Thursday, February 28, 2019

Just What the World Needs - More Feminsim

Because we didn't tell you enough about this movie's feminist credentials.

I truly would rather go to church than watch this propaganda.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

How AJ Cortes Exposed the World's Hatred of Men

This is an important interview because before the "Cortes Crisis" I used to think the percent of women that hate or outright disregard men as sentient, fellow human beings was very small.  Perhaps relegated to the delusional misandrist 10% that populate the world of Salon, XOJane, and American Universities.  But a simple list on female beauty propelled AJ into the global stage. A list that was at worst PG, and 100% truthful.

We discuss the consequences, ramifications, and what it means that the world has lost it's collective shit when ONE man ACCIDENTALLY listed what men wanted in women.  Please share with other young men (and women) in that this conversation NEEDS to be heard so young men know precisely what the odds are against them.

Laziness Leads to Craziness

With the left's triumphant success of constantly getting more and more of their stuff paid for by other people, they also detach themselves from the real world they would have normally had to have work in.  Since there is no consequences to acting like a child your entire life (because the government or rich parents will pay for you to live anyway) more and more leftists are showing signs of simple insanity.  

And I'm not joking.  This is real insanity.  The real world and its harsh punishments should you step too much out of line would keep you operating and sane in the real world.  But since punishment (not to mention starvation) has been eliminated in the western world, our people are decaying into the adult children most millennials and leftists are today. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Asshole Consulting Live - With Rollo Tomassi

Cappy has special guest celebrity Rollo Tomassi on to talk about "The Frontier of the Red Pill Universe," balancing work, excellence and rest, "Hail Ceasar," and MORE!

Original YouTube video here.
Podcast here.
MP3 here.


How to Truly Measure Standards of Living

Economics has one goal in mind - to maximize standards of living.  This noble and never-ending goal sits at the heart of economics and has, by consequence, driven the majority of financial decisions made by government, corporations, academia, and other institutions (at least nominally anyway).  Our decisions are to get us out of poverty, increase our incomes, extend our lives, and drive towards the unattainable goal of unlimited wealth so that at some point in the future we attain a "Star-Trekkian" future where money is eliminated because wealth is infinite.  And it is in this pursuit of unlimited wealth, the economics profession has settled on a measure by which we measure standards of living today - GDP or "income" per capita.

GDP per capita is simply the entire economic production of a nation divided by its population. The measure is very simple since it takes all the "stuff" we make in an economy and divides it by the number of people who will consume it as it is "stuff" that matters and not money.  Some times this causes confusion because your modern day college graduate and American sheep can't understand why money has no value and it is only "stuff" that does.  These are the same people who cannot explain why we "can't just print off more money."  So we dumb it down for these plebs by renaming the metric "income per capita" so they can focus on the money and not the underlying production.  Regardless, the modern standard we use to gauge living standards remain "GDP per capita."

There is, however a problem, and one I've argued before - Just how much "stuff" does one need?

As technology advances, economies become more efficient, and capitalism delivers to every practical whim and desire of people, the marginal utility we derive from perpetually increasing and varied selections of "stuffs" goes down.  And while the majority of American sheep are obsessed about buying Ferraris, granite counter-tops, and the latest in 40-Something-New-York-Spinster-Hand-Bag-Fashion, minimalists have long ago made the philosophical epiphany that none of these things do much to technically increase standards of living, let alone happiness in life, above and beyond their basic, mundane counterparts.  A used Kia Rio will deliver the exact same amount of transportation as a Ferrari.  A Wal-Mart handbag will deliver the same amount of utility and fashion as a Nordstom's purse.  A healthy home cooked meal will deliver the same nutrition as a $50 sushi dinner.  And a small, humble mother in law apartment, the same lodging as a pimped out $700,000 suburbanite McMansion.  When you add it up, the vast majority of people's incomes are spent on things that do NOTHING to increase standards of living, but rather feed their vanity, ego, pride, and arrogance.

Of course, I'm a free market economist.  Who am I to judge how and why people spend their money?  If somebody is willing to blow $200,000 on a Women's Studies Degree at Macalaster College, who am I to argue whether he or she got their money's worth?  If a young, impoverished black gentleman wants to piss away his money on some "tricked out rims," can I argue he could have spent that $4,000 better?  And if Madison and Thadeus want to blow their money on an overpriced McMansion, it's not my right to judge, even if they can't afford to retire.

But for those of us with our heads out of our asses, yes, the majority of money now being spent does nothing to improve standards of living. Matter of fact, the majority of spending harms people's long term standards of living in that it's mostly debt-spending.  So for the few of us who live in the real world and are interested in economics a new standard of living metric is needed and called for.

May I introduce "The Percent of Life Lived Free?"

As we asymptotically erode poverty, hunger, strife, and economic hardship away, the amount of "things" we own become increasingly worthless.  Yes we need food.  Yes we need transportation.  Yes we need lodging.  And I will even admit the occasional indulgence in renting a Ferrari or eating sushi is called for in life.  But soon (I would argue today) most everybody has all their material needs satisfied.  You're not starving.  You're not homeless.  You're not even uncomfortable.  The "biggest problem" you face in life is that your dad didn't buy you the latest iPhone as you major in Sociology at Middlebury.  So if material things no longer matter, nor determine true standards of living, what does?


Specifically time lived free.  And not just the nominal amount of time you lived free, but what percent of your total time on this planet you lived free.

Take for example, Steve Jobs. That man was infinitely rich, estimated to have had a net worth of $10 billion.  I say "had" because he died in 2011 at the age of 56.   Thusly, he epitomizes the merit and worth of using a metric such as "The Percent of Life Lived Free" measure.

