Thursday, July 29, 2021

Ne'er a Man Confused Again

The Thinking Ape

I was binging on Thinking Ape.  And one of his videos struck a chord with me more than most.  This particular video was titled "Readjusting to Reality" and the point he was making was one of how different generations of men consumed the red pill, as well as the red pill rage that ensued.  The boomer men believed that marriage vows were sacrosanct and trusthworthy, only to get divorced in the 70's and 80's.  Gen X'ers believed in such poppy cock as "follow your heart and the money will follow" or "the sensitive 90's man" only to have even worse results than their boomer fathers.  And older Millennial men were even worse off than that, believing a limitless amount of femi-commi-soy-prop that turned them into the most miserable and unsuccessful group of American men ever.  

But when it came time to discuss Gen Z or younger millennials, he had an astute and optimistic point:

That in order to have red pill rage you first needed to be lied to and, consequently, have a significant percent of your life wasted.  And whereas lies have cost nearly every Gen X'er their youth and Millennials their entire lives, the same could not be said for Gen Z for one simple reason - the internet made it impossible to be lied to for long.

Thinking Ape then continued to make the point that without having lies cost them their youth, Gen Z was not quite as capable of red pill rage, because they really weren't all that misled in the first place.  They grew up where all the world's knowledge AND OPINIONS were available on the internet, and if things didn't seem to make sense, they'd just google it and find the answer/truth.  And so instead of going to college for worthless degrees, "being themselves" to "get da gurlz," agreeing with women to have their peens touched, and working really hard to make "six figs" to "get da gurlz," Gen Z men have more or less tapped out.  Either retreating to a world of video games, living at home, and a general non-participation in society - or - significantly investing in themselves via careers, hobbies, and nomadism, but only themselves.  Rarely investing a minute into the pursuit of women.

And whereas his point was brilliant and certainly an assessment of reality that needed to be made, I don't think he realized just what a huge benefit this has been to Gen Z men. Namely, the lack of confusion in their lives.

No Man Shall Ever Be Confused Again

Rarely do I point out good news, because...well...there isn't much.  Socialism, feminism, tyranny, traitism, and outright insanity are infecting and ultimately destroying western civilization.  People are willingly voting themselves into slavery.  Women (more or less) hate or at least dislike men.  And the culture sucks.  But while many of us in the red pill/manosphere/MGTOW/etc., community bemoan this loss and see nothing good, there is a very thick and very bright silver lining to these clouds.  Because whereas you, me, and any other man over 30 suffered greatly during our youth (and perhaps even today), that will not be the case for men going forward as long as the electricity is on powering the internet.

Reminisce, if you will, the first time you got stood up.  You were probably a young teen, didn't know anything about girls, but you knew that "Susie" said yes to a date and would meet you at the movies at 650PM.  It was now 710PM and there you stood with two tickets that cost you a full weekend of mowing lawns to afford.  Worse still you had no such conveniences like cell phones or texting to find out where Susie was.  You would call via pay phone, but there would be no answer.  And if it was the 90's you may have gotten voicemail.  And this would repeat itself on an industry-average of 70% of the time a girl said yes to a date.  And of course you would either be completely ghosted or given some lame excuse like "OMG, my best friend just broke up with her boyfriend and needed me that night" when you inquired "why did you stand me up?"

Reminisce again about the maddening experience it was actually dating.  Drama, temper tantrums, being late, suicide threats, crying, whining, and the favorite American pasttime of all men -a girl who just wouldn't talk on a date.  And how many of you can say even 25% of the LTR's you had in your dating career were anything but painful and a complete waste of time?

And let's say you did get lucky.  You found a girl, fell in love, she fell in love with you and you had kids...only to have her divorce you and destroy the family in the process.  And don't even get me started about the latest fad of false rape accusations.

I don't need to rehash the entire American male dating/courting experience, but in the analog past it was filled with DECADES of pain, agony, confusion, and misery.  Women lied to men.  Society lied to men that they were being lied to.  And men were driven insane trying to figure out what was wrong with them in the process.  But not anymore.  And never again, because every man from Gen Z on will never have to suffer even a fraction of what their forefathers did.  All they have to do is search a question on the internet and they will find the library of work left to them by Red Pill pioneers.  They have access to a completely recompiled, modernized, and accurate model of how the sexes work.  They are fully cognizant of what drives female behavior.  They are ACUTELY aware of the risks of marriage (as marriage rates plummet).  And as evidenced by the likes of Jack Napier, TJ Martinell, or any young man who is putting their success ahead of their pursuit of women, these men will 

achieve at 30 what we did by 50
be infinitely better off financially than we ever were
spare themselves the torture of divorce
and above all else, enjoy a much saner and less-confused life

And so while many of you red pill creators may bemoan the loss of society or even mourn over you torture analog past, you'll soon realize all of your work was not in vain.  We have done nothing short of sparing ALL FUTURE MEN this confusion and pain, and that is no minor feat.

The Wicked Irony of the Internet

There is, however, a very wicked irony.  Because while younger men are figuring things out, avoiding mistakes we made in the past, and leapfrogging us by decades in terms of success, there is a truism about the internet.  And that is the internet tells men the truth, while the internet only tells lies to women.  

Of course the internet lies to both, but the point I'm making is the distinct difference each sexes' respective internet spheres tell them.  If you look at the red pill community for men, it is nothing but harsh truths:

Go to the gym
Work hard and make a lot of money
Go out and excel at something hard
Learn to fight
Learn to manage finances
Learn carpentry, computer repair, and auto repair
Join the military
Join the trades
Become an intellectual
Become interesting

But if you look at the female internet, it is nothing but lies:

Big is beautiful
You don't need no man
Your career comes first
Socialism/feminism/environmentalism > love
There's enough 6 foot men who earn 6 figures to go around
Someday your prince will come
You deserve a prince
It doesn't matter if you have another man's kid
You deserve student loan bailouts
Your Masters Degree in Armpit Hair Studies means you're smart
You can have kids in your 40's

And for those of you who were young men in the 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's you know PRECISELY just how confusing, and thus painful, lies can be.  

Of course, the confusion and pain we suffered in the past is different than the pain young...and not so young...women of today face.  They can't find out where the good men have gone.  They can't understand why all the men their age are fat, soy, pussy leftists.  They don't understand why many hot men will sleep with them, but never marry.  And I just can't imagine how confused, delusional, and ultimately pained the millions of overweight, in-debted, worthless-degreed single moms are over their lack of love lives.  And worse, there has been such an investment made into convincing women of their infallibility that they will never swallow their pride and ego, which damns nearly every Gen X woman and younger to a wasted life of spinsterhood.

Whatever calories of pain and confusion men suffered in the analog past, women will suffer to the calorie into the future.

Enjoy the Decline

There is not much that can be done to stop this insanity and to make men and women friends, lovers, supporters and teammates again.  The trillions of dollars and trillions of hours that have gone into convincing women to spend money, go into debt, sacrifice love for careers, politics, and themselves is too great for some niche sphere in the internet to overcome.  There is literally nothing else to do, but crack open a beer, grab the popcorn and enjoy the decline.  But while things may not be perfect and we print western civilization into hyperinflationary oblivion and we're constantly reminded about how men suck and the patriarchy is to blame, sleep well knowing we saved all future men from a fate much worse.  It's not necessarily the life goal many of us had in mind while growing up as children.  But it's once hell of an accomplishment.


Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Cappy and Terrence Popp in Vegas

So Bad Popp and I did a meandering through the strip in Vegas during Donovan Sharpe's convention.  Blake recorded it and put the Rated NG (Not Google) version up.  Enjoy as Cappy continues his vacation!

"Achieving Minimalism" Course Now Open for Enrollment

Enrollment will close at 1159PM on the 25th.  It is $450 base price, but Teachable is now charging state sales tax.  Use discount code "CAPPY" to get $50 off to compensate for those taxes.  Sign up below by clicking on the calm, relaxing tree.

