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Forcing People to Commute Is More Important than Billions of Dollars

 Will cover this on my YouTube channel soon.

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200 Seattle Police Quit

Oh, I only think Portland is a town that deserves such a thing more.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Thin Women as a Measure of a Society's Sanity

It is no secret that the ole Captain is putting together a "Plan B" for when enough of the US population turns parasitic and implements a fully socialist economy (or at least tax system).  This has prompted Cappy to dust off his ole economist skills wherein he's gone out and researched a ton of candidate countries in which he may set up future stakes.

The variables I've used so far are ones you might suspect.  Debt to GDP.  Government spending as a % GDP.  Crime rates per 100,000.  Kilometers of road per person.  Etc. etc.  But as my research and data compilation progressed, I started realizing my main concern wasn't so much financial, as much as it was stability, security, and ultimately happiness.  Naturally, you would want lower taxes, but given how the US is now more prone to riots, looting, tent cities, adults shitting in the streets, and is supporting nearly two full generations of adult-children who are incapable of being functional adults, I'm more concerned about the overall functional integrity of the US than I am a 45% tax rate.  Additionally, (and mark my words as this will increasingly become the case for most productive Americans) I am placing more and more value on my mental health as I see psychopathic behavior not only be tolerated, but celebrated in America, largely by the left.  The US IS becoming Idiocracy, but not the funny type of Idiocracy.  The evil, psychopathic, kill-those-people-because-I-blame-them-for-my-mistakes type

This has moved the emphasis in my research from economics to cultural stability.  I no longer am too concerned about tax rates as much as I am things like the age of the country, the stability of it's culture, racial homogeneity, even if said racial homogeneity would be bigoted against me as (for example) in Japan.  I may be considered a "Gaijin" in Japan, but the Japanese people will at least keep the lights on, continue as an industrialized 1st world country, leave me alone, and not allow full-grown adults to defecate in their streets.

However, there was an accidental third variable I came across while shopping at Wal-Mart.  And I hadn't realized just how much this variable affected my mental state and overall standard of living.  Because as I dealt with slow driving morons not knowing where they were going to park, or seeing the bloated single mom park her ass in the middle of an aisle I needed to get through, or the obese older man with sweat seeping through his shirt as he chose which XXXXL large shirt he'd buy for $5, I realized...

"Ugly people piss me off."

At first this may sound mean or offensive, but what we are talking about is an economic concept called "negative externalities."

For example, if you ever visit the University of Minnesota's "west bank campus" prepare to have your eyes raped with some of the world's most horrific and ugly 1970's architecture.  Sure there is a specific financial and economic cost/value associated with the construction of those buildings.  Sure, there are specific rent values associated with those buildings.  But unaccounted for in all the debits and credits that went into those buildings, they are an eye sore and lower the standard of living of anybody that has to see them.

Another example, noise in bars or restaurants.

Today, you cannot simply go to a restaurant or a bar and not have your ears assaulted by a cacophony of noise.  Modern pop music HAS to be played.  40 television screens showing all the sportsball games MUST be shown.  And just as you're about to take a bite out of a bacon cheeseburger because it's your cheat day, some fuckwit announces over the PA that "BINGO is about to start!!!  Everybody get your cards ready!!!"  None of these noises have an financial effect on the cost of the diner.  But these "negative externalities" do.

And this is the epiphany I had while standing in the middle of Wal-Mart.  The fat people.  The ugly people.  The people paying with an EBT card.  And the tatted up 20 something girl wearing sweatpants in public.  All these people are ugly.  And their physical revulsion was putting me in an incredibly foul mood.

So I went home.  And upon getting home I went online and looked up "Countries by Obesity."  And sure enough Wikipedia had the data I was looking for.  It even allowed for you to sort by sex in case you were looking to find a svelte woman.  But whereas my primary concern was to find a country where the people didn't dress like the fat, bloated pieces of shit Americans are, and instead comported themselves appropriately in public, my economic spidey senses started tingling because there was more to the obesity rate.  Specifically, female obesity.  And then I realized...

"It's the mark of a mentally healthy society."