First, he shows how material or financial wealth is a completely worthless measure.  The net worth of your average American is $100,000.  Steve Jobs' net worth was 100,000 times that.  Do you honestly think Steve Jobs lived a life 100,000 times better than you?  Like the sports car he drove was 100,000 times better than the Buick you or I drive?  Or the food he ate at fine dining establishments was 100,000 times better than the Subway sandwich we ate today?  That his toilet or his toilet paper was 100,000 times better than yours?  Be you Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Bob Bobson or Jerome Jeromeson we all come out of the gate with the same 74 years of life expectancy, and barring poor health or truly tragic circumstances, our lives on the grand scheme of things are on par with one another.

Second, speaking of tragic circumstances, look at what all that money did for Steve Jobs as he passed away from cancer at 56.  This harshly and starkly reminds us that while you're obsessing about your car payments or wifeypoo is obsessing about living in a posh neighborhood or junior is obsessing about having the latest iPhone, realize wealth doesn't ultimately determine how much of the world's most important commodity you get - time.  Yes, on average you can expect to have 75 incredibly short years on this planet if you're a male and 83 if your female.  But if you have bad genetics, poor health habits, or just plain get hit by a truck, the amount of that precious commodity can be snuffed out in a nanosecond even if you do have the latest in New York Spinsterwear-Fashion or you are Jeff Bezos himself.  And since all your material needs are met on this planet, the only logical conclusion is to put "time" at the absolute top of your priority list and "things" at the absolute bottom.

Finally, what did Steve Jobs do with his precious 56 years of life?

One could argue revolutionize the world.  Drastically increase and improve people's standards of living.  Employ thousands of people.  And all these things are true.  But what did Steve Jobs get to do with his own life for Steve Jobs?

The answer is "work."

Steve Jobs worked his entire life.

Tragically, this is like the cop who gets killed 2 years before retirement.  He busted his ass off all those years.  Working the night shift.  Going through training. Putting his life on the line.  And just before he's about to actually retire and start living life for himself - blamo.  Dead.  Game over.  No more quarters.

Both men are saints and martyrs of sorts in that they served society.  But they tragically did nothing for themselves, save slave away for others.  And this introduces the most vital part of "The Percent of Life Lived Free" measure - freedom.  What percent of your already-bought-and-paid-for-by-technology-and-capitalism-life did you live free?

Admittedly, unless you're Mark Dayton, nobody can live their life 100% free.  You have to at least work a modicum of hours to generate the income needed to support yourself and afford yourself a life.  But you should minimize this as much as possible so you spend the majority of your time living life instead of working for it.  And here Americans are in desperate need of an economic spanking epiphany because almost like an addict, they seem hell-bent on enslaving their entire lives away to unnecessary materialism.

The first thing to setting yourselves free and drastically increasing your standards of living would be to stop going into debt by buying egregiously stupid things. 

What are these "egregiously stupid things?" 

Most things you conformist sheep go into debt for.

McMansions you can't afford.  Cars you can't afford.  Designer and brand name clothes you can't afford.  And let's not forget our millennial brothers and sisters - incomprehensibly stupid college degrees you can't afford.

Out of the $14 trillion in household debt, I would conservatively estimate $12 trillion of it is on vanity, pride, egotism, and other forms of "egregiously stupid things."  And if you were to simply not borrow this money in the first place, you would not have to be a slave for literally decades of your life just to pay for the compounded interest on these debts.

The second thing, stop being careerists.

To this day the greatest scam ever pulled on humanity was convincing women that work was good.  That paying taxes was great.  Going into debt so you can be a slave to an employer was what gave you value in life.  And to hell with the husband and the children.  Those Jimmy Choo shoes are worth your $175,000 in student loans, the $3,000 a month New York apartment, and the 2 hour commute.  To be intellectually honest, men also fall for this, but our roles have been traditionally to be the bread-winner and so pursuing a career or being a careerist made a little more sense.  But here again, men are equally stupid to borrow money for a sports car, a boat, an MBA, and a "sweet apartment near downtown where all the action is."

Regardless, the point is, whether it is debt that forces you to be your employer's slave, or leftist propaganda that fools you into thinking being a careerist-slave is what gives you value in life, you're still a slave.  You're still WORKING AND NOT HAVING FUN.  You're Steve Jobs pissing away your life on a career and not enjoying your rapidly dwindling life  For example at this moment right now Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook) is no doubt making billions I will never have.  But she is stuck in an office, a meeting, dealing with some incompetent managerial problem of the day, and is never untethered from her phone.  But after I'm done writing this piece (which took two hours), I'm going to do what I did yesterday - golf, eat a good meal, go for a hike, hang out with some friends and podcast with some buddies.  Oh, and I'll probably live just as long too.  But even if I didn't.  Even if I died tomorrow.  I lived a higher percent of my life free, doing what I wanted, than pretty much all of the world's billionaires combined.

And finally, "how are the children?"  As people put money, careers, and material things above everything else in life, they damn their lives to debt, toil, slavery, and work.  But in doing so, not only do they damn themselves to waste their lives, they pass up on the most important thing in life - other people.

The most tragic example of this is parents who outsource their kids to daycare and school.  Not only does this empirically prove they love their careers and themselves more than their own children, they are passing up on the only thing that can truly give them value in life - other people.  Admittedly, it is awesome working 2-4 hours a day, from restaurants, bars, and cafes, only to knock off at 1PM to golf, ride motorcycles, adventure, hike mountains, and frankly, do whatever the hell I want to do.
But like everything else, novelty wears off even the most exciting of hobbies because all hobbies are finite.  Humans and the human mind are not finite.  They are infinite. They change and evolve and challenge and debate and everything else only humans can do which make them the only things you can truly love and cherish in life, giving life its ultimate value.  And preferring things, money, stuff, McMansions, careers, education, debt, and yourself over other people is not only foolish, it is hands down the quickest way to ensure your standards of living are as low as possible.  Therefore, I contend maximizing "The Percent of Life Lived Free" by spending time with loved ones (and your own interesting hobbies of course) and AS LITTLE AS TIME AS POSSIBLE AT WORK is not only the future of standards of living, but is so today...if you so choose.

