Sunday, December 31, 2017

Episode #235 of The Clarey Podcast!

Cappy visits The Great One in the People's Republic of Fort Collins and they talk about:

Nebraska and Sterling, Colorado.
How Foghorn Leghorn was the original MGTOW.
What happens when liberals leave college?  Do they EVER succeed?  No.
The For Profit Rape Industry.

And MORE in THIS EPISODE of the Clarey Podcast.

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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Deprioritizing Women in Your Life

I can honestly say (as will most men) that the single largest waste of our time was chasing girls in our youth.  A friend of mine and I often noted that had we spent the same resources, time, energy, and finances pursuing doctorates or careers, we would be immeasurably better off, and arguably with the same level of success with women.  The "repriortization" or "depriortization" of women in your life is not only key to the success of every young man, but ironically, the key to being successful with women.  Merely "chasing girls" does not build character, galvanize you, give you skills, or make you into the man women seek out.  But pursuing your own hobbies, interests, careers, and education does, ironically meaning if you want women, don't make them a priority.

Still, I had a client ask an interesting question about when did I realize the time and resources spent pursuing women was not worth it and the story is of value for any young (or old) man today.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Diversity Uber Alles

You did not hear about this stabbing because the media hates America, they hate white people, and they have a narrative, primarily one of diversity to uphold.

That is not an opinion.  That is a fact. 

However, I did want to paint some Enjoy the Decline like silver lining to this story.

1.  It happened in Uptown which is arguably the most concentrated area of the Twin Cities of leftists.

2.  It likely happened to a leftist, who went interviewed, admitted women should arm themselves, but stopped short of saying they should get a gun.

3.  This was done at 8:30 PM which means there were SCORES of Uptowners in the area, many of which responded, but....

the assailant got away because I can almost guarantee you these Uptown leftist Minneapolis pussies didn't dare chase after the guy, or simply had not enough testosterone to chase him.

It could not have happened to a more deserving community who is insistent upon voting this stuff in upon themselves.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

"We Got 'Em!" - Aka "The Position of Fuck You"

I wanted to highlight this podcast by The Black Brigade Debrief because of a particular story he tells in this episode.  It was about how one of his employers would say "we got 'em!!!!" when a new hire, upon accepting their job offer, would go out and borrow money to buy a brand new car or truck.

I cannot emphasize this enough about gray haired bosses and baby boomer scum and how they look at the younger generations as a source to feed upon.  Your employers, the corporations, and supervisors do NOT look at you as some kind of "vital member to the team," but rather as a tool to advance their own aims.  And they CONSCIOUSLY push younger people to endebt themselves so that you need them more than they need you, thus allowing them NOT ONLY the ability to squeeze more work out of you for less pay, but to maliciously and sadistically get off on treating you like shit.

Do NOT go into debt.
Do NOT buy cars you can't afford.
Do NOT sign mortgages for McMansions cause wifey poo wants you to.

Be a minimalist.  Spend within your means.  Stay out of debt. And get into The Position of Fuck You.

Name Me One Problem Charity Solved

And while we're at it, name me one problem socialism, communism, non-profits, and simply "other people's money" has ever solved.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Some Underlying Economic Fundamentals of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

I answer an Asshole Consulting client's questions about whether cryptocurrencies are in a bubble, is there a "crypto-cult" of technologists, what's driving the value of bitcoin and the future of cryptocurrencies.

Cenk the Sexist???

Imagine that, a young man making jokes and sexist talk about women on a blog, in private conversation or in the locker room.

Much as I politically disagree with Cenk, this is what every guy does, as does every girl at a bachelorette party, their own discussion boards, and in their own private conversations.  And if it were to come to light that women were talking/posting/podcasting lewdly about men, I would more or less just write it off as women having fun and gossiping about the opposite sex as everybody does.

But, since we are in Nazi-America, what a man said 10 years ago on an obscure blog is now being cited as concrete evidence of sexism, which in reality, it's just boorish, crass men being boorish crass men.

The only problem is Cenk has been politically championing this insane, totalitarian level of speech and thought control branded and sold by the left.  If he stood up and said, "yeah, I said those things, and no I'm not apologizing.  They were crass and rude, but that's male nature.  And let s/he who's never made a crass joke about the opposite sex cast the first stone" this would have gone away and women would've even been more turned on by him."

But he is a leftist and alas, you must sacrifice yourself and obey the leftist political party religion.

Unconfirmed - Cenk resigns from TYT.

Monday, December 25, 2017

The Boring Amazon Banner is Back

Our resident model Cindy Moran will not return until the next Christmas shopping season.  You may continue to make all your online purchases here or by clicking on the Amazon banner conveniently located in the right side bar.

Alimony Not Deductible Under New Tax Plan

Good Christ.  When the republicans can't even get on the side of men, then why should you even bother trying to sustain this country?

Enjoy the decline!

Sweden's Consent Law Goes Plaid

Good lord.  You're going to need sex contracts in your bedroom, replete with dates, signatures and everything. And even then, I'm seeing lawyers saying "Should couldn't sign that document because she was tipsy."  Sweden indeed needs to enjoy the decline.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Cappy's Self Pitying Christmas Podcast

Cappy gets sick of ill reared children sapping the life out of genuine intelligent conversation.  And yes, that's the main theme of this self pittying podcast.

Dude Bros Getting Their Cars Repossessed

Uh oh!  Oh nosies dude bros!

You mean that sales job


Frat connections

And all those networking events you attended

didn't pay the bills for your borrowed car?

Say it ain't so dude bro!!!

Don't worry.  Order some more bottle service at a Vegas "ultra lounge" to impress your friends and that whore hanging on you because you spent other people's money you borrowed on her.

Friday, December 22, 2017

What's Wrong with You Apple People?

I always got a kick how Apple users claim to be independent and avant garde, but Apple is hands down the most tyrannical and controlling company out there when it comes to their products.  You can't plug in an iPhone like a thumb drive and transfer files.  You HAVE TO go through the iPhone store if you wish to listen to any podcasts.  And now, Apple can just remotely slow your computer down if you downloaded the latest update.  Perhaps you can all get some really cool tattoos to show how hip and independent you guys are.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

It's Called "Capital Flight"

And it's a feature, not a bug, of socialism.

How Tradthots Prove Western Civilization Doesn't Deserve to Survive

Six full years before "Conservathots" and "Tradthots" were coined, and a full 4 years before Laura Southern provided masturbation material for hard-up conservative beta males, there was a young girl called "Katie Kieffer."  She was a local Minneapolis girl, attending the University of St. Thomas I believe, and she hit the local conservative news network with force.  She was interviewed on the Jason Lewis show, she was interviewed on all the local conservative talk shows, she got a gig on Townhall, and soon was on Foxnews, CNN, MSNBC and all the other networks.

