Saturday, December 31, 2016

What Your New Years Resolution Should Be

A common refrain I hear amongst friends, colleagues, and listeners is just how little TV they're consuming nowadays.  In part this is due to digital media consuming a larger percentage of people's free time.  In part it's due to the increasing average age, and thus maturity, of my social and professional networks.  And in part it's due to the lack of creativity and new ideas coming out of Hollywood.  But the single largest factor for driving people away from the television, even to the extent of getting rid of it is...

the shows are just plain stupid.

Be it the Kardashians, daytime soap operas, reality TV, or cookie cutter sitcoms television is just not intelligent enough to stimulate the intellects of my audience.  And I'm not saying that to kiss up to my audience.  I'm saying it because it's true.  Television today is PAINFULLY stupid to people with above average IQ's.

So riddle me this, riddle me that...

Why are fans sending me articles from tabloids all the time?

At first you may be saying, "Well who is actually sending you articles from TABLOIDS???  Come on, Cappy.  Nobody in your audience is too stupid to do that!"  And you're right, they're not.  But what they are doing is failing to identify the new tabloids of today for what they are, and therefore failing to identify what is truly news versus what is nothing more than clickbait, propaganda, and the lame personal internet diaries of failed leftist millennials.  And everybody who is on the right side of the political spectrum would do well to make it their New Year's resolution to identify it, ignore it, and swear off of it for 2017.

For example, what originally put me onto this was the international shit show that occurred when I penned my Mad Max piece stating I wasn't going to see it because it was advertised as a feminist film.  The world got its communal panties in a bundle which earned me an article at the Daily Mail.  But what I noticed was just how wrong, erroneous, and false the article was about what I wrote.  There was no journalistic integrity whatsoever which led me to discover, after further research, that the Daily Mail was not a legitimate newspaper, but mere a rank tabloid on par with The Enquirer.  Additionally, it's not just the Daily Mail, but nearly ALL the tabloids ignorant Americans forward because we assume (much like their accents) because it's British, then it must be correct and right.

The Sun
The Mirror
The Daily Express
The Sunday Mirror and
The Morning Star

All tabloids, all of which post fake articles like this that are purposely designed to make rightists in the US see red, share the link like wildfire, make it go viral, and make them millions of pounds.

Another example is online American-bred gossip columns that you don't have to be a Benedict Cumberbatch-level Sherlock Holmes to figure out are using leftist politics to drive traffic to their sites.  Joe Soucheray, a local talk show host here in the Twin Cities, did and its writer (Brian Moylan) a huge favor when he not only read their article about "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer being gay," but ranted about it for a full 45 minutes on his talk show.  Unwittingly he helped this trash go viral, earning Vulture additional advertising dollars and Bryan Molan a healthy commission check.  But before you tisk tisk Mr. Soucheray for falling for such an obvious ploy, how many of you forwarded Gawker, Vice, and Buzzfeed articles this year when all it did was benefit leftists like these human rejects?

And, speaking of human rejects, then there's what I consider "The Internet Diaries of Failed Leftist Millennials."  I realized this was a third form of tabloids we non-leftists suffer while listening to a podcast about one Allison Moon.  The was reading an article from The Other McCain that was highlighting Allison Moon for being nothing more than your average run of the mill feminist.  Nothing new was reported, nothing new was gleaned and all I learned that there was an yet ANOTHER obscure millennial out there whining about white males.  However, it is not so much the sensationalism of the Allison Moons of the world, but that there's so many of them.

How many "articles" have you read from some whinny millennial brat about some insane complaint about the real world, forwarded it to your friends, but can't remember for the life of you the name of the person or what they were complaining about two months later?  I remember an "award winning journalist" in Chicago complaining on her blog that illegal aliens who didn't speak English didn't save up enough for retirement.  Another millennial child complaining about how liberal arts degrees were in fact more difficult than STEM.  There was Polly Dunning, a feminist-turned mom who regretted having a boy.  And how many drama-bitching millennials were writing "articles" or putting together "videos" about the unfairness of Donald Trump getting elected?

The only problem is neither you nor I can remember any of these people because there's a cacophony of them and they get lost in the noise, not to mention the commonness of their whinny, childish, entitled message.  And the only reason I remembered Polly Dunning was because somebody just sent me the link to her article (again, benefiting this attention whore).  But Polly is precisely the person to make my point because who is she?

She's a nobody.  A loser.  A nothing.

She only has 1,300 twitter followers.
A whopping 900 on YouTube.
Majored in english and works in the laughably fake and easy profession of being a teacher.

Why in hell's name would anybody listen to this inexperienced, totally common, totally boring leftist millennial?

The reason why is she successfully got her 15 minutes of internet fame, and you will unlikely ever hear from her again.  But because there's millions of them, we can expect a new Polly Dunning with some form of outlandish millennial leftist dipshittery to grace the headlines and grab our attention.

The truth is Polly Dunning is the epitome of the third form of fake news - "The Failed Millennial Leftist Diary."  Merely one of millions of failed leftist millennials who cannot accept that, even with their precious liberal arts degrees, they are common, boring, and offer nothing of value to the world.  Since they cannot accept this and their ego must be satiated, they go to the internet to journal about their "heroic journey" or "struggle" where they find other sympathetic, self-commiserating failed millennial leftists.  But mere commiseration is not enough, so they resort to increasing levels of sensationalism, brown journalism, and radical story telling to get validation in the form of traffic and likes.  Some, like Polly, get lucky and have one article go viral for 15 minutes of internet fame.  Some get REALLY lucky and get an unpaid job at the Huffington Post.  But they never get more followers, subscribers, or notoriety than a Bernard Chapin, a Robert Stacy McCain, or even myself because their stories and they themselves are unmentionably common.

So my question to all of you is this:

How much time did you and millions of other non-letists waste on these type of stories in 2016?  How many of you forwarded a Daily Mail article, shared a Polly Dunning-like story, or helped make the people at Vulture more profitable by actually believing the gay Rudolph story was real? 

Additionally, how many years did you lower your life expectancy by getting your blood pressure worked up over these fake and irrelevant articles?  How many more minutes of being in a foul mood were you, when you could have been in a happy one?  And did this negatively affect your personal life be it family, friends or your profession, making you angry?  Making you depressed?  Even losing sleep?

And dare I ask how many of you are addicted to this gossip?  Who after decades of leftist media and right wing talk radio have become dependent upon hearing the latest as to how the US is getting screwed in yet another way?

I ask you and fellow non-leftists to promise yourselves a change for the better in 2017.  I ask that you recognize these new tabloids and news stories for what they are - the neo-internet, leftist versions of The Jerry Springer Show.  I ask that you do not forward them, do not read them, do not bother with them and instead spend your time on your family, on your friends, on your loved ones, and on yourselves.  I ask that you use them when it comes mid-term election time as these stories DO indeed help get conservatives elected.  But above all else, for the love of god, if you're going to forward something in 2017, forward this article instead.
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Friday, December 30, 2016

Opening Up a Second Front on the Left

I have many ideas that would be effective, efficient, and devastating to the left.  A "Department of Dirty Tricks," a concept of total economic war, and another idea (that is completely legal, so do not worry) that is so good, I won't even give it an obscure title.  And until I'm paid a princely sum, in my brain they will remain and the republicans, tea party, libertarians, etc., will continue to waste horrendous resources inefficiently fighting the left.

But one that I can let go of it opening up a second front on the left.  One that would strike at the resources that keep them alive, and permit them the luxury of 24-7 activism, propaganda, indoctrination, and politicking:

Cut off their funding.

Adam Piggott explains it much better here, but the idea is very simple.  If you cut the source of blood off for the parasites, then they will be too busy foraging for food (and GASP!  JOBS!) that they won't have time to protest, apply for government grants, block interstates, apply for government hand outs, or park their lazy worthless asses in college.  Oh they'll put up a stink, and they'll certainly shut down interstates.  But after two weeks of no food, no rent, no student loans, and no free transportation, they will rearrange their priorities to find food, clothing, and shelter when their WIC check doesn't come through, their paycheck at the university bounces, or the funding for their worthless public services program is cut. 

