Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday Night Wanderings

Never send a woman to do a man's job.

Never attend or send your kids to the University of Wisconsin.

Never attend or send your kids to Harvard University.

What Did I Tell You About Modern Day Christian Girls?

They abuse the religion for their own selfish aims.

And what a shock, she's a lawyer.

Why Stephen Smith is Proof Men Need to Ignore Political Correctness

Let me be brief.

We here in this "hate-filled," "mysoginistic," blabbity-blah-blah-freaking-blah sphere of the internet known as the Manosphere, are about the only "baseline" of reality and sanity that exists.

We don't have the billions of dollars that the MSM has.

We don't have the TRILLIONS of dollars that the government has.

But we have something that trumps them all.  And that is the god damned truth.

And when push comes to shove the people are going to be desperately searching for the truth.

And Stephen Smith DARED to speak about it.

Here's the deal men (and any women capable of intellectual honesty).

If you can't speak honestly, truthfully, and realistically about what is happening in society without getting:


Then there is no society worth fighting for.  And that's the plain truth.  If you can't speak your honest, truth-adhereing mind without getting punished, then that society is over with and no longer worth fighting for.

So what are you going to do about it?

The reality is that this backlash and predisposition against the truth comes from the left.  I don't hear any conservatives, libertarians or tea partiers demanding the heads, firings and suspensions of people for speaking their minds.  It is SOLELY THE MONOPOLY of the left that comes in with the political correctness and DEMANDS people be fired for exercising their first amendment rights or having independent thought.

So let's see if Stephan Smith, who is black and that DOES play a role in this, starts to appreciate the a-racists (meaning non-racist) defense of his right to merely point out the truth?

Because the sooner everybody realizes, regardless of their skin, that it's the socialists (euphemistically called "democrats") that will throw anybody under the bus to gain power, the better this country is going to be.

In the meantime, enjoy that freaking decline.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why We Just Can't "Print Off More Money"

A simple explanation for your friends if they ask or if you're having trouble during an argument with liberals:

"I Deserve a Child, Even Without a Husband"

Forcing yourself to take time off
18 months not knowing you had a dishwasher
50 shades of gray the movie
Feminists invade comic-con
The bar Aaron could never attend closes
And hands down the BEST RIPPING APART of a female troll who insists she deserves children even though they won't have a father.

and MORE

in this latest episode of The Clarey Podcast. 

You can find the archive here!

You can also find more ranty goodness on my Youtube Channel here!

America Is Getting What It Deserves

Again, the America you are fighting for is NOT the 1948, hard working, honest, freedom-loving country of decent moral caliber.

It's this.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Why Never Being Able to Reach Your Full Potential is the Real Cause of Grief Among Conservatives and Libertarians

It is without a doubt that conservatives, libertarians, and other generally "pro-freedom" people I categorize as "Real Americans" suffer from a malaise, depression, sadness and grief as they watch this once great nation decay under socialism.  They see the country they grew up with turn on them, breaking all the premises and social contracts by which they based life decisions on in the past.  They look to their futures now with complete uncertainty and distrust where there was once complete confidence and serenity.  They look at their American legacy that not only looks like it will be vilely shat upon by future generations, but is currently and constantly mocked, ridiculed, and criminalized today.  And making it all worse is the maddening fact that it is their fellow Americans who ignorantly and blindly believe the bold faced lies told to them by politicians, and mindlessly vote to undo the greatest thing that has happened to this planet.

In short, everything they've worked for, stood for, believed, and advocated will be moot, making it seem their and their childrens' entire lives were wasted.  That this great good of freedom and Western Civilization that took humans 2 million years to achieve, will be wiped out by the idiocy and mental weakness of socialists in 50 years.  And that humanity will be plunged back into the darkness as we trade things like reality, truth, excellence, independence, individuality and freedom for false gods such as commune, egalitarianism, diversity, affirmative action, environmentalism, dependence and responsibility-free lives.

Yes, it is crushing indeed.

But merely admitting this fact does nothing to assuage our concerns, let alone solve the problem.  Thankfully, I believe I have happened upon something that will at least provide some relief, if not alleviate most Real Americans' grief to the greatest extent possible.

It is here we may have some disagreement. whereas I personally think all is lost and that we should "enjoy the decline," others still hold out hope, thinking Western Civilization can be turned around.  But whichever camp you fall into (or hybrid thereof), neither does anything to address or identify the true, singular psychological cause of Real Americans' grief.  Therefore, if we can at least identify the primary cause of our malaise we can at least address it, deal with it, and lift this depression that plagues us.  And that problem is:

That you'll never be able to reach your full potential.

No matter how you look at it, be it psychological, secular, religious, darwinistic, or genetic, humans have always wanted to take this one life they have and make the absolute best of it.  They not only want what's best for them, but they want to achieve some kind of greatness.  The problem is that while everybody wants greatness in their lives, not everybody is willing to work for it.  And with the replacing of republics with democracies we have put an end to forcing meritocratic behavior on the population, and instead given the power to the masses to legally steal other people's wealth.

This transformation has broken (or at least seriously weakened) the relationship between effort and success.  Worse still, it has destroyed the incentives that would inspire and propel those willing to work toward greatness.  But even worse than that, is when society no longer aspires towards excellence and greatness, nearly every aspect, institution, organ and component of society is corrupted and decayed, no longer allowing those who DO want to achieve greatness the opportunity to do so. And it is that aspect of decline that has stolen the birthright of greatness from all Real Americans.

Consider how every major aspect of American life has been compromised to suit the benefit of socialists and lazy people at the expense of greatness.

Education - Education is epitome of this.  Are you kidding me?  We need to have 19 YEARS of schooling before you train a human with enough skills to be considered employable in today's labor market?  K-12 is not enough?  We need a bachelors degree AND "masters preferred?"

If there is an example where standards have been so lowered to benefit a corrupt network of lazy socialists at the expense of potential greatness the public schools and university system is it.  Imagine what greatness has been;

beaten out of
bored to death
and just plain drummed out of

the hundreds of millions of kids that had to listen to a talentless, inexperienced, 23 year old "education major" drone on 8 hours a day.  And not only "drone on," but to take genuinely interesting topics exciting (the American revolution, science, math, history, etc.) and fail so spectacularly at making them interesting to their students, that their students fall asleep.  How many future Bill Gates were "Ritalined" out of greatness?  How many Milton Friedman's feel asleep because their history teacher couldn't teach economics to save his life?  How many Thomas Edison's never materialized because they were sat in front of somebody thrice their age with 1/3rd the IQ?

Additionally, this says NOTHING about the politics most public teachers are more concerned with than genuinely educating the children and creating greatness.  No it's more important Little Jimmy learns about global warming than the American Constitution.  No, it's more important he learn about diversity than financial planning.  And no, it's more important he be held back in the same class with the problem children of single mothers than be allowed to accelerate at his own pace and graduate at 13.

It is mind blowing to think of the millions of child-geniuses there may have been over the past 40 years whose potential was completely lost to this society because we insisted in sending our children through mindless, indoctrination baby-sitting camps designed first and foremost to benefit the teachers unions and a daycare boon to dysfunctional families.

Sadly, that's just K-12. If the education bubble has shone a light so bright even your average ignorant American idiot can see it, it's the outright scam higher education has become.  As if fleecing parents $150,000 for 13 years of property taxes wasn't enough, no, we need to fleece their children for $150,000 more.  And can anybody sit there with a straight face and say that colleges and universities offer anywhere near the education they once did, let alone an education that warrants the usurious tuition they charge?

It's not so much that the higher education system failed to identify and promote child geniuses (those were all destroyed in K-12).  It's that higher education went on to cripple the finances of most normal kids as well, ensuring they never reach their full potential in life.  In the end we don't have 14 year olds capable of work and innovation, but rather 34 year olds who are still living at home.