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Lastest Older Brother Podcast is Out!

Chad and I banged out a quick 15 minute podcast.

MP3 here.
Youtube here.
Soundcloud here.

Wednesday, July 07, 2021

How All Success is Derived from the Marginal Increase in Effort

Still working on the house.  Normal writing and broadcasting will return in September.  In the meantime I was on Rule Zero where we talked about how success is derived from additional effort above and beyond the "normal" effort normal people put forth.

Monday, June 14, 2021

The Incredible 1950's Economic Opportunity Facing Gen Z

It has never been so easy to get a living-wage job without a college degree than TODAY...but it won't last for long:

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Why People Spend More Than They Make : Addiction and Genetics

The Minimalism seminar will be closing at midnight tonight.  However, in this video we delve into the underlying causes of why people spend more than they make:

Tuesday, June 08, 2021

"Achieving Minimalism" Now Open for Enrollment

My seminar that is designed to get you to finally STOP SPENDING MORE THAN YOU MAKE, is available once again.  It will close at 1159PM on the 12th.  If you are interested, sign up here, but also use the promo code "CAPPY" to get $50 off.

July Will Return to Normal

 Writing will return to a semi-normal cadence starting in late July.  Too much work and other projects have taken my time from writing, but most of these projects have ended or are nearing completion.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Advice for Weak Men

Allow me to regale you with a tale.

Several years ago I was receiving the same question from men about once a week. Sure, each individual man would word his question differently than the others, but it all boiled down to the same question:

“How do I get da gurlz?”

At first I answered this question gleefully because I was getting paid and I am a whoooooore. But after a while these questions started grating on me and became so annoying, I had to ask myself why. WHY were these questions becoming so annoying?

In part it was because I was answering the same damn question time and time again, with slight variances depending on the client and his individual circumstances. But regardless of the different flavors or variations of these questions, what I found particularly angered me was that all the men asking this question had one thing in common;

They were cowards.

They were weaklings.
They didn't want to (as my colleague Rich Cooper says) “do the work.”

In other words, they didn't want to truly know “How to get da gurlz.” They wanted to know “How do I get da gurlz easily?” “How do I get the gurlz without work?” “What are the individual actions in terms of grooming, income, speech, fashion, and other things that aren't hitting the gym – that I can do – that will result in me getting da guurrrlzzza.” In short they wanted the short cut to girls, the cheat code to girls, the algorithmic code to girls so they could avoid the gym, dieting, working hard, and above all else the courage it takes to face rejection and just magically “poof” the gurlza are ripping your clothes off.

Once I found out that THIS was the real question and it was weak, cowardly, lazy men asking it, I did a universal video that answered this question on YouTube, scathing men for asking such a question. I said there were no short cuts, you needed to hit the gym and diet, and that they were pathetic, lazy, losers always in search of the easy way to success, of which there is none. And until they were committed to “doing the work,” they would never “get da gurlza.” Henceforth, I have yet to receive one more question on “How do I Get Da Gurlza.”

But unfortunately we find ourselves in a simular situation now. Because like the question “How do I get the gurlza” I am now getting similar questions that may not be identical, but they certianly rhyme, and they're certainly starting to piss me of. And after sitting down and thinking it through, I have identified not only what the core question is these new men are asking, but that these men also do NOT want a solution to their question unless it is cost free, effort free, labor free, and risk free. And that question is:

“Can somebody else live my life for me?”

To understand the nature of this question, as well as the solution to it, we need to understand the background of the men who are asking me this question, as well as the millions of young American men who ask themselves this question every day.

In short, the United States, as well as the west in general, is suffering a crisis of failed parenting. Boomer and Gen X parents simply did not prepare their children for the real world because parenting is hard. They opted instead the easier route of outsourcing their parenting to day care providers, schools, politicians, and media. Fathers, whether present in the family or not, divorced or not, nuclear or not, simply did not take the time to educate their children about the harsh realities of life, and therefore did not prepare their children for the real world. And so after shirking their duties to their children, and letting the public schools install the philosophical life-living operating system in their childrens' minds that is called socialism, feminism, victimhood, and entitlement, we have now released two woefully-ill prepared generations of children (Gen Z and Millennials) into the real world. And the results have been disastrous.

For example, I wrote the book “How Not to Become a Millennial” because we have an entire guinea pig generation as a testament as to what happens when your parents, essentially, lie to you or at least don't tell you the truth. You have listless, purposeless adults who can't support themselves, living at home until they're 35, or certainly relying on their parents' (or government's) financial support. We have generations of adults with completely worthless degrees, and with the life-crippling student debts that come with them. The mental health of this generation is the worst in history (though measures show Gen Z is on track to beat the Millennials in this endeavor). And of particular interest to both men and women of these generations is each other as (uncomfortable as this may sound) sex and family formation is the ultimate reason the human race is here. Both of which are in rapid decline as we witness and experience a hate-filled “War of the Sexes,” the ferocity of which the world has never seen.

And though the above largely speaks to millennials, it is this environment that results in the empty, listless vessels we have as young men today. Men who have no point or purpose in life. Men with no ambition or work ethic. Men who have not a single line of adulthood coded into their operating system. And these men, who once dumped into the real world and forced to wander the desert for several years, inevitably come to my doorstep and ask me “What should I do with my life?”

But keep in mind it is not merely young, inexperienced men, seeking the wisdom of an older brother figure. It's not some young kid who has done his researched, worked some entry level jobs, kind of has some life goals set, but wants advice from a seasoned man on how to achieve them. No, it is once again that legion of “weak men” who above all else DEMAND an easy solution above actual success in life. And after thinking this through, there are several traits that differentiate these weak men, from their real young men counterparts, allowing you to spot them a mile away.

First, they are young, typically in their mid 20's and confused as the artificially cushy environment of school is no longer shielding them from the real world, and the promises of their teachers, parents, media, and politicians never materialize.

Second, they have worthless degrees or educations, often partially completed, indicating a lack of work ethic, critical thinking, and the absence of a father who should have told them better.

Third, they are physically unappealling and unattractive women. They are overweight, fat, skinny-fat and do not exercise. They fear the gym more than anything else.

Fourth, along with poor physical health, they invariably have some kind of mental illness such as “social anxiety disorder,” “ADHD,” “Autism,” or “general depression.”

Fifth, their finances are poor.

Sixth, related, they live at home OR AT MINIMUM are financially dependent upon their parents or the government.

Seventh, despite being a quarter century old, AND SOMETIMES HOLDING A COLLEGE DEGREE, they STILL don't know what to do in life either for education or a profession.

Eighth, they then barf out a litany of potential professions they want me to personally research and analyze, none of which they've researched themselves.

Ninth, they also say, “I want to start a business.”

And finally, despite being the epitomal definition of a loser who offers no value of anything to anyone, they laughably....

Tenth, tell me they're not really good with girls and ask how to get a girl.

And so, when I get a request from one of these weak men, I already know the question they are going to ask. They are going to ask me to make all their life decisions for them. They are going to ask me to do the research, do the homework, and give their lazy, NPC minds the instructions and cheat codes to life. What to study. What to become professionally. How to leave home. How to get out of debt. How to make friends. How to make “six figs.” How to “get da gurlza.” BUT ABOVE ALL ELSE – AND THIS IS KEY


And so just like “how do I get the gurlza” I am going to answer the general, over-arching question, “Can you live my life for me?” of which there are 8 main categories these questions fall into, requiring 8 main general answers.

Question #1 – What Should I Do for a Living?