Of course, this little article is not going to outgun the trillions of dollars spent annually by advertising agencies, the government, the education industry, Hollywood, and other American institutions, causing you to start valuing your time over things.  And it's certainly not going to convince the mass of American sheeple to start valuing other people over themselves.  But it doesn't have to.  This article was written for intelligent people who want to think critically about life and economics and truly enjoy their time on this planet, however long or short that may be. And if you simply get rid of your stuff, spend within your means, put the love of your fellow man ahead of things, and avail yourself of the time you've been granted on this planet, I can guarantee you will not be on your deathbed wishing you spent more time with your kids...instead of being alone because you outsourced them to a nanny.
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Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Clarey Podcast #282 - The "Black Guys Wearing Droopy Pants" Episode

The Great Recession Was Wonderful.
Black Men with Droopy Pants.
Playing Your Rap Music While Hiking Cause you Have No Penis.
Women make horrible men.


in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast.

Direct MP3 here.
YouTube here.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Alison Lea Sher Thy Name is Millennial

If you ever wonder why I hate the millennials, and like the baby boomers, will never give them any quarter or caveats, you only need to listen to this podcast by The Great One. 

I couldn't believe the book was real, until he started quoting it and realized "oh...yeah...millennial girl...totally hopped up on's real."

My New Book - "How Not to Become a Millennial: The Salvation Guide for Generation Z"

Good news everyone!  Starting in on my new book, titled "How Not to Become a Millennial: The Salvation Guide for Generation Z."

As indicated before in my podcast, it will be the defining book of the Millennial generation, yet ironically not written for them as I believe they are beyond hope and beyond help.  No amount of reason, evidence, or empiricism will ever get through to them, so it's futile to try to "help them" or "save them."  However, this doesn't mean the Millennial generation has no value.  They have great value in that they can serve as the largest warning in the history of the world for others.  Namely, people who still have a future - Generation Z.

As per the book description:

"The world's largest sociological experiment has failed right in front of our eyes and it's vital younger generations learn from it.  That experiment was the Millennials.  Bankrupt, broke, living at home, brainwashed, physically revolting, in debt, jobless, mentally ill, celibate, and no hope whatsoever of salvaging what remains of their lives, it's important Generation Z learn from this disaster of a generation so that they might not suffer the same fate and actually stand a chance at happiness and a future.  But it will be harder than you think!  The Millennials weren't formed in a vacuum or by accident.  They were shaped by leaders, parents, teachers, media, counselors, schools, and other institutions in America into the failures that they are today.  And those same people are the ones currently leading Generation Z down the exact same path of destruction, debt, misery, and failure.  Be smart.  Learn from the carnage that is the Millennial generation and realize you're being lied to right now.  Look at the spectacular failure the Millennials have become and realize who made them that way.  You only get one shot in life.  For god's sake make sure you don't become a Millennial."

The description is subject to revision, however, while I'm good at words, I am not so good at art.  Therefore I'm announcing a "Cover Art Competition" for any intrepid artists interested in designing the cover for my new book.  It can be designed, drawn, painted, etc., it just needs to capture the epitome and essence of the Millennial generation, thus visually "scaring Generation Z straight."

If you have a submission, please contact me at  But I am warning you now.  I do not want any low-grade "copy and paste" crap that can be made in some kind of "cover creator" with shitty graphics that remind you of a "for profit college" commercial during daytime TV.  I want a damn good looking cover that's clever, artistic, and looks professional.  The winner will get his/her site and name cited in the book and $250. Please share this with anybody you think might be interested.

Mucho thanks,


Tuesday, February 19, 2019

"Making Women Thin Again"....Or Not

Seriously, think about this.

With body positivity, self love, and big is beautiful being so thoroughly ensconced into the minds of any woman younger than a boomer, why would you invest in a company that promotes thinness instead of lies?

I find it hilarious that Oprah, who promoted all this big-is-beautiful-bullshit over her career, would invest in something that NOW promotes traditional female standards of beauty.  She was instrumental in eliminating traditional beauty standards, but thinks a business in "Making Women Thin Again" has a profitable future?

Oprah made telling a lies a multi-billion dollar empire.  I suggest she sticks with what she knows.

I'm Liking Trump More and More

Take the money from the parasites.

Something the republicans should have tried long ago.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Book Review: Roosh's "Lady"

T'was the part of my annual snowbird pilgrimage where after visiting my cabal of friends in the Phoenix/Tucson area, I would make my way west to visit my cabal of friends in San Diego.  It was convenient that the ride takes about 7 hours, because that would be enough time to listen to Roosh V's latest book "Lady."

I wanted to listen to Roosh's latest book because I too have been contemplating writing a version of Bachelor Pad Economics for women.  This was in part to diversify my reading audience, in part because it is sorely needed, but also because of posterity.  Advice for men has been thoroughly produced and provided by red pill authors over the decade, yet there is a woeful dearth of it for women.  However, I say "posterity" because I am no fool.  It is highly doubtful women will ever read, let alone incorporate anything red pill today, especially when there are much sweeter tasting lies published by the likes of Oprah, Ellen, Sheryl, Michelle, and Hillary.  So I was very curious to see what advice Roosh would provide to women, much in the same manner he has done for men.

The answer is - a lot.

"Lady" is a very good first attempt of introducing some red pill reality and olive branching to women.  I said before that "Game" was the most pro-women book ever written by a man, but Roosh outdid himself this time by providing a practical and truthful guide to women who are serious about finding love, family, agency, and happiness in life.  And that's the main selling point - it's truthful.  It's honest.  Roosh doesn't lie, he isn't sarcastic, he isn't intellectually dishonest.  Like his previous works he is clinical and has the reader's best interests at heart.  You may disagree with what he's saying, and even some red pill men would disagree with some of his tactics or advice.  But there is no doubt that Roosh genuinely wants to help women with the advice, wisdom, and experience he has gained over the past 15 years.  And any women who read AND ADHERE to this book will have more success in their lives than if they read 20 books by Oprah.