Careers - Education is not the only institution putting hurdles, if not, landmines in front of Real Americans and their desire to achieve greatness.  Most employers are too.  Gone are the days of hard work, innovation, loyalty and excellence.  Instead we have politics, ass kissing, brown nosing, and lobbying.  And don't forget diversity training, sexual harassment training, sexual harassment suits, force donations to charities, quotas, affirmative action, CSR departments, mandatory employee "community service," and progressive credentialism.

Even if you were a child genius, and even if your genius was honed and sharpened for those "mandatory" 19 years of education, in 98% of the instances it would all be for naught in that most employers place more value on people skills kissing ass and not rocking the boat lying than any vaccine or new technology you can create.  It's why the likes of Schiff were mocked and ignored and books like these didn't do any damn good.  In short, corporate America is so corrupted by the incompetents that populate the country the ONLY way you'll ever come even close to your potential is through self-employment.

Economic Standards of Living -A study I did showed that if the economy had grown like it did from the 1940's to the 1960's income per capita would be around $99,000 per person.

Imagine the implications for standards of living.

We wouldn't have a social security/medicare/pensions crisis.
We wouldn't have the national debt we do today
We wouldn't have any employment problems
We wouldn't have anywhere near the divorce rates we have
We wouldn't worry about paying for college
And we wouldn't be worried about affording health care

But such an opportunity cost doesn't speak to what such excess capital could afford us.

With so much money there'd be tons more innovation.  Diseases that could be cured, life expectancies would increase, technological advances would accelerate (imagine the Internet in 1973 and XBox 360 in 1981 and smart phones in 1994), whatever we have today imagine we had it 10 years ago.

But no, it's more important to slow down societal progress and blunt excellence so welfare bums can collect a check and spit out more children.

Family -And finally family.

You are never going to have June or Ward Cleaver.

For all the fun and mockery mindless, ignorant Americans made of them for being "square" and being "SWPL," in the end most Americans would kill for a loyal, beautiful, skinny wife and a handsome, wise, reliable, fatherly  husband.  Instead today you're going to get what you sow, and sadly, that SEVERELY limits your potential in life in that it limits the most important thing in your life - family.

Today's selection of modern day spousal candidates have:

Psychological issues
Financial issues
Familial issues (you know, already divorced, 3 kids, 3 different moms/dads)
Drug issues
Student loans
Worthless degrees
Poor job prospects
Credit card debt
Car debt
Household debt

and a never ending litany of other deal-breaking baggage that makes a Leave it to Beaver family a 1 in a million chance.  Sadly, this is the single biggest cap on reaching your potential in life in that family and loved ones are the most important things in life.  But hey, at least some angry 70's feminists got to make 3 generations of Americans wallow in their own misery.

We could address other aspects of potential-limiting in America, but you get the point.  Our general inability to achieve our best is limited as we celebrate and invest in our worst.  Had we not squandered our money on the losers of society we wouldn't have millions of youth mired in under/unemployment, but rocketing towards their best career potential.  People would have enough excess income they could pursue their dreams, resulting in new musicians, artists, innovators, authors, and the commensurate works and creations that would come with it.  Families would be more stable, resulting in a lot happier of a population.  And nearly every one of us could take our one finite life and nearly be guaranteed it would not be wasted, ensuring we'd have no regrets on our death bed.  Sadly, this reality was just barely whisked out of our grasp, and this is the kernel, the nucleus, the true cause of the grief of all Real Americans.

The question is how do we cope?  How do we deal with this?

There are no universal answers, but if you're willing to listen to somebody who has given it some thought, here's my suggestions:

First, realize it's not your fault.  You didn't control being born into the filth of the hippie generation and the successive filth spawned after it.  You were just really unlucky.  You must accept this, but more importantly FORGIVE YOURSELF and NO LONGER TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.  You must realize and accept you cannot fight stupid and there's just too much stupid in this country.

Second, come up with FEASIBLE goals you can achieve.  You may not get that skinny wife or the employed husband.  You may not get that career as a cop.  But find out what you can do and do it. 

Third, realize that the most important thing in life is other humans.  Family, friends, loved ones.  I personally refuse to waste my time on leftists, socialists, feminists and other mentally damaged people.  Life is too short.  Additionally, think about the likes of Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.  Miserable people that nobody loves while they or their spouse fucks other people.  Most leftists live in a delusional world and very few are truly happy.  I say that not to make you feel better, but because it's true.  They have surrounded themselves with leftists.  How happy can a human in that environment truly be?

Fourth, stay physically attractive and have sex with good looking people.  While excellence may not be permitted in terms of finance, success, or your career, there is very little the left can do to stop you from being in good shape and attracting good looking people.  This strikes at their core (envy), but gives them no way to get "retribution" in that you can't "tax" or "confiscate" beauty.  The best they can do is things like "fat acceptance" or try to shame people for being sexually attracted to what they are.  Nothing pisses off a weak, limpy male leftist or a fat, angry female feminist than two hot conservatives or libertarians enjoying each other.

Fifth, collect as much government cheese as possible.  This may sound counterintuitive or at least immoral, but realize this is a democracy and society in its infinite ignorance has voted for bread and circuses.  These ARE the new rules AND THEY ARE FORCED ON YOU.  Ergo, you do yourself a great disservice and disrespect adhering to some inapplicable, higher-caliber moral code.  Play by the rules they gave you.

Sixth, consider buying the book "Enjoy the Decline."  It is EXPRESSLY written for all conservatives, libertarians and Real Americans and is designed to relinquish you of as much of your anger, grief, depression and malaise as possible so you can move on and enjoy the life as much as you can.  Life is too short to be angry, sometimes it just takes a little nudge or a different viewpoint to understand how to let go of the anger...or at least not let it ruin your life.


Aaron Clarey is an author, ballroom dancer, economist, motorcyclist and minimalist.  You can purchase his books here and visit his consulting page here.

Horses Want to Kill Humans

See?  What do I keep telling you about horses!!!!????

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Geeks for Consent - Feminists Invade Another Male Place

Interesting story.

While I am against groping and blatant acts of sexual harassment, not having geek girls dress in alluring geek outfits would kill any Comic Con convention.  ie - Comic Cons would end.

Now many would say that that wouldn't happen.  That just because groping and blatant acts of sexual harassment would be banned or socially ostracized, doesn't mean men won't show up with the original intention of doing so.

However, as is always the case, it's in the gray details where feminists operate.

Is cat calling at a convention with purposely hotly-dressed chicks harassment?
Is taking pictures of them also considered harassment?
What about having hot models on staff to parade and advocate new products?
What about a false claim of harassment? (because they never happen)

Well, as far as Geeks for Consent are concerned - yes.

At this point you are now starting to wonder what kind of people would ruin all the fun?

Yes, we don't want groping.
Yes, you don't want stalking.
And you do not want approaches when clearly shot down.

But NO Princess Leias??????
NO hot Nazi chicks auctioning off Wolfenstein - NWO???
NO various anime girls all dolled up???

You may as well ban leather chaps in Sturgis.  Who would advocate such a thing?

Well, let me answer this.


You see the three ladies who are launching this crusade I gander are first and foremost feminists and not genuine, true geeks.  If you read through their profiles their primary interest is a religious adherence to feminism.  Their degrees do not indicate geekery or anything IT.  None of them mentioned hobbies aligned with a Comic-Con.  And the ONLY thing that could be considered related to Comic-Con culture is one of them has an online comic.

While there may be a tangential and minority interest in geek culture, its obvious this is a blatant and obvious assault on a primarily male-institution in an attempt NOT to do anything as noble as prevent groping and make it more inviting to women, but rather to destroy it be making acceptable and inevitable behavior unacceptable and banned.  And in doing so ruin everybody's fun making others as miserable as they are.