Nobody but you is going to live your life. But if you insist on other people making your decisions for you because you are too weak and lazy to do it yourself, then you are foisting an unnecessary chore and burden on other people – managing your life. And if you insist on having other people make your decisions for you, then you are effectively a slave and your new “owner” has every right to the money or profit you generate, or at least a managerial fee. So if you need to be told what to major in, what to become as a profession, where to live, what to eat, and which hand to wipe your ass with – no, you are not a human. You are a slave, a robot, an NPC. And the person managing your life is owed compensation.

But more pertaining to the question “What should I do for a living?” even this question is moot because if you're so lazy you have to ask other people to do the research for you to find out what you actually should do for a living, it doesn't matter if you major in chemical engineering or brain surgery – you lack the work ethic to do ANYTHING, let alone a real profession. So go sell cell phones at a mall kiosk. Be a cashier at Kwik Trip or Mavericks. Collect some stimmie checks. Do meth. Play video games. Watch pron. Read Oprah. Or fake having a mental illness so you can collect disability. You are simply incapable of being a professional at anything. So give up the endeavor.

Question #2 – What Type of Business Should I Run?

Akin to question #1, if you can't figure out what kind of business to start you lack both the work ethic and entrepreneurism required to run a business. Furthermore, realize that in asking that question, it is the antithesis of being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs don't ask other people what to do, they lead and strike out on their own. What you're really asking is “Is there a way I don't have to work for a living or work for a boss? Something easy, but where I can still make six figs?” of which the answer is no. Any token amount of time, effort and resources you put into running, starting, or buying a business will be wasted, further worsening, if not crippling your finances. So don't start “drop shipping bro” and no you're not “buying a bar dude,” and no you are not an “entrepreneur” if you are in some MLM scheme. You are a loser always looking to avoid work, and you will likely worsen your finances pursuing some profitless hobby.

Question #3 – What Should I Study?

Here I understand because your father's weren't around, your mothers didn't know any better, and your teachers are truly stupid people, why this question is a valid one. Young people are so propagandized to “follow your heart and the money will follow” or “any degree is a good degree” that you are practically channeled like cattle to the slaughter house of worthless liberal arts and social science degrees.

But some of you are smart enough to know better. Many of you are considering STEM degrees or accounting or the trades or perhaps even the military.

But these are not the weak male clients I am talking about. You guys actually have done some research about various degrees and come up to me asking, “I”m kicking around mechanical engineering vs. computer science. I'm really having trouble picking between the two. Any thoughts?” And those are legitimate questions.

The weak men who want others to lead their lives for them BARF up a score of different degree or training program options, wanting you to spend the days researching each option for them. And like having somebody else decide what your profession should be, means you lack the work ethic to succeed in any profession, randomly barfing up a bunch of degrees and then asking somebody else which to major in, proves you are not capable of majoring in any of them.

Save yourself the money. You aren't smart enough or hard-working enough to go to college.

Question #4 – How Do I Get Out of Debt?

The short answer to this is “You work two jobs and spend less than you make. Maybe you even have to move back home. But you gear up for at least two years of hell where all you do is work and save your money, while cutting expenses to only the necessities.”

There, I have once again solved yet ANOTHER economic problem that has plagued society since existence.

But once again, that solution is hard and “weak men” who invariably have a car loan or lease they can't afford do not want to work 80 hours a week, let alone 40, let alone spend less than they make. And no matter how factual it is working two jobs and spending less than you make is the ONLY way to get out of debt, every weak man will refuse that solution because it is not easy.

That's alright, enjoy being a part time slave to the banks and credit card companies for the rest of your life because you are so deathly afraid of putting in the labor to pay back the money you took from other people.

Question #5 – How Do I Leave Home?

When I get this question, it's particularly funny because it's always invariably couched within, “My parents tell me what to do/who to date/give me a curfew/force me to go to college, but I'm 23 years old! I'm an adult! How do I get them to stop telling me what to do???”

And then I ask, “Well are you living at home?”


“Well then move out.”

“But I can't afford rent.”


Like “how do I get out of debt” the answer is the same for “How do I move out of my parents' house?”

You work two jobs, you spend less than you make, you find a cheap place to live, and then you move out.

Again, this solution falls on deaf ears on account it is not an easy solution, which is the first, foremost, and most vital part to any solution these weak mean seek and demand.

Question #6 – I'm Depressed/How Do I Make Friends?

Here, like college degrees, I can understand some of these questions are legitimate. In part because young men do face a depressing social environment. In part because your parents, teachers, and guidance counselors failed to give you reasons, goals, purpose, and meaning to live in life. Your peers are also mal-raised and mal-adapted to the real world. And lord knows how many of you were put on prescription drugs to treat “anxiety” or “depression” when you were younger.

So I do have a sympathetic ear to young men who are depressed or lacking a social life because your situation IS depressing and your peers ARE depressing.

But when I ask the client “do you go out?” “Are you joining any meetup groups?” “What hobbies do you have?” “How many girls did you ask out this week?” And most importantly, “Do you work out?”

The answer is no. They sit at home, their social life is on social media. The have no hobbies that require the participation of others. And they are playing video games, watching pron, instead of getting in a daily run or hour at the gym.

No amount of working out, socializing, and meet up groups will change the fact that the environment young people today live in is in fact tremendously depressing. But if you are not going to go out, find some hobbies, find some people, and work out to release the endorphins your body/mind so desperately needs, you will remain a cheeto horking, video game playing, obese NEET in your mom's basement, friendless and forever depressed.

Question #7 – How Do I Lose Weight?

How do you think?

I love this question because it's like the human race hasn't known since it's entire existence how food, calories, and exercise works. It's also the longest running tragic comedy in the US where women will try anything and everything EXCEPT eating less and exercising more in an effort to lose weight, condemning now three generations of women to never lose weight, but die trying.

Regardless, we once again see the prime directive of these weak men (and women). 60% of young people are overweight. Everybody would like to lose weight, but not if it's hard on account that violates the prime directive of “It must be easy first, actually success is second.”

I simply refuse to give fat, weak men advice on how to lose weight. You know how, you're just asking for the easy way. If you all really want to lose weight, then I'd suggest you implement the religion of communism young people are so fond of and watch the pounds fall off of everybody.

And finally...

Question #8 – How Do I Get the Girls?

I find this question hilarious.

Here you have a weak man who is


lives at home,
has a worthless degree,
is unemployed,
is in debt,
is mentally ill,
whose social awkwardness frightens young women,
and who is so lazy he needs another man to tell him what to major in or what to do in life,

yet, this veritable loser who is the COMPLETE ANTITHESIS of what women want, inevitably and always asks me “how do I get da gurlza.”

It's hilarious NOT because it's a weak man seeking the cheat code to girls. It's hilarious because these “men” think they are in any kind of social, physical, financial, or mental condition to date. They actually think they have value to women. And when I am invariably asked this question after a litany of work-avoidant questions, I have to laugh and say, “Are you kidding me??? No, you are in no condition to present yourself to some poor girl to date. You don't even know who you are, where you want to live, what you want to do. You live at home, you're in debt, you have no employable skills. Additionally you are fat, weak, and ugly. You are not going to insult a woman, let alone bother her by presenting your completely worthless self to her. Until you get the rest of your life together, until you become a real man who is in physical shape, do not even waste your time chasing girls.”

There are certainly other sub-questions within the realm of “Aaron, make my life choices for me” but there is a larger philosophical issue at hand. A question that every weak man in America and the west needs to ask himself:

Regardless of your brainwashing, upbringing, indoctrination or childhood, do you want to waste the rest of your life being the loser that you are? We can spend all day blaming teachers, parents, media, leftists, politicians, mental illnesses, etc., for your pitiful place in life, but I do not think for one second all the weak men (as well as weak women) DO NOT KNOW what the solutions are to all their problems in life. Everybody knows that to lose weight you need to eat less and exercise more. Everybody knows that to get out of debt you need to work more and spend less. Everybody knows liberal arts degrees are a horrific waste of money compared to an engineering degree. And everybody knows that girls like tall men with big muscles, no matter what they claim otherwise.

