decade.  Thoroughly and adequately gone over by my wonderful staff of editors and friends.  And never mind nobody who purchased the books had an actual complaint.  No, some nitwit got a burr in their saddle and decided to go over ALL of my books and point out, via constant e-mail reminder, that there was a missing word, a missing comma, an errant "the" in my books.  And so I had to waste precious amounts of my time going online and correcting these minor typos that nobody ever complained about except Amazon.

But then it dawned on me.  It wasn't Amazon per se.  It certainly wasn't my readers.  But the anal retentive details, the complaining and nagging had the distinct genetic mark of my most loathed and detested enemy - english teachers.  It hasn't been for 30 years I got so much lecturing, nagging, and sermoning that it dawned on me a horrific reality that Amazon is hiring English majors to go over every nook and cranny, every sentence and word, every punctuation mark and hyphen of my decade-and-change worth of literary work all to catch a mere fucking typo.  And this, sadly, is an English major's wet dream come true.

Because if every book I've ever written is now getting the 3rd degree, where will it end?  It's already well known that social media companies like Facebook and YouTube use "censors" to edit and audit nearly ALL social media posts (which I think is a pointless endeavor).  Amazon is obviously hiring people to go over every word I've published with a fine comb.  But my main concern is the caliber and type of people who they're employing and I'm afraid I have my answer. Because it isn't cool libertarian economics majors letting authors be to write what they want when they want.  It isn't engineering majors who don't care about the details as long as the logic, message, and purpose of the book is right.  It's the worst, most vile, most evil, and tyrannical group of anti-thinking people you could even put in charge of a Department of Censorship

English Majors.

And heaven help us.

Much as I appreciate Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media giants being private companies, I also am aware of the damaging effects of monopolies.  And while I'm quite libertarian in allowing them to ban, prohibited or do pretty much whatever they want with their platforms, the concept of employing CENSORS is appalling and I think gives right to the government to break them up.  But when you make those censors NOT freedom-loving-libertarians who value disagreement over accord, who are usually prone to letting people say what they want to say, but put the veritable antithesis of "social-nazis" in the form of English Majors as your censors, then go straight to hell.  Because that is where your platform and company are going - straight to hell.

I would have liked to have seen nearly all English majors get what they deserve - unemployment.  Miserable unemployment while working at a cafe or bar.  Egomanics who are lazy on top of it deserve no better.  But now there is an entire industry that will gainfully employ English majors and that is the social media "Censor Industry."  The modern day STASI.  The modern day Gestapo.  You have a bunch of lazy ego maniacs who are now going to burden the rest of us productive adults, who are trying to convey concepts, ideas, thoughts, and visions, with their pointless technical knowledge of linguistic law.  Us real adults who are producing real thoughts and production now have to be burdened and bothered with our adjectives, adverbs, dangling participles and "wrong-think."  And what was once the truly great and truly open environment of the internet, self-publishing, authoring, and social media NOW we have to contend with a gestapo agent in our midst lest we have a minor typo in our book or speak something that is wrong-think and caused some precious snowflake to be "offended."

I hated my English teachers before in my K-12 education. They were truly evil women whose evil was only outdone by their worthlessness.  I'm glad most of them are dead and I'm glad most of them were never happy.  But you fucking English majoring nazis who are nothing more than modern day STASI are not only worthless, but evil on a whole new level.  At best you put your English-majoring-egos ahead of ideas and value nitpicking irrelevant typos in true genuises' works.  At worst you're anti-free speech nazis who comb over people's posts and comments on social media, eliminating them because you lack the intelligence to merely disagree with another person's opinion.  In the end though that's all you'll ever be - English majors.

Worthless, lazy, pieces of shit who could never write a book, never come up with an original idea, and can only get off by pointing out the irrelevant mistakes of others.
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Dick's Sporting Goods: Get Woke, Go Broke

I predict many future quarterly earnings missed.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Your Genetics Betray You

 I am not much of one to believe in fateism, destiny, or prescribed futures.  I believe in the individual.  I believe in choice.  I believe that a man is more or less in control of his own destiny as long as you don't live under tyranny.