I cannot convey enough how important it is that you understand that envy, jealously, hatred, and crusaderism (ie-ego) are the key drivers of modern day feminism.  And that you absolutely CANNOT take their stated intentions at face value as it is almost always 100% guaranteed to be nothing more than a ruse to hide their ulterior agenda. If you do, you misdiagnose the problem and let evil, despicable people lessen your life.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Book Babe #2

The next in a series of pinup themed babes helping advertise the book and boost morale here on Cappy Cap.

Like the pretty lady above you too can Enjoy the Decline!

And for all the libertarian and conservative beauties out there, free books if you're willing to pose with them.



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Another Ugly Girl

Whatever you do, don't buy Enjoy the Decline.  Because if you did then there'd be more pretty ladies like this portraying their beauty on my web site.  And we certainly wouldn't want that now would we!!!???

Subtracting Government from GDP

In my previous post I wanted to see what GDP looked like when we took out the government component of GDP.  It made for an interesting observation, but as many of you know that component of GDP does NOT account for the majority of government spending.  The majority of government spending is on social programs aka "income transfers," or by it's real name "theft". 

I then posed the challenge to create the argument why government spending in its entirety (most of which really is theft) should be DEDUCTED from total GDP.  Keynesians have logically and traditionally argued that government expenditures on goods and services should be considered part of GDP in that they DO indeed result in additional goods and services being created.  However, us slightly higher-caliber of economists know that there is something fishy about just "assuming" government spending translates into higher economic output and thus higher standards of living.  So allow me to explain.

First, there is the broken window fallacy that many of you are familiar with.  Missiles and bombs built here in America only to be exploded on the Iraqi population does NOT indeed improve standards of living here.  Over-paid government contracts handed out to connected cronies in Washington DC to do make work job to "improve diversity" or "study connectedness" does NOT improve standards of living.  Ergo, you can assume the "G" in the C+I+G+(E-I) formula in GDP is most likely completely overstated.

Second, how does one account for the theft euphemistically called "income transfers?"  The Keynesians rightly point out that income transfers do NOT result in additional GDP.  Parasites (and that's what they are) receive money in exchange for NO labor, NO production, and NO economic product.  Ergo, no increase to GDP.  However, while Keynesians would argue that there is no increase in GDP and "that's it," I would argue that the money blown on "income transfers" is a lost potential of economic productivity.

In a free market where there would be no parasites, that money would "command" genuine economic production from somebody.  Ergo, the $3 trillion we piss away annually (never mind local and state budgets) on theft/income transfers COULD HAVE GONE TO PURCHASE/DEMAND GENUINE ECONOMIC PRODUCTION. 

In other words "income transfers" are like steroids.  They boost nominal "economic performance" but do not speak to the genuine economic productive capacity of a nation.  Therefore, I argue to subtract out ALL government spending to see what the core productive capacity of the country is.

When we do this, the results are interesting.

It takes a keen eye, but what we suspected all along was true.  During the depths of the recession TRUE economic growth was much worse than what the obfuscation of government spending attempted to convince of other wise. 

However, in all intellectual honesty, economic growth in the private sector has outpaced government spending since 2011 and has posted gains in excess of government spending.  Further research shows that this is indeed the truth as government spending has indeed stagnated:

What this shows is an important lesson for any real economist or person who desires to be intellectually honest.  It doesn't matter what president is in office and what his political affiliation is.  It only matters what POLICIES are effected by the entire government.

If you look at the chart you'll see that the ONLY president to reside over any modicum of fiscal discipline was President Clinton.  There (again, partially enforced by a Republican congress) the OVERALL government restrained spending and enjoyed an economic Dotcom boom.  This resulted in a non-government economy growing at a rate much faster than government spending AND a drastic reduction in our nation's debt.  But since Bush Jr, and most certainly Obama, you see economic growth below governement spending and the resultant crushing national debt.

The recent restrain of government spending is a good thing and a sign of genuine hope that has never really existed in the Obama presidency. I would like to say that if current trends continue private sector economic growth will outpace government spending and the US would inevitably pay off its debts, outgrow the national debt, and we'd be on our way to a glorious future.

Sadly a visit to your:

Local public university
Public school
Trailer park

will tell you this is merely a fleeting economic condition and our general plunge into 3rd World-ism will continue.

Enjoy the decline!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A New Cappy Cap Book Babe!

We have the good fortune of having another pretty young lady willing to grace this ugly blog with her beauty, providing some much-needed scenery amongst all the charts and data.

There are more to come, but in the meantime buy Bachelor Pad Economics chicks!

(Also, any girls interested in modeling with the Ole Captain's books, please let him know.  You get the books for free and, well, that's about it).

Economic Growth Without Government Spending

An interesting thought piqued my economist mind:

What if we measured economic growth without the government component of GDP?

And so I did and the results on the face of it are "good."

You'll note that ever since recovering from the depths of The Great Recession, GDP without government (ie - the private sector) has been outpacing the component of growth coming from the public sector.  This is good in the sense that the private sector is growing faster than the parasite that lives off of it.  Theoretically, if this kept up, government would shrink relative to the rest of the economy, even to the point it would consume less than 1% GDP.

But there's a problem.

The government component of GDP does NOT include income transfers which account for the majority of the budget at both the state and national levels. 

So here's the riddle intrepid aspiring, junior, deputy, and otherwise economists:

If GDP does NOT consider income transfers, how do you make an "economic argument" to incorporate income transfers into the calculation of GDP, primarily that they should be SUBTRACTED from GDP to measure the true economic production of a nation?  Specifically, just because a bunch of old fogey Keynesian economists said GDP should not subtract income transfers, what is the argument and rationalization that we should?

I know the answer, but I'd be curious to see if you do.

(answer will be provided in the next post!)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's Called "Capital Flight"

and it's a feature, not a bug of ignorant, business-hating socialist retards voting socialism.

"The Red Pill Bible"

A review I found very humbling:

I am a currently in my late 20s and discovered the red pill about a year ago after a bad breakup (typical right?). As I've stated in other reviews, I'm building a red pill library and have read every single book Roosh V has published, The Game, The Predatory Female, The Way of Men, The Manipulated Man, Men on Strike, The Rational Male, and Now Bachelor Pad Economics. I suggest you add all the books I've named to your library as they are all 4 or 5 star in what they aim to achieve. I will say that I previously stated that "The Rational Male" would be the 1 book I would purchase a friend If I could only pick 1 out of my red pill library....But then I read this book! I found out about Captain Capitalism aka Aaron Clarey and quickly watched all his Youtube videos over the span of a week and shared them with friends I knew would appreciate it. We all came to the same conclusion: Aaron Clarey is THE MOST UNPLUGGED MAN ON THIS EARTH! He's so unplugged that sometimes he's annoying because he's telling you truths you are not ready to accept. Bachelor Pad Economics is the most comprehensive book of any Red Pill book I've ever read (Though the other books are not necessarily attempting to be Red Pill Bibles). This literally is THE RED PILL BIBLE. Buy this book first if you are trying to unplug. Buy this first, then buy The Rational Male, Then buy Bang and Day bang from Roosh V then the others previously named and you will be a very smart and well rounded individual. My only complaint is not about this book but that I wish Aaron would advertise this book on Return of Kings or somewhere because if this book could touch 100,000 men or become a New York Bestseller (by some odd twist of fate) we as men could take this world back. Thank you Aaron Clarey for caring so much about other men that you took your time to comprise a 500 plus page book that will help men like myself reach our full potential. I'm forever indebt to you and best believe when I reach my level of success you as well as the other authors will receive a nice check in the male because the $9.99 price doesn't justify the invaluable knowledge you have given me.

