Thursday, July 29, 2021

Ne'er a Man Confused Again

The Thinking Ape

I was binging on Thinking Ape.  And one of his videos struck a chord with me more than most.  This particular video was titled "Readjusting to Reality" and the point he was making was one of how different generations of men consumed the red pill, as well as the red pill rage that ensued.  The boomer men believed that marriage vows were sacrosanct and trusthworthy, only to get divorced in the 70's and 80's.  Gen X'ers believed in such poppy cock as "follow your heart and the money will follow" or "the sensitive 90's man" only to have even worse results than their boomer fathers.  And older Millennial men were even worse off than that, believing a limitless amount of femi-commi-soy-prop that turned them into the most miserable and unsuccessful group of American men ever.  

But when it came time to discuss Gen Z or younger millennials, he had an astute and optimistic point:

That in order to have red pill rage you first needed to be lied to and, consequently, have a significant percent of your life wasted.  And whereas lies have cost nearly every Gen X'er their youth and Millennials their entire lives, the same could not be said for Gen Z for one simple reason - the internet made it impossible to be lied to for long.

Thinking Ape then continued to make the point that without having lies cost them their youth, Gen Z was not quite as capable of red pill rage, because they really weren't all that misled in the first place.  They grew up where all the world's knowledge AND OPINIONS were available on the internet, and if things didn't seem to make sense, they'd just google it and find the answer/truth.  And so instead of going to college for worthless degrees, "being themselves" to "get da gurlz," agreeing with women to have their peens touched, and working really hard to make "six figs" to "get da gurlz," Gen Z men have more or less tapped out.  Either retreating to a world of video games, living at home, and a general non-participation in society - or - significantly investing in themselves via careers, hobbies, and nomadism, but only themselves.  Rarely investing a minute into the pursuit of women.

And whereas his point was brilliant and certainly an assessment of reality that needed to be made, I don't think he realized just what a huge benefit this has been to Gen Z men. Namely, the lack of confusion in their lives.

No Man Shall Ever Be Confused Again

Rarely do I point out good news, because...well...there isn't much.  Socialism, feminism, tyranny, traitism, and outright insanity are infecting and ultimately destroying western civilization.  People are willingly voting themselves into slavery.  Women (more or less) hate or at least dislike men.  And the culture sucks.  But while many of us in the red pill/manosphere/MGTOW/etc., community bemoan this loss and see nothing good, there is a very thick and very bright silver lining to these clouds.  Because whereas you, me, and any other man over 30 suffered greatly during our youth (and perhaps even today), that will not be the case for men going forward as long as the electricity is on powering the internet.

Reminisce, if you will, the first time you got stood up.  You were probably a young teen, didn't know anything about girls, but you knew that "Susie" said yes to a date and would meet you at the movies at 650PM.  It was now 710PM and there you stood with two tickets that cost you a full weekend of mowing lawns to afford.  Worse still you had no such conveniences like cell phones or texting to find out where Susie was.  You would call via pay phone, but there would be no answer.  And if it was the 90's you may have gotten voicemail.  And this would repeat itself on an industry-average of 70% of the time a girl said yes to a date.  And of course you would either be completely ghosted or given some lame excuse like "OMG, my best friend just broke up with her boyfriend and needed me that night" when you inquired "why did you stand me up?"

Reminisce again about the maddening experience it was actually dating.  Drama, temper tantrums, being late, suicide threats, crying, whining, and the favorite American pasttime of all men -a girl who just wouldn't talk on a date.  And how many of you can say even 25% of the LTR's you had in your dating career were anything but painful and a complete waste of time?

And let's say you did get lucky.  You found a girl, fell in love, she fell in love with you and you had kids...only to have her divorce you and destroy the family in the process.  And don't even get me started about the latest fad of false rape accusations.