There are only three minor-to-medium problems with the book, none of which are the fault of the author, as much as it is what he's trying to accomplish with the book.

First, Roosh leads off the first chapter by adroitly addressing the key differences between men and women in terms of how they read, take advice, and problem solve.  It was necessary as men and women are different and Roosh has written exclusively for men in the past.  He points out that women think more emotionally, place more weight on feelings that cold hard logic, solve problems differently, and to that extent took it upon himself to read several female-authored self-help books to make his writing more conducive and receptive to female readers.

He then proceeds to lay down THE HARSHEST, HARDEST, BLUNTEST PHILOSOPHICAL TRUTH BOMBS WITH ICY COLD LOGIC SAUCE ON TOP THAT YOU WILL EVER READ.  I'm not complaining about this at all.  The prologue is some of the best writing I've ever read about the point and purpose to life, the reason for the sexes, and a brilliant economic connecting of materialism and unhappiness I ever read.  But I found myself laughing aloud because he essentially promised these women he would use lotion and be gentle, but just went in raw on their brains.  Sadly, I fear most women will not even get past the prologue (I honestly don't think they'll even pick up the book) thus never reaching his intended audience, but for a male-reading audience it was funny (and intellectually stimulating) as hell.

Second, though the book is essentially a guide (only about 150 pages in paper), it is too dense, too intense, and simply too much new (and revolutionary) information for your average western woman to digest and understand in one sitting.  There is so much new and different thought in this book to your average woman, it would be like plopping her down in front of a table full of food and trying to make her eat it in 5 minutes.  One of Roosh's main complaints about reading the female-authored books in preparation for his was that they took too long to get to the point, but perhaps that is precisely the speed at which women optimally enjoy and take in new information.  If he really wanted to get red pill/realistic philosophy into the minds of women, he would have to amortize this mere 150 page guide out into what I fear would be a 4 book, 250 pages each, series.  I know I wouldn't have read it.  I doubt Roosh would have written it.  But the amount of new information, theories, and philosophies he's trying to upload into the reader's mind would need to be drastically diluted and spread out.

Finally, the book was too tedious for me.  This is 100% because I am not the intended audience and I am also fully aware of what needs to be done to "make women happy again."  Of course if you're a woman, or you are not familiar with red pill philosophy, you won't have this problem.  It will all be new material, the philosophies will be thought provoking, and it WILL give you AT MINIMUM a different opinion on life even if it is a bit much to digest. But if you are familiar with the red pill, "Lady" is kind of basic "Red Pill 101 for Women" and you're not going to learn anything really new.  Thus, for most of my reading audience, I would just read the prologue for the aforementioned spectacular nuclear level philosophical truth-bombing, and perhaps pass the book onto a female loved one you wish to spare the fate of Sheryl Sandberg or Lena Dunham.

These three minor problems aside, the truth is this book would do more to make women happy than all the affirmative action, government programs, women's empowerment seminars, Oprah books, and liberal arts masters degrees combined.  It does so simply because it's based in truth, whereas the latter are simply lies.  The problem is, of course and as always, that women prefer lies over truth.  And well-written as Roosh's book is, I doubt it will overcome the trillions we've spent over the past five decades brainwashing women to abandon being women and become the thing they hate - men.  But let the record show that this book does prove something beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Roosh does not hate women.  He actually cares about them and is trying to help them.  You just disagree and hate the help he is trying to give you.  Which is like hating a doctor who recommends treating your cancer with chemo, when you want him to instead recommend Tylenol, which is fine.  Just don't expect your cancer to go away.  And just don't expect to be happy in life.

You can find Lady here in audio, paperback and kindle.

And look out for the Army of Pugs.

The Clarey Podcast - Road Trip Ramblings

Cappy rambles on about bums, hiking in flooded canyons, Western Union, how white people hands down win being bums, Captain Marvel, Ocasio Cortez, Amazon leaves, Capital Flight and MORE!

Podcast located here
MP3 here.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Captain Marvel: $150 Million, No Wait, $100 Million...Possibly $80 Million.

I'll just be going to church, smoking cigars with friends, hiking a new hike, chatting with my grandma, or wrestling with my nieces instead.  Maybe Ms. Larson can open her mouth more and cost Marvel a couple more million.

Still, no matter how it does, you can rely on the media to say it's a "record opening" using some obscure one-off statistic or another.

Cappy's Bear Canyon, Sabino Canyon, Reddington Canyon Hike

Was a full day of work avoidance where, after a heavy rain, I tried my best to hike/wade up the flooded Sabino and Bear Canyon rivers.  Had to turn back after almost taking a spill in the rushing rapids where a simple bump on the ole Capmeister's head would have led to being knocked out and drowning.  Decided to do a much easier hike in Reddington Canyon on the west side of Tucson.  There was also warnings about cougars and not the rich trophy wives of Tucson type.  More the bitey clawy type.

Remember to work hard, pay taxes, and go into debt.  Otherwise you might have to Enjoy the Decline!

On with Silvio Canto and Leslie Eastman on Canto Talk!

We talk about "Millennial Valentines Day," Ocasio Cortez scaring away Amazon, and the DOJ evaluating how to get rid of Trump under the 25th Amendment.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Is Captain Marvel Going to Torpedo End Game?

I had a scary thought.

Brie Larson (who I truly cannot care any less about) was mouthing off about identity politics again.  This didn't change my mind about seeing "Captain Marvel" because I wasn't going to see it anyway.  The trailer told me immediately it was going to be a feminist lecture.  A 20 something actress digging a deeper hole instead of just shutting up is only going to make other people not want to see it.