The Only Way to Close the Wage Gap

Language warning:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The State of Minnesota Destroys Aspiring Students' Dreams

By launching a lawsuit against two degree mills who advertise "Criminal Justice Degrees."

Oh, I know, I know, ADULTS know the state is actually doing something good here to protect the naive children, but since it's "been their dream" to major in "Criminal Justice" that's all that matters.  They're just getting in the way of these poor kids' dreams!

True Independence

With an aside about the burrows of Oatman, Arizona:

Monday, July 21, 2014

Getting Fired for Your Political Views

In this episode we interview the Great Matt Baldoni and talk about:

Getting fired for your political views
Why Laughlin, NV is the future of America
Taking a Kia Rio off road into the desert
Striving to succeed as self employed
Behind the scenes of Las Vegas
The Las Vegas DJ Bubble


Visit the archive here.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

How to Analyze Your Girlfriend's Finances

Stay frosty, boys.  Stay frosty.

Respect the "Weasel Whiskey"

From Mr. Aurini who drinks the swill known as Wisers Weasel Whiskey:

Friday, July 18, 2014

42, Female, Unmarried, Professional...Miserable

How's that feminism thing working out for you ladies?

On a sad related note, perhaps it's because you put a career and material items ahead of human relationships and interaction.

I'm going to say it again - feminism is a mental disease.  And that's not hyperbole or rhetoric.  It's a warning to younger women and girls.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Pornification of Jesus

I had this sent to me and I originally scoffed at it, dismissing it, thinking it was cute.

Then I realized,

"Holy shit, there's like millions of naive, young, Christian, but hornier-than-hell,dudes out there who are constantly compared to this perception of Christ by the "only" women they're allowed to sleep with - Christian women."

So as a gesture of goodwill and faith between us secularists and our religious brothers, I thought I'd provide my two cents about this to perhaps maybe advance their cause to nail some hot Christian ass breed more Christians.

Boys, this is the key problem you face with modern day "Christian" women - the pornification of Jesus.

Look, you're already a nobody compared to Jesus.  I got it beat into my head I was not Jesus.  You got it beat into your head you were not Jesus.  We all got it beaten into our heads we were not "perfect in the eyes of God." However, while this should not have an effect on your romantic relations, there's a disturbing trend amongst young Christian girls where Jesus is not just their spiritual "savior," but their:

soul mate
and, crass as this may be, masturbatory material (any takers that this is not the case sometimes?)

So how precisely do you compete against that?

The answer is - you don't.

You cannot compete against perfection.

And it is here that I humbly request that you consider a humble secularist's opinion.  Primarily that:

1.  These self-proclaimed "Christian girls" really aren't Christian and instead use the religion as a tool to leverage power over you


2.  If you choose to be ignorant of their un-Christian intentions you will be taken advantage of by fraudulent, faux, fake Christians

The truth is that most 20 something girls (and boys) are not capable of the mature, adult, indepdent thinking that is required to fully vette and think through something as soulful and important as religion.  Ergo, nearly 100% of the self-proclaimed "Christian" women you're trying to date really do not deep down inside believe what their parents have shoved down their throats the past 20 years.  Ergo, my humble, evil, heathen, secularist opinion is, that any women, especially under 30, who adamantly proclaims to be a Christian does not do so out of geniune deep and ponderous thought, but rather manipulation and self-advancement.  Perhaps not consciously, but it IS DEFINITELY not for Christ.  The social benefits that come from joining a religion, the mental calm not having to ponder a godless universe, and the mental stability in having an always loving, always forgiving father/husband figure around.

While these things ancillary benefits to religion can be considered "good" things, the problem is there's a dark side to believing in a religion for ulterior purposes.  Namely to view/abuse Jesus/Christianity as an excuse, a perpetual forgiviness, but worst (and most tempting of all) a tool by which to abuse, extract resources from, lord over, and control naive people who actually believe their claims of faith.

No doubt many of you young Christian men have ran into arguments where your logical and well-reasoned points were mooted, if not, completely dismissed with a mis-interpreted quote from the bible.  No doubt many of you have been told "they just don't see Christ in your heart."  No doubt you've been compared to Super-Alpha Jesus.  And, like everybody out there who's dating a Christian girl, you no doubt have a story where she "just couldn't date you" citing religious reasons, but then went out with some guy who violated thrice the rules she had placed on you (mine is one who got drunk, made out with an illegal alien, then complained to me he was calling her.  But we couldn't kiss after a second date because we weren't engaged).

The larger point is that I simply request you stop, take off the Christian goggles for a second, step back and look at what is happening empirically. 

Are the majority of Christian girls you date using religion and Christ as a means to enhance your relationship?  To be a better person?  To make your time together more enjoyable?


Are they using it as a tool, if not a weapon, to constantly keep you on edge, criticize you against Christ, lecture you, berate you, and ultimately control you making the relationship painful and like pulling teeth?

Perhaps you can see it from this here secularist's viewpoint.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Left Has Officially Become "The Man"

And I think it's about time to take them down.

Yes, Bob, American Bankers are Still Idiots

What primarily invigorated me to write "Behind the Housing Crash" was the unbelievable levels of stupidity on the part of bankers.

Seems things haven't changed in the past 8 years.

They Found Peggy Joseph

And she admits she was wrong.

Thanks Peggy.  We could have told you that.  But thankfully you have children and they will pay for your ignorance.

When the Stock Market is Divorced from Reality

This is hands down the best article on economics and the current state of the financial markets I've read this year.  Arguably the past three.  It explains many different things that are going on, but key above all of them is how central bank intervention in interest rates and quantitative easing distorts nearly all pricing in the financial markets guaranteeing them to become bubbles.

The stock market is no longer a "market" wherein investors try to find companies to finance.  It is now a tool of multi-billion dollar companies to purchase back shares (because of a lack of any genuine new investment), a place for QE dollars to inevitably be parked, and a retirement vehicle for mindless-zombie-money for mindless zombies who think capital gains is what retirement planning is based on.

I am already getting ready for the people who say after a crash, "well how did you know!!!??? There were no signs!!!!"

I suggest you all stop watching state-endorsed news and go with genuine independent thinkers.

How Do I Math?

I don't like The Maths.  The Maths are tough!

I'll let its own idiocy speak for itself.

My Response to Librarians Banning "Bachelor Pad Economics"

My response to this is simple because the reality of this situation is simple:

If you want to "fight back" I suggest buying copies of Bachelor Pad Economics.  Already these librarians caused a little rumble on teh interwebz that has bumped up sales.  I would just like enough in sales to rationalize sending a thank you card to the librarian in a very smarmy and Cappy-esque manner.

Paypal, Not Patreon


Many people have asked, if not, insisted I put up a Patreon account so that people may support my work.

While I certainly appreciate it and I do take donations (as you never know when Google or Youtube or whoever is going to pull the plug and independent bloggers like myself, who really ARE the only source of true journalism and 4th branch of government left), Patreon is frankly a rip off.  They charge 10% of the donations while Paypal only charges 3% AND...

Paypal has "pretty much" the same monthly donation option that Patreon has.

ALL DONATIONS go 100% to me and my hedonistic lifestyle.  Well, not directly.  The donations actually do go to hosting costs which helps me generate income, and THAT income goes 100% to me and my hedonistic lifestyle.  However, my primary concern is if there ever is a concerted effort to shut me down (either by banning my sites, getting me banned by Amazon, google, YouTube, etc.) my income would dry up and I would then have to rely on donations (or be forced to go back to working in banking).

So if you were concerned, want to make sure I can remain independent, REMAIN HERE, and don't have to worry about going back to working in banking to make ends meet, consider signing up for a monthly donation option on my PAYPAL account.