Understand the MAIN job of a leftist is to constantly legitimize, rationalize, and validate the theft of other people's money.  If you simply cut it off and force them to work real jobs like the rest of us, they won't have time to write 6 different letters to the same congressman, vote 5 different times for the same politician, nor apply for welfare in 4 different states.

Of course, this all pre-supposes republicans and our politicians grow a pair, which is the weakest part of this entire plan.

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

National Geographic

Like all artists, they can't just create art and let it speak for itself.  It needs to have a political bend to it and that's why I don't bother reading national geographic.

You Never Apologize

Never ever.

What is sad is how feminism and leftist politics have not only made it impossible to compliment a woman, but now make it impossible for a woman to ever have a legacy of being beautiful.

You leftists wanted this world.  You will get it.  And you will all be forever remembered as being ugly.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Episode #178 of The Clarey Podcast - Davis Aurini as Guest!

Drama in the's not worth it.
"Under the Kissletow" and other chick flicks.
Holding a girl's hand in the 7th grade.
Fake red pill men living lies lead to suicide.


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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Traffic is the Price California Pays for Socialism

Last winter I had bought a motorcycle in Sarasota, Florida and decided to drive it across the country to San Diego, leaving it in Las Vegas until the spring months came wherein I would be able to drive it back home to Minnesota.  It was a very nice road trip with stops in Phoenix, Sedona, and Puerto Penasco, but as I crossed over from the Salton Sea on Highway 78 to Del Mar I was introduced to an experience I underestimated...

Californian traffic.

Not that I didn't know Californian traffic would be bad, but rather it was how the entire population is held hostage by it and just what a controlling and invasive role it plays in people's daily lives.

The people I stayed with in Del Mar didn't bother leaving their house until it was late in the evening, at one time "risking it" to go to a beach during the noon hour.

Another place I stayed near Huntington Beach, my host was delayed by 2 hours simply because of "traffic," but did not seem angered, angsted, or bothered by it, simply dismissing it as "well, traffic."
I could go on with examples, but it became immediately clear, especially when driving in it, just what a determining and influential role traffic played in everyday Californians' lives.  They weren't necessarily controlled by it, but it was definitely the primary determining factor in how they were going to lead their lives that day.

This then got me thinking, and it wasn't until I was sitting in (you guessed it) traffic near San Bernardino, did I realize what I was witnessing.

Traffic was the true price Californians were paying for the socialism they all loved and voted in.  And upon thinking about it further, I realized just what a heavy price it was.

First, understand that Californians already pay the most in taxes in nearly every form and facet.  Sales tax, gas tax, income tax, fees, tolls, you name it.  Additionally, with more regulation than anywhere else in the country, they pay more for housing, transportation, insurance, and other living expenses, paying essentially a "regulation tax" which further erodes their purchasing power.  When you point out this insanity, trying to explain to them that $3,000 for a San Francisco one bedroom apartment is insane, they are quick to explain the ingenious solution Californians have come up with to deal with these rapish-levels of taxation. They simply dismiss it all away and say, "You can't beat the weather!" (Though Bay area residents usually claim "The restaurants are great!"))  Regardless, the point is Californians DO pay a financial price for the socialist state economy they've instituted.

The second point, however, is that the financial price they pay is merely the explicit cost for this Californian socialism.  The real price they pay comes from the fact the government they voted in puts socialism ahead of the REAL, TRADITIONAL duties of government, and those duties are to provide public goods that benefit every one.

Defense.  Legal systems. Cops.  AND ROADS.

And when given the choice Californians at the state and local levels would rather cut gibmedats checks to their parasites than build roads so their producers can get to work.

This has resulted in the traffic jams that choke California AND every major city.  People will contend it's population growth, but population growth would indicate a linear relationship with economic growth, and thus, taxes that could go to afford more roads.  The truth is socialist local governments, be it the state of California, or the City of Chicago, CHOOSE to spend their money bribing single moms, welfare parasites, liberal arts students, and other sorts of socialists with government goodies to win their votes than provide the adequate highway systems that would be needed to get the engine of our economy (that would be the workers) quickly and efficiently to work.  The result is the sheer amount of time we all waste in leftist socialist "utopias" in commutes and in traffic.

Urban Californians think nothing of spending 2 hours a day in traffic.  That's 12.5% of their waking hours, and a full 25% of their free time wasted paying for the parasites of their socialist utopia.  New Yorkers, I'm sure, are too busy patting themselves on the back for living in New York to notice their commute is taking a toll on their marriage back at home which is about to lead to divorce next week.  And Chicagoans, while bragging about their Metra and El systems, are perfectly fine paying more in taxes so some stranger at the state-funded daycare or some unnecessary "student reserve assistant teacher" at an after school program can raise and spend more time with their kids than they the parents themselves do.  But you see, it's all worth it because of California's weather, Chicago's culture, and those great restaurants in New York.

When you add it all up, increasing amounts of producers' lives are being sucked up by the inadequate transportation systems because money that would have otherwise been earmarked for roads and highways is going to fund the parasites of these leftists' socialist utopias.  Instead of 65% of the state and local budgets going to pay for the parasites of society, imagine if it had gone for roads instead.  It's not that there would be no traffic or even (if you dare to dream) no such thing as a commute (though those are indeed benefits).  It's the amount of your ever-dwindling free time you'd be able to spend on yourself, your spouse, your hobbies, your children, and your life.

I'm absolutely sure that authentic, 100% organic Pakistani restaurant is worth your $4,000 a month rent in San Francisco.

I'm absolutely sure that museum in NYC is worth the divorce papers that are about to be delivered to you in 20 minutes.

And I'm sure the "Los Angeles weather" is totally worth missing out on your kids' childhood as you pump them full of ritalin and they blow their brains out at 17.

Besides, you provided free health care to all the bums, free child care to all the single mom hoot rats, and free education for all the illegal aliens.  And we all know that's infinitely more important than your life.
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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Explaining What Marxism Truly Is

The audio version of "Simplifying Marxism" which you can send to any young minds...or leftists so as to be COMPLETELY clear what is and is not marxism.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

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Episode #178 of The Clarey Podcast!

Communist restaurant closes.
Baby boomers SS garnished for delinquent student loans.
75% of millennials live at home.
"You should get on this guy's show!"
Dyed hair, fake books, hit the gym.


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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thursday Linkage

"When I say 'kill Lois' I don't mean I want her actually dead.  It just means I don't want her to live any more."

When women marry the state.


Baby Boomers having Social Security checks garnished for....student loan payments.

Millennials...I hate millennials.

Interesting.  A Russian alternative to S&P.

What is it like working with 8 millennial Hillary supporters?  Like herding cats apparently.

How to Trigger Evil People

Simple show them this:

Capitalism is Not Optional

It is human nature, and the sooner you realize this, the sooner you can capitalize on this fact and dramatically increase every one's standard of living.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Why the Millennials Will Finally Get the Punishment They Deserve

The 2016 presidential election showed me the true and horrific colors of the modern day left.


threatening the lives of electoral college electors,
to denying Bernie Sanders a fair vote in the Democratic party,
to beating up Trump supporters,
to the abysmal cry-baby shit show that followed a legitimate election,
to vomiting the canard to our children that "we apologize for you having to grow up in this world"
to the hypocrisy claiming democracy was broken

the left has shown they are a hate-filled, racist, bigoted, violent group, who have no interest in democracy, and will gladly institute a dictatorship if they can get their way and other people's money.