Who was this conservative starlet?
What great insights did she have into politics others didn't?
Was this the second coming of Ann Coulter?
And what sage wise Milton-Friedmanesque wisdom did this woman have?

The answer was "nothing."  She was just the original "proto-Conservathot."

After hearing enough about her I decided to look into her and found out she was just a pretty young 23 year old, regurgitating political talking points that Hannity had been doing for decades, and economic philosophers for centuries.  What particularly irked me was here was:

a spoiled child from the suburbs,
living on Daddy's dime,
attending a prestigious private college,
majoring in a worthless degree,
never worked a DAY in her life,
who couldn't possibly have the life experience to be sought after or championed by the conservative establishment


she gets on all the talk shows,
all the middle aged men in media pulling her favors,
a publishing deal from Random House,
for a millennial driveling book (though not a pamphlet like Laura Southern's),
paid speaking gigs,
and a plethora of other perks and preferential treatment that culminates into what is nothing short than an entire FREE life long career,

just because she's a cute set of T & A.

At the time I wrote it off for what it was - male nature.  Old, middle aged men want to bang hot younger women.  And if that rare unicorn of a cute young girl who isn't a liberal comes along, well just like the one black guy at a libertarian rally, he becomes your keynote speaker.  And so I left it at that, knowing "boys will be boys."

But then an interesting thing happened since 2011. Specifically, bandwidth.  It was increasing, coming down in price and this new company called "YouTube" was allowing people to make videos and post them on the internet for free.  I thought it was a great innovation, allowing the new media to pull off the trifecta of print (blogs), radio (podcasts), and television(YouTube) that the dinosaur media had, but it opened hell's gate to a scourge that would inevitably flood us - the TradThots.

It started with Julie Borowski who to this day I do not consider a Conservathot.  She was original, she was funny, and there was more than an ounce of original thought and originality to her videos.  But what could not be denied was the disproportionate number of views and followers she had compared to her male contemporaries.  A cute girl, saying obvious shit, would garner 500% more followers than men doing equal, if not, harder original intellectual work.  And not only would she get 500% more followers, nearly all those followers would be sexually deprived, beta conservative cucks who would sing their praises, telling them daily, nay, hourly how beautiful AND intelligent they were, not to mention...

contribute livable amounts of money to their patreon accounts.

Once the word got out, it became apparent Julie was merely going to be the original pioneer, blazing a trail for scores of lesser Tradthot settlers.  And from 2014 they came in by the truckload.

Tomi Lahren
Laura Southern
Libertarian Girl
Michelle Fields
Kirstin Tate
Brittany Pettibone
Shoe on Head
Lauren Rose

and my all time favorite

Leanne McAdoo

But come in by the truckload as they may, the scores of them rarely, if ever contributed anything of value, worth, or merit to the canon of conservative, free market, and libertarian work.  Not one of them advanced conservative or libertarian thought.  Not one of them originated an epiphany that might genuinely intrigue an intelligent mind.  They were merely eye candy, the cheerleaders on the sidelines, yet playing make-believe as if they were actually doing the heavy lifting on the field. 

If there was an ounce of intellectual honesty,  a modicum of meritocracy amongst the "non-left," these Tradthots would be recognized for the more-or-less pointless people they are.  Yes, they're pretty. And what guy doesn't like seeing a pretty set of legs on Foxnews?  But they're not.  They are instead instantly promoted to the top ranks of the establishment and social right.  They are rewarded with the fanfare, followers, subscribership, and popularity they have today.  Worse, the establishment invests precious economic, financial, time, media, and social capital into these Conservathots, more often than not presenting them as a poor face for the conservative movement.

But perhaps what was the straw that broke this camel's back was Laura Southern's book.  And not so much her book, but the response to it.

Laura Southern, perhaps the "Queen Thot" of the "conservative movement," wrote a book with the title:

"Barbarians: How Baby Boomers, Immigrants, and Islam Screwed My Generation."

You would think with a deep and heavy title like that it would be a long and thought-filled piece.  Each topic alone (Baby Boomers, immigration, Islam, Millennials, and generational economics) warranting easily 200 pages each.  Why, this must be her pinnacle life's work.  Her opus magnum.  Something that would take weeks to read, perhaps years to digest, and would rank among "The Wealth of Nations" by Adam Smith.

It's a 90 page pamphlet.




This lackluster, lazy, and ultimately "mailing it in" work effort should obviously have been mocked and ridiculed right off the stage.  Forget that it was written by a know-nothing (then) 20 year old child.  Forget that it could not have done ANY of the topics in the title adequate justice.  A book with that title coming in at only 90 pages should have an Amazon sales rank of 12,000,000th place, a 1 star review, and no more than 30 copies sold to close (and charitable) family and friends.

The reality?

It's currently ranked 58,000th place (VERY GOOD for a self published book)
Has 377 reviews.
And a 4.5 star rating out of 5 possible stars.

This puts this comic-book-size-joke of a book on par with OR ABOVE actual great intellectual works such as The Way of Men, Capitalism and Freedom, Pushing Rubber Downhill, and Bang.  And it is SOLELY due to the fact that Laura Southern has a cute set of tits.

The lesson to learn here, however, is not one of besmirching, mocking and ridiculing Conservathots and Tradthots. In all honesty I can't blame these pretty girls (whether they're actually conservative or not) at all for capitalizing on their beauty.  If conservative, libertarian, and non-leftist men are horny and stupid enough to reward beauty over intelligence, then so be it.  I hope these girls continue to make millions on their patreons and really lousy books.  But that's the key point right there.

"Rewarding beauty over intelligence."

And that is why western civilization deserves to die.

Understand I don't expect a lot of people in my corner.  Women are lobbied and propagandized to love a government check more than their family or husband.  Minorities are lobbied to sacrifice economic success for the democrat party.  And shoot, the political ideology of libertarianism, freedom, and excellence is just not all that palatable to the rank and file sheeple out there who want their gubmint gimmedats and craddle-to-grave hammock socialism.

But if you can't even get conservative and libertarian men to reward excellence, intelligence, freedom, meritocracy, and genuine intellectual originality over T & A, then what kind of society can you possibly expect to have?  If you have what is presumably the most conservative, freedom loving and moral of men, the stewards and defenders of a free society, sending their likes, subscriptions, forwards, money, and overall general support to 21 year old female children because "titties" why should genuine intellectual titans, philosophers, and advocates defend that civilization?