You can either click on the cute pin up girl where it says "DONATE!" (for one time donations) or click on the icon below to become a MONTHLY "Patreon-equse" donor at varying levels:

Donation Options

Many thanks,

Cappy Cap

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Men Really Do Compete Against the Government for Women

In an indirect manner of course.

You're Not Being Discriminated Against. Life is Just That Tough

A very important video for everybody, especially the younger folk:

Straight, Hetero Sexual Men Determine the Beauty Standards for Women

I love how women just "decree" that they will determine what is beautiful and men have no say.

Yeah, have fun with that and let us know how that works.

And an aside. This isn't cute, or funny, it's a truly psychotic delusion, a GENUINE mental problem women are having if they think they can just "decree" what is attractive absent of men. 

Again, have fun with that.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Let Max Temkin Be a Lesson to You Boys

You boys paying attention?  Are you?  Good.

Because the last person you'd want to be is Max Temkin.

Feminist Librarian Discovers "Bachelor Pad Economics"

And all hell breaks loose.

You can purchase your copy of Bachelor Pad Economics, and thus advance the patriarchy and peeve lefty feminist librarians, here.

The Economics of Caloric Return

I have two buddies.  Both are in their 40's.  Both recently divorced/broke up with their significant others.  Naturally the course of conversation invariably comes around to "you looking to date any girls?"  And the answer is...


Not out of recency from the divorce/break up.
Not out of time to let the wounds heal.
Not out of time to get their head straight or figure some things out.

The real reason?

They're just too damn tired.

I don't know about you but when I broke up with/got dumped by a girl in my 20's the very next NANOSECOND it was go find another.  There was no down time, there was no "time to heal," it was an immediate, OK, what lucky girl is next?  But fast forward 15 years and men in their young 40's who recently find themselves single are in no rush to go back to the bar, back to the night club, spruce up their POF profile, let alone gather the courage to make an approach in broad daylight.  They're just too damn tired.

The first excuse would scramble to find would be age.  The next would be healing.  The third might be "losers."  And the fourth might be "lack of choice."  But the reality (as we're often finding out) does not lay in psychology or biology, but rather economics.  The real reason they're too tired is one of a cold economic calculation.

A cold economic calculation of what?

A cold economic calculation of caloric ROI.

Recently, I've been giving more and more credence to biology, genetic programming and Darwinism to explain human behavior and decisions.  And when you analyze these thoughts through the lens of economics you start to make some interesting discoveries.  And this is one of those instances.

Understand that while money has been used in society for thousands of years, human evolution, genetics and biology has been evolving for 2 million years.  Ergo, while we'd like to think our frontal lobes (the most advanced part of our brain) makes all of our decisions in a logical and rational manner, the remaining 65% of our brain is driven by instinct, survival, and raw desire and still (more often than not) overrides the most advanced part of our brains.  Thus,just because money is a (relatively) recent human creation, doesn't mean the laws of economics and limited resources didn't apply to pre-currency humans (let alone EVERY creature on this planet).  Therefore, even before the grain receipts of ancient Egypt served as the first currency, there was the ultimate currency that has governed all creatures on this planet and is the prime directive the governs 65% of our brain:


Until agricultural advances made food a non-issue, the vast majority of human-kind's experience has been finding food.  Finding calories.  Finding the energy to stay alive.  It's why, despite having adequate food, we simply can't "turn off" the natural, darwinistic, survivalistic desire to eat more.  It's been there for 2 million years (2 billion if you consider us descendants of previous creatures facing the same problem) while adequate agriculture methods have only been around for 300 years. 

However, while the main problem with human's genetic programming to maximize caloric intake in a time of plenty is obesity, there is another problem.  On the OTHER side of the cold caloric economic decision is one of expending calories of energy.  Or more so, conserving one's energy.

View it from the perspective of an American Indian 10,000 years ago.

Tonto has a choice.  Chase after the antelope with his bow and arrow or not.  However, it's not one of whether he'd like to hunt, it's a 100% purely economic decision.  Specifically, is it worth Tonto to expend 1,000 calories of energy to MAYBE get 4,000 calories of energy in antelope meat?  Because if he chooses poorly too many times he won't have an adequate ROI on his caloric investment and will mathematically starve.

Naturally, over time humans developed less-caloric consuming hunting techniques that yielded more calories in return.  Traps, spooking buffalo to run over a cliff, guns, and agriculture.  But that still doesn't change the fact that for nearly 2 million years humans have had it beaten into their brains that calories expended damn well better result in a surplus of calories returned.  Again, starvation was the other consequence.

Now return back from 10,000 BC to revisit my two 40 something buddies.  They are no longer Tonto facing the decision as to whether they want to chase after antelope.  They are two men who have to decide whether to expend the calories of energy chasing women.  And when faced with the caloric demands of:

Going on line for 2 hours a day to "wink" at girls
Go to the night club to chat girls up
Go to a "Meet up" group and learn a new social skill (dancing, crafts, etc.)
Making approaches 10 times a day

not to mention the 8 year vetting process wherein they have to date 100 women to find "one"

you can see why they're "too damn tired" and are just shutting down.

Admittedly there is of course other reasons as men age they just don't go out clubbing anymore.  They're getting older, a decrease in testosterone, a decrease in energy, the novelty of dating wanes, their 18 year old idealistic naivete about dating expectations was crushed with the drama, flaky, reality of dating, etc., etc.,  But I contend there is a Darwinistic aspect as well.  One where the hindbrain is making astute economic calculations, demanding an adequate return on its dwindling supply of calories and time, and sadly coming to the conclusion that it just isn't worth the chase.

So light up those cigars instead,
Pour yourselves a glass of scotch that won't "flake" on you
And head out on the boat and go fish,
because the caloric rate of return on those things are 100% guaranteed, ensuring you
Enjoy the decline!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Conservative and Libertarian Outfitter

Howdy All,

I'm a big believer that if conservatives and libertarians just simply consolidated their purchasing power and bought only from "conservative, libertarian, and pro-freedom" companies, then the rest of the companies in America (which go whichever way the wind blows) would stop bending over backwards and kowtowing to leftist causes.

Would you not like to see the elimination of every idiotic company's "CSR" department?
Would you not like to see the elimination of lip-service they pay to "diversity" and "community reinvestment?"
Would you just like to see a company that says, "We love America.  We love profit.  And we're not ashamed?"

Well, let's start right here and right now. 

I know a lot of you are outdoorsmen, hunters, fishers, and hikers.  I would very much appreciate if you would visit and patronize the outfitter for conservative and libertarians - DaWabbit.

DaWabbit has pretty much everything you need in terms of hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, survival, prepping and everything you're going to find at Cabela's.  Don't get me wrong, I love Cabela's, but I have to drive there and spend money on gas.  With DaWabbit you don't have to AND you know that 100% of your sales will go to support a conservative and conservative causes.

No liberals are employed by DaWabbit
No feminists are employed by DaWabbit
No American haters are employed by DaWabbit

It is 100% pro-American, conservative, and libertarian beneficiaries.

Let's keep the money in house and let's do it by starting with DaWabbit.

Friday, July 11, 2014

What the Maxi Dress Tells Us About Conformity, Architecture, Individualism, and Negative Externalities

Progressive Credentialism and Genuine Racism in Law Schools

I love this article in that it highlights two things:

1.  The ABA forcing students to jump through (and pay for) unnecessary hoops ergo financially benefiting the law school profession, not the legal profession

2.  My observation that bubbles hurt minorities and women the most because they are usually late to the party while (in this case) whites and Asians see the writing on the wall and are bailing.

The irony is that the lefty law professors actually believing closing the "lawyer gap" between minorities and whites is a good thing. 

It's like saying "we need to close the Soldiers at the Front Line Gap in WWI between whites and minorities."