Naturally not all leftists are like this.  Many of them are also complete tools, unaware of the evil that is festering and growing within their own party, naively thinking today's democrats are the JFK party "of the little guy."  And, of course, we hope the 2016 election woke some of them up to the point they'd maybe clean house in the democrat party.  But it wasn't until I was talking to a buddy of mine did I see a clear delineation line, a trait that more or less identifies which leftists in the democrat party are simply well-intended, though ignorant bleeding hearts, and those that are tyrants, thugs, racists, and hate-mongers whose hearts are filled with envy, greed, and jealousy.


Specifically, the millennials.

Understand there are evil people across all age groups (and parties).  And the errant behaviors of one or two people does not reflect the group or political party as a whole.  But if you recall the re-election of (the hated) George Bush Jr. in 2004, certainly there was anger and rage on the part of the left, but there was none of the threats, violence, and purposeful undermining of our democracy we saw in 2016.  The left, much like the right when Obama was elected...twice...did not protest, riot, shut down interstates, or threaten the lives of college electors.  They were mature adults about it, respecting the wishes of the people and democracy and went on to field a better candidate who would win 4 and 8 years later.

But after 8 years of Obama, my how the left has changed.  The potpourri of criminal and temper tantrum behavior on the part of the democrat party is disgusting compared to 2004.  And the only variable I can come up with is that the millennial generation has come online and is the reason for the inexcusable and dictatorial behavior we saw in the 2016 election.

Of course, the millennials did not do this simply on their own.  They were led, taught, and indoctrinated by the public school system and universities which is honeycombed with the most worthless, talentless members of the baby boomer and Gen X generations.  Never setting foot in the real world, nor having an independent thought, thousands of teachers and professors successfully brainwashed millions of millennials into leftists.  And not just leftists, but the most entitled, spoiled, incompetent, irresponsible, delusional, brainless, programmable, and narcissistic group of leftists the world has ever seen. Coupled with the choir of worthless parents who pampered the genetic crap that resulted from their copulation, these veritable worthless human beings are incapable of self-supportation, independent thought, honoring the golden rule, sympathy, and respecting other people's rights.  And if they got their way, they would have enslaved the rest of us to pay for their parasitic lifestyles, while working crusaderishly to chisel away at freedom, democracy, and the United States.

However, they face one problem.  Trump.

Understand their entire plan hinged on one thing - the election of a democrat.

The reason this was vital was because without a democrat in office these rabid, anti-democracy millennials would have to spend their time working to make ends meet instead of relying on government cheese.  This means they'd have to find job instead of pursuing their socialist obsessions of bringing down the United States.  And most importantly, they needed a democrat like Sanders or Clinton in office so somebody would forgive them of their self-inflicted student loan debt.

And none of that is going to happen now.

This is good news (at least for those of us who are adults, who work for a living, and who support ourselves) because if there is a punishment worse than death that these leftist millennials are afraid of, it's honest work.

Understand that socialists, leftists, communists, etc., are not deep thinkers, philosophers, or intellectuals.  Very much like Marx they are simply losers and parasites who are so weak, so pathetic, and so pampered, they'll spend their entire lives concocting the most fanciful and elaborate of fabricated theories as to why they're entitled to other people's labor and money.  "Privilege," "institutional racism," "31 flavors of gender."  It's no shock that nearly all of the liberal arts in academia are geared towards rationalizing the theft of others.  But no matter how hard they try to make themselves sound smart or intellectual, in the end it is simple and rank laziness (and jealousy) that drives their socialist ideology of parasitism and theft.

But what one should take particular note of is just how much effort they dedicate towards the theft of others.  Be it studying the social sciences, spending 10 years in college, working on political campaigns, working for non-profits, not to mention the irrationally high amount of emotional investment and agency they put into this faux-religion, their entire waking lives is eating, breathing, and sleeping "the theft of others."  This fanaticism (not to mention waste of life) is driven by two things.  One, their previously-mentioned weak character which is deathly afraid of the toil that comes with labor.  And two, the fact they have nothing of value in life, but their parasitic ideology.

When you combine these two things it's very easy to understand why these millennial leftists are so violent, angry, and unhinged.  For the first time in their lives these leftist millennials are facing the prospect they might have to WORK.  And not just work, but WORK FOR THEIR ENTIRE LIVES!  Overnight their lives went from one of elitist Roman luxury to that of the slave class.  The mere thought of it scares the living daylights out of them.

But this is only the half of it!

Without toil, labor, work, pain, and failure, one cannot achieve anything.  And the millennial leftist's ego cannot abide that.  They MUST have SOMETHING to point to in terms of achievement.  They must have some point, purpose, reason and agency in long as it doesn't require work. And conveniently socialism and leftism provides them this faux, virtue-signaling religion as a substitute for genuine accomplishment.  You don't have to work.  You just have to virtue signal.  You don't have to study a hard subject.  You just need an advanced degree in some worthless humanities subject.  You don't have to produce anything of value.  You merely have to blame whites and males for all the world's problems.  And you don't have to support yourself.  You just need to claim your a vegan or are going green.

Unfortunately for them, however, this is all going to go away with a Trump presidency.

Understand just how devastating a Trump presidency is to these people.  In their eyes it is complete.  It is total.  It takes away and destroys everything these millennial leftists hold dear and rely upon.  Not only will they have to face their harshest fear (labor), and not only will there be no salvation from their student loans (condemning them to an entire life-time of labor), the fact their ideology didn't win takes away all of their purpose, meaning and worth in this world.  It's a full-length mirror of reality shoved into their faces for the first time, forcing them to stare into the abyss and acknowledge the reality that their lives will not be one of continual government support as they pursue faux-intellectual pursuits in academic, but one of labor, toil, and commonness.  It shows them not only that they're worthless, and not only will they have to (GASP!) work for a living, but that their entire lives up to this point have been a complete and total waste.

This explains nearly everything we witnessed post-election.  The inordinate amount of crying from Hillary supporters when their candidate didn't win.  The YouTube freak-show where millennials were having melt-downs because Trump won.  Teachers and other Gen X/Baby Boomer leftists "apologizing" to their children/students that "they'd have to grow up in this world."  And of course the criminal element shutting down interstates claiming "democracy is lost."  It is nothing more than a generation-wide temper tantrum these adult children were throwing because it was the first time they were ever treated like an adult.

The question is whether they're going to learn from this experience, take inventory of their lives and themselves, and try to improve upon it, or just double down on the same leftist religion of theft and parasitism.

And we pretty much know the answer to that.

These are not mentally strong individuals of high intellectual caliber.  Shoot, they don't even have basic common sense.  Again, they've been brainwashed for 25 years from the K-college educational system.  They lack any capacity for reason, intellectual honesty, empiricism, and objectivity.  Their entire lives were simply to be programmed drones to vote and support the democrat party/socialism.  They know no other life because the Baby Boomer and Gen X generations (of teachers and parents predominantly) failed to show them.  And now, for the first time, as many of them are leaving the artificial-life-support environment of the education system, they are entering the real world which they are COMPLETELY incapable of living in.

You want to talk about a most horrific punishment?

Imagining having another 50 years of life expectancy to live in a world you're simply not capable of surviving in because you've been brainwashed to the point you're effectively mentally disabled.

Enjoy that freaking decline.
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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Globe "Business College" Bites the Dust

And another one down
another one down
another one bites the dust

Curse Free Episode #14 - "Who Gave Birth to the Millennials?" Special!

Who gave birth to the Millennials?
Trump is the boomer's last hope of redemption.
Review of Rogue One
Women now majority of law students!
The "Dark Knight of Advice Columns"


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Monday, December 19, 2016

When Holograms Replaced Women...and Men

Not much surprises me anymore.  My world view, which has been formulated from empirical data and a healthy dose of cynicism, has never failed me.  It predicts the slow and inevitable devolution of society, that when I see a 48th gender created or another deluded college professor advocating the elimination of the white race or stories about pedophilia and pizza, I just shrug my shoulders and go "meh."  But every great once in a while something happens that even I wasn't expecting.  And one such a thing has happened that completely blind-sided me.

A hologram wife that is being marketed as a substitute for the real thing.