However, this doesn't mean I don't believe in the environment, genetics, predisposition, or epigenetics.  I acknowledge our environment, our parents, and our genetic lineage set some hard rules, parameters and boundaries within our lives that we all must abide by simply because we have no choice.  I will most likely die from cancer.  My theoretical future children would be short.  But at the same time they would also be spectacularly brilliant as yours truly.  These external realities are simply the rules we must abide by and the sooner you realize, accept, and acknowledge that, the better you'll do in life over all.

But there is an interesting grey area that arises for every man out there (and perhaps women too, but I cannot testify to that).  And that is where your genetic lineage and history has sculpted into your hard-wired psyche that there is the "perfect woman."  A "true love."  Where a girl of a particular affliction, demeanor, candor, and character waltzes is, strikes you dumb, and you are all but helpless to fall for her.

So let me explain my theory as to why your genetics betray you.

I have no scientific proof. This is merely a theory.  But you, me, and everybody else is a product of millions of years of evolution, but more importantly, individual experiences of our thousands of forefathers.  Thousands of our forefathers saw saber tooth tigers and developed and honed the INCREDIBLE AND IMMEDIATE response to go into a defense mode, an attack mode, and do all that is within our ability to avoid getting killed by saber toothed tigers.  And just as those experiences repeated over time has resulted in an auto-matic genetic instinct that goes so fast we don't have the ability to understand it as it happens, so to do I argue somewhere in your lineage a great great great great grandfather of yours fell head over heels in love with some quaint, darling, dainty dame who was so beautiful, so perfect, so wonderful, your forefather had no choice to fall for her completely.

Normally, this is the point in time that we explain where the girl betrayed him.  Pulled the rug out from underneath him.  Pulled the ball out from Charlie Brown.  And thus your fore father learned his lesson.

But that didn't happen.

Somewhere, along your genetic lineage was a man who fell in true spectacular love with a woman, and even if it was a one off event, it was so powerful, so amazing, so true, that his experiences were thoroughly and forever scorched into your genetic lineage and psyche.  And if you think about the statistics and math of this nearly every single male has the genetic code of a forefather who found a true and wonderfully amazing woman.  And so powerful was that experience, 200, 500, 3,000 years later this genetic experience is now part of your psyche.  And not only part of your psyche today, but I would argue (as men are the eternal optimists) we now have part of our genetic code to go and find such a girl as they are so rare, but so valuable, we'll blow multiple generations of men to find merely one in a score of generations.

Every man reading this right now knows precisely what I'm talking about.

For example there was a redhead at a bar in St. Paul who, within the first 5 seconds of seeing her, an uncontrollable response came from my entire being saying "I need to have her." You no doubt have walked about the normal course of your day, minding your own business, when FLASH, BAAMM! ALAKAZAM! some girl who you hadn't even uttered a single word to commanded a psychological, physical, and uncontrollable emotional response from you.  And perhaps it wasn't coincidence, but a tortured circumstance where you were working with, studying next to, or otherwise placed near a girl that fired your up by her mere presence.  Not a single word needs be said. She has the traits, characteristics, and similarities to the woman your great great great forefather fell fore, and when you see said traits, his genetics fire up because that was the most enjoyable, lively, and purposed point of existence in ALL of your genetic lineage.

There's just one problem.  Your genetics betray you.

The red head I met in St. Paul no doubt had the characteristics and mannerisms that at one time fired the passions of a great great grandfather of mine somewhere in the past.  But she wasn't that amazing woman that forever scribed part of my genetic code.  She was another hipster, St. Paul "artist" who was dating a tatted up, unemployed loser who could only afford a bike in Minnesota for transportation.  She was a loser and constantly needed money from her elder sister.