Keep charging into law school my fine minority friends.  And when you're done through the meat grinder, don't say you weren't warned.

When Good Money Has Nowhere to Go

Tis Thursday night.

And Thursday nights are just as good as any to get rip roaring drunk as you look upon this once-great society and, after much deliberation and thought, come to the same conclusion you have previous Thursday nights that this country is completely screwed and nothing can be done about it.

By the way, pour me another Rumpie.

Anyway, something that has been bothering my economic mind is why has the stock market constantly been going up?

Naturally logical theories are abound, many of which I subscribed to out of laziness and cynicism, but inevitably that damn thing called "intellectual honesty" gets in the way and makes you want to PROVE your suspicions true.

So off I went to the FDIC where I fully expected to see in the aggregate banking reports TONS, MILLIONS, BILLIONS, nay, TRILLIONS of dollars being flooded into our stock markets because our inept, incompetent, and bail-outtable-affirmative-action case bankers:

1.  Had gotten bail out money that they
2.  Had nowhere to lend because
3.  The economy isn't booming and ergo
4.  There's nowhere left to invest it but the stock market.

So I thought.

But the truth is anything but.

Banks have not been increasing their marketable securities holdings and so the boom in the stock market does not come from there.

This perplexed me because I was sure the bail out money was being parked there.  But since it was not true (now leftists, pay attention to this), I accepted it as fact and looked elsewhere for the real reason for the boom.

My logic led me to two places or "institutions" that could explain the massive cash inflow into the stock market and thus its ludicrous valuation.

1.  The central bank which has been printing off a ton of cash because....WTF not and "where do we put it?"


2.  Profitable non-financial corporations that had nothing better to do with their cash

And shucks howdy if I'm not the Sherlock Holmes of economics!

My first guess about the central bank dropping money into the stock markets proved false.  They're too busy bailing out the parasitic class, welfare bums, bankers, loser liberal arts majors, single moms, and other degenerates *ahem* investing in "government bonds" to invest in the stock market.  Politicians need money to bribe the masses to vote for them, and the wise use of money a la a genuine "investment" doesn't achieve that.  So all that QE money is NOT ending up in the stock market, but the EBT cards of fat, bloviated trailer, ghetto, and barrio fatherless trash the single mom matrix keeps spewing out.  So that money does not boost stock prices as much as obesity rates in the lower classes.

However, I DID find the true cause of inflated stock prices after sampling Apple, Microsoft, and other "cash cows" of the corporate world in their "marketable securities" holdings (read "stocks).  Said holdings have skyrocketed as their profits are up but they have no real genuine NEW investments to reinvest said proceeds.

Since we hate corporations, profits, innovation, success, etc., profitable corporations today face a conundrum:

Do they invest in a new venture?  A new company?  A new innovation?


Do they just "park" the money somewhere in an already existing company with political and cronyistic connections that guarantees them a rate of return?

And now you know (at least in part) why the stock market keeps skyrocketing.

Who, precisely, would invest in a new venture in this county?  What idiot would dare to invest in a virgin endeavor that has no political connections, lobbyists, or other scum to secure the ordainment of the government?

The sad truth is that any genuinely new invention, endeavor, innovation, venture or business faces such obstacles as regulation, taxation, labor law, not to mention corruption, why would you invest in something new?  An old, established, networked, and connected company, with nowhere near the potential, is a more reliable and provides a higher rate of return than some idiotic young go-getter.  Worse still, even if said corporate monies were to be REINVESTED in their own plants, why would they invest here?

Obama and the NLRB effectively nationalized Boeing for daring to set up a plant outside union control.

Seattle just passed a $15 minimum wage.

To hell with the hassle, bother, and politics of setting up a new shop, a new plant, or a new facility.

Corporations would rather just take their trillions and park it in the boring ole stock market where NO NEW INVEMENTS OR COMPANIES ARE MADE, and therefore NO NEW JOBS, but


at least you get a 2% dividend yield.

Again, I no longer care where this country is heading.   Matter of fact, I've so thoroughly thought it through I now fully appreciate and enjoy the suffering Americans have brought upon themselves.

I just want to be like Voltaire and write for posterity.  Enjoy that freaking and well-deserved decline kids.  Enjoy that freaking decline.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

"Nice Guy Game" < "Felon Game" < "Nazi Game"

I remember when me and my buddy went to the bar and tried different types of "Career Game" to woo the ladies.  There was "Lawyer Game," "Accountant Game," and "Student Game," but nothing beat "Felon Game."  Yes, that's right, when we told the girls we were flirting with that my friend was a felon and I was his lawyer, and I just got him released, the response was stupefyingly positive, if not outright giddy.   Felon Game HANDS DOWN beat every other type of game out there.

Ever since, I thought "Felon Game" was the way to go.  That's until I heard of "Nazi Game."

The Boring Economics of the Next Recession

Polar Vortices,
non-compliant consumer confidence,
and just an utter lack of appreciation for what Obama has done for us aside,

excuses for the last quarter of -2.9% growth don't really focus on the boring fundamentals of economics.

One of those being (one of my favorites) the "Inventory to Sales" ratio.

This ratio compares corporate inventories to sales.  But before you fall asleep, allow me to explain why this is one of the better ratios you should be paying attention to.

Inventories are made by humans, namely employees.  Ergo inventory levels is a great predictor of employment.  If there is a glut of inventory you can expect companies to lay people off.  If there is a shortage of inventory, you can expect companies to hire people.  But how do you determine if there's a glut or a surplus?

You compare your inventories to current sales.

This shows you how much demand there is for a product (sales) versus how much is currently available (inventories). 

Naturally you'd like this ratio to be as low as possible.  You want inventory (the numerator) to be very low, not just because it would suggest future employment, but because it costs money to store inventory.  And you want sales to be high so that companies are profitable and there is demand for what is being made.

But an interesting thing has happened with the inventory to sales ratio in that it is perpetually decreasing.  This is because of improvements in inventory management, supply chain management, the internet (you don't even have inventory), JIT methods, and just generally improving managerial methods.  Ergo, you should not be concerned only when the inventory to sales ratio spikes, but you should be concerned when it flat lines or does not continue to decrease for a significant period of time, and that's what we have today.

Naturally you see just how crushing the Great Recession was where everybody just cut back on spending, causing inventory levels to soar.  But that outlier aside you can see jumps in this ratio correlate with recessions (and economic slow downs which aren't highlighted in gray) and, more pertinent to today, the slight and stubborn trend upward for the past 4 years.

It is here my Keynesian inferiors would demand more government spending, get that aggregate demand up, we haven't done enough, etc., etc.  But I will once again defer to my theory that these Keynesian geniuses fail to account for human psychology.  Namely the "smart money," consisting of people who pay attention the finances, budget, and economics of the country are scared stiff to spend, let alone invest, given the undermining of the country's finances.  Throw in a financially crippled 20-30 something generation that normally WOULD be buying houses, consumer goods, and starting businesses, but can't because of student debts and an insulting job market, and it's no surprise this ratio refuses to obey according to historical trends.

Sadly, ratios like the inventory to sales ratio are not sexy, exciting or make for good yellow journalism.  But if you are truly interested in how the economy works and want to predict the next recession, it's boring statistics like these that will help in that endeavor.


Is the current bid on this fine piece of Cappy Cap paraphernalia I'm looking to get rid of.

Get your bid in for this wonderful bachelor pad or man-cave artwork before the end of the month!

Post post, the highest bid is now $30.

Why Most Activism is Evil

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Polar Vortex Economics

Finally got off my lazy ass and looked up what Canada's economic growth rate was during the first quarter of 2014.

"Why the first quarter of 2014?" you ask?

Because that's where the US economy just completely tanked posting a -2.9% economic growth rate.


what was the excuse Washington gave us for this poor performance?