If you're unaware or don't have time to watch the above-linked video, in short, Japan is suffering a "sex/romance crisis" wherein fewer and fewer men are pursuing women.  The purified/extreme form of this trend are called "herbivores," where men opt to completely abandon the pursuit of women, choosing a life of video games, grooming, living at home, anime, and porn instead.  They are an interesting case study in not only are they the most "extreme" form of this woman/marriage boycott, but it results in some interesting behaviors, namely replacing real women with a substitute.

The last time I was this shocked was hearing about the existence of "waifu pillows" and the shocking advances (and resources dedicated to) developing robot women.  Odd as they may be, however, they are simply substitutes this small segment of Japanese men are using for women, so the creation of a holographic Stepford wife should come as no surprise.  But while "waifu pillows" and (eerie as hell) "sexbots" could simply be dismissed as the sex toys of a fringe element of Japanese society, the hologram wife is different which makes it so shocking.  Specifically...

it's the free market telling us this trend isn't so fringe.

Not that every man in Japan is some herbivore metrosexual, dropping the $2,000 it takes to get a hologram wife, but there's enough of them that a commercial enterprise has invested the money into it to make it a reality AND they have the gall to advertise it on TV and the internet!  Additionally, it's almost as if there's no shame as the commercial seems to be completely indifferent, indifferent and matter-of-fact about what it's advertising.  It suggests that it's perfectly acceptable today in Japanese society to have a hologram wife instead of the real thing.

When you think about it, this is incredibly sad and telling and on many levels.

One, just how poorly have women been brought up that they're being out-competed by a hologram?  The saddest part of the commercial I couldn't get over was how the hologram simply said simple and kind things that has been bred out of today's women.  "How are you?"  "When are you coming home?"  "It's raining out, don't forget your umbrella."  You laugh at it now, until you realize just how few women display such concern or care in Japan (or other western cultures) that it actually has become a rare commodity.  It's a sad state that basic wifely courtesy and concern can be replaced with some voice recognition and computer code.  And while you may be quick to deride, mock, and ridicule these herbivore men (and perhaps rightly so), remember, they're consciously choosing freaking pillows, sexbots, and holograms over the real thing

Two, while Japan may be down the "freaky-hologram-wife-sex-bot-pillow rabbit hole" further than it's other western counterparts, we here in  Europe and the US face a similar phenomenon - porn.  Mock the herbivore men all you want, there isn't a man under 30 40 50 alive today that hasn't looked at porn.  And many men, when given the option, would rather spend 2 hours jerking off to porn than expend the 40 hours it would take to land a date, land a second, charm her on the third, and maybe have sex by the fourth in today's modern America.  This manifests itself in many ways similar to what's happening in Japan.  Japan has herbivores, we have MGTOW's.  They're watching animie porn, Europeans are watching...uhhhh...just "regular porn."   Japan's birthrate has dropped below sustainable levels.  The West's birthrate has dropped below sustainable levels.  Men have gone on a marriage strike in Japan, and men have gone on a marriage strike in the West.  This is all the result of (in part) a substitute good that is cheaper/easier/faster or whatever you want to call it, than the real thing.

Third, the real thing.  Understand what is happening here is 100%, PURE, CLASSICAL, ECONOMICS.  Women are getting replaced with a substitute good.  Normally people would say, "Why would you take a hologram over the real thing?  What the hell is a matter with you?"  But what normal people don't realize is that you are not these people and every person has their own tastes and preferences.  Some people like chocolate.  Others like vanilla.  And some weirdos prefer black licorice.  So you can judge and laugh all you want, but in the end these men/boys ARE opting to go with a substitute.  It is perhaps the shock that we are finding out just how little it takes to be a substitute that makes this hard to believe.  Namely digital or "virtual" simulations are equal to (or better) than the real thing to some men.  But hard as it is to believe, the collapse in marriage rates makes your belief irrelevant.

Finally, women.  While my focus has been on substitutes for women, I am fully aware of the point many of you are screaming right now - that women today themselves have changed (for the worse) making your right hand and a hologram wife the better of the two options.  I am also fully aware of the economic and sociological arguments that student loans, a poor labor market, and a stagnant economy (all three variables of which are in play in Japan, the US and Europe) make marriage and dating impossible for many young men.  But sticking with the effect digital technology has had on the sexes, we cannot ignore its effect on women.  For while digital technology in the form of porn, digital wives, and sexbots are all competing against women for the attention of men, digital technology also competes against men for the attention of women.  Namely, social media.

While demand for women has gone down because they've been substituted out, demand for men has also been decreasing because women have found their own substitute good - social media.  Simplifying things a lot (but not by much), men want sex, women want attention.  And while porn has certainly lowered men's demand for women, social media has DEVASTATED women's demand for men.

Women no longer have to date you, tolerate you, be pretty, be nice, or be kind to get attention.  They simply have to post a couple well-angled pics on Facebook or Twitter, and BOOM!  A limitless source of attention from THE ENTIRE WORLD OF MEN.  Flirts, winks, emoticons, texts, sexts.  They're getting everything they want without having to give up sex or committing to one guy, so why should they buy the cow when they get the milk for free?

This has not "cleared" the courting market, as much as it has evacuated it where both parties (suppliers and demanders) leave the market because they've found a substitute, if not, superior good.  Men, who may have demanded women, are leaving the marriage market for porn, and women, who supply marriage/dates/sex, are also leaving for social media.  The result is a drastic drop in marriage, sex, and dating that can be classically graphed using economics:

This, of course, spells doom for socialist economies and politicians who rely on bribing old people with social security to vote for them.  Without younger people marrying, breeding, and having children, minimalist herbivores and MGTOW's won't work up the tax base necessary to continue financing these social security ponzi schemes.  This is why Japan (and other countries) have launched lame PSA campaigns trying to get native suckers younger adults to breed.  What's worse, however, is the delicious irony that these exact same socialists are the ones who pushed feminism hard in all of Western civilization, which also provided great disincentive for men to marry and breed.  You then throw in digital technology that has advanced to such a state, AND capitalizes on the disgust the sexes have for each other, and you've manage to destroy the entire marriage market and any hope future hosts children will be around to be parasited off of by the elders continue on society.

But my view is a bit more empirical and cynical.  If it's come to the point women would rather attention-whore on Facebook and men would rather marry a hologram than get together in the real world and rub naughty bits together, I say let it burn and enjoy the decline.  Society, no matter what the country, doesn't deserve to continue on.
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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Chris Betchloff's Saturday Night Podcast

Was on Chris' podcast this evening where we talked about how women are being replaced by holograms in Japan, Rogue One, the left's obsession with destroying things, the right no longer giving a fuck, how Putin will go down in history as the next Peter the Great, and the top movies from 2016.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Review of Rogue One

From one of our Agents in the Field:

Male Versions of "The View"

From my latest piece at Return of Kings.

“The View” is (rightfully so) the butt end of all jokes, references, sleights, and insults intelligent people use to shame the inferior women who watch it.  It is vain, vapid, narcissistic, unintelligent, masturbatory, full of itself, and other accurate pejoratives, but above all else it is a waste of time.  Women who watch it are quite literally pissing away their lives.  About the only thing worse that could be said about it is that it misleads women into having an inaccurate view of the world that not only ruins what dwindling time they have on the planet, but lessens the value of the lives of those around them.  It is, quite simply, poison.

But before we men get on our high horses and mock and ridicule those who watch “The View,” we might want to take inventory of our own viewing habits, for most of us are guilty of wasting our time on equally worthless, vapid, and pointless shows."

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Episode #177 of The Clarey Podcast!

The Rat Race World of LinkedIn
"Financial geniuses" aren't smart.
Hot somali Ms. Minnesota
All female 21 Jumpstreet
13 years people waste "curling up with a book."