Revisit how mental health plays a significant role in your happiness and standard of living.  And then compare it to the psychological shit show the US has become.  Everyday you are accused of some political sin because of your race or gender.  Everyday productive, sane people are being blamed for mistakes of the stupid, idiotic, even criminal.  We're so pampered you got Millennials and Gen Z'ers blaming their problems on (largely) made-up mental illnesses like "social anxiety disorder" and "ADHD."  And those same generations are so delusional they create "designer-genders" they can choose from so they can feel special.  But the real psychological tax, the real mental toll is the one we all pay when we've lied to the genders about themselves, resulting in the very real sex war we have going on.  And while blaming people X for people Y's problems, pitting the sexes against each other in a borderline-hot war has done the most (I'd argue anyway) to destroy the mental health of American society.

Women are now being forced to choose between rushing into a marriage or getting their eggs frozen because we've lied to them and told them their career was of ultimate importance.

Women (and men) are crippled with unacceptable levels of debts for degrees that are completely worthless, which unfortunately ruins the rest of their financial lives.

Men are being told that leftist politics are more important than hitting the gym, becoming a man, getting a good career, and keeping good finances in order to get women.

And it is so psychotic, so wrong, so far removed from reality, that women actually think big is beautiful (or at least think they're going to shame men into overriding 2 million years of genetic hard-wiring to all of the sudden like Amy Schumer).

And this says NOTHING about the resentment, anger, frustration, even outright hatred BOTH sexes have for one another, nor the fact it's PERFECTLY LEGAL TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST SEX (that would be men).

There are certainly many, many, MANY other society-wide mental issues the American people have, but no society in the history of the world can survive where one sex is so adversarial or hating of the other.

And thus why "Female Obesity Rates" was moved to the top position of my variable list.

Though it doesn't address everything, women who are thin are an incredible sign of cultural stability and sanity.

First, it shows half the population is not warring with the other half.  They are working together and (unlike most of the western world) it shows both sexes understand and acknowledge there is another sex with requirements, demands, etc.

Second, familial stability.  It is a laughable lie that families do not need their fathers.  And while the American horse is out of the barn on this one, there are countries out there where the nuclear family is still intact.  And since the nuclear family is intact, so is the rest of society.  You may not agree with the theocratic laws set forth by the theocracy in Dubai or Bahrain, but they don't have full grown adults shitting in the streets.  You may not like the "patriarchical culture" of Korea, but crime is very low.  When women like men, or at least are willing to work together instead of against each other, not only are people happier, but better families are formed, and thus better societies.

Third, economic growth.  Though admittedly I have not done a study on this, I'm going to bet my left nut that if you did, countries with thinner women tend to grow faster than fatter ones.  The reason is very simple - female youth and beauty is what drives men to produce.  And though lower taxes is incentive enough for everybody to work more, a nice pair of T&A is going to prompt men more than a 2% tax cut (no matter how "distasteful" that may sound).

And last, but not least, better mental health due to a POSITIVE externality.  

A friend of mine visited Slovenia and could not believe not only how thin women were, but how they dressed in public.  They were all in dresses (or so he told me), all in heels, presented themselves in a very feminine manner, and obesity was the exception, not the rule.  I asked him about the guys (which he admitted to not paying too much attention too), but he did recall they were equally well dressed and well-groomed, making for an overall much more attractive population.  And while no doubt I would have a preferential interest in Slovenian women over the men, I can guarantee you I'd be in a lot better mood (and thus enjoying a much higher standard of living) being surrounded by Slovenians than the slovenly slobs in America.

No doubt, many of you are looking to move overseas as well.  And no doubt, your primary concern would be that of economics and politics.  But as you're pouring over spreadsheets and data and OECD reports and the like, may I recommend you add Female Obesity to your analysis?  It may increase your standards of living more than a 5% tax rate.


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The Percent of American Men Who are Marriage Material

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Cappy is Going to Be Speaking in Vegas

As some of you may already know I am part of Donovan Sharpe's "Conference on Masculine Excellence" which will be held in Vegas from June 4th to the 6th.  There will be 12 speakers including Terrence Popp, Better Bachelor, Greg Adams, Myron Gaines and several others.  