The brunette you fell hard for, for reasons you can't understand, is also a single mom of three different fathers, loaded with student debt and an attitude that makes her insufferable today.  Yes, perhaps she walks the way the woman from 500 years ago walked that enthralled your great great great great great great grandfather, but that is not the same woman.

And yes, that latina goddess has the same eyes and demeanor as some woman who long ago in your genetic past made a forefather of yours slay a thousand men and truly made him happy.  But that is her eyes and demeanor.  Not her communist voting, her love for the state, or her adherence to feminism.  Like Afro-Samurai's dad, that is not your father.  That is something else.

It is a guarantee that, like me, you will meet more than one woman who shares some kind of genetic similarities to a truly amazing and wonderful woman that made a man's life in your genetic lineage one of the best lives ever.  The trick is to have your frontal cortex override your genetics and entire hindbrain and realize there is no such thing as "chemistry."  That woman that you "must have" is NOT the genetic angel and goddess from many generations past in your life, but a symbiant, a doppleganger, and nothing close.

Men today need to have the intelligence and independent thought to not let their genetics betray them.  YOu need to realize that the majority of women today are more concerned about their careers, educations, politics and themselves than you that it is nearly impossible to find the 1-in-a-million woman some past relative of yours had which prompts an idealistic epigenetic gene in you today.  The key is to immediately check yourself once you undescribably start falling for a girl when you haven't even spoken one word to her.  I'm not saying don't take the chance, but realize that what's happening is your forefathers genetics are speaking.  Not the girl.  Because once she does, you'll quickly find out she's not the goddess your genetics are screaming she is.

The trick is to be smarter than your genetics and assess her cooly and accurately.  Not emotionally.  And not genetically.
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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Asshole Consulting Live - The "We Never Got to Any Requests" Episode

Cappy and Chad never get to any actual requests as they're too busy fielding super chats questions.  It's a SUPER PROFITABLE DAY for the guys!

Podcast here.
MP3 here.
YouTube Below.

Saturday, March 09, 2019

Gen X vs. The Baby Boomers Video

I forgot about this video and remembered when it came out striking a chord with me at a level I could not precisely understand.

Now I do in 100% totality.

Friday, March 08, 2019

Elizabeth Warren Calls to Break Up Big Tech

I am actually shocked because this is the first real thing the democrat party has offered that isn't simply taking other people's money or making producers' lives harder.

It also reminds me of how the democrats were wise to court the gay community, something at least libertarian republicans could have done had they not been beholden to the religious right.  Even with Trump the republicans just can't seem to grow a pair and get simple shit done.  Guess the democrats will win another one.

Asshole Consulting Live with Donovan Sharpe 3PM CST

Donovan Sharpe and myself discuss:

Anger management
50 year old women
"My sister spermjacked a guy"
Walking out on your lying boss.

Podcast here.
MP3 here.

YouTube below:

Thursday, March 07, 2019

If Not Men, Then What?

 What I love about feminism is its contradictory nature.  On one hand it claims to help women, but on the other hand what it advocates for women makes their lives horrifically worse, if not outright wastes of lives.

Education, for example, sucks.  Yes, it may lead to higher incomes.  Yes, it might make you "educated."  But it still takes inordinate amounts of time and money to attain.  It is not the panacea solution to all of life's problems, and more often than not leads to financial ruination, especially in the case of women since they tend to major in worthless subjects.  So, yes, women may all get college degrees, but usually they're just wasting their youth, time, and money, while also going into life-impairing debt to do so. 