I wrote the book "Enjoy the Decline" for a reason.  And now that I see a cute set of tits is more important to the majority of self-proclaimed conservative and libertarian men than the freedom and greatness Western Civilization became over these past 3,000 years, you'll forgive me if I do just that.

If you want to read some REAL BOOKS that aren't merely 90 page pamphlets and know...have something intelligent to say, consider purchasing one of my books which you can find here.  That's if you can take a break from jerking off to Tradthots and would like to actually improve your mind.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Episode #233 of The Clarey Podcast - "Minneapolis City Council Special!"

Should you take back your ex (asshole consulting).
Driving across a country for a girl.
Female sterotypes banned from advertising in the UK.
Minneapolis businesses moving out or closing due to minimum wage.
You DON'T own your business in large liberal towns.


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Related - Cynical Libertarian Society is back!  He had a lame excuse of working 110.75 hours this past week as to why he hasn't podcasted in a while.  Remember, Cynical Libertarian Society is NOT politically correct and ever crosses the line by my standards.  But if you're looking for pure (though often disagreeable) rage, give him a listen.

Ocean's 8

Really?  There's no original ideas left in Hollywood but to remake "with women?"

And isn't it insulting to women that instead of an original movie starring women, you simply take what men did 20-30 years ago and recast with women?

How hard was it to make Wonder Woman?  That was original, starred a woman, and was a good original movie.

I guess I'll be watching more documentaries and listening to more history podcasts because I'm sick of the rehashes.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Bad News for the Soy Boys

All women - many of whom were leftists, feminists, liberals, labor and democrat mind you - prefer manly men to soy boys.

And let me say that again.


Sunday, December 17, 2017

Millennial vs. Gen X Cars

Weekend Love for the Captain

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You don't have to login or set up an account.

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When It Becomes Illegal to be a Man

An outstanding article from The Federalist. 

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Another reason men should consider attending online universities and not the ones you have to physically be there.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Why Bars Should Turn Off the Sports Channel

I am a connoisseur of American bars. 

Be it the hoity toity bars sitting atop skyscrapers in downtown areas, serving $300 pours of scotch,
The run of the mill franchise bars such as Applebee's and Ruby Tuesday that dot the suburbanite landscape,
The classical dive bars that have hide out in the country's major metros, yet to be affected by gentrification,
Or the quiet token VFW or corner bar that every prairie state small town must have,

my motorcycle adventuring combined with alcoholism has ensured I've sampled my fair share of bars in these United States of America.

But one thing has remained consistent.  A universal constant that you will find in every bar in America, whether you're in the desolate prairies of North Dakota or the schwankiest of schwank bars in the up and coming hipster area of New York City.  You apparently need to have the sports channel on.

I find this annoying on several levels.

First, just because ESPN or Sports Center is on, doesn't mean there's an actual sport being played.  Much worse are the limitless number of post-post-pre-post-pre sports shows that analyze either a game that was just played or speculate about one that is about to be played.  If it was just one show immediately before or after a game was played, I could understand.  But these channels manage to speak blather 24-7, whether or not there is something worth talking about. 

Second (and worse), sports commentators put on the veneer that what they're talking about is important or some kind of science. There's analysis, graphics showing the projection of the ball as if the quarter back did some geometric calculations before throwing it, and my favorite, where old retired players go out onto the field in suits (and tennis shoes) and explain to the arm-chair slob the "science" behind some kind of play re-enacting it with their knee replacements.  This is only outdone with the quasi-political sports analysis show where they cover the latest news in the sports world as if it were "This Week in Washington."  It's so painful I've often asked the bar tender to turn off the television or change the channel to AMC.

Third, though I appreciate a good game, much like political talk shows, female day time talk shows, or CNBC, 75% of sports channels' programming is just mind-numbing drivel.  And I don't mean to say it's boring.  I mean it's MIND NUMBING.  It's painful.  It's painfully pointless, it goes nowhere, it does not feed your soul or even slightly entertain your mind.  It does nothing to advance you or improve your life.  Now, admittedly I'm not your rank and file normie who wears another man's jersey drinking light beer at the local sports bar, horking down wings.  Nor am I a dude bro who actually thinks there's a science or some kind of important analysis being conducted as I stroke my chin and call into sports talk shows to share my opinion why I think Bart Starr was a better quarterback than Brett Favre, as I contemplate majoring in Sports Management.  But though I'm in the minority when it comes to America's obsession with sports, you can't tell me that the majority of men (and women) sitting in bars today are watching, even paying attention to what is being said on these various sports channels.

Finally, sports channels lessen the "bar experience" at certain types of bars. 

If you run a designated "sports bar," then of course, the whole point and purpose of your bar is to show the game, the pre-game show, the post-game show, and the pre-pre-post-pre-post-post game analysis show.  Open up the bloody mary bar, get out those wings, sell light beer at a discount special and open up the door for the hoards of other-mens'-jersey-wearing-men and they cheer on "their" team.  But for the remaining 75% of bars out there, sports channels are lessening the experience. 

I go to a bar to converse with my friends.  Whet my whistle after a long stint on the motorcycle.  To appreciate the wood work of the actual bar and the architecture of the bar itself.  Often times just to see what the locals look like so I get a better feel of America.  I even appreciate how they stack the bottles of booze to make an almost cathedral like work of art (eg. below, the St. Paul Hotel's bar in St. Paul, Minnesota)

All of that is ruined if you have the sports channel on, just like a loud thunderous fart in church.  Sports analysis shows, faux sports "analysts" and "sports news coverage," and pre-pre-post-post-post-pre game shows ruin the ambience, ruin the experience, detract from people's intelligent conversation, prevent people from bonding, and lessen the overall bar-going experience.  You are introducing a low-brow, idiot-talking heads level variable into what is likely a 115+ IQ environment.  At best people ignore it, but most cannot help but look at the TV since it's being shoved right in their face.

But there is another more compelling reason for non-dedicated sports bars to consider turning off the sports channel, or perhaps ditching the TV altogether.  Social media and smart phones. 

I don't know if you noticed but your younger bar-goers are not watching the TV as much as they are their smart phones.  And even if Jimmy McShootzemgood is providing his analysis of the recently completed Vikings Bears game, they really do have more important stuff to attend to on their smart phones.  This doesn't mean your older clientele won't occasionally look at the TV, perhaps show up if there's an actual game on, but how much money would you save if you got rid of the score of flat panel TV's you have in your bar and got rid of your cable subscription?  And would it cost you more in lost customers because you "didn't have the game on?"  Admittedly many bars' business models rely on having the game on and showing sports to the bread-and-circus-consuming masses, but out of pure curiosity and experimentation could you just try turning off the sports channel for a week?  Could you switch it to AMC or the cartoon network?  I think you might be surprised, especially if you're a higher end bar, just how little sports brings in customers, and how much money you'd save on a cable bill.