The real issue is whether your desire to actually succeed in life and these endeavors is STRONGER than your fear of the work and toil required to succeed in them. And this is the MOST IMPORTANT DECISION YOU NEED TO MAKE NOW. Because if your fear of work is stronger than your desire to succeed in life, then at least do yourself the favor of no longer torturing yourself, impossibly desiring both. If your fear of exercise is more powerful than your desire to have sex with a beautiful woman, then ADMIT THAT and STOP trying to “get da gurlz.” You will save yourself an inoordinate amount of strife and frustration. If your fear of working for a living is stronger than your desire to be financially independent, then unburden yourself with the chore of going to college or researching a profession. If your fear of having to support yourself is stronger than your desire to no longer live at home, then resign yourself to having your parents force a curfew on you at 27 years old. And if you fear the math and rigorous studying that goes into a STEM degree, invest the money you would have spent pursuing a worthless college degree instead into a house or the stock market.

But if you actually DO want to live life, if you actually DO want to be successful in life, then get your head out of your ass and stop asking for the short cuts and cheat codes to life that DO NOT EXIST. Like millions of 40+ something Americans today whose lives are effectively over, you will waste your one-and-only life chasing the false promises of diet pills, worthless college degrees, fat acceptance, careerism, radical-yet-sexy political ideaologies, entitlement, UBI, Oprah books, the opposite sex “liking you for you,” or whatever other valueless propagandist slop society is serving to you.

Unless you were born into wealth, ALL SUCCESS comes from hard work, labor, and toil. And if you wish not to piss away this one and finite life you have, this incredibly short blip of conscientious existence God or the universe has given you, stop looking for the easy way, stop looking for the short cut, get off your ass and go make your life worth something. Because until you do that, your life ultimately won't matter.


My Books and Resources:

Bachelor Pad Economics

Minimalism Seminar
Poor Richard's Retirement

Other People's Books and Resources:

The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi

Unplugged Alpha by Rich Cooper
The Way of Men by Jack Donovan
Pushing Rubber Downhill by Adam Piggott

“How to Get Da Gurlza:”

Troy Francis -

Modern Life Dating Strategies
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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Why Americans Should Refuse to Commute

My latest article I wrote on my LinkedIn page about commuting.  I like writing on linkedin about work related stuff because it reminds all the cogs in the corporate machine that their lives suck.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Forcing People to Commute Is More Important than Billions of Dollars

 Will cover this on my YouTube channel soon.

Academic Composition is Always Hiring

If you are looking for a job Alex at Academic Composition is always hiring.  REMOTE WORK.  It's a great place to make a little bit of extra scratch!  More from Alex below!

Academic Composition is hiring again!

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200 Seattle Police Quit

Oh, I only think Portland is a town that deserves such a thing more.

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Thin Women as a Measure of a Society's Sanity

It is no secret that the ole Captain is putting together a "Plan B" for when enough of the US population turns parasitic and implements a fully socialist economy (or at least tax system).  This has prompted Cappy to dust off his ole economist skills wherein he's gone out and researched a ton of candidate countries in which he may set up future stakes.

The variables I've used so far are ones you might suspect.  Debt to GDP.  Government spending as a % GDP.  Crime rates per 100,000.  Kilometers of road per person.  Etc. etc.  But as my research and data compilation progressed, I started realizing my main concern wasn't so much financial, as much as it was stability, security, and ultimately happiness.  Naturally, you would want lower taxes, but given how the US is now more prone to riots, looting, tent cities, adults shitting in the streets, and is supporting nearly two full generations of adult-children who are incapable of being functional adults, I'm more concerned about the overall functional integrity of the US than I am a 45% tax rate.  Additionally, (and mark my words as this will increasingly become the case for most productive Americans) I am placing more and more value on my mental health as I see psychopathic behavior not only be tolerated, but celebrated in America, largely by the left.  The US IS becoming Idiocracy, but not the funny type of Idiocracy.  The evil, psychopathic, kill-those-people-because-I-blame-them-for-my-mistakes type

This has moved the emphasis in my research from economics to cultural stability.  I no longer am too concerned about tax rates as much as I am things like the age of the country, the stability of it's culture, racial homogeneity, even if said racial homogeneity would be bigoted against me as (for example) in Japan.  I may be considered a "Gaijin" in Japan, but the Japanese people will at least keep the lights on, continue as an industrialized 1st world country, leave me alone, and not allow full-grown adults to defecate in their streets.

However, there was an accidental third variable I came across while shopping at Wal-Mart.  And I hadn't realized just how much this variable affected my mental state and overall standard of living.  Because as I dealt with slow driving morons not knowing where they were going to park, or seeing the bloated single mom park her ass in the middle of an aisle I needed to get through, or the obese older man with sweat seeping through his shirt as he chose which XXXXL large shirt he'd buy for $5, I realized...

"Ugly people piss me off."

At first this may sound mean or offensive, but what we are talking about is an economic concept called "negative externalities."

For example, if you ever visit the University of Minnesota's "west bank campus" prepare to have your eyes raped with some of the world's most horrific and ugly 1970's architecture.  Sure there is a specific financial and economic cost/value associated with the construction of those buildings.  Sure, there are specific rent values associated with those buildings.  But unaccounted for in all the debits and credits that went into those buildings, they are an eye sore and lower the standard of living of anybody that has to see them.

Another example, noise in bars or restaurants.

Today, you cannot simply go to a restaurant or a bar and not have your ears assaulted by a cacophony of noise.  Modern pop music HAS to be played.  40 television screens showing all the sportsball games MUST be shown.  And just as you're about to take a bite out of a bacon cheeseburger because it's your cheat day, some fuckwit announces over the PA that "BINGO is about to start!!!  Everybody get your cards ready!!!"  None of these noises have an financial effect on the cost of the diner.  But these "negative externalities" do.

And this is the epiphany I had while standing in the middle of Wal-Mart.  The fat people.  The ugly people.  The people paying with an EBT card.  And the tatted up 20 something girl wearing sweatpants in public.  All these people are ugly.  And their physical revulsion was putting me in an incredibly foul mood.

So I went home.  And upon getting home I went online and looked up "Countries by Obesity."  And sure enough Wikipedia had the data I was looking for.  It even allowed for you to sort by sex in case you were looking to find a svelte woman.  But whereas my primary concern was to find a country where the people didn't dress like the fat, bloated pieces of shit Americans are, and instead comported themselves appropriately in public, my economic spidey senses started tingling because there was more to the obesity rate.  Specifically, female obesity.  And then I realized...

"It's the mark of a mentally healthy society."

Revisit how mental health plays a significant role in your happiness and standard of living.  And then compare it to the psychological shit show the US has become.  Everyday you are accused of some political sin because of your race or gender.  Everyday productive, sane people are being blamed for mistakes of the stupid, idiotic, even criminal.  We're so pampered you got Millennials and Gen Z'ers blaming their problems on (largely) made-up mental illnesses like "social anxiety disorder" and "ADHD."  And those same generations are so delusional they create "designer-genders" they can choose from so they can feel special.  But the real psychological tax, the real mental toll is the one we all pay when we've lied to the genders about themselves, resulting in the very real sex war we have going on.  And while blaming people X for people Y's problems, pitting the sexes against each other in a borderline-hot war has done the most (I'd argue anyway) to destroy the mental health of American society.

Women are now being forced to choose between rushing into a marriage or getting their eggs frozen because we've lied to them and told them their career was of ultimate importance.

Women (and men) are crippled with unacceptable levels of debts for degrees that are completely worthless, which unfortunately ruins the rest of their financial lives.

Men are being told that leftist politics are more important than hitting the gym, becoming a man, getting a good career, and keeping good finances in order to get women.