"The weather.  It was the polar vortex."

And since Canada suffered it worse than we did, I figured they too must have tanked in economic growth.

Apparently not:

Daring Your Boss to Fire You

It is a rare instance, but EVERY

not "most"
not "the majority"


EVERY time I've heard of an employee standing up to his boss, even daring him to fire him, it has worked out in the employee's favor.

This may sound counter-intuitive, but the empirical evidence I have witnessed thus far does not lie.  EVERY time I've heard or seen an employee stand up and get in the bosses face, sometimes even yelling at them, they have won and the boss has lost.

The reasons are a bit convoluted and certainly theoretical, but permit me to posit some.

1.  Because of the progressively decaying nature of our population, the majority of people are at minimum flawed, if not, outright impaired.  The problem is, especially if you are younger, you are conditioned to think people in positions of authority are not.  That they are somehow "special."  That they are somehow unique super-humans that are more intelligent, more experienced, more logical and wiser than you.  That they are immune to this decaying trend.

Not by a long shot.

The truth is they are no smarter, better, or wiser than you.  Just older.  So convinced of this, I believe nearly 80% of American bosses today are merely bluffing the entire time and engage in such petty office politics antics to hide that fact so you dare don't peak behind the curtain and realize their ineptitude.

However, inept incompetent management can only last so long before driving underlings insane.  It's not only illogical, but damaging, not to mention bad management makes employees' jobs impossible to do.  Soon the stress is too much to take for some and they barge into their boss' office reading them the riot act. The boss, rarely if ever facing an angry and more competent underling, buckles and the employee gains some concessions (but never enough to solve the fundamental problems plaguing the firm).

2.  Another reason is that deep down inside most bosses know they're bad and incompetent.  Their ego and frontal lobes will work wonders to convince them otherwise, but deep down inside that 50 year old, gray-haired, 30 years of experience man was promoted to a level that is seriously challenging his abilities and competences.  He's barely treading water.  And just like a drop dead gorgeous 24 year old is insecure that she may not be the hottest girl on the block, so too are there underlying and constantly nagging doubts in your boss' head about his competency.  If you challenge them, especially with superior intelligence, factual data, or a different vantage point, you may pierce their thin veil of confidence.

3.  Exacerbating this doubt is the fact that most bosses get promoted not through achievement or excellence, but rather compliance, obedience and politicking.  While that makes for "good" employees, those traits are not those of a good leader.  This leads to an irony where the "best" employees are promoted, which is like promoting the most obedient sheep to the position of shepherd.  This results in bosses who are out of their element, again, insecure about themselves, but more importantly really susceptible to an employee whose flown off the handle.  They are the most COMPLIANT people by "natural corporate selection," ergo the last to say no and therefore the quickest to cave.

4.  Finally, most corporate cogs in America are deathly afraid of violence.  Even though you may not have the intention of causing your boss physical harm, a person (even a woman) going livid and ripping the boss a new one is such a traumatic event it will shake them to their Darwinistic core.  The worst they've seen is maybe a motorist giving them the bird as they suffer their 90 minute commute in their SUV back to their SWPL suburb to watch the Kardashians and watch Jr. in the school play.  I guarantee you it's a once in a 3 decade career where a furious, violent-ACTING human is screaming 3 inches in front of their face.  Admittedly, sometimes they may choose fight over flight, and that presents a serious legal (and physical) risk.  But again, I've only seen them choose flight. 

Admittedly, these are only theories and I really don't know why employees who have it out with their bosses are batting 1.000.  The sad truth is, however, daring your boss to fire you, threatening to go on welfare/unemployment, reading him the riot act, or tearing him down in front of the entire office to see will not achieve anything as you cannot fire your boss.  Your boss will still have his/her position of authority.  And though they may make some concessions, like a drug addict, they are incapable of fundamentally changing and your job will still suck.

This means if you have a job with an incompetent boss it pays to mentally check out, not worry about what he says, do your best, and collect that check.  However, if you're like many people where the boss barks contradictory orders, is intolerably inept, and really makes it impossible to do your job, then that job is impossible and ripping your boss a new one called for.

Just be prepared to lose your job...and go on the government dole as you live off of his taxes.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

The Sad Fate of Stacey Hacker-Hessler Professional Crusaderist

You may not know who Stacey Hacker Hessler is, and neither did I.

Not until somebody posted this article on my facebook (though dated from 2012).  Short version, she ditched her husband and kids to go protest at the OWS in 2012.  Got an $80,000+ divorce settlement and then...never heard from again.

But when I say, "never heard from again," I mean from the MSM or heck, even alternative media.  I had to search her name and after finding her newly hyphenated name was able to track her down.

What is she doing today?


I want to highlight this because there's a couple important lessons to pull from it.

1.  Look at the money raised and their pleas for money.  Also look where it goes to.  It goes into just basically supporting themselves.  These aren't professional activists.  They're panhandlers on the internet pursuing some sad pathetic crusade they've been told to by media, leftist professors, and yes, even the government.

2.  Precisely what is their crusade?  To take selfies on Monsanto's signs out in the middle of nowhere as they hold up craptastic home made signs?  Not only is the crusade itself pointless and ultimately mentally-egotistically self-serving, but they're not even doing it right.

3.  She is obviously with child.  If they only have $160, guess who's going to pay for her birthing expenses!  That is the least of our concerns though.  Any body want to place odds on the kid growing up right?

I could go on, but the larger point is this is ultimately where crusaderism leads.  A dead end wasted life of delusion and no real practical or meaningful achievements.

I do feel sorry for Stacey's kids (both present and future).  I feel bad for her ex too.  But I cannot think a more fitting punishment than squandering one's only finite and precious life on meaningless crusades, while begging and pleading for handouts to help in that squandering.  I'm almost half tempted to donate just to keep the delusion up.

Bachelors Degree Required to Be Secretary at Coffee House Press

From our literary agent in the field.

Apparently you need a bachelors degree to file, fax, fetch water, transfer calls and all these other things that only college graduates can do.

Why You Want to Be Like Bill Burr

Bill Burr is no stranger to those of us in this little corner of the internet.  He is very likely the funniest comedian of our generation with an edge that speaks directly to us.  However, after being a fan of his podcast for coming up on two years now, I've realized that behind the public image he presents to us is a man of great accompishment that should be admired and emulated.

First, Bill Burr is humble.  If you listen to his podcast he's always ripping on himself.  Admittedly to be funny, but deep down inside this is not an arrogant man despite a track record that would certainly permit him to be.  He does not think himself better than any other person and is always looking to improve.

Second, he's always looking to improve.  Anyone familiar with his podcast knows he's always looking to come up with new material and improve the material he has.  Not that we'd all be comedians, but do you vette, criticize, strain and improve your own work, career, or profession to the level he does?  The man aims for excellence and it shows in the final product.  You should too.

Third, he's a hard worker.  Teaching ballroom dance I'm familiar with what it takes to drive every night through rush hour to teach for three hours a night, while effectively dancing the entire time.  The energy you get from the people in class keeps you going, but the travel, the scheduling, etc. is demanding and takes its toll.  Bill Burr, in addition to an even more rigorous schedule which includes flights, goes back home and then works on new material and he's been doing this since he was in his mid 20's.  Now add to all this his podcasts, recording, homeownership, taking care of the Lovely Nia, not to mention everyday chores you and I got and he's doubling the work week of the average American man.

Fourth, all this hard work inevitably pays off allowing him to achieve the true American male dream - independence.  Bill Burr answers to no one.  Yes he has to play nice.  Yes he can't offend managers at comedy clubs, but there is no boss in Bill Burr's life.  Bill Burr can turn down a sponsor to his show because he doesn't need the money and has enough employment security from other sources.  Very few men have this enviable position.  But then again, very few men are willing to work for it.