Career is another example.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, the biggest con in human history was convincing women that working, commuting, and paying taxes was fun.  And not only fun, but the most important thing in life that gave you value.  Not your children.  Not your loved ones.  Not your spouse.  And not your family.  No, it was your Assistant Reserve Vice Diversity Assistant Deputy Director position at a non-profit.  Worse, at least a plurality of women's careers are completely pointless as they produce nothing of value.  Yes, there are female accountants and engineers and doctors and dentists, but for every one of these angels there's a score of non-profit, make-work, government type employees producing not one iota of GDP or value for society.  It's bad enough you've been duped into thinking work and paying taxes is fun.  It's tragic when your job is just a welfare program, but you still think you're a "professional."

Feminism's take on kids is another interesting example.  Since nearly all emphasis is on the individual, putting one's career and education first, everything else takes a back seat in a feminism-believing woman's life.  But this does nothing to quench the biological drive women have to breed.  Thankfully, they have all those aforementioned non-profit, social worker type women to raise and outsource their kids to, allowing them to scratch that biological itch, without having to actually raise their own children.  Perhaps I'm getting soft in my old age, but I would have thought being able to raise your kids would be one of the most important joys in life.  But apparently not because it's just the act of breeding, and then kicking the kids off to a nanny or daycare that seems to be all the rage with modern mothers.  Besides, we all know your career and education is more important than your own children.

And then there's feminism's hatred of women themselves.  What I mean by this is feminism does not celebrate being female or femininity.  Matter of fact feminism and feminists hate femininity.  And if you look at what feminists and women in general are pushing for, it is to become men.  They want to be men, they want men's jobs, they want men's careers, they even want to look and dress like men.  Which is all fine and good, but I ask "Well what's so bad about being a woman?  Don't you like being female?  I thought you were FEMINists.  Where's the feminine part?"  This irony I've never been able to figure out as women seem to hate being women.  But once again, feminism does nothing but harm women as it confuses millions of women to become something they're not, guaranteeing failure, misery, and psychopathy in the future.

But out of all the contradictions, self-harm, and self-delusional lies feminism has fooled women into buying, it's been their reprioritizing of men in their lives I find most amusing.  I say "repriortization" because not all women are the same when it comes to their feminist treatment of men.  Some outright hate men, blaming all their failures, bad decisions, stupid choices and consequences on men.  Slightly better is the mere villification of men where they are privileged, constantly oppressing women, and whose "toxic masculinity" make them the sworn enemy of women.  Slightly better than that is the "competitive and adversarial" treatment of men where you have to prove yourself to them and compete against them rather than work with them and support them.  And "at best" is the "accessory man" where they're needed to have a husband and family, but you don't value them any more than you do your children or your SUV, because afterall they are merely an accessory to your life.  But regardless of where you are on this scale, the point is men have been reprioritized from what was traditionally the number one thing in a woman's life to 3rd, 4th, 8th, or 227th, or dead last.  Men are rarely put at #1 any more.

But I have a simple question.  And one that I think men need to ask themselves as well as women.

If not men...then what?

There is a distinct difference I've noticed between the Red Pill/Manosphere community and their ideological opposite, feminism.  And that distinct difference is that these redpill men or "masculinists" still insist on working out, dieting, and improving themselves.  And the primary reason they strongly advocate self-improvement is because they still like women.  Women are still the number one thing in their lives.  And though they have a great and many qualms, criticisms, and outright complaints about women, they have not lied to themselves about whether women were the number one priority in their lives.  They acknowledge reality.  They acknowledge their biology.  They are true to themselves.  And thus they set forth on the path of self-improvement.

Feminists/modern women on the other hand have completely removed men from their priority list and in doing so have nothing but themselves to reflect on.  So the "self improvement" they pursue is not couched within the intention of finding a man or improving themselves as a woman (as that would be doing that for a man), but anything but.  Career, education, travel, "finding themselves," prada shoes, masters degrees, etc.  Warped and self-centered philosophies such as "fat acceptance" and body mutilation via tattoos and piercings.  Joining political crusades such as feminism, environmentalism, socialism, and veganism.  And like hell if they're ever going to hit the gym, join a hiking group, or put forth the effort to be classically feminine.  The result is an entire world where they are unanchored, listless, directionless, and purely materialistic.  But thank god, because at least you "didn't financially rely on a man" because apparently that is the cardinal sin of all young women today.