And it is so psychotic, so wrong, so far removed from reality, that women actually think big is beautiful (or at least think they're going to shame men into overriding 2 million years of genetic hard-wiring to all of the sudden like Amy Schumer).

And this says NOTHING about the resentment, anger, frustration, even outright hatred BOTH sexes have for one another, nor the fact it's PERFECTLY LEGAL TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST SEX (that would be men).

There are certainly many, many, MANY other society-wide mental issues the American people have, but no society in the history of the world can survive where one sex is so adversarial or hating of the other.

And thus why "Female Obesity Rates" was moved to the top position of my variable list.

Though it doesn't address everything, women who are thin are an incredible sign of cultural stability and sanity.

First, it shows half the population is not warring with the other half.  They are working together and (unlike most of the western world) it shows both sexes understand and acknowledge there is another sex with requirements, demands, etc.

Second, familial stability.  It is a laughable lie that families do not need their fathers.  And while the American horse is out of the barn on this one, there are countries out there where the nuclear family is still intact.  And since the nuclear family is intact, so is the rest of society.  You may not agree with the theocratic laws set forth by the theocracy in Dubai or Bahrain, but they don't have full grown adults shitting in the streets.  You may not like the "patriarchical culture" of Korea, but crime is very low.  When women like men, or at least are willing to work together instead of against each other, not only are people happier, but better families are formed, and thus better societies.

Third, economic growth.  Though admittedly I have not done a study on this, I'm going to bet my left nut that if you did, countries with thinner women tend to grow faster than fatter ones.  The reason is very simple - female youth and beauty is what drives men to produce.  And though lower taxes is incentive enough for everybody to work more, a nice pair of T&A is going to prompt men more than a 2% tax cut (no matter how "distasteful" that may sound).

And last, but not least, better mental health due to a POSITIVE externality.  

A friend of mine visited Slovenia and could not believe not only how thin women were, but how they dressed in public.  They were all in dresses (or so he told me), all in heels, presented themselves in a very feminine manner, and obesity was the exception, not the rule.  I asked him about the guys (which he admitted to not paying too much attention too), but he did recall they were equally well dressed and well-groomed, making for an overall much more attractive population.  And while no doubt I would have a preferential interest in Slovenian women over the men, I can guarantee you I'd be in a lot better mood (and thus enjoying a much higher standard of living) being surrounded by Slovenians than the slovenly slobs in America.

No doubt, many of you are looking to move overseas as well.  And no doubt, your primary concern would be that of economics and politics.  But as you're pouring over spreadsheets and data and OECD reports and the like, may I recommend you add Female Obesity to your analysis?  It may increase your standards of living more than a 5% tax rate.


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The Percent of American Men Who are Marriage Material

20% TOPS.  Analysis below.  Consider purchasing "The Book of Numbers: Analyzing the ROI on the Pursuit of Women." 

Cappy is Going to Be Speaking in Vegas

As some of you may already know I am part of Donovan Sharpe's "Conference on Masculine Excellence" which will be held in Vegas from June 4th to the 6th.  There will be 12 speakers including Terrence Popp, Better Bachelor, Greg Adams, Myron Gaines and several others.  

As some of you also could surmise, it is very expensive.  A standard ticket costs $1,597 while an VIP ticket costs $1997, however some of those costs are recouped in that you get free lodging and some meals included with it.

For the most part the majority of my audience would probably not get their money's worth on account most of you are somewhat seasoned veterans and (thankfully) probably know about 85% of the knowledge to be shared.  Additionally, most of you men are no longer interested in chasing tail (or at least putting it at the center of your life) so a lot of the dating/courting topics would be of no practical use to you.

However, if you are new to the red pill/masculinity, your dad wasn't around, are just recently divorced, then this seminar would be for you.  Yes it is expensive, but you will easily have to spend about 500 hours across all the different topics, platforms, and speakers, to get the general knowledge that is going to be conveyed at this conference.  And when you compare that to the $40,000 a year you're being forced to spend on worthless classes through college and university, this is not only a steal, but an investment that will pay A LOT higher dividends than your "Sports Marketing" degree.

If you're interested you can purchase tickets through my affiliate link here.

More information about the conference here.

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What to Consider When Moving Out of the US? How About Fat People?

As many of you know I have always had a desire to establish a solid "Plan B" should the US ever go hard socialist, or simply (and more likely) lose it's collective social mind.  And whereas originally my desire to have a "Plan B" was financial and economic, as Americans increasingly lose their collective minds, non-economic factors are taking an increasing amount of weight in my decision.

For example, I have pointed out that I want a stable culture more than I'm concerned about taxes.  The reason for this is I remember the 80's and 90's where you could watch cartoons, hang out with different-race friends, and women would wear skirts.  Now, many thanks to Gen X teachers and professors, everybody is obssessed about the traits they were born with, and hate those without those traits.  This doesn't affect my finances per se, but it does decrease my quality of living when companies actively promote discirmination against my type/trait, while also claiming I'm to blame for all the country's problems.  

But another variable has come across my mind and I'm thinking outweighs financial factors, is obesity.  More specifically, how physically attractive people are.

For example, I'm currently in South Dakota smoking a cigar at a cigar lounge in Deadwood.  Many of you are well aware of the financial benefits of living in South Dakota (no state income taxes) and perhaps think this is a haven for some of the last, dwindling percentages of traditional Americans that exist.  And while you would be correct about both, I'm currently looking at a fat white woman's ass in front of me, while her cadre of equally fat friends are cackling and giggling about smoking cigars.

I could get up to go sit elsewhere, but it wouldn't matter because there are fat people everywhere.  

People are also dressed for shit.  I'm not expecting people to be in a Cary Grant movie, donning hats and Christian Dior dresses, but the untucked shirts with people's guts hanging out at the bottom (both male and female) is physically revolting, and drastically lessens my quality of living than paying another 1% of my income in a tax.

As you may know, one of my next major projects is to travel the world and find a country that would make for a good plan B.  And while I have a spreadsheet with about 20 variables, all ranked and weighted, I need to reprogram it to factor in the physique of the people who live in different countries.

Thankfully, left-leaning and no doubt feminist Wikipedia has a GREAT link that ranks countries by obesity AND it allows you to sort it by male or female.  There is of course a general correlation between men and women's obesity in various countries, but the point is that in addition to cultural stability and taxes, you should seriously consider a country that at least isn't a fat, slovenly, ugly, pig-hole like the US.  It may not be apparent, but seriously stop and take the time to consider what fat, ugly people do to your mood and thus enjoyment of life.

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The Conference of Masculine Excellence

Cappy will be speaking in Las Vegas on June 4th-6th as part of a conference put on by Donovan Sharpe.  I go through the details in this video, but have also linked to the conference's main page as well as links to the standard and VIP tickets.

IT'S VERY EXPENSIVE.  $1,997 for VIP and $1,597 for standard, but there's 12 speakers, Joker (Better Bachelor) and Terrence Popp being just two of them.


VIP Ticket

Standard Ticket

Conference's main page

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Another Dude Bro Bites the Dust

If you don't take other people's money (debt) you CANNOT have financial problems, bro.

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The Great Deprogramming Economy

I simply do not have the time to write.  Thus, while I intended this concept to be written, it's better to get the message out than not at all:


From the YouTube comments, and it gives me hope:

"Your book the black mans guide out of poverty changed my life. Went from making $24/hr to making $60+/hr. When I saw the numbers on the wealth gap I damn near wanted to murder someone. Turned that anger into intense focus and now I have my own business. But still work security at night 3x/ week to increase my wealth. I refuse to be 40+ and poor. I am in my late 20s. I will not have children because of how much they cost. I realized my mom could of been very well off if she didn’t have 5 kids by 4 different guys. Thanks for opening my eyes to the lies I’ve been told as a young black man. The next thing I have to do is stop giving my family money. They damn neat sucked me dry financially. This BS needs to stop."