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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All is Forgiven, Because She's a Female CEO

Christ, what a shit show.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Truth About Rex Tillerson

The truth is, he's likely a much better person that you are:

National Deficit Talk with Kerry Lutz

Kerry Lutz and I shoot the breeze over the national debt and how to solve it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Clarey Podcast Minus Clarey!

With special guest celebrity hosts:

Davis Aurini
Chris Bechtloff, and

Where they discuss

Sexual theories on Laci Green
The Amazing Atheist getting 1 million followers
Does psychology actually work or is it a hack field?


In this Clarey Free podcast of The Clarey Podcast!

Direct MP3 link here.

Monday, December 12, 2016

The Venezuelan Grinch that Stole Christmas

Honestly, I can't think of a more evil woman:

Voltron Toy, The Muppets Were on Drugs, Mr. Rogers was Creepy, and MORE!!!

in this special Black Brigade Debrief where me, DT, and Thee Man talk about 80's toys, Christmas, bad movies, and which children's shows had pedophiles in them.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Communism: It's for The Children

Socialism is all fun and games until it comes to fruition.

Fuck Starting a Business in Portland

You are a fool if you have a great business idea and plan on setting it up in Portland.

The Basics of Stockpiling Food

If you are like the Captain you are always looking forward to see what kind of responsibilities, liabilities, costs, or expenses can be knocked out today to make tomorrow more secure.  Real estate, education, precious metals, etc.  However, once you get down the rabbit hole far enough the next step is prepping and preparing for an economic collapse or SHTF scenario.  This then brings up skills like pickling food, gardening, marksmanship, hunting, etc.  The most concerning of these to me is being able to make and store food for long periods of time, because without food the rest is moot.  

Thankfully, a fan who is an expert at pickling and storing food was kind enough to provide a tutorial in the basics.  

Stockpiling is one of those practices which is difficult to understand from the outside. When you don't stockpile, it can seem fruitless, too much effort, expensive, or even paranoid. But the reality is that a good stockpile can be of use to most of us. From minor geographical catastrophes, to having food home even after a weekend away, to surviving unexpected bills and loss of income, a wellstocked larder can make all the difference to most of our lives.

Starting your stockpile. Starting a stockpile means getting in all the basics you will need, not only those which you cannot supply for yourself, but also those which will allow you to keep your own stockpile going. The groundwork for your stockpile needs to be things which do not easily expire: • Dried legumes. • Dried grain products. • Tins. • Nuts and seeds. • Salts, sugars, spirits and vinegars. • Processed oils. All of these products last a very long time if not forever, are obvious when they expire, could be used to sustain yourself for extended periods if needed, and can be bought very cheaply.

Seeing as they do not easily expire and will not expire without giving off serious signs, these products can be kept long past their printed expiration date and are therefore perfect for bulk buys and warehouse clearances. Provided it's a product you are definitely going to use and that doesn't expire easily, there's nothing wrong in buying 6 years worth of an item. For instance we bought a 25kg sack of turtle beans and a few trays of emergency cans of Irish Stew over two years ago. They get used slowly, haven't gone off, and cost us less for buying in bulk. On the other hand, flour in paper bags, however cheap, is under constant threat from airborne moisture and will probably only last one to two years.

The benefits of a good basic stockpile are countless, and it is so simple and easy to establish that if it's the only step you take towards stockpiling, you'll be miles ahead of everyone else. Should you lose your job or get struck by disaster, an abundance of grains and beans will at least keep you alive, and a supply of goods for preserving other foods will allow you to make the most of whatever comes your way.

Invest a bit of time into comparing warehouse clearance and bulk buy websites before stocking up on enough dried goods for a few years.

Jamming and canning. The next easiest step to forming a stockpile is to take advantage of seasonal fruits to make and can jams and pie fillings. Due to the intense acidity of a jam, these don't go off easily at all. They won't breed serious diseases like C. Botulinum, E. Coli or Salmonella. And if they form a thin mould skin over the top, any seasoned jam maker will tell you it's safe to simply scoop off the mould and consume the rest.

To make a jam, take a supply of fresh fruits and fill a pot around two thirds full of them. Cook them down until they only fill half the pot and fill the remainder with sugar, stirring continually. Once the sugar is dissolved and boiling, put the jam into prepared cans, seal, and store.

To can goods you don't need an expensive canning bath or specialist equipment. All you need is undamaged pop-lid jars. Wash thoroughly and, before decanting the jam, fill with boiling water to raise the temperature of the jar. When the jar is hot, empty the water out, immediately fill with jam and firmly replace the lid. The canning is complete and sterile when the pop-lid sinks back down. If it does not, your jar was damaged and you need to use the jam within a month or two.
Once the jam has sealed, it should last 6 months in an average kitchen cupboard or 12 months in a fridge or very cold pantry. If your pantry has heating, assume only 6 months again.
You can use this technique for storing any highly sweetened mixes, at least 1/3 sugar, such as sweetened pumpkin purée, apple sauce, or even sweet chocolate spreads. They will last you until next harvest.

Savouries, botulism and not dying. Preserving anything savoury has a distinct risk with it. Essentially, there are two preservation methods which work long-term even when done by amateurs, and both involve creating an acidic environment: sugar preservation like jams, and vinegar preservation, as with pickles. Anything alkaline is risky, even moreso in the hands of amateurs.

Thus, if you want to preserve something savoury, then your best main bets are: pickling in vinegar, dry curing, dehydrating, and freezing.

Pickles. A pickle is the simplest way of preserving savoury foods, although the distinctive taste may put many people off. You can pickle all vegetables, all nonsweet fruits, all seafood and eggs.

All you need to do is prepare your savouries and cram them into a jar so they won't float. If you must, boil a flat rock until it's clean and use it to weigh down the pickles. Next, take a vinegar, maybe add a hint of salt and sugar to it, and cover the pickles. Seal the jar. You can sometimes use heat to vacuum seal the jar, but generally I've found it unnecessary.

Other vegetables can be pickled in their own juice. A simple home pickle involves taking cabbage and repeatedly salting and compressing it in a large container until the leaves begin to release liquid and ferment. Once the fermentation is complete you can pack them into a jar.

Drying and curing meats. Meats can be salted and pickled as well, but the best way to extend a meat's life is controlled rotting, more euphemistically known as curing. To cure a meat, we use a casing, vast quantities of salt, and a cold, dry room, to slowly draw the moisture out of it. No moisture means good bacteria thrive, effectively cooking the meat via bacterial digestion and driving out the bad bacteria, to make the meat last longer.

Curing meats can be done many different ways, and it is best to consult a specialist book before starting to cure your own meats.

Drying vegetables, legumes and grains. Vegetables and grains can also be preserved by drying them, only here we are dehydrating them fast enough so no bacteria can take hold. This can be done in an oven at 50-80C over the course of a day to three days. The closer to 50C the temperature is, the longer the dry takes, but the less spoilage from burning we get.

Prepare your vegetables by washing, peeling and cutting them. Prepare your legumes and grains by rubbing the husk off them and rinsing them. Spread your plants out over a baking tray and put them in the oven without preheating it. As it rises to temperature, the surface water will slowly evaporate, drying them off without cooking them. Check periodically. Vegetables are done when their colour is vibrant but they are firm and thin. A bendy vegetable will last maybe a year. A crispy one could last for several years. Grains and legumes are done when they are solid and rattle, with no burning smell and no give at all.

For many of us, dehydrating grains and legumes really isn't worth the effort, though, as they are cheaper and simpler to buy and store.

All pickled, cured and dehydrated savouries can be vacuum packed for longer, safer preservation.
Freezing for stopgap storage. Freezing goods isn't the very best long-term storage method. Freezer burn can cause damage anywhere from four to twelve months into storage, and an electrical problem could mean your store will spoil.

However, as a stopgap freezers are amazing. If you don't have the time for canning or drying or curing something, but it's harvest time or you found a good deal somewhere, you can use your freezer to temporarily preserve assorted goods. Meat and chopped vegetables are the big ones we focus on, with some space for fruit when we're building up to a season's worth of jam-making. Also, in the event of a power outage you have up to three days before your freezer goods begin to spoil, which is more than enough time to defrost them and jam, cure and pickle them.