I don't need to rehash the entire American male dating/courting experience, but in the analog past it was filled with DECADES of pain, agony, confusion, and misery.  Women lied to men.  Society lied to men that they were being lied to.  And men were driven insane trying to figure out what was wrong with them in the process.  But not anymore.  And never again, because every man from Gen Z on will never have to suffer even a fraction of what their forefathers did.  All they have to do is search a question on the internet and they will find the library of work left to them by Red Pill pioneers.  They have access to a completely recompiled, modernized, and accurate model of how the sexes work.  They are fully cognizant of what drives female behavior.  They are ACUTELY aware of the risks of marriage (as marriage rates plummet).  And as evidenced by the likes of Jack Napier, TJ Martinell, or any young man who is putting their success ahead of their pursuit of women, these men will 

achieve at 30 what we did by 50
be infinitely better off financially than we ever were
spare themselves the torture of divorce
and above all else, enjoy a much saner and less-confused life

And so while many of you red pill creators may bemoan the loss of society or even mourn over you torture analog past, you'll soon realize all of your work was not in vain.  We have done nothing short of sparing ALL FUTURE MEN this confusion and pain, and that is no minor feat.

The Wicked Irony of the Internet

There is, however, a very wicked irony.  Because while younger men are figuring things out, avoiding mistakes we made in the past, and leapfrogging us by decades in terms of success, there is a truism about the internet.  And that is the internet tells men the truth, while the internet only tells lies to women.  

Of course the internet lies to both, but the point I'm making is the distinct difference each sexes' respective internet spheres tell them.  If you look at the red pill community for men, it is nothing but harsh truths:

Go to the gym
Work hard and make a lot of money
Go out and excel at something hard
Learn to fight
Learn to manage finances
Learn carpentry, computer repair, and auto repair
Join the military
Join the trades
Become an intellectual
Become interesting

But if you look at the female internet, it is nothing but lies:

Big is beautiful
You don't need no man
Your career comes first
Socialism/feminism/environmentalism > love
There's enough 6 foot men who earn 6 figures to go around
Someday your prince will come
You deserve a prince
It doesn't matter if you have another man's kid
You deserve student loan bailouts
Your Masters Degree in Armpit Hair Studies means you're smart
You can have kids in your 40's

And for those of you who were young men in the 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's you know PRECISELY just how confusing, and thus painful, lies can be.  

Of course, the confusion and pain we suffered in the past is different than the pain young...and not so young...women of today face.  They can't find out where the good men have gone.  They can't understand why all the men their age are fat, soy, pussy leftists.  They don't understand why many hot men will sleep with them, but never marry.  And I just can't imagine how confused, delusional, and ultimately pained the millions of overweight, in-debted, worthless-degreed single moms are over their lack of love lives.  And worse, there has been such an investment made into convincing women of their infallibility that they will never swallow their pride and ego, which damns nearly every Gen X woman and younger to a wasted life of spinsterhood.

Whatever calories of pain and confusion men suffered in the analog past, women will suffer to the calorie into the future.

Enjoy the Decline

There is not much that can be done to stop this insanity and to make men and women friends, lovers, supporters and teammates again.  The trillions of dollars and trillions of hours that have gone into convincing women to spend money, go into debt, sacrifice love for careers, politics, and themselves is too great for some niche sphere in the internet to overcome.  There is literally nothing else to do, but crack open a beer, grab the popcorn and enjoy the decline.  But while things may not be perfect and we print western civilization into hyperinflationary oblivion and we're constantly reminded about how men suck and the patriarchy is to blame, sleep well knowing we saved all future men from a fate much worse.  It's not necessarily the life goal many of us had in mind while growing up as children.  But it's once hell of an accomplishment.


Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Cappy and Terrence Popp in Vegas

So Bad Popp and I did a meandering through the strip in Vegas during Donovan Sharpe's convention.  Blake recorded it and put the Rated NG (Not Google) version up.  Enjoy as Cappy continues his vacation!

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Thursday, July 08, 2021

Lastest Older Brother Podcast is Out!

Chad and I banged out a quick 15 minute podcast.

MP3 here.
Youtube here.
Soundcloud here.

Wednesday, July 07, 2021

How All Success is Derived from the Marginal Increase in Effort

Still working on the house.  Normal writing and broadcasting will return in September.  In the meantime I was on Rule Zero where we talked about how success is derived from additional effort above and beyond the "normal" effort normal people put forth.