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Guest Post - "Overcoming Death: By Turd Flinging Monkey"

Turd Flinging Monkey, or "TFM," has been around the interwebz for at least a decade.  I thoroughly enjoy his podcast, even though I disagree with some of the key philosophical tenets of his podcast.  Nobody knows precisely what he does for a living, but he is ex military, served in Iraq, was abandoned by his mother, and after have a string of bad experienced with women, has taken the rare course of action to have a "sex doll" replace women in his life.  This background, combined with his dead-on economic analysis leads me to believe he is a real economist, though that is speculation.  

Regardless, TFM wanted to write a guest post which I said I'd gladly post because he is a great philosopher.  Below is the article "Overcoming Death" which I found interesting and undeniably true.  I will link to his philosophy book "The Way of Monkey Book" below, but it is a very good meditational book you may want to consider purchasing it.

Overcoming the Fear of Death by TFM

The fear of death comes from the fear of the loss of self. We understand that our bodies are not only finite but that they require constant regeneration. Our bodies are always in a state of perpetual decay and entropy. We must consume other life-forms, be they plant or animal, to keep our mortal vessel going as long as possible. However, no amount of physical fitness or nutrition will make us immortal, and one-day mortality will catch up with us, and our bodies will give out once and for all.

Upon that moment, when our heart stops beating, our brain activity ceases, and we slip into death, we have a gnawing fear that we will cease to be, and that acknowledging the finite nature of our being, robs life of its purpose. “If we simply die and cease to exist, why bother?” is a common attitude, and to beat-back nihilism, we have invented elaborate theories regarding an afterlife. However, these theories of an afterlife must always be taken on blind faith, for nobody has ever returned from death to tell us about what comes after.

Yes, some people have had “near-death experiences” where they saw a light or had some form of experience when their heart stopped briefly, but these experiences are self-canceling because these events correspond to the person’s cultural traditions, which are internally contradictory when taken as a whole, not to mention that these are easily explained as hallucinations caused by the brain losing oxygen after the heart stops beating. When someone is being choked, their vision turns white as their brain loses oxygen (like seeing an intense light), and oxygen deprivation can lead to hallucinations as well as feelings of intense bliss. An extreme and irreverent example of this is those who practice auto-erotic asphyxiation, wherein practitioners combine oxygen deprivation and masturbation.

If you believe in some form of an afterlife, and that gives you peace and stills your fear of death, I shall not rob you of that. I’m speaking to those who find such spotty evidence unconvincing and look upon their inevitable deaths with anxiety. Allow me to still your fears and convince you of what I believe to be good news.

“You” don’t exist.

But of course, You DO exist. You think! You think, therefore You are, as the philosopher said. But what are “You”? You cannot be your body, because your body is finite and mortal, so what are You? Where is the “soul” inside this biomechanical meat-suit we call the mortal body?

Many will immediately answer that the consciousness is the “You”. Consciousness is the “soul”. Consciousness is the “true self” that exists independent from and beyond the physical body. However, I want to ask you what being a disembodied consciousness would mean. Putting aside the entire issue of whether consciousness can exist by itself outside of a physical brain, let’s just assume that our consciousness is indeed our immortal soul, and put aside everything else, and consider what a disembodied immortal consciousness would even be.

For example, you would not be able to sense anything going on in the universe. Our bodies are the bridge between our consciousness and the universe around us. Without eyes to see, ears to hear, skin to feel, mouths to taste, and noses to smell, these senses as well as the universe which interacts with us through them, would be quite unknowable to our consciousness. It would be similar to the proverbial sound of one-hand clapping, or a tree falling in the woods with nobody around to hear it. Without our bodies and thus our sensory faculties, our consciousness would be wholly ignorant of anything going on outside of itself. Neither a paradise nor an inferno would make any difference to a disembodied consciousness. Even if one were reunited with the lost souls of their departed loved ones, they would have no ability to know they were there or to communicate with them. They would be as it were, like two people laying next to one another in separate comas. They would furthermore have no ability to communicate with one another even if they somehow were made aware of the outside universe.

An additional issue with the concept of the disembodied eternal consciousness is the fact that our memories are tied to our physical bodies. This can be readily seen with dementia and Alzheimer's patients who lose their memories as their brains degenerate with age. If our memories were part of our eternal consciousness, brain damage would not cause memory loss. A clever workaround to these issues is the belief that our consciousnesses are given new “spiritual bodies” upon death, which is why ghost stories contain human-like figures who roughly resemble their mortal appearance. However, while the concept of a spirit or ghost “body” seems to solve the problem of the disembodied consciousness, it just repackages the same problem and returns you to the beginning.

If you have a “spirit body” within your physical body that is capable of sensory input and memory, then what was the point of life to begin with? If we have spirit bodies capable of everything our physical bodies are capable of, then there is absolutely no point to life whatsoever. Ironically, many religions such as the early Christian Gnostics came to this conclusion and proclaimed that material existence was evil. This belief was also held by a Christian sect in the 1800s known as the Shakers, who abstained from sex, marriage, and childbirth because they believed that sex and physical existence were impure (they didn’t last very long for obvious reasons). However, even in today’s secular society, antinatalism is very popular and widespread, often with refrains to avoid children for environmental reasons rather than spiritual ones.

When you think about it, the concept of a spiritual body doesn’t make sense and doesn’t solve any of the problems I outlined above anyway. So where does that leave us? Merely accepting that once we die, we cease to be forever and that life has no point? That isn’t my intent, but before we talk about what I believe is the answer, it is important to talk about what isn’t. However, now that we’ve swept the trash aside as it were, we can now clearly see the path before us.

The plain truth is that there is no You, and You are better understood to be part of an interconnected system of life and consciousness that is in a constant state of change. Life and Death are merely part of one another and go together. Likewise, your sense of self, your “You” does not exist without everything else that isn’t You. There is no You, there is only Everything.

I know that was probably confusing and I can feel your eyes rolling through time and space as I’m writing this, but allow me to explain by starting with things that we can verifiably prove beyond the shadow of a doubt and then make highly educated inferences into that which we can only vaguely perceive.

Science estimates that there are about 30 trillion living cells within your body right now. Of those, most of them (about 25 trillion) are blood cells, with the other 5 trillion making up your tissues and organs. However, there are about three times more microbes (bacteria cells) living in your body than you even have human cells. These microbes not only affect your susceptibility to disease and general health, but also affect your mood, food cravings, and may even affect your personality. There are 500 million neurons (brain cells) in your gut, meaning that even if you believe your consciousness resides in your brain that that relationship isn’t restricted only to the area behind your eyes and between your ears.

Why is this significant? It’s significant because You are not a singular organism, but a biosystem of 10s of trillions of living things, most of which aren’t even human cells. A way to understand this easier is to consider the  Portuguese man-of-war, which is not a jellyfish (although it looks like one) but is instead a colony of organisms working together called a siphonophore. These jellyfish-like colony organisms are much more primitive and evolutionarily distant than human beings, but the point I’m trying to help you understand that there is no singular You, and there never was. You were always a complex array of living things, similar to the siphonophores.

“So what?” I hear you saying (again through time and space). To answer this, let us return to the paradox of consciousness and I will prove to you that your entire sense of self, of individual identity, is wholly dependent on the social biosphere of everyone else and everything else around you.

Imagine being the only thing in existence. You are floating within an endless void. You have no sensory experiences because there is nothing else to interact with. There is no light to bounce off of things and carry information into your eyes. There are no vibrations to carry sound into your ears or to vibrate the nerves in your skin to produce touch.  There is no space because there is nothing to compare yourself to. You could be motionless or you could be traveling at the speed of light, but with nothing to compare your current position to, space does not exist, and without space, there is no time. There is nothing … nothing … forever.

Who are you?

What are you thinking about?

Are you alive?