Again, this is not a call for all American bars to turn off the TV's.  I understand the Normies of America need there "sportzball" and the critical analysis thereof the sports channels provide.  But for those of us who just want to have a drink, chill out at an old oak bar, talk to the patrons at the American Legion, or not have our eyes and minds raped with the stupidity that is the sports channel, would you mind just changing the channel or turning off the TV just once to see what happens?

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Curse Free Podcast #30 - "Basic Bitch White People Parties" Episode

Corporate holiday parties are murder.
Silicon valley hiring whores to attend parties.
Women should have children into their 70's.
Basic Bitch White People.

And MORE!!!

In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

Direct MP3 link here.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

I Don't Want to Bail Out Students OR Bankster Scum

You're both idiot parasites who don't deserve bailouts.

Dear Politicially Undecided: Where is America's Political Insanity Coming From?

I told the story before, but I'll tell the story again, but many years ago when Cappy was but a young 20 something in Minneapolis, it was a near-guarantee he would be the only non-leftist at the various house parties he attended.  In part because of his peer group's age, in part because of Minneapolis' politics, he was almost always guaranteed to be the sole non-left at a party.

Sure enough this presented some social hurdles to clear in that sooner or later, usually in the midst of macking on some girl, a pansy, limp-wristed guy would come up to the Captain and tell the girl he was trying to woo that "did you know he's a REPUBLICAN!!!!???"  Sure enough this would bring Cappy's Cary-Grant-level romantic advances to a screeching halt as the object of his affection would then start to interrogate him instead of waiver between going home with him.

To combat this the Captain would burn CD's (because that was the technology in the day) with various economic data so when the party he was at decided to gang up against him, he could point to the data, charts, and graphs empirically proving he was right, they were brainwashed, and perhaps they could reconsider their political and philosophical positions in life...and that cute redhead would go home with him.

Fat chance.

All that would happen is not much different than what happens today.  If you didn't go with the crowd, if you didn't believe in socialism, if you didn't vote DFL/democrat, then you were a racist, hated women, murdered kittens, and punched puppies.

And so I learned early on that you simply cannot convince leftists or any ideologue who subscribes to a particular political religion because they did not go out and study charts, graphs and data like the humble Captain did.  Just like religion, they CHOSE to believe in said unsubstantiated political-religion and there's no way to convince somebody when they simply "choose."

Therefore, I'm laying down a challenge to those of you who are undecided, centrists, or are just apolitical.  And that is to simply entertain...

painfully clear


"Where on the political spectrum is America's current day political insanity coming from?"

Taking politics out of it, you have to admit that it seems American politics has become increasingly insane.  Everyday in the news the internet seems to drudge up ever increasing and ever-more political insanity that not only makes you shake your head, but makes you worried about America's future.  And though there is no way to neatly categorize these news stories, after some thought and consideration I've managed to come up with roughly 4 general categories you're almost guaranteed to see a new news story about insanity in American politics.

The first category is feminism.

Like the other three categories there is a limitless number of examples of political insanity.  There was the pussy hat protests where women knitted pink hats, made to look like a woman's vagina, and they marched on DC to protest the election of Donald Trump.  Closely related are slut walks that have nothing to do with the election of Donald Trump but is a favorite past time of feminists where they dress like sluts and march in public because women should be allowed to wear whatever they want without attracting the attention of men, specifically in the form of sexual assault and harassment.  There's the fake rape epidemic epitomized by the University of Virginia's false rape accusation further perpetrated by an article in Rolling Stone magazine.  But this should have been prevented had you followed Antioch's sexual consent policy where a man must ask, at each stage of sexual progress, permission to hold a girl's hand, put his hand on her shoulder, kiss her, and (GASP) maybe even fornicate!  To top it all off, then there's feminists just yelling and screaming at the sky when Trump is elected, or (if you wish to be more formal about it) you put together an event where you communally yell at the sky to commemorate Trump being elected.

Second, and somewhat closely related, the ever increasing number of sexes.

10 years ago there was straight, bi and gay. Today, 63.

There are, of course, not 63 genders.  There are three.  Straight, bi and gay.  The remainders are variations, derivations, and permutations of the aforementioned, introducing concepts like "sapio sexual" (being attracted to intelligent people) which are nothing more than splitting hairs.  But while you'd think nobody would really believe in these ever-increasing number of genders, oh how mistaken you were.  For not only does creating new genders make worthless academics feel like they're doing something for that taxpayer government grant you gave them, it also gives valueless people something to glom onto providing them false worth.

"I'm a pansexual androgine lesbian!"
"I'm a Masculine Bisexual Androfemale!"

Well good for you. Do you have a job?  Do you support yourself?  Are you majoring in engineering?  Do you pay taxes?

And what you'll find out is they don't...but they do have that obscure gender nobody else does!  And that's gotta count for something!  Right???

The result is largely what you're witnessing among confused millennials where you have emasculated men, masculinized women, nobody having dates or sex, and an explosion in other forms of differentiation (yet no production).  Tattoos, piercings, and (my all time favorite form of body mutilation) ear gauges.

This would be funny if it weren't for the fact these people insist on foisting their religion of pseudo-gender on the rest of society via law.  Do you remember the transgender bathroom fiasco Americans were forced to endure?  What about that bakery that was forced (then fined for not) baking a cake for a gay couple on religious grounds?  It's all cute fun and games until you're forced through law NOT to acknowledge their sexual preference (which you should), but rather to obey these people's pseudo-gender religion and dance to their tune.

Third, racism and sexism any one?

The pinnacle example is privilege.  It originally started with "white privilege" and "male privilege," but soon rapidly expanded (just like the number of genders) to include any other traits or variables normal, middle of America, Americans had.

Able-bodied privilege.
Mental health privilege.
Financial privilege.
Christian privilege.
Hetero privilege.

The insanity gets to be so much that unless you are a minority, non-straight female (or hermaphrodite) in a wheel chair who is not a Christian or hails from wealth...

then you should feel ashamed, guilty, and need to pay more in taxes.

Examples of political racism/sexism borne insanity doesn't end there.  If you're part of BLM you apparently have the right to block interstates.  Women will never seem to stop complaining about the wage gap, just as they never seem they'll ever be willing to major in subjects that will actually CLOSE the wage gap.  We're going to remove George Washington's pew from a church because he owned slaves 250 years ago.  And apparently women are so oppressed they can't afford birth control, so you better afford it for them.