You ought to be able to use most of your frozen goods right out the freezer, to maximize usefulness and avoid losing anything which is nearing its use-by date. So make sure everything you freeze has been prepared before freezing.

Caring for your stockpile. Finally: always take good care of your stockpile.

Keep dry goods dry. If they start to rehydrate, they will spoil. Consider vacuum sealing if damp is an inevitability in your home.

Monitor labels and dates. When it comes to home-preserved goods, write down the date you made them and their expected lifespan and keep an eye on it.

Clean everything and arrange by use and date. Be sure to keep cans and packages clean and dry and to keep the items with the earliest expiry dates at the front of your stockpile. Especially important if your stockpile grows very large.

Check once a month for spoilage. Look out for dried goods rehydrating, moulds and condensation, rusty and bulging tins, pop-lids that have expanded, or strange odours. Get rid of anything affected immediately and clean the area thoroughly. If the problem persists, look for any possible cause.
Monitor your freezer. Keep an eye on dates, do not allow your freezer to overfreeze, defrost it once or twice a year at least, repackage or get rid of items in bags that have burst.
Golden rules.

1. Don't drop a year's wages on a crate of ration packs to “get this stockpile over and done with”. Good, cheap stockpiles are built piece by piece.
2. Only buy or make items you can and will use, no matter how cheap.
3. Only buy or make up to a year's worth of anything that isn't one of your basics. Unless you plan on living off them, most other items will expire before you use them.
4. Expiry dates aren't everything and best before dates mean nothing at all.
5. Spending more in one go could mean savings in the long term.
6. Don't fall for the fallacy of sunk costs: get rid of stores that are not serving you.

Having a stockpile is a wonderful thing. And if you follow this advice you can quickly and inexpensively create, build, and maintain a stockpile to serve your needs.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Economic Christmas Shopping

Remember this weekend you have a choice:

Waste time in the car,
Commuting to Wal-mart, Target, and the mall
Spending hours finding gifts that don't exist
Only to spend hours more in lines when you find that ONE gift that does
Dealing with the lemmings and sheeple who clog the highways with mall traffic
Which is only going to get MUCH WORSE by next weekend


You can avoid all that headache and hassle
Increasing your life expectancy
Spend precious weekend hours with your family and loved ones
By SIMPLY doing ALL your online shopping via Cappy's Amazon account.

It's the cheaper, faster, safer, healthier, happier, and SMARTER way to do your shopping, not just for Christmas, but ALL your shopping.

Friday, December 09, 2016

Adam Piggott in for the Captain: Australia - Yes You Can Drive Across It

Mr. Piggott fills in for the Captain today so I can go sleep, play video games, and go Christmas shopping with my niece (direct MP3 link here).  You can visit Adam's site here!

Socialists: No Morals, No Ethics, No Courage, No Brains

A buddy of mine, who is incredibly well-versed in economics and politics, set up his out YouTube channel.  Only problem is his videos are in Italian because, well, he's Italian.  HOWEVER, he was kind enough to put together a video in English so we can all understand. You can find his channel here if you wish to subscribe, but enjoy his first (and thus far, only) English video:

Debt and Deficit Talk with Kerry Lutz

Me and Kerry talk about how to really eliminate the deficit on his show, Financial Survival Network!

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Masculine Books Reviews "Reconnaissance Man"

Many thanks to Seth for his kind review!

And if you haven't bought it or don't know what to get your child or young family member in your life, you can click on the banner image in the side bar and buy it!

Episode #176 of the Clarey Podcast

"The Great One Himself" from the "Cynical Libertarian Society" guest hosts (direct MP3 link here) while Cappy is on vacation. You can find him and his site at:

The Cynical Libertarian Society.

Rogue One Promises to be Another SJW Sermon Against White Males

From my latest piece at Return of Kings:

"We can pick on Brett [White] all we want (and I will because I and about 60 million other white males are done being accused of evil because of “melanin and penis” by talentless, worthless people like him), but Brett and Rogue One’s anti-white male politics is merely Hollywood’s confession that they are plumb out of talent, intelligence, originality, innovation or ability.  They are so incapable of coming up with new ideas that, like a talentless trustfund baby minimalist artist, their only idea is to “add leftist/racist politics” to an already existing work of art.  It’s nothing more than an inferior scumbag “tagging” the Mona Lisa with political-graffiti because they lack the real talent to make something as great as the original.  And it’s proven by all the remakes, reboots, and sequels Hollywood is making."

Related from 2 years ago.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Pay Somebody Else to Do Your Homework!

Wanted to remind all my younger readers of my longest serving sponsor "Academic Composition."

In short, Academic Composition realizes college for what it is - an unnecessary and expensive hurdle the education industry is forcing you to jump through/pay for with your life.  But what makes it worse are all those completely worthless "pre-requisite classes" that have NOTHING to do with your major and only exist to extract more money from you to pay worthless, liberal-arts grad students and professors.

So do what smart corporations do - outsource your mundane pointless homework to Academic Composition.  They will write your papers for you so you don't have to.

Also, they're always hiring new writers, so if you know how to BS your way through a pro-Marxist, fuck white-males, type of liberal arts paper, and you don't mind working from a beach, a bar, or your bed, contact Alex at Academic Composition by clicking on the contact button.

Alex is also looking for marketers all the time as well.  Neither job is exciting, but it pays AND, unlike your baby boomer professors and bosses, you won't have to commute.

Why 22 Year Old Girls String Along 45 Year Old Men

After getting stood up 4 times, a client asks how to "keep" a 22 year old girl.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Cappy is Going on Vacation

Hi All,

The Ole Captain got orders from some "guy" who has a "medical degree" or something to take some time off.  So I am doing nothing this week.  In my stead will hopefully be some friendly neighborhood bloggers and podcasters you all know and love and Davis.  Also, Asshole Consulting will be on hiatus for this week, unless people are willing to pay double the price.  In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy your week and for the love of f@#$ing christ, will you guys go buy some shit on my Amazon affiliate page?

Love and kisses,


While Cappy's Away Bob Davis and Jen Lokken Will Play

Bob Davis had Jennifer Lokken on his show about how women should treat their men and how men are going ghost.

New Cover for Enjoy the Decline!

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Old School Democrats vs. Modern Day Democrats

I would like to go into a long and detailed poli-socio analysis, but I think this is much more succinct and on point:

Cappy Christmas Cheer

Merry Christmas!
(and yes, there is a larger picture, but I don't see a lot of Christmas shopping getting done!)

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Curse Free Episode #13

Amy Schumer playing "Barbie."
Rouge One Promises to be an SJW Lecture Against White Males.
Why are poor people fat?
NEVER help a woman stranger.  That's the job of the government.
The "Dindoo Statute of Limitations"


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Don't Delay What Can Be Done Today

Do yourself a favor by saving yourself 8 hours and headache of frantic last-minute Christmas shopping, and do all your Christmas shopping NOW online.  It's going to cost you more in the long run if you continue to procrastinate, so don't delay what can be done today!

I guess the link below generates a 12% commission instead of 7%:

Friday, December 02, 2016

Friday Day Linkage

A Phd in Young Adult Climate Change Literature.  Cynical libertarian rants about it here.

Fuck the WWII generation. They didn't know anything!  Hippies from the 60's in Canada know much better.

Record gun sales, which surprises me.  Would've thought Obama's two elections would have had everybody stocked up.  Hat tip.

Again, I will not protect western women unless I personally know them AND they vote in a manner that does not stab me in the back or let anti-western civilizations in.

And he ain't even been inaugurated yet!