The answers to these questions demonstrate the profound truth that I disclosed earlier. There is no You. There is only Everything. It is only via our relationships with everything else that we are even capable of having a sense of self, a sense of identity. Our environment and our social connections with other people are the microbiomes that we exist in just as the 10s of trillions of living cells exist within our microbiome within our bodies.We are uniquely situated in the middle of all things that we can observe and appreciate this fact, and we can take serene comfort in understanding that as a part of everything, our illusory identity is no more significant than the food you ate.

Think of all the life you consume to stay alive. Even if you’re a vegan and only eat plants, the plants are still living things. Life requires death, and they go together like opposite sides of a magnet. Likewise self requires others. The organism requires the environment. Nothing does or can exist on its own in a vacuum any more than a valley can exist without mountains.

There is no You, there is only Everything. Call it God. Call it the Tao. Call it Azathoth. You are IT, or rather, you are an expression of IT in the same way that your physical characteristics are an expression of your DNA.

There is also a demonstrable pattern within this biosystem of life and death we call reality, and that is the constant state of change, of materials being used and recycled into new materials.

As we learned in the Lion King, while we eat the antelope, when we die our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass, and so we are all connected in the great circle of life.

Nothing lasts forever, yet nothing is wasted. Death feeds back into Life. Being is born from Non-Being. Death is merely changing, and change already happens every day. You’re not the same person you were 10 years ago, and you won’t be the same person in 10 years. One day the pattern known as You will dissolve and new patterns will emerge, and they will not be the same either.

There is nothing to fear because there is nothing to cling to.

Did you like this essay? Check out my book “The Way of Monkey Book” available on Amazon.

Cappy's Blog Update

Greetings Reading Agents in the Field,

As you know Cappy has been incredibly busy.  There were three books published in the last 12 months, went to Miami last week, tax season, building a house, and of course moving.  Combine this with the demand-pull that more content be put out via podcasting or YouTube, and further combine that with the demands of Asshole Consulting, I have had nowhere near the time to write like I did in the halcyon days of yore when bandwidth only allowed for blogging.

Thankfully, many of these long term projects have closed or are coming to a close and I will be able to return to writing more.  However, it will never be as much or as frequent as the golden years of 10 years ago when I was stuck in a bank office, where I had more or less 8 hours a day to research and write some high level economic/philosophy shit.

In the meantime, if you wanted you can read through my "best of" books which are compilations of my be blog posts.  This includes:

Love Letters to the Left
Top Shelf
Captains' Quarterly which is a Playboy-esque magazine publication I made a shot at, but could not continue because there aren't enough pretty, reliable women to model successive issues.


This is just a link for a client.  Readers needn't worry about it.


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Why Genius Kids Hate School

Turd Flinging Monkey had a great segment on his latest show that I think would be of benefit to everyone.  It's starts at the 4 Hour 41 Minute mark and continues to the rest of the show.  Consider tuning in because it's more than just "normies stupid, and I hate school" but about value, how society is completely designed against smart people, and how your past is you.

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Why Ikea is the Future of the US Economy

My James Bond Villain Couch

Allow me to tell you how Ikea created $2,000 in "NOT-GDP."

I had worked hard.  And not only had I worked hard, but I had worked hard for 30 years.  I saved my pennies and dimes, lived in basements while renting out the upstairs of houses I owned, drove cars over 10 years old, and would bring flasks to bars so I could drink on the cheap.  And over those three decades I was able to pay off my humble house, be mortgage free, and be in the enviable position of retiring before 50.

Part of that early retirement dream was finally selling my investment properties and building my modest-but-dream home.  It would not be a luxurious home as my years of living cheaply had taught me the value of minimalism, but it would be a nice home, culminating my life's work and frugality into a home I would enjoy, not merely live in.

And so in anticipation, for one of the rare moments in my life, I afforded myself something nice.

What was that something?  Ikea's 5 piece "Morabo Sectional" replete with chaise lounge.

My house was designed to look like a Mission Impossible, late-50's, schwank bachelor pad, and I had found the James Bond Villain couch to be the centerpiece of my living room.  And so I permitted myself to drop the $3,200 on this sleek, sexy sectional.

Of course, though, with Ikea, you have to assemble your furniture. And of course, if you've ever been there, you have to use the code on the print out they give you to find all the components that go into creating the set in their warehouse.  And though I was eagerly looking forward to the day I could pour myself a small-fish bowl snifter of scotch, swirl it around in the palm of my hand, and luxuriate on Marabo 5 piece sectional as I made declarations to James Bond on how I would defeat him and achieve global domination...

that would have to wait as Ikea said half my couch was not in stock, and I would have to wait a month to get the remainder of it.

This was understandable.  Sometimes things aren't in stock.  Sometimes things are very popular and sell out quickly. Plus, COVID had people rushing to Ikea to redo their homes as they had nothing else to do.  But after a month passed, and I still had yet to receive a notification that the remaining half of my James Bond Villain couch was delivered, I checked online to see what was going on.

This then started what would inevitably become a 4 month process.

You, in theory, can check the status of your order online.  But there is such little information on Ikea's website that you are compelled to contact customer service.

Ikea is in the throes of a managerial/competency crisis, as people are losing their orders, having the wrong things delivered, etc., which makes contacting customer service about a 30 minute ordeal.

If you get to customer service, you are rolling the dice as to whether or not that person knows what they're doing.  I never received the information I needed nor the same/consistent information from each of the three reps I called to see if the remainder of my couch was ever going to be delivered.  Which compelled me to...

Revisit the physical store to see what was going on, which once again was fraught with its own problems of floor employees looking things up on databases that were not consistent with what was online.

The final straw was when I could no longer pull up my order #.  Ikea, like a heroin-addicted single mom loses her child, lost my order.  Just "poof" gone.  And thank god I saved my multi-thousand dollar receipt to prove that I had paid for it.

In the end I realized that I had wasted more time and labor dicking around with Ikea for a couch that was never going to be delivered.  And so I spent the better part of a cold Minnesota morning, loading up my truck, driving to Ikea, waiting in line, and getting a refund for my half-purchase.  And that experience was the ONLY time I dealt with a competent Ikea employee as the process, though long, went smoothly.

No doubt everybody has horror stories about buying things, delivery problems, an returning them.  But Ikea was different because of two things.  One, the inordinate amount of my time, energy, resources, and money that went into purchasing a couch that simply never existed.  And two, the incompetence at nearly every level and facet of the Ikea organization.  And though I am long over getting frustrated or angry at companies being inept in delivering what they promised, I do believe Ikea serves as foreboding omen of what the future US (and global economy) will look like.  And this is a lesson people with an IQ above 100 need to realize.

All Problems are Caused by Humans

First, you must understand where all problems in the world come from.  They come from other humans.

Yes, a tornado will destroy a house and present you a problem.
Yes, a hurricane will flood your city and damage some property.

But outside natural disasters and statistical chance, nearly ALL of the problems you will face, endure, suffer, and inevitably be-forced-to-overcome are caused by humans who are fucking up.  

Your boss gave you the wrong information to do the project and is now yelling at you for faulty results?
That problem is caused by your boss fucking up.

The waitress added shellfish to your salad when you expressly said NOT TO ADD SHELLFISH, and now you are being rushed to the hospital as you can't breathe?
That problem is caused by the waitress fucking up.

Perhaps you followed your heart and the money would follow when you chose your Philosophy degree, and now you're $75,000 in debt, living at home, and working the same job you did in high school?
That problem is caused by your parents and teachers fucking up.

All problems in your life, be it very important things like your career, marriage, or education to the smallest and pettiest of things like adding onions to your Sub sandwich, are caused by other humans.  And these mistakes not only create incalculable misery, but waste incredible amounts of human time and resources.