But now I'm worried it's going to ruin Endgame.  Not that I hold the Avenger's franchise in as high regards as John Wick, but I loved Infinity War.  I was truly looking forward to its conclusion, Endgame.  I do not want it ruined or even infected with politics.  But if the main actress of Captain Marvel is going to keep doubling down on politics, or even just talking about politics, AND this tag-along super hero is supposedly going to rescue The Avengers, then you're blemishing what I thought was a perfect movie and it is going to deter some of the movie going public to see Endgame.

Which is tragic.

Because Captain Marvel was just supposed to be an origins movie introducing a necessary character to finish off the magnum opus of End Game.  It may simply infect the franchise right before the big payoff is due and really cost the studio some money.

Eh, I'll wait for the reviews to come in first.

Yes, You Can Actually Work from Home

And it won't be glorious or wonderful, but it will be a job where you don't have to suffer a commute or deal with some gray haired boomer boss.

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It truly is that easy: 5-10 minutes of work and you can count on making $5-10 for each minute you do work.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Older Brother Podcast #38 - The "Denver Teachers are Scum" Episode

Live from I-10 enroute from Phoenix to Tucson, Cappy rants again

Denver teachers who piss away their money, then bitch about pay.
People who have kids they can't Denver teachers.
All the cool Meetup groups Cappy can't attend.
Why can't billionaires pay it forward to Cappy?
Why 58 year old social workers are more important than children.
Why the democrats have to be against fathers...because the would no longer be needed.

In THIS EPISODE of The Older Brother podcast!

Monday, February 11, 2019

How Kathleen Kennedy and Politics Cost Disney $3.7 Billion

There's a problem when it comes to measuring the box office success (or failure) of movies in America.  There is no standard measuring stick.  The best pundits, editors, and the media have come up with is inflation adjusted numbers, but this doesn't account for the fact the economy and number of people have grown.  For example Star Wars Episode IV "only" brought in $786 million in 1977, but the total GDP was only $2 trillion back then (compared to $20 trillion now) and there were only 220 million Americans, a full 100 million less than today.  So I tapped into my SAEG and came up with a new measure that I think beats all the other conventional measures being used - Box Office Sales as a Percent of GDP.  This accounts for inflation.  It accounts for economic growth.  It accounts for population growth.  And I think it should be used hence forth anytime people are interested in comparing box office numbers, especially when the movies are decades apart.

However, my motivation for coming up with this figure was not purely noble.  I had an ulterior motive.  I wanted to calculate just how much Kathleen Kennedy (and her commensurate politics) cost Disney and its shareholders in terms of profits/market value.  I wanted to see what percent of the Star Wars franchise's value was destroyed by politics.  Because as I've stated before, I'm getting mighty sick and tired of politics being mixed in with my fun.  Thus my hope is to attach a price tag to "being woke" and ruining everybody's movie-going fun with SJW politics so that the morons in Hollywood might get a clue before they go out of business.

First I calculated Box Office sales as a Percent of GDP (BOSPG) for each of the Star Wars movies.
This is nothing shocking as the original Star Wars was truly ground breaking, bringing in just shy of 4/100ths a percent of GDP.  This dropped significantly to .019% and .016% GDP for Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, respectively, but still impressive.  The prequels' lackluster performance also showed as they brought in .011%, .007%, and .006%.  And the sequels repeated the same, capitalizing on a new generation's hope, posting .011%, .006% and .007%.

Except there was just one tinsy winsy problem.

Episode VIII - The Last Jedi was such a betrayal to Star Wars fans that people essentially boycotted the next movie, Solo.  Solo's performance was so bad, it only got an abominable .0019% GDP, a mere 1/20th what Episode VI pulled in.

Or in plain English - Kathleen Kennedy wiped out 95% of the Star Wars franchise value.

Now we have to be fair.  The original trilogy was so revolutionary and from a different time that it really isn't fair to compare Kathleen Kennedy's modern day remakes to George Lucas' original movie productions (remember when Hollywood did those?  Originals?  Never mind, it's a Gen X thing, you youngin's wouldn't understand).  Also, it's not like the Star Wars franchise didn't go down in value with the release of the prequels.  So in intellectual honesty, I opted to compare Kennedy's performance to the prequels, as the franchise had already gone down in value as a consequence of those, and any further deterioration could logically be attributed to Kennedy and her politics.

I won't bore you with the mathematical details (posted below), but the short version is this.  Using the prequels as a baseline, you could expect your average Star Wars movie to earn about .0077% GDP.  Right now with Solo, Kennedy/politics sits at .0019%, a full 75% drop/destruction in the value of the Star Wars franchise.  If you prorate this out, assuming one new Star Wars movie every 4 years and some other mathematical assumptions, the estimated total cost to the Disney shareholders and Disney's profits is around $3.7 billion.  And remember.  That's basing it off the prequels.  It would almost be $7 billion if we included the original trilogy into the baseline.

I need that to sink into the shareholders and corporate executives at Disney, Sony, Century Fox and any other movie makers in Hollywood.

Your politics has CONSERVATIVELY wiped out 75% of the value of the world's most profitable movie franchise and cost you an estimated direct financial cost of $3.7 billion.  You had the golden goose and because you lacked creativity, originality, and cannot simply shuck your SJW, virtue signaling politics, you killed it.  And it's very doubtful if it's ever coming back.

Now, of course the future of Star Wars hinges on many things.

Will you continue to force feed politics into people's fun?
Will Kathleen Kennedy be replaced by a non-ideologue who loves Star Wars and returns it to its original greatness?
Is it so bad that the franchise is essentially dead?

And these questions will be answered in another decade or so.