This isn't to say racism and sexism hasn't existed in the history of this country or the world, but the above have nothing to do with race, but mental illness mixed with entitlement and a professional level of playing the victim for preferential treatment while cowardly hiding behind the genuine suffering of those who genuinely endured racism and sexism in the past.

And perhaps the most psychotic of them all - academia.

Here (like sexual harassment complaints) you can find a new and exciting example of mental illness coming out of America's colleges and universities EVERY DAY.

"Safe spaces," "triggering," "micro-aggressions," the aforementioned false rape accusation epidemic, all while you the taxpayers are guaranteeing these kids' worthless degrees.

The result is a generation of both professors and students who just refuse to adhere to reality or grow up, living in a state of perpetual adolescence.

Evergreen College's "day without whites."
Mizzou's racist temper tantrum in 2015 over...well, whites and privilege.
Dr. Jordan Peterson's refusal to use fake "zhe/zher" pronouns "triggered" precious Canadian college students.
And you just have to consult The College Fix to see a well-documented litany of higher education's complete unhinging from reality and its further sinking into the depths of insanity.

Now, I could go on, but, my fine centrist, politically undecided friend, riddle me this....

from where in the political spectrum is this literal mental insanity coming from?

I know, I know, back in the 80's you had to worry about the "religious right."  Nancy Reagan might have told you not to do drugs and Christians prefer you not abort your children.  And I know, I know, some right wing idiots protested in Charlottesville several months ago.

But in the totality of mental illness and insanity this country is drowning in, is it coming from the right or the left?  The democrats or the republicans? The socialists or the capitalists?

The answer is simple.  The left has a COMPLETE monopoly on the political mental illness that is currently infecting (or trying to infect) the country.  The left TOTALLY owns the insanity you see coming across the news wires daily.  It is the left that screams at the sky, feeds their infants all vegan diets, claim "Baby It's Cold Outside" is rapey, conjure up ideas like "safe spaces, ne'er leave academia to work in the real world, force people to use transgender bathrooms, force people to violate their religion, force people to use "genderless pronouns," and in general act like the world's most spoiled group of insolent, petulant little brats it has ever known, AND if you don't obey them, they threaten you with fees, fines, jail, the law, and force.

This is not an argument that you should all go out and become card-carrying republicans today.  Nor is it to say the right is not without its problems.  I am merely trying to point out which side of the political spectrum is leaving you alone to do as you please, while the other is demanding you do things for them, pay things for them, even demanding you THINK like them and if you don't, they will punish you.

Consider this the next time there's an election.
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Sunday, December 10, 2017

When the Mainstream Media Says There's a Bubble in Bitcoin....Is There?

Another curious observation I had about bitcoin. 

It's meteoric rise recently has made every MSM outlet an expert and alarm sounder about bitcoin, it's risks, and how bubbly it is.  But then it dawned on me...

Wasn't it these same people that couldn't see the housing bubble right in front of their faces in 2007?
Weren't these the same guys that would laud the latest Dotcom IPO, measuring its value in terms of Price to SALES because there were no earnings or profits in 1999?
Isn't is the same people who painfully, tooth-pullingly, are sheepishly admitting in 2017 that there MAY just be an education bubble?

You have the New York Times, Fast Company, even TIME for god's sake, nearly every tapioca pudding, dying MSM rag warning about bitcoin...

but these guys couldn't tell you when there WAS an actual bubble the past three times when these bubbles were slapping their dicks in these journalists' faces.

This makes me wonder, since their ability to predict and identify bubbles is so bad, wouldn't this actually be a GOOD sign for Bitcoin?  A vote for the camp that bitcoin is NOT a bubble?

The reason I bring this up is because journalists and journalism majors are horrible economists.  They're bandwagoners.  They're not capable of genuine thought and haven't been since the damn 60's.  This doesn't mean that I don't think bitcoin is in a bubble (I frankly have no clue what the price should be), but I do know your average journalist banging out these dire warning articles about bitcoin doesn't understand how block chain technology can revolutionize the world's financial system, doesn't understand the economics behind currencies, and sure the hell can't grasp the concept of a digital ledger system. 

So why (aside from a classical exponential price) do you think it's a bubble?

Truth is I own some bitcoin, but it's more like a lottery card for me.  A bit of fun to see where this technology might go and someday I can tell my grandnieces when "ole Uncle Clarey owned bitcoin."  But if it's the industry wide consensus amongst journalists that Bitcoin is overvalued, I can hardly think of a better endorsement that it isn't.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

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Friday, December 08, 2017

How Valerie Johnson Perfectly Defines White Privilege

If you didn't know, one of the local suburban mayors here - one Valerie Johnson - had a meltdown when she was challenged on "white privilege" during a city council meeting.  There's not much to say about her (as there's surprisingly little about her on the internet),  but I am not here to analyze her politics or to administer her The Clarey Test.  There is more important role she serves and that is she allows us to truly understand what "white privilege" is so that instead of rolling your eyes the next time a leftist brings it up or blindly believing it as a liberal or leftist, we know exactly what we're talking about and we can actually move the concept forward and make tangible progress in improving race relations.

First, notice it is largely leftist white people who are the most ardent supporters of white privilege.  Certainly non-whites may believe in the concept, just as women would be prone to believe in "male privilege," but when it comes to race notice it's most ardent cheerleaders are not blacks, hispanics, latinos, or Asians, but whites, typically in public positions.  Mayors, congressmen, professors, university administrators, media types, even white people on social media.  As long as the spot light is on them, they all eerily seem to really care about "white privilege."

This should raise the hairs on non-whites who believe in "white privilege" and raise the eyebrows of nearly everybody.  Why is it white public figures all of the sudden have jumped on the white privilege bandwagon these past 5 years, while nearly no white person when asked in private believes in white privilege.  There is something about being in public that forces you to believe in white privilege, bringing up the prospect that you really don't believe it deep down inside at all.  And that missing variable is "acceptance."

Acceptance for what?

Well acceptance for your own personal advancement.

For example, it's very clear why mayoral candidates and other politicians claim to believe in white privilege - it gets them the minority vote.  Notice how the entire New Brighton City Council is all white.  Or how Minneapolis' former mayor was white too (but couldn't shut the f up about "privilege" her entire administration).  Odd they believe so much in white privilege because if they did, they'd give up their seat and allow some non-whites to serve.

But it's not relegated simply to candidates for public office paying lip service to minorities to win their vote (the democrats have been doing that to blacks for years!).  Take for example universities.  Universities have be lauding their white-privilege and diversity credentials for about the past 2 decades under the premise they want to help minorities close the wage gap.  And they intend to do that by providing minorities college educations that will lead them to great careers.