Finally, somebody makes sense of Russia for me.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

The Truth About Yahoo "News"

They're a bunch of dumbasses:

Only Cucks Will See "Rogue One"

I was almost going to see Rogue One when I saw this:

"When I look at the 'Rogue One' trailers, I see what I want from America. I see a multicultural group standing strong together led by a rebellious and courageous woman. That's what we are working towards, and what we will continue to work towards no matter what. That's what America - a land created as a haven for the persecuted, to be able to realize their limitless dreams - was created to be."

But no no.  Don't let me get in the way of your precious SWPL republicans Starbucks, Apple Products, and other ways you support genuine racists and socialists.

The Economic Value of a Social Justice Warrior

"OMG! Al-Qaeda is SO 2000's!"

I had a curious question.  Whatever happened to Al-Qaeda?  Did we defeat them?  Did they retire?  Did they just go away and raise sheep?  I truly have no answer because like most Americans I'm too busy with my life and have zero fucks to give.  But my spidey senses weren't lying to me.  "Al-Qaeda" is sooooo 2000's!  It's ISIS that's getting all the attention now:

Safe Space with Taleeb Starkes

Going to be on his show here in a couple minutes.

Professor Watchlist

OH hell yes!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Temper Your Hopes for Trump

The election of Donald Trump was historic.  Not because of his unconventional manner in which he ran his campaign.  Not because of his unconventional style in which he runs himself.  And not because every presidential election is historic.  It's genuinely historic because...

he is the first non-politician to be elected since Dwight Eisenhower.

This is the real reason people should have hope in Donald Trump.  Because he was never a politician.  And though my support for Trump is timid, and I am forever the pessimist, if there is a president I can see who will actually make tangible improvements, it's Donald Trump because he has 0 F's to G.

This, however, does not mean I'm a screaming, feinting school girl whose watching Elvis swing his hips.  I'm not some teeny bopper bobby-soxer crying because the Beatles are on the Ed Sullivan Show.  I'm not some hippy baby boomer woman getting wet to Mick Jagger.  And I'm certainly not some black single-mom of 7 from the south side of Chicago fawning over Barack Obama at Grant Park.  But some people on the right, including colleagues of mine ARE when it comes to Donald Trump.

Ergo, just like the insanely-over-rated Beatles music
The OD-ing Elvis Presley
And the failed-to-perform Affirmative Action president

people on the right need to temper their expectations of Trump.

First, the man hasn't done anything yet.  Heck, he hasn't even been inaugurated!  But I've heard people heralding his coming as the "saving of America," or the "dawn of a second golden age."  I even recall an article (or a comment, I can't remember which) saying that there will never be a democrat president ever again.

Please.  You have to be kidding me.

I prefer to look at Trump as I would any prospective date with a girl or business I conduct with a company - Nothing happens until it happens.

Just because a girl agrees to a date doesn't mean she's going to show.  And just because you've done work for a company, doesn't mean you're going to get paid.  The girl can stand you up at the last moment and the company's check can bounce.  Ergo, I think it is wise to judge Trump's performance....when there's a performance to actually judge.

Second, as I've said before, Trump does not get to willy nilly dictate new laws.  He has a congress where both parties hate him, and members even within his "own" party are RINO enough to vote with the democrats.  This of course would not reflect upon Trump if congress decides to get in his way, but it will directly affect what he can and cannot deliver to the American people.

Third, if any real progress is to be made, the challenges facing him are (in his own words) "uuuuge."  Deporting 3 million illegals, re-establishing American sovereignty, restructuring Obamacare, deconstructing the leftist education industry, solving social security/medicare, closing the deficit, paying off the debt, scaling back the welfare state.  These challenges will present Trump incredible backlash, even necessary violence in the street if he is to seriously solve these problems.  At best a president has maybe managed to solve one problem of this magnitude during his entire tenure (Clinton closing the deficit, though that was due to the dotcom bubble economy, and Bush Jr. landing the largest tax cuts since Reagan...along side the largest spending increases since LBJ).  But to have Trump tackle all 8, and successfully so?  I would not hold your breath.

And finally, demographics.  Understand one of the main (and many) reasons Trump won was because the democrats put up a HORRIBLE candidate, while also alienating its base by cheating Bernie Sanders out of a fair primary race.  This resulted in 2 million less voters turning out for Hillary than did Obama.  Ergo, it's not so much that Trump "won over America" as much as it was Hillary pissing off blue-collar democrats and anybody with a soul.  This suggests Trump's win was a lucky fluke, and if we look at long term demographic trends in the US, I believe it's the LAST TIME we will see a republican presidency. 

By 2047 whites will no longer be the majority population in the US.  This doesn't mean that minorities always vote left....but minorities always vote left.  Combine this with the fact younger generations, fresh from the brainwashing academy of the public schools and American colleges, vote left more than...well...ever and there is a structural trend in America's voting bloc against conservatism, freedom, liberty, capitalism, and the individual.  The ONLY hope the republican party (and America) has is to win over minority males with blunt force truth and talk about the reality of the country, the world, the economy, and (frankly) women.  Trump achieved a modicum of this, winning over more minority males than Romney and McCain, and if there's an ounce of intelligence within the GOP (which there is not) they would try to reverse engineer the formula why, and mass produce it in time for the next election.

Still, even though I know this secret formula (stop treating minority men like idiots and explain how the government has replaced them), it is doubtful there's enough conservatives and libertarians in the country who have the balls like Trump to disseminate this message to minority males, thereby winning them over.  And it is because of that I am warily hopeful of a Trump presidency, and infinitely confident that in 4-8 years we will once again be enjoying the decline.
Make yourself smart!  Visit Aaron's other awesome sites!
Asshole Consulting
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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Episode #175 of The Clarey Podcast - "Will Women EVER Stop Complaining About Sexism?"

More shed issues
Showing off your master bedroom is weird
Fan mail
Will women ever stop complaining about "sexism?"


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Monday, November 28, 2016

Simplifying Marxism

Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, and Aurini

To my great pleasure, my friend and colleague Davis Aurini started up his YouTube channel again.  I enjoy his videos very much because I lack any formal education or training in philosophy and his channel does an amazing job of separating the wheat from the chaff for people like me who have an interest in philosophy, but aren't stupid enough to waste 8 years studying it in college.

So when his video "Lenin and Trotsky: Early Marxist Philosophers - An in Depth Analysis" was posted, I was excited because while I am thoroughly familiar with the economic side of Marxism, I knew little of its philosophical underpinnings.  So off I went, downloaded the video, converted it to an MP3, put it on my phone and started listening to it over the course of my day.

It was a 41 minute waste of time.

Not because Mr. Aurini did a poor job or somehow failed to make any kind of interesting philosophical insights (it's actually impossible for him not to).  But because he made a mistake that ensured he wasted his time making the video, I wasted my time listening to it, and anybody else who studied communism wasted their time too. And that mistake was he stayed within these long-dead communists' frame, and in doing so lent credence, credibility, and legitimacy to faulty premises and arguments.

Faulty Premises Waste Our Time

Not that I am against "communist premises and arguments."  I certainly am in a real world, but the point I am trying to make here is one of argument and debate tactics.  One of trying to advance one's philosophical understanding on anything (communism included) in the most efficient way possible.  And if we operate from flawed, faulty or (what I contend is the case of the original communist philosophers) intellectually-dishonest premises, all - AND I MEAN ALL - time, effort, energy, and resources spent discussing it, debating it, and philosophizing about it, are wasted.

And communist philosophy is the epitome of what I'm talking about here.

For example, take two premises about communism and what it is.

1.  Communist philosophers' views on communism


2.  My own.

The communist philosophers' opinions and views on communism are lengthy, long, varied, diverse, and arguably limitless.  They are complex, ever-evolving, and encompass completely new concepts, theories, and vocabulary that didn't exist a short 200 years ago.  Karl Marx's "Das Kapital" alone is 610 pages.  The "essential" works of Lenin only comes in at 410 pages.  Trotsky's "History of the Russian Revolution" is 1,040 pages.  And that's just arguably the first three founding members of communism!  You throw in the literally millions of pages that have been written by other communists, leftist-journalists, propagandists, and (perhaps the most prolific writers of them all) academians, and there are hundreds-of-thousands of life-time works dedicated towards communism, what it is, its theories, and its philosophies.