But if we can stop now, take inventory of the true financial costs and consequences of jamming politics and personal agendas into cherished franchises, and simply follow the common sense rule of NOT putting politics into people's fun, Hollywood is guaranteed to be multiple billions of dollars richer in the future than the path it is currently on now.  Oh, and not that Hollywood cares, the movie going public will be happier and more satisfied as well.
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How to Make $100,000 in the Trades

It's not so much the trade you choose, as much as it is you show up on time, sober, and complete the job.  Which is hard for Mullet-Americans.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Cops or It Didn't Happen

And by "cops" I mean cops from 20 years ago that should have been called the second the rape occurred.  

Also, may I recommend a book that is very germane to this topic called "The Pence Principle?"  Nah, never mind.  This fake rape accusation stuff sure is fun isn't it?

Saturday, February 09, 2019

Can I Have Representative Chris Quinn's Wife?

Let me explain something to you noobs when it comes to politics.

Politicians are going to tender stupid legislation and try to force invasive laws into your personal lives where it doesn't belong.

This won't stop.
This won't end.
Politicians do this because they need to seem like they're "doing something" when they should be doing the OPPOSITE and eliminating laws since we are WAAAAY past the point of the "optimal number of laws."  So instead of eliminating stupid laws, they create more like banning plastic bags and banning plastic straws.

The latest one is a piece of legislation offered by a Representative Chris Quinn where he wants to tax "violent video games" because THAT will stop school shootings.

Now you can get angry at the legislation.  Or that politicians are going to politic.  But you're doing it wrong.  There's no point in arguing the inanity of the legislation.  You just have to point out the politician's name, what a cuck he/she is, and then maybe go chase his wife. Because you know that if you are offering this lame and pathetic of legislation then you are a cuck, you are a pussy, and your wife can't possibly be satisfied.  So I'm wondering if this asshole is going to get into my personal life and tax me 10% pointlessly (because this tax will NOT stop school shootings), can I get into his personal life and finally satisfy his wife?

See, you need to name these balless fuckwonders and expose them by name. Not roll your eyes and say "this legislation is stupid!  We must do something." 

No, name these fuckers.  And if they're getting their noses a little bit too much into your personal life, then maybe you see if they have a personal life you can shove your nose into as well.

Anyway, Mrs. Quinn, contact me when you're done with pencil dick over there.  We'll play some COD and chill.

Friday, February 08, 2019

The True Purpose of Public Schools

1.  To enrich teachers
2.  To indoctrinate students
3.  To provide an institution to raise children because American parents don't love them and don't want to raise them.

Point #3 is why we will NEVER get rid of public schools, because Republican "women" love their careers more than their children.  Thus BOTH sides of the aisle want public schools.

Truth hurts.

Suck it up.

Here's Your Rape Culture

Oh look, it ain't Western Civilization.

Well, in that case it's alright and doesn't count.

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Going to be On With Rich Cooper/Entrepreneur In Cars

Join us!  It will be 1PM EST, which means some ungodly early hour pacific time and I'll barely be awake.  But tune in!!

Church or Captain Marvel: Choose Your Sermon

It's very simple - people don't want politics mixed in with their fun.

We all work 40-60 hours a week.  We commute 10.  And after another 15 hours of chores and basic requirements of life, what few precious hours of freedom we have we cherish and value above all else.  And it is those few hours of freedom that ultimately determine the happiness and enjoyment we get out of life.  And the hell if we're going to ruin it with politics.

But tell that to the Gen X'ers who now command the majority of CSR, marketing, and advertising departments in Corporate America and Hollywood.  Talentless, fresh-out-of-ideas, unoriginal, and common, these low-IQ marketing heads only know the one trick they were taught in business school and that is "politics-trumps profits," "corporate virtue signaling," and "jam your socialist politics into the fun of everybody else."  They have no value except the politics they were spoon-fed in college, and think the rest of society is equally valueless, also desperately clinging a parasitic socialist ideology as their only core value in life. And so any sort of fun MUST have some sort of socialist sermon, lecture, moral, or proselytizing forced in it, thus putting a turd in America's punch bowl of fun.

The latest example is Brie Larson's interview with Digital Spy where she views her acting as a form of activism in the upcoming movie "Captain Marvel."

If you don't know who Brie Larson is, or what Captain Marvel is, it really doesn't matter.  This is just another Hollywood actress, mouthing off about politics, telepathing to you potential movie goers that there will be leftist politics, feminist sermoning, and a political lecture that nobody asked for and nobody wanted in this upcoming movie.  It's further proof that anybody under the age of 50 seems to think their politics is all that matters.  And it's also further proof that Hollywood doesn't understand who they work for.  They do not understand their product.  They do not understand their audience. And they are so tone deaf, so brain dead, so autistic, they can't understand the simple concept that people don't like politics mixed in with their fun.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the case corporate wide and Hollywood wide. Gillette thinks accusing men of rape, assault, domestic violence, in a condescending commercial will help boost sales.  Starbucks wants to have "conversations about race."  And Kathleen Kennedy needs to remind you that the force is female and will add three huge scoops of purple-haired vagina on your latest Star Wars movie, whether you wanted feminism or not.  There is hope that maybe corporate America is getting the message that people don't like politics in their razors, coffee, and movies in that the Super Bowl 53 commercials were absent of SJW commercials.  But I think given the trillions that were invested in Gen X'er's educational brainwashing, it's going to take about a decade of stagnant sales and boycotts to get it through their thick skulls to stop ruining people's fun with politics.

Thus, I have a suggestion for those of you who are sick of politics ruining your movies - go to church.

This is not a plea for Christianity (I loathe organized religion), but to point out that going to church or synagogue or even mosque would be preferable and much more beneficial than going to see Captain Marvel.  At least with a religious sermon there is usually some kind of wisdom that is practical and useful to your life.  You know with a religious sermon you are going to be sermoned.  And even if you don't agree with said religion, it does pay to sit, think, and reflect on ancient scriptures and texts that compile and condense thousands of years of human wisdom. Brie Larson is just going to parrot and repeat the same, tired, beaten, old, common, tiring, tiresome, obsolete feminist mantra of "we can do it too/fuck men/we're oppressed/strong independent woman/you go girl" that they have been for 50 years.  Oh, yeah, and she'll beat the bad guy in the end.