But the problem with humans does not end there.  Because in order for society to function and operate, we need to rely not on one mere human to do one mere thing, but a network of MILLIONS of humans to do their jobs correctly, all the time.  When I get gas I'm not only relying on the gas station attendant to do his job, but the pump manufacturer to do his, the credit card payment processor to do theirs, and the fuel truck driver to do his.  When you order food at a restaurant you are easily reliant upon a score of people to do their jobs the right way.  And a corporation is nothing more than thousands of little worker ants who need to do their job right, otherwise the whole thing falls apart.

And today's 2021 Ikea perfectly represents where an entire entity is decaying at this atomic level.

Understand that when I decided to buy my couch through Ikea, I did not engage in the physical buildings, materials, machinery, and inventory that physically makes up Ikea.  I decided to engage and rely upon the thousands of sentient people who control those physical assets to provide a product.  And whereas the Subway sandwich artist may goof up and give me the wrong bread or put mustard on my sandwich when I wanted none, it seems Ikea's people are incompetent at all levels.  And while it just takes one person along the chain line to screw up something, if your entire army of employees are incompetent, well then there's no helping you.

The saleswoman who ordered my couch for me (I think) didn't put the order in.  Just gave me the print out.

The three different customer service people I talked to all had different stories and resolutions to my problem, indicating to me they truly did not know what was going on.

Somebody somewhere either programmed the ordering system wrong or accidentally deleted my order.

And when I physically visited the store, the well-intended floor salesman tried to help, but wouldn't shut up long enough for me to tell him what the problem was or why I was there, which resulted in both him and I wasting about 10 minutes of our respective time.

And so though I am no financial analyst and truly couldn't care about the financial future of Ikea (I obviously never intend on shopping there again), no entity can survive this level of  widespread incompetence.  Ikea will either get it's act together, or fail.

The Ikea Economy

This then brings about a scary insight.  

There is nothing inherently wrong with Ikea's employees.  Ikea has to select from the same pool of incompetent dumbasses that currently populate the US labor market.  And Ikea is no doubt led and staffed by incompetent MBA's and "leaders" who all went to Buck Diddly's School of Business Management or some other such trash business college.  What Ikea does reflect, however, is a decrease in the overall quality and caliber of your average American worker.  The American worker of which went from a grizzled WWII vet who survived The Great Depression, to an adderall-xanax addicted Millennial or Gen Z'er who has not only been brought up under soft and undemanding conditions, but has a worthless liberal arts degree to boot.  Of course that is a very large brush to paint with, but with such weak, untested, and pampered adult children being dumped into the labor market by worthless schools and colleges, it should be no shock that with such decay at the cellular level of the economy (the individual human) companies and the overall economy should suffer, which is has.  

Labor force participation rates are going down.
Economic growth is only about 60% of what it used to be during the 40's-60's.
We have to borrow/print money to bail people/banks/students out of their stupid decisions.
Half the population is dependent on the taxpayer

And perhaps the biggest indication of Americans turning into Idiocracy,

It takes 25 years to grow, educate, and train your average person into becoming a self-supporting worker.

And here is where Idiocracy, the "Ikea Economy" becomes a reality.  Because we are no longer aiming to put men on Mars or develop hover-cars.  We're not even trying to get the nuclear family with a white picket fence.  We're just trying to keep it together.  And worse than that (and this is perhaps the ultimate form of "The Ikea Economy"), the majority of our resources are being spent cleaning up other people's mistakes.  And that does not produce real GDP.

An Economy of Broken Glass

It is unavoidable that a certain percent of an economy's labor has to be spent cleaning up other people's mistakes.  Humans are not perfect and everybody will err, and that err will require a commensurate (perhaps even exponential) amount of resources to clean up.  But if the cellular unit of the economy - humans - are decaying at a rate that they do nothing but fuck up, the percent of the economy that goes to cleaning up broken windows increases at the opportunity cost of genuine economic growth.  

A perfect example of this is social workers.  

Social workers don't produce anything of value.  They merely clean up the mess of broken homes, deadbeat dads, and single mom sluts.  And one can't even claim they do that as poverty, crime, and dysfunctional homes are not only still present, but on the increase.  But their salaries are still counted in GDP and GDP per capita, when there was nothing of value produced there.

But what if on every level, every human, in every institution of the economy, decayed to this level, not just the "social work industry?"

It cost me $2,000 in lost wages and time to order a FREAKING COUCH.

What if one person at the water sanitation department screwed up?  That cost the Michigan taxpayers $600 million with the Flint Michigan water crisis.

What if you major in a dumb subject and need to go back to college to get a degree that's employable?
That is potentially going to cost the US taxpayer $1 trillion.

And forget big ticket items.  What if every interaction you have to have with every human over the course of one day, involves 1 in 10 of these humans fucking up?  Forget water or a college degree, you will waste hours of time just buying a video game or getting gas.

And this is the ultimate cost of "The Ikea Economy."  Certainly, there will be great and many and costly boondoggles like higher education, the welfare state, or the banking crisis.  But when it comes to the normal day to day functioning of society, where we engage in hundreds of individual actions directly and indirectly with thousands of individual people, normal day to day functioning, be it your job, your home, or merely going out in public, will become increasingly less efficient, more costly, and more difficult.  You will have to order your burger three times before the waiter gets it right.  You will have to ask the Ikea rep DO YOU HAVE THIS IN STOCK, and then VERIFY IT IS IN STOCK, before you fork over your credit card.  You will have to check with UPS four times to find out where your package is.  And you will have to call up the electric company three times to get them to turn your power back on.

I may have had a bad experience with Ikea, but I fear it will now become the norm.

The New Normal

The new normal economy will represent what I've been predicting for quite sometime - a second world economy.  

With the average American being a complete idiot, not to mention incredibly spoiled and thinking real work is beneath them AND with enough government welfare/UBI to prevent them from ever having the fear of homelessness or starvation kick their ass into being a responsible adult, you can expect the US (and other nations) to become increasingly like second and third world economies.  Supply chains will become increasingly unreliable.  Bribery will be the most efficient means to get things done.  Underground, black market, or mafia economies will become the most efficient channels by which to get things done.  And the intelligent individual will simply limit the amount of interaction he/she needs to have with the rest of society.  Larger organizations will no longer be functional or feasible, often times being bailed out by a printing press. Entrepreneurs will simply say, "why bother?"  And the real costs of goods will go up.  

But the real problem, I predict, most people will face is the maddening psychological environment this will create.

Think about my desire to buy a couch from Ikea on a very basic, simple, and moral level.

Ikea claimed unto me they had my James Bond Villain couch.  Why else would they advertise it, let alone allow me to purchase it in advance?

But Ikea was not capable of delivering my couch, and I'm pretty sure somewhere in the chain of command of Ikea a man knew this.

This then behooves the question, why are you going through the facade of even offering the couch?  Why are you even in business?  What psychotic mentally ill reason do you have to waste my, and other people's, time?

And thus apply this flawed economic/business mentality to the overall economy:

What if that's every economic interaction and transaction in the economy?  That you're not sure you're going to be delivered what you asked?  That one party says they're going to do "X" and only 50% of the time does so?  To a certain extent this is already happening.  Ikea promising couches that never were.  Universities promises educations/career that would never pay.  Target promising fat women men will inevitably some day like them.  But aside from the obvious and INCREDIBLE economic costs, not to mention all the added costs it takes to clean up these messes, what about the psychological toll people will pay living in this incompetent, mad, Ikea world?

Thankfully, I am a minimalist.  Thankfully, I am old.  And thankfully, I no longer care about society or the economy.  I am going to spend the rest of my days laughing at stupid people making stupid mistakes and screaming at the sky for problems brought about by their own stupidity.  But if you are smarter than the average bear and wish to avoid the pain and agony of this Ikea Economy that cometh, may I strongly recommend you minimize the amount of stuff you need, the number of people you rely on, and prepare yourself psychology for the incompetence that is about to ensue?


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