But do they?

In reality universities, and ESPECIALLY programs like "African American Studies" completely scam minority students out of their money simply to enrich themselves. I  don't have to highlight the score of articles written about some poor minority college student who wasted $150,000 on some worthless liberal arts degree or got some kind of law degree in "social justice" endebting them an additional $200,000 in debt, and now can't find a job.  Up front and with all the lip service, yes, these university professors and administrators all seemed to want to help non-whites, because.. "well of course!  They SAID they believe in white privilege!"  But in hindsight they simply robbed minorities (and especially women I might add) out of 100's of thousands of dollars and 4 to 8 years of their youth.  The ulterior motive of public white people who stand by "white privilege" could not be any clearer.

And then there's just popularity.  This is more the domain of social media and celebrity types.  Angelina Jolie and others who adopt minority children are merely virtue signaling to show you what good, open-minded, non-racists they are (even though they don't give a damn about the children).  The infamous Amy Biehl murder, whose parents forgave her black murderers, is another example of putting your popularity above...well, nearly everything else.  But more commonly you just have to go to your average white woman/girl under 30's social account and she will more than likely, and loudly, proclaim how much she believes in white-privilege and can't wait to welcome some refugees into the country.  Again, the hair on the back of your head should go up when a drunk white girl tries to tell you how much you're oppressed and how much she loves minorities because she's doing it for popularity and herself, not you.

This ultimately is what defines white-privilege (or any political concept of privilege).  It is a tool to win over non-whites so that that person may advance themselves individually.  The problem though is blaming white people does nothing tangibly to improve the plight of minorities (hello democrat party?  hello detroit?)  Worse, it wrongly diagnoses the problem minorities, women, or other victims of privilege face, ensuring their problem is never solved and their lives never improve.

For example, you can take the TOTALITY of ALL the written works about racism and white-privilege, be it academic studies, journals, news media, social media and political speeches, etc., as to why minorities (bar Asians and middle-easterners and a handful of other races) make less than whites.  It would be MILLIONS of pages long with hundreds of billions of words.  And you could take all of it that has been written, read, or discussed over the past 30-40 years.

None of that will help minorities as much as the following microscopic bit of advice:

Do not have kids you can't afford.
Do not major in stupid stuff.
Do not get in trouble with the law.
Get good grades.
Wait until you're married to have kids.

You could take the same totality of everything that has been written about men and women, and sexism and misogyny.  Which going back to the Susan B. Anthony/Elizabeth Stanton days would go back a hundred years.  All the books written, all the screeds on feminist pages, all the words women's studies professors have said as to why women are oppressed, and let's just throw in the protests and "slut walks" to boot.

None of that will help women as much as the following few bits of advice:

Don't become a single mother.
Don't major in stupid stuff.
Learn math, IT, STEM, and programming.
Stay in shape.
It's alright to want a husband and kids.
It's alright to be feminine.
Your beauty will leave you some day.

And these two different bits of advice for two presumably oppressed groups exposes "white privilege" (and the white people who ardently claim to believe in it) for what it truly is.


I have absolutely no reservations about telling people, minority or not, female or not, the truth.  No matter how harsh, the truth is a better medicine than the most sweet tasting of lies because it is the truth.  It is reality.  And any decisions made from or based in truth is going to be infinitely better and more successful than decisions made in lies.  So the medicine may taste harsh, but it WILL solve the problem and it WILL, over the long run help out the intended recipient more than a lifetime of feelings-sparring lies.

But to tell the truth takes courage.  In the context of "privilege" you have to face accusations of racism or sexism if you don't tell a political group what they want to hear.  Heck, you can be part of the group yourself and you'll be called a traitor, an "Uncle Tom" even threatened and assaulted.  But liberal, leftist, democrat white people simply do not have the courage NOR DO THEY CARE ENOUGH ABOUT MINORITIES to take this risk and tell them the truth.  They are cowards.  And not only are they cowards, their ultimate goal, their ulterior motive was never about advancing or tangibly helping minorities or women.

It was just to get your vote, money, acceptance, or popularity from you.

Therefore, I ask any minority of female who believes in privilege to consider these things. I'm not saying you DON'T have to believe in privilege or certain groups of people have it better off than you. What I'm imploring you to do is ask what REALLY is driving this odd choir of democrat white people to fervently, and ironically, universally claiming to believe in white privilege.  They ultimately do NOT have your best interests at heart and Valerie Johnson epitomizes this, ultimately defining what "white privilege" is.

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Silicon Valley Paying Whores..Errr..Models to Show up to Christmas Parties

Remember ladies, these forward thinking, progressive companies care about you and CSR and diversity and women's rights so much.

The Democrat Whore Who Lied About Roy Moore

Uh oh!!!

You democrats just can't stoop low enough can you?  Looks like your little lady friend was lying about the groping allegations...

from 30 fucking years ago.

You don't say!!!???

Color me shocked!

When real rape and sexual assault victims are no longer believed because you leftist women cried wolf so many times, don't blame us.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

BLM Surprisingly Silent


1.  This isn't supposed to happen and
2.  It doesn't fit the narrative of professional victimhood.

Goodbye Al "Fuckhead" Franken

Sorry Al, if you were better looking and more charming like Bill Clinton you could have fucked whoever you wanted and the democrat women would have still loved you.

Or Maybe Laura Davies Should Just Raise Her Fucking Children

I love how the BBC doesn't provide the author's name in the article or allow for comments.

South America's Hillary Clinton

Though what originally attracted me to this story was that Kirchner (Fernandez) might actually get arrested, the story mentioned the ex-president was sworn in as a senator last week.  After her disastrous running of Argentina you'd think she'd retire and just go on off and enjoy her grandchildren and Botox, but no.  All evil people have in life is foisting their evil on others.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Episode #232 of The Clarey Podcast! Garrison Keillor Special!

If you can figure out Tinder, you can apply for jobs online.
Winter strikes Minnesota hard!
Garrison Keillor is out at MPR.
What will be considered "sexual harassment" 40 years from now?


in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Tuesday, December 05, 2017

A Literal Economic Intepretation of Bitcoin

Participate with me, if you will, on a simple mental exercise about supply and economics. 

As bitcoin approaches $12,000 (may have even passed it by now) there is much hubbub and discussion about it, from some economists that are old and don't understand crypto-currencies to vested-interest parties who will champion cryptocurrencies to enrich themselves.  But to more simply understand bitcoin (or any crypto-currency) let us simply do what we all learned in the 4th grade and....