Fifth and finally, self discipline.  I envy Bill Burr because in addition to his hectic work schedule the man still is able to religious adhere to lifting weights, working out, dieting correctly, abstaining from booze for lengthy periods of time, not to mention pounding out a podcast REGULARLY AND RELIGIOUSLY every week.

I'm lucky if I bang out a podcast every 2 weeks, abstain from booze for 3 days, and go without Mexican food for a week. And I have nowhere near the hectic work schedule, and therefore excuse, that Bill Burr does.  To steal a quote from Bill Burr he often uses to criticize himself, "Ahhh, I'm such a fucking cunt."  But whereas such criticism would be called for for most of us, Bill Burr is actually one person the criticism doesn't stick.  The man just simply walks the walk.

Ergo, while we all like listening to Bill Burr for his comedy and ADHD-laden podcast, I suggest for any young man (or old) to look at just how much effort the dude puts into his career and life and inbetween jokes, pull some important lessons about effort, discipline, work, achievement and excellence.


Read about other men "you want to be like"
Walter Matthau
Alton Brown
Mike Rowe
Cary Grant

Monday, July 07, 2014

How "Nice" Destroys Countries

a motorcycle ride to the Bakken,
auctioning off my ex gf's tits,
"I don't live my life for men,"
pregnant isn't beautiful,
neither are tats,
Phil and his dog living the American dream,
hairy armpits for extra credit

and MORE

in this Episode of The Clarey Podcast

Adventures in Housekeeping

reviews Bachelor Pad Economics.

Bold and Determined

New sponsor ladies and gentlemen.  Bold and Determined, but specifically Victor's book "30 Days of Discipline." 

Here's the deal.

If you haven't worked out before, dieted properly, or made lifestyle changes to improve your physique and mind, you really don't know where to start.

Yes, you know to eat meat and veggies.
Yes, you know to hit the gym.

But you don't know what to eat precisely, what kind of regimen you need, and you likely don't have the swift kick in the ass you need to prompt you to commit to doing so.

30 Days of Discipline does that for you.

I read the book a couple years ago and it is what prompted me to hit the gym regularly and religiously.  I owe Victor my improved physique and diet.  And though I'm not ripped Herculean god, Victor actually is (I've met the guy and yeah, you want him on your side during a fight).

Anyway, consider visiting Bold and Determined and buying Victor's book "30 Days of Discipline."  Short read, but very helpful.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Sunday Afternoon Linkage

Alcohol, time to give it up.

Yep, those evil men.

An important insight into human psychology that will come in handy later in your life.

An absolute must speech by Stefan Molyneux.  He has a score of zingers in the speech, but my favorite is:
"You know, if you pick the wrong guys to sleep with, can't close your legs, and are too stupid to use one of the 18 methods of birth control out there, then MAYBE parenting isn't for you!"

Another damn fine podcast by The Black Brigade.

Alton Brown I already hold in very high regard.  Pilot, motorcyclist, gun guy, musician, oh and that whole cooking thing.  Now add to his list "Interviewed by William Shatner."  Damn Alton Brown, outdoing me in every category of cool.

And remember the auction is still on for this piece of Cappy Cap paraphernalia.  The current bid is $12.02.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Dear Millineals, Your Dreams Are Stupid

From a loving Gen X'er that was fed the same bullshit:

Friday, July 04, 2014

Auctioning Off My Ex's Tits

Greetings all,

A long time ago, when Cappy was in his gallivanting, bachelorhood years, one of the many girls he dated fancied herself an "artist."  So much so she plastered her naked front with pink paint and then pressed it on a black canvas, giving it to the young Captain as a gift.

It was fine when I had my bachelor pad in Wyoming, but since I've moved back it's been sitting tucked away in a closet for two years (that and my girlfriend would kind of frown upon it being hung up somewhere).

Anyway, I've decided to auction it off to get rid of it, the proceeds of which will be donated to my favorite charity - me.  I will then take said proceeds and put it all on red at a roulette table.

Bidding will start at $1.
Bidding will close at the end of the month.
Make your bids in the comment section below.
I will announce the winner at the end of the month.
Payment will then be made to my paypal account.
Shipping costs will be paid by me. 
No, I will not put it on E-Bay so don't say, "Dude, you should put that on E-bay"

Forward to anybody who might be interested.



Thursday, July 03, 2014

Book Review - The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home by Sanne Wikjer is a short, but action packed sci-fi book about a soldier/mercenary who goes through an inordinate amount of fighting, war, politics, and espionage in an adventure that has more twists and turns than my salsa dancing.

When Sanne approached me about reading the book, I will be truthful and admit that I said to myself, "Shit, not another sci-fi book, I don't like sci fi."  But after reading it, let me tell you...

I still don't like sci-fi.

It's on some foreign planet, there's weird funny names, everything that comes with sci-fi is in this book.

That being said, I couldn't put my finger on something that was gnawing at the back of my mind about the book.  It was only 162 pages, but moving incredibly fast.  Still, I was able to stick with the story and there wasn't anything abbreviated or missing from it.  Then it dawned on me what I was reading.

I wasn't reading a book for 40 year old economist curmudgeons.

I was reading a book written for 13 year old boys.

Ergo, while I personally wouldn't recommend this book to colleagues, I would DEFINITELY recommend it to any colleagues who had 13 year old boys.

The plot is engaging and entertaining, as well as complex.  But not too complex that a young person couldn't follow it.  It also uses the occasional 50 cent word that would challenge the vocabulary of a young person, but not enough to deter them from the book.  There are elements of economics and international trade that are boiled down simply enough a younger person could understand them (and coincidentally get a lesson in economics)  And finally (the primary reason I read through it) is that it was fast paced and succinctly written.  You can't go a chapter without a fight, a betrayal, or pirates running contraband.  You want to see what happens to the hero in the next chapter.  Naturally it would be outlandish for a mature man whose age has beaten the imagination out of him to read or "get into" this book, but it would be very entertaining, perhaps even inspiring to a young boy on the cusp of manhood or his teen years.

So if your son or a boy in your life is a sci-fi guy and likes to read, I would definitely recommend buying this book.  The will be entertained and come away with an improved vocabulary, a moral lesson, and perhaps an economics lesson to boot.

Mandatory Podcasts

Stefan Molyneux's "Truth About Che Guevera" is an absolute must.  I knew the guy was a commie, but I didn't know how much of a crusaderist he was.  Spoiled brat, rich parents, and those motorcycle rides he did?  Yeah, all financed on mommy's dime.  Listen to it if for any other reason than to see the predictive qualities and traits that I laid out in my Crusaderism series.

Penn Gillette has Richard Dawkins on who has an amazing discussion about genetics, evolution, and epo-genetics.

Life During Peacetime - Book Review

"Life During Peacetime" is an essay by Matt Forney about his exploits with a blogger groupie.  It is a short piece, which is why I'm thankful he calls it an essay and not a "tome" or a "book," but just so you know up front, it's about 30 pages or so.

The e-book version is only 99 cents and the paper back is $8.99.  Whether it is worth the money depends on your tastes and preferences, but I would say definitely for the e-reader, not so much for the paperback.  For $8.99 you can get a real book that will consume more of your time.

Costs and pricing aside it is a very well written book.  I keep forgetting that Matt is younger than me because he is such a good writer.  When I read his stuff, it usually sounds like it's coming from a 45 year old.  However, his youth shines through with a wee-bit too much crassness and vulgarity. Naturally, you all know I like to curse, but I try to eschew crass sexual topics, of which there are many in this book.

Still, if you're looking for a short read too kill part of an afternoon or this kind of book is up your alley and I'd recommend buying the book.  But if you want a book length work of fiction or have a weak stomach like I do for overly gross sexual details, I would not advise it.