But my point is not one to highlight the obvious empirical evidence of women becoming miserable creatures since they put men in 985th place in their lives.  My point is to ask a simple question and hope the simple answer makes women (and men) realize what is most important in life - if not men, then what?

Biologically men and women are hard-wired and designed to pursue, fall in love, and have sex with one another.  Men and women are also designed PHYSICALLY to be complimentary to one another (I'd show feminists a penis and vagina diagram but that might be too complicated for them).  Men and women are also PSYCHOLOGICALLY designed to be complimentary to one another (men are weak where women are strong and vice versa).  And, I don't know if you noticed this, but when men and women get together little humans are usually the result.  The entire universe is telling men and women they need one another, are designed for one another, and should help one another....but women seem to think their Masters in Sociology is more important, oh, and men are oppressing them and need to be viewed as the enemy.

The key difference between today's masculinists and feminists is that at least the masculinists are not arrogant enough to believe they don't need, want, or like women.  They live in the real world.  They admit they want women in their lives because they at least know "well, what's the point with out them."  Feminists have not only convinced themselves, but nearly every western woman alive today that men are completely unnecessary.  And not only unnecessary, but usually a net negative in one's life.  And their indoctrination has been so thorough and complete I doubt this impasse will ever end within any of our lifetimes.  If Baby Boomer and Gen X women are any indication, women will ignore their biology and their hearts and double down on their feminist indoctrination, making the Franza box with cats a standard and not a stereotype well into the 2040's.

This then means that nobody is going to get what they really want and most of our lives will be wasted.  But this doesn't mean there won't be a clear winner and loser.  There is a consolation prize to win - sanity.  For while those men who acknowledged their biological reality and at least admitted they liked women, they may not get women in their lifetimes, but at least they will know why.  They will continue to self-improve, work out, be men for men's sake, but they will acknowledge and know that this just isn't their time.  Women at this point in history just didn't put men first, and so enjoy the decline for what you can.  Women, on the other hand, who subscribed to the lies of feminism, and put something as vapid and pointless as a career or taxes or their politics above all else will never know why they're miserable.  They will always think it's bad luck they "just can't find a man."  They will forever go into debt for degrees with negative ROI's.  They will alienate their children by divorcing their families and outsourcing their children.  And they will always view men as the enemy/adversary/competition, instead of the only thing that could really give them joy, happiness, and purpose in life.

GI Joe was right.  Knowing is half the battle.  And since this battle will be a draw, knowledge and the sanity that comes with it is all there is to win.
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Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Socialist Lies Cause Pretty Deaths

As I get older and more misanthropic, I cannot care that most people who choose to put the government and socialism at the core of their value system end up killing themselves or drinking themselves to death.

Remember, your career and education are more important than anything else.  Except your politics, which is the only reason you have value and should live.  Put ALL of your value in your politics you were trained to have in school and make sure you have no other reasons to live beyond socialist politics.

The Clarey Podcast #290 - The Great One Visit Episode

Cappy and The Great One shoot the shit as Cappy crashes at The Great One's House.  They discuss hot Netherlandian field hockey girls, Adam Piggott, Captain Marvel, and much more.

Podcast here.
MP3 here.

Cappy's Horsetooth Reservoir Adventure

Cappy scoped out the Horsetooth Reservoir outside of Fort Collins, CO yesterday.  Slowly migrating back to the Northern Command.  Posts will return to normal upon my return.  A podcast with The Great One is being made.

Saturday, March 02, 2019

Cappy Goes Nuclear

There are three ways to get me from zero to nuclear in a nanosecond:

1.  Ask me "How do I get da gurlz?"
2.  Get in between me and my work.
3.  Ask me "what should I do for a business idea?"