Now replace all of that with my own personal take on communism:

"It's an excuse for lazy fucks to steal your shit so they don't have to work"

and ask which premise is more accurate, more grounded in truth, and is therefore going to result in more progress being made about this political philosophy.

Simplifying Marxism

To be honest, I don't have the time, and neither do you, to sit and listen to the fanciful blatherings of socialists in academia or the meandering, blathering, screeds of long-dead and empirically disproven "philosophers."  And especially so in light of communism's abysmal historical economic and human rights track record.  But more importantly, we need to step back, clear our eyes, and ensure we don't fall for the very first trap communists always lay.  And that trap is that somehow their philosophy of "communism" is a philosophy at all.  That it has merit.  That the debate of communism is some kind of "higher-intelligence" debate that is the preserve of PhD's, academics, and "social scientists" AND can only be argued within the confines of "communist philosophy."  We need to never accept this premise in the first place, rejecting their flawed frame, therefore avoiding the faux-philosophical pablum and hokum that ensnared Aurini, and did nothing to genuinely advance or resolve the debate about communism.

So permit me to offer a much more succinct, concise, and empirical explanation of communism that will save us all a lot of time, a lot of headache, tons of brain cells, not to mention, explain what communism truly is and advance society more than Marx ever did.

Communism is a method by which lazy people concoct reasons and rationales to steal other people's money legally.

That's all it is.

There's nothing more to it than that.

They're lazy people, deathly afraid of work, labor, and toil, and instead of suffering the pain of work that all of us do, they'd rather spend lifetimes concocting reasons why the rest of society should be enslaved to provide them a free living.  And that's precisely what they do.

Academians constantly begging for more money in fake disciplines such as "sociology," "women's studies," and "lesbian-Portuguese-Anthropological-Studies" all so they can avoid the real world. 

Millennial college students forever perpetually putting off adulthood, DEMANDING their student loans be forgiven so they can avoid the working world as long as possible.

Politicians who find real work beneath them, opt to instead divide us against one another, blaming those who work harder have more wealth for the idiotic mistakes misfortunes of others.

Non-profits and their army of "employees" always championing some cause or another, yet never solving it.

And all of them, ALL OF THEM, blaming people with more money as the cause of the world's problems, yet ironically demanding rich people's evil money as the solution.

One could even argue that the true job of a communist, socialist or leftist is to CONSTANTLY come up with new reasons and rationales as to why they're disadvantaged, oppressed, discriminated against, etc., and therefore deserving of other people's life and labor.  It makes me wonder if they had just put forth the same effort they did into parasiting off of others towards productive endeavors in the real world, whether or not they'd all be millionaires.  Regardless, if you look at people who advocate socialism you will see them wasting nearly every minute of their fininte lives begging, scamming, and demanding other people's

Of course, none of this makes sense unless I provide some evidence.  And the empirical proof I'd like to tender are the founders, supporters, and advocates of communism themselves.  For if you look at them the vast majority of them are precisely what my theory would predict they'd be: rich, spoiled brats, that hail from the upper classes of society, who were so lazy and so fearful of real work, they spent the lions share of their lives advocating the theft of others.  And it is AMAZING how accurate and applicable this description is to all communists over the ages.

Karl Marx himself hailed from a well-to-do family where his father was a lawyer and vineyard owner, allowing Karl to attend private schools and join a drinking club.  Avoiding work with all of his might, Karl fancied himself a great philosopher which led to his genuinely unintelligible writings, but also a perpetual parasitic reliance on others to support him.  Most notably, Friedrich Engels...who was also a spoiled brat pampered son of a rich man.  The irony that communism couldn't exist without first parasiting off of capitalism should make one think.

Vladimir Lenin, perhaps the original executor and implementer of socialism, also was not missing any meals in his childhood.  His father, Ilya, was a rather well to do director in the school system in Russia.  Despite the passing of his father early in life, there was enough money to send Lenin to university where today's millennials...majored in protesting and not any kind of serious study.

Mao Zedong, the son of an incredibly rich father, was just another spoiled brat in a different country...who ended up starving out 50 million of his own countrymen.  And a little to his south, a few years later would come Pol Pot, the son of a relatively well to do farmer, who would go on to study in France (which most of us never had the money to do)...and kill only 2 million of his own countrymen.  Both early adapters, advocates, and implementers of socialism.

I could go on with historical communist figures, and you'd find a shocking majority of them were just spoiled rich kids who wanted to tell the world what to do, but you will see a similar, almost identical profile of people who advocate socialism, communism, and leftism today.

Today's professorial class, ESPECIALLY in the liberal arts are by FAR the weakest minded, most fraudulent parasites in today's western world.  Not only are they too lazy to work real jobs, they're complete hypocrites living off of their presumed beloved "young."  Having no real skills to offer society, they instead sell their fake "trade" to naive college students for $200 a credit and $150 per textbook.  In exchange these naive students receive a worthless piece of paper, sopping wet with rank leftist propaganda, so they're too brainwashed to realize how much they just got screwed over by their professors.  Of course, to keep this racket up, this communist class of professors need a perpetual inflow of government money, and therefore it should notbe surprising they are the most fervent advocates of communism.

Today's students are simply the proto-professorial class.  Most of them hailing from the SWPL white suburbs, or flooded with tons of scholarship money because of their minority status or vagina, they too are spoiled children who like Marx, Mao, and Lenin find real work beneath them.  Thus when given the choice between majoring in engineering or political science, they'll chose political science because (once again) they're lazy and are deathly afraid of real work.  Of course, just like Marx, Mao, and Lenin, this won't stop them from telling the rest of the world how to live...perhaps become parasitic professors themselves...but such intellectual hypocrisy won't bother them as they vote for Bernie Sanders to take your money so they can live the parasitic life of a professional student.

Journalists anyone?  Speaking of lazy and worthless degrees, could there be a better major that more clearly declares to the world "I'm lazy, don't want to work hard, but want to have a job that strokes my ego!"?  Their desperate desire for an easy and lazy life shines through with the horrendous political bias "journalists" have.  And that political bias is, you guessed it, to the left.

And politicians.  Unless specifically anti-communist, nearly every democrat/labor/leftist/socialist/left-leaning political party in the world is staffed by worthless, lazy people, typically from rich backgrounds, who have the gall to not only demand other people work hard to pay for their salaries, but demand to be put in charge of the world's governments, and thus rule the world.  If there is proof that there's a second "incentive" or motive for communists and socialists beyond laziness/weakness/fear, it is ego.  You see it in professors, protestors, college students, media, non-profit directors, and others.  But nowhere is ego as prominent as it is in our politicians.

So my question to you is, why would you bother wasting your time arguing the differences between "Trotskyite communism" vs. "Leninism" vs. "Marxism" when the entire political philosophy is explained in one word - parasitism?  Why would you waste your time arguing at their pig-in-mud level when you can simply dismiss them all as lazy pigs?  Communists, whatever their incarnation, be they historical figures, your university professors, your local democratic politician, etc., are lazy, worthless, parasitic human beings who cowardly hide behind lofty and fabricated academic theories, solely created to steal your wealth, all while boosting their egos as they fool themselves into thinking they're somehow smart, educated, or superior.  And if it isn't lofty, fabricated academic theories, it's rank and cowardly lies such as "privilege," "racism," "the glass ceiling," etc.

My life, as well as yours, is too damn short to tolerate these lazy, egotistical, and above all else, evil people.  And I am not going to validate them by giving their arguments credit or trying to debate them using their premises.  I'm going to simply call them what they are and dismiss them as such, because that's all they deserve.

They're a bunch of spoiled brat, lazy, weak, parasites.
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