As some of you also could surmise, it is very expensive.  A standard ticket costs $1,597 while an VIP ticket costs $1997, however some of those costs are recouped in that you get free lodging and some meals included with it.

For the most part the majority of my audience would probably not get their money's worth on account most of you are somewhat seasoned veterans and (thankfully) probably know about 85% of the knowledge to be shared.  Additionally, most of you men are no longer interested in chasing tail (or at least putting it at the center of your life) so a lot of the dating/courting topics would be of no practical use to you.

However, if you are new to the red pill/masculinity, your dad wasn't around, are just recently divorced, then this seminar would be for you.  Yes it is expensive, but you will easily have to spend about 500 hours across all the different topics, platforms, and speakers, to get the general knowledge that is going to be conveyed at this conference.  And when you compare that to the $40,000 a year you're being forced to spend on worthless classes through college and university, this is not only a steal, but an investment that will pay A LOT higher dividends than your "Sports Marketing" degree.

If you're interested you can purchase tickets through my affiliate link here.

More information about the conference here.

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What to Consider When Moving Out of the US? How About Fat People?

As many of you know I have always had a desire to establish a solid "Plan B" should the US ever go hard socialist, or simply (and more likely) lose it's collective social mind.  And whereas originally my desire to have a "Plan B" was financial and economic, as Americans increasingly lose their collective minds, non-economic factors are taking an increasing amount of weight in my decision.

For example, I have pointed out that I want a stable culture more than I'm concerned about taxes.  The reason for this is I remember the 80's and 90's where you could watch cartoons, hang out with different-race friends, and women would wear skirts.  Now, many thanks to Gen X teachers and professors, everybody is obssessed about the traits they were born with, and hate those without those traits.  This doesn't affect my finances per se, but it does decrease my quality of living when companies actively promote discirmination against my type/trait, while also claiming I'm to blame for all the country's problems.  

But another variable has come across my mind and I'm thinking outweighs financial factors, is obesity.  More specifically, how physically attractive people are.

For example, I'm currently in South Dakota smoking a cigar at a cigar lounge in Deadwood.  Many of you are well aware of the financial benefits of living in South Dakota (no state income taxes) and perhaps think this is a haven for some of the last, dwindling percentages of traditional Americans that exist.  And while you would be correct about both, I'm currently looking at a fat white woman's ass in front of me, while her cadre of equally fat friends are cackling and giggling about smoking cigars.

I could get up to go sit elsewhere, but it wouldn't matter because there are fat people everywhere.  

People are also dressed for shit.  I'm not expecting people to be in a Cary Grant movie, donning hats and Christian Dior dresses, but the untucked shirts with people's guts hanging out at the bottom (both male and female) is physically revolting, and drastically lessens my quality of living than paying another 1% of my income in a tax.

As you may know, one of my next major projects is to travel the world and find a country that would make for a good plan B.  And while I have a spreadsheet with about 20 variables, all ranked and weighted, I need to reprogram it to factor in the physique of the people who live in different countries.

Thankfully, left-leaning and no doubt feminist Wikipedia has a GREAT link that ranks countries by obesity AND it allows you to sort it by male or female.  There is of course a general correlation between men and women's obesity in various countries, but the point is that in addition to cultural stability and taxes, you should seriously consider a country that at least isn't a fat, slovenly, ugly, pig-hole like the US.  It may not be apparent, but seriously stop and take the time to consider what fat, ugly people do to your mood and thus enjoyment of life.

Thursday, April 08, 2021

The Conference of Masculine Excellence

Cappy will be speaking in Las Vegas on June 4th-6th as part of a conference put on by Donovan Sharpe.  I go through the details in this video, but have also linked to the conference's main page as well as links to the standard and VIP tickets.

IT'S VERY EXPENSIVE.  $1,997 for VIP and $1,597 for standard, but there's 12 speakers, Joker (Better Bachelor) and Terrence Popp being just two of them.


VIP Ticket

Standard Ticket

Conference's main page

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Another Dude Bro Bites the Dust

If you don't take other people's money (debt) you CANNOT have financial problems, bro.