To be literal, the exchange rate for all currencies should be a simple division between the global supplies of currencies.  You take the number of yen, you take the number of dollars, you divide them into each other and you have the LITERAL exchange rate of the currency pair.  You take the number of Euros, the number of Rubles, divide and that's the literal exchange rate.  Naturally there's other future-looking variables that determine the value of a currency.  If you're a leftist moron living in Venezuela or an idiot tyrant who hates white people in Zimbabwe, you'll just print off more money (because that always worked) and that will negatively affect the exchange rate of your currency.  But in a literal sense the global supply of any two things should be their literal and mathematically precise exchange rate.

Carats of diamonds to tons of dirt.
US dollars to barrels of oil.
Silver to cement. 
It can be done for anything.

However, bitcoin presents an even easier calculation.  Whereas the amount of cement made and the ounces of silver mined is yet to be determined, bitcoin is finite in that there will only be 21 million of them ever in existence.  So you only need to take the supply of any currency and find out how many units of that currency there is globally per bitcoin and you in theory have a price (inter-currency demand differences duly noted).  And with roughly 4 trillion in US dollars in circulation that gives us

$186,000 US dollars per bitcoin.

Now there are other arguments as to why bitcoicn and cryptocurrencies have value.  And (though I own bitcoin) I'm not terribly sure it has yet reached the full faith and acceptance as a universally accepted medium of exchange.  But to introduce some simple math into the debate we need to realize we HAVE tripled the money supply since the financial crisis and the debate I contend is not so much the value of cryptocurrencies or bitcoin, but rather the declining value of paper money we keep printing off. 

This isn't to say that tomorrow the price of bitcoin should be $186,000.  It may or may not.  I'm merely pointing out there's 186,000 dollars out there in the world for every bitcoin...and that number is increasing as we print ourselves out of financial deficits.

I'll leave the speculation about bitcoin's price to the rest of you to discuss.

What Exactly Is "Net Neutrality?"

Matt Forney in a very empirical and logical approach answers with his excellent article at Return of Kings.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Why I Recommend the Military

Boys, wish my old man told me to join.  I didn't.  Consider it.  And this cartoon, though from the 50's, is no less pertinent today.

Women Can't Do "The Maths"

When you girls acknowledge majoring in stupid shit is why you don't make as much as men, then we'll talk.  In the mean time, I am not going to heed your flawed claims "sexism" is why you don't make as much as men.  You CHOOSE easier degrees that are...well..dumber than fuck.  And when you stop acting "dumber than fuck" then I'll entertain arguments men are discriminating against you.  In the're just dumber than fuck.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Privatizing Marriage

I always wondered why the government has ANY say in marriage whatsoever.  I'm sure it has to do with women needing men with guns to force men who banged them to pay money forever because, well marriage is essentially a very complicated and expensive version of prostitution. 


In an adult real world, theoretical place where intellectual honesty reigned supreme and we could have serious and adult conversation, I always wondered "what if I just got married privately and told the government to fuck off because it wasn't the public's business and I don't need no stupid fucking license."

Thursday, November 30, 2017

SHOCK! Liberal Art Major Single Moms With Inflexible Schedules Can't Find Work!

The amount of stupid and ignorance in this article is just more proof as to how refusing to tell people (particularly women and single moms) the truth about degrees and having kids in a broken home has consequences, none of which are good.  It makes me truly wonder if people in the media actually care about these people and just don't have the spine to tell them they fucked up, or if they're that stupid and actually believe majoring in "international studies" which having a kid out of wedlock has no ramifications for your employability.

Oh well, enjoy the decline.

The Left Punishes Itself...Mercilessly and Horribly

I was talking to a buddy today.  He was upset as he recently got into a Facebook war with a leftist friend of his.  I can't remember the precise topic they disagreed on, but he was so flustered he was debating leaving facebook or at least giving up making political posts for good.  I concurred with his decision and said, "Look, you're not going to change their minds, you're only going to make yourself more angry.  So you might as well give up and enjoy the decline."

He agree, but said, "Yeah, it just angers me that they don't get it.  They just think more of other people's money will solve their problems.  Or that it's the rich's fault for their own stupid mistakes.  They never stop to think about it, plus they get bailed out all the time!"

I asked, "Well how old is this gal?  Is she a single mom?  And how poor is she?"

He confirmed all three of my suspicions.  "She's about 46, single mom, lives in a crappy part of St. Paul."

To which I responded, "Soooo...don't you think she's suffering enough?"

And it is here a vitally important lesson all libertarians, republicans, conservatives and other "simply not leftists" need to learn.  For if we don't realize this very important lesson we will let the leftists we know ruin our lives by forcing us to steep and stew in the erroneous belief that leftists somehow live blissful lives, completely unaffected and unaccountable for their erroneous beliefs and horrible mistakes derived from those beliefs.

For example, my buddy is not the only one to have a leftist facebook friend.  Many years ago I too had a facebook friend.  She was a single mom, aged horribly, got into the "raise organic chickens bandwagon," bought at the peak of the housing bubble, got foreclosed on, never learned any real skills, and pretty much made every horrific idiotic decision a young-now-aged woman could make.

So who does she blame it on?

Well she got fully infected with feminist indoctrination and now everything (obviously) is men's fault!


It wasn't that she got knocked up at 16.  Had more kids than she could afford.  Or never bothered to get a degree in accounting, or bought a house she couldn't afford.

Nope, it's "patriarchy."

She's now pushing 60 years old and is the stereotypical cat lady.  She's too old and ugly to attract a man with any means.  She has no savings.  I don't even know what she's doing for work nowadays (but by her complaining about a living wage, I'd bet below $15 an hour).  And if you were to look back in her life, bar from the age of 0-16 (when she first got pregnant) her life has been hell.  What's it like living in poverty your entire adult life AND with three kids?  What's it like to get foreclosed on?  What's it like to be delusional to think all of that is simply the fault of "men?" I don't know because I didn't screw up like she did, but I'd hate to find out.

Take for example another friend of my friend.  This guy was an ardent leftist.  "The government needs to pay for this.  The government needs to pay for that.  Why we deserve a basic guaranteed income.  We deserve free health care and education.  And by god if it weren't for those evil, rich, fat cats and 1%'ers, we'd have the American dream we were all entitled to!"

Good for him. It's nice to have dreams.  The only problem is he mixed those dreams up with a heroin addiction and now (at the age of 48) is homeless, stuck in Minnesota while winter is upon us, and was hitting my buddy up for money to pay for "a hotel for just one night.  I just need money for one night and I'll get back on my feet!"

Sure you will skippy.