I wish I was being tongue and cheek, but I'm not.  I honestly think the movie-going public and America as a whole would be way better off and $20 richer if they just took in an actual sermon instead of a political one disguised as a movie.  And while you may not belong to a church or a synagogue, you can easily download a sermon from Ligonier Ministries, read an article about Judiasm,  or learn about debt avoidance through Islam.

Because here's the other reason you should just spend your Sunday afternoon taking in an actual sermon instead of a Captain Marvel one.  If you do go see Captain Marvel, and enough people make the movie profitable, reluctantly accepting they're just going to be lectured at like little children, this will never end.  Hollywood, Corporate America, and the legions of brainwashed Gen X marketing executives will continue to ruin your fun with politics...







And I don't know about you, but my life is to precious and enjoyable to be having a turd floating around in my fun.
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Is Reality Optional?

It isn't.  And you risk ruining your own life if you don't acknowledge that.

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

The Older Brother Podcast #37 - Nerves of Steele Episode

Cappy and John Steele talk about:

"The Mistakeless Economy"
The "Stupid People Economic Fallacy"
Is Corporate Virtue Signaling Dead?
Ain't No White Guys in Commercials Anymore.
It Wouldn't Matter if We Killed Half the Men in America.

Podcast here.
MP3 here.

You Can't Escape Stupid People

One of the funnier videos if you are looking for a laugh:

Monday, February 04, 2019

The Lack of Politics and Sermons in the 2019 Super Bowl Ads

I did not watch the whole thing.  But I was sure as hell that Corporate America would continue to lecture and sermon real Americans about being racist, sexist, and generally bad people.

Apparently they didn't.

That being said, I am supremely confident going forward Corporate America and their Gen X Marketing SJW Overlords will not be able to help themselves because that is all they know what to do - virtue signal.  Remember, these people do NOT have as their primary goal profit or productivity.  It is politics that drives them.  Like millennials, these Gen X'ers never really worked real jobs in their lives either and their brains were equally weak and thus susceptible to marxist brainwashing in college.  They offer nothing of value but their politics and they're going to force it down your throat whether you like it or not.  The Super Bowl was just a fluke.

Isabel O’Shaughnessy Gets Equality

If you didn't know Ms. O'Shaughnessy was this young lady here who, in addition to being mentally ill, thought it would be funny and perfectly alright to grab a man's genitals.

Unfortunately, she is now being treated as an equal and getting charged with sex abuse.

What piqued my interest though was the mention of the Catholic University of America. I  looked it up and it is indeed a catholic university.  But, as is with many things in Christianity, it's more concerned about green credentials and leftist politics than it is religion or JC.  If there was any morality within the CUA they would expel Ms. O'Shaughnessy, but something tells me they like her mammons she pays in tuition.

Taxation is 65% Theft

 The only time I was ever on a bloodsports show was Taleeb Starkes' program where under some other pretense he had me on with an avowed communist from Canada.  The communist was indeed mentally ill and I don't say that because we differed ideologically, I say it because he WAS mentally ill.  Still lived at home, didn't believe North Korea was a bad place, and lived off of the Canadian government.  It was painfully obvious he supplanted any tangible level of production and worth in life with the religion of communism, and he was consequently paying the price for living a lie.

But one thing he did keep bringing up was "social democracy."  And he used the term as a euphemism to deflect the fact that communism/socialism is theft and he was living off of other people.  In short social democracy means since people voted to take your money, then it's not theft - it's "social democracy."  Thus, everything is morally hunky dory super dooper OK.  And so this "social democracy" arrow is guaranteed to be in the quiver of every leftist because they can't stand the truth that they and their ideology are parasitic.

Any intellectually honest person can see right through this pathetic canard.  It doesn't matter how somebody else ended up with your money - whether it be at the end of a gun, or people voting it in...and consequently also at the end of a gun - if you didn't want somebody else to have your money, it's theft.  But the left is infinitely cowardly when it comes to getting your money, both avoiding any physical confrontation to get it, and hiding behind the excuses as to how they got it.  Alas, very much like lawyers, the most common way leftists will hide their parasitism is by pointing out it's legal, completely disregarding whether it's moral.

At the other end of the spectrum you have your sperg-out-a-lot libertarians.

These guys, just like our communist friend above, also supplant any real world accomplishment with a blind fanaticism to their religion.  They too also live in their parents basement and constantly parrot the conservative talking point that "all taxation is theft."  And again, they hide their intellectual dishonesty behind nuanced technicalities and arguments, notably that since if you don't pay your taxes you will have men with guns force you to, otherwise you will be put into a cage.  And while technically correct, I have yet to have a libertarian explain to me how a world governed solely by "positive reinforcement" and "good wishes" would be practical, feasible, and even possible.  Will people "willingly" pay taxes to form an army to fight off the army of the other country where they conscripted soldiers and forcibly taxed their citizens to arm them with more and superior tanks and fighter bombers?  Will people "willingly" form a large enough posse to fight off the band of bandits created by a smarter tactician who decided theft was easier than labor?  Will you finally discipline your children, or are you going to continue to try to intellectually rationalize with a 2 year old about the philosophical and moral merits of not screaming in the house?  These questions usually send the sperg-out-a-lot libertarians back to their parents' basement much like asking communists how using euphemisms change reality.

But never fear, Cappy is here.  And I am going to provide you all with the correct answer as to what taxation is and is not, so the next time this topic comes up you can provide a link to this convenient post and conclude the discussion more accurately informed than when the discussion began.


Taxation is 65% theft.

The reason taxation is 65% theft is because that is the percent (on average) of state, federal and local budgets (in the US) that goes to other people's pockets.  It will of course vary by state and location, it will vary based on your income and taxes you pay, it will also vary over time, but right now, in the US, on average, you can expect 65% of your taxes to go to another person WITH NOTHING ELSE IN EXCHANGE.

We call these expenses "income transfers" and they are a direct transference of your money to somebody else.  When I pay for some soccer-mom's snot nosed brat to go to school, that is an income transfer.  When I pay the additional property taxes so her other "autistic brat" gets overpriced free school baby sitting "special education" that is an income transfer.  When I pay for some pothead baby boomer who didn't save up enough for retirement for their social security or medicare, that is an income transfer.  And shucks howdy, when I just give the lazy and parasitic cash in the form of food stamps, welfare, TANF, or any one of a number of direct cash programs, that is also an income transfer.

It is theft.
It is one person benefiting at the expense of the other.
It is ALSO slavery as you are working for that person for a percent of your life.
And it is parasitism.  Yes, you are a parasite if you need other people's money.  That is not debateable or "social democracy."  It's a fact.  You are a leech.

The remaining 35% are what are called "public goods," meaning that my consumption of them does not exclude yours.  Or a shorter explanation, "we get something in return for that 35%"

For example defense.  At least I get something in exchange for my tax dollars when they go to pay for the US military - defense.  Same thing with the cops.  At least I get something when I pay taxes for the cops - protection.  We all benefit from a department, say like the US Department of Commerce which regulates (in theory) corporations and companies from putting acid in our soup.  And we all benefit from the Department of Transportation that builds and maintains the roads.  AND in all instances one person's consumption of the good does not exclude others.  My driving on the road does not prevent you driving on the road.  Your taxes dollars going to pay for that F-16 to patrol the skies does not prevent me from enjoying the protection provided by it.  In short, that 35% of your taxes paid on public goods is NOT theft.  It is legitimate taxation.  You get something in exchange for it (although, I can understand you may not want it).

There is however an important distinction to make where it may not be as clear cut as "Taxation is 65% Theft" - charity.  Because just as sure the arrow of "Social Democracy" is in a leftist's quiver, the arrow of "I Don't Mind Paying More in Taxes" is also guaranteed to be in there.

I don't for a second believe leftists don't mind paying more in taxes.  Every time a liberal friend of mine worked as a contractor and failed to make the quarterly tax payments they were APOPLECTIC when they had to pay their - *ahem* - "fair share" come April 15th.  They would do EVERYTHING in their power possible to NOT pay taxes.  Also, it's not like you can't cut a check to the US Treasury for shits and giggles.  And all the rich liberals in Hollywood, Washington DC, and trust fund babies can just start cutting checks if they don't mind paying more in taxes.  It's the fact they don't means you know they're lying.

But let's just take them at their worthless word and assume they do indeed not "mind paying more in taxes."

This then introduces a charitable element to the "Taxation is Theft" argument and makes it more of a personal issue.  If you're like me, you don't believe in charity, you don't WANT to give money to other people, and so when you're forced to, taxation is indeed 65% theft.  That's my money.  That's my life.  I do not want it going to anybody else.  But if you "don't mind paying more in taxes," or have a philosophical argument that we as a society owe it to the rest of society to provide some kind of safety net, then the argument could be made in your personal case that "Taxation is 65% Charity."  That you're OK paying 65% of your taxes to somebody else.  And there's nothing wrong with that.  It's your personal choice.  But that only applies to your individual case and your personal situation.

As is usual for leftists, they don't let it remain a personal choice.  They need to loop other people into their world.  They need to force other people to be socialists.  They value their politics/religion over other people's property rights or moral rights.  Yes there may be that one leftist who donates his or her money intellectually honestly to help out the poor because they personally believe they have a moral obligation to do so.  But the remaining 99.9999% of the case is most leftists want to use YOUR MONEY to make them feel better.  They want YOUR MONEY to advance THEIR politics of parasitism and laziness and fuzzy wuzzies.  And I cannot emphasize what a violation of morals that is right there.

Most leftists think absolutely NOTHING about stealing from you simply to make themselves feel better.  

Admittedly, at least they're not the democrat party who steals from you to bribe other degenerates to vote for them.  But rank and file democrats are not much morally better thinking they have a moral right to your life-labor, that they have the right to enslave you for a significant percent of your working life, simply so they can vote to have warm fuzzies and feel good about themselves.

Alas, when you realize just what few leftists and democrats are indeed charitable souls, with a soul within them, who willingly donate their own money to help their political cause, the "Taxation is Charity" argument is moot.  No democrat "doesn't mind paying more in taxes."  They all do.  Therefore, 65% of the taxes you pay are indeed theft.  In part to pay for parasites too lazy to work.  In part so leftists can feel good about their unaccomplished, worthless selves.  In part so the democrat party and buy votes.

You have the right to be pissed off 2/3rds the time about your taxes.
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Sunday, February 03, 2019

Amanda Lawson Ross Doesn't Know How Loans Work

Awww, too bad.

Dabby dooby.

Doctorate and you "college educated PhD's" still don't know how fucking compounded interest or loans work.  Oh well.  Time to go golfing with my debt free life.

How the Millennials Assisted Suicide Harley's Death

They're both to blame, but Harley should've seen this generation of soy, femininity, and pansy-asses as the death knell to their brand.

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Friday, February 01, 2019

The Clarey Podcast Curse Free (Sorta) Episode #40

YouTube as a Southern Sheriff.
People at Airports Late at Night.
Homeownership Breeds Masculinity.
Women will NEVER Learn to Fix Things.
Fifth Thirds Bank Masters Virtue Signaling.
The End of White Knighting.
The Death of Pinup Girls.


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!!!

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