Point again is I don't know what it's like to be homeless.  I don't know what it's like to be 48 and bumming money off of people for lodging for ONE NIGHT. And I sure as hell made sure I would not be homeless as Minnesota's winter was upon me.  All I know is I sure the hell never want to.

And if you don't know a feminist cat lady or a 48 year old heroin addict, I'm sure you can throw a stone and hit any one of the millions of Millennial (and Gen X) liberal art students who could not bow down enough at the alter of leftism and could not spend enough at a worthless liberal arts college.  At BEST they're working as baristas at your local coffee shop, some well into their 40's.  At worst they're resorting to living in cars and prostitution as they're zealously committed to their ideological religion more than their own well-being.  But I don't know what these things are like either because I majored in a reasonably employable subject and worked multiple jobs if necessary so I didn't have to blow dick in a back alley to make rent.

I could go on.

Women who love government checks more than a husband, now aged spinsters with no one to love them, let alone visit them.

Our poorest community (that would be the black community) BLINDLY believing in government and Obama instead of themselves and the individual.  Now they can only point to Detroit and Compton as pinnacles of democrat, leftist achievement.

The millions of aged Baby Boomer hippies who didn't save up enough for retirement and now desperately rely on Social Security.

And heaven help the Gen Z'ers and Millennials who actually believe in the 31 flavors of gender (or were forced to at the age of 7).  Male, female, bi, and gay, I can understand.  But the life long mental insanity they self-inflicted on themselves with zhe/zher/pansexual/transsapiosexual/or whatever other bupkis has seemingly only translated into mental illness, a 40% suicide attempt rate, and a life of mental hell.

Millions (and I would contend all) leftists in some way or another are suffering horribly living the lives they do.

But there is one simple variable running in the background that explains it all and ties them all together. And it explains why no republican, libertarian, conservative or simply "non-leftists" has to raise a finger or their voice to get their pound of flesh out of the leftists who vote to parasite off of them.

Leftists ignore the Reality Principle.
Leftists ignore reality.

And when you choose to ignore reality, living your life and basing your decisions in leftist-utopian la-la land, the real world will come down on you like a 100 megaton bomb and cause such unimaginable pain and agony, even I don't wish it on the majority of leftists who inflict it upon themselves.

For example, the REALITY of the labor market is that people demand things they want.  And if you were to make a list of everybody's Christmas wishlist it is going to be populated with electronic gadgets, cell phones, computers, laptops, vehicles, clothes, games, drones, and a panoply of other goodies.  Consider more boring "necessities" your old man wants and you add tools, gas, insurance, home repairs, auto repairs, lawnmowers, and a whole bunch of other stuff.  But if you were to list the trades, professions, and skills that go into making and providing these things to the market, you will find NONE of them require people with "Women's Studies Skills."  Or "Critical Thinking Skills."  Or "Literature and Poetry" skills.  Or "Communications Skills."  They need engineers, accountants, actuaries, tradesmen, metal smithers, and a whole host of other people who actually provide VALUE to the rest of society.

But this harsh reality of having to work for a living, providing value to others, working a job you don't necessarily like, never dawns on the majority of American high school graduates.  It also is antithetical to leftist thought.  And so what do 67% of them do?

They major in the liberal arts.
They follow their heart because the money will follow.
They're going to major in something (because at the wise wise age of 18) they're going to "change the world."

Now i don't have to explain to you what happens a short 4-8 years (depending on if they're dumb enough to get advanced degrees in these fields).  For while they glibly and arrogantly lectured your chemical-engineering-majoring-ass about how you were polluting the environment, and you weren't helping society, and how great they were "raising awareness" about the 3 out of every 2 women being raped on campus,

after graduation
after all the graduation parties
after all the pomp and circumstance was over
and after their parents and relatives are done kissing their asses

the rest of the remaining 55 years of their lives started. And ALL of those 55 years WILL entail a hell of poverty, scraping by, begging for grant money, and vainly trying to validate their value to society as a single mom in East St. Paul earning below $15 on Facebook.

Their lives are over.
They have reached their peak.
The remaining 2/3rds of their lives are now downhill and, frankly, pointless.

Let's take another example.  Feminism.

Feminism is leftism + vagina.  That's really all it is.  Abdicate love, jettison pair bonding, and ignore your biological desire to get married and have some little rugrats.  Those really smart 60's feminists came up with some theories about the sexual dynamics between men and women that in a short 60 years OBVIOUSLY obsoletes and replaces 2 million years of human evolution.

And most women (sadly, leftist or not, but disproportionately leftist) bought it!

Women don't need no man.
Fish bicycle.
You can have it all.

Have you seen the first test subjects this poppycock was tried on?  You probably haven't noticed because the human eye is naturally gravitated towards youth and beauty, but look around at all the single Baby Boomer women.  Short hair, no ring, wrinkly, aged and alone, and it isn't because they're widowed.  They are the ones who "wanted it all" and by gum Oprah, feminists, media, and the government told them they could have it.  Heck, Obama with "The Life of Julia" would pay for it with a government check.  So off to have careers, children, husbands...and the inevitable divorce and mentally ill children that comes with biting off more than you can chew and outsourcing everything to day care.  And so instead of a Norman Rockwell, nuclear family Christmas, you have what you got now - "A broken family, step-half-brother sister...who the hell are these people??? Meet mom's new boyfriend and his bastard children from three different mothers" Christmas.  The larger point is no little grandchildren are going to be there.  No husband or pair bonding will be there either.  Feminists celebrate Christmas alone...which they probably don't because they're devoutly they cuddle up to and kiss their government grant check (look out for paper cuts on your lip).

And just for good measure, a third example - millennial male feminists...heaven help them.

These effeminate boys actually believe, actually think that if they agree with women, parroting the leftist talking points they think women want to hear, they're going to get laid.  In one ear their biology is screaming for them to get laid, in the other ear leftism is screaming at them to do the precise OPPOSITE of what's going to get them laid.  Not only does this damn them to the world of perma-virgins and perma-friendzones, it condemns them to at least a decade of confusion.  And given the overpowering biological urges they have, running smack dab against what leftism and feminism tells them to do, I can only imagine a 7 year old raised to be transgendered by his vegan parents would suffer more mental pain and agony than this generation of poor lost boys.

At best you're Johnathan MacIntosh cause you're not collecting a government check.
At worst you're a NEET.
But regardless, you are not seeing a woman naked ever in your life and you validate the complaint "Where have all the good men gone?!"

The point is, even if you gathered all of your republican, conservative, libertarian and simply "non-leftists" buddies, and sat and conspired for weeks to concoct the most painful, horrific, devastating form of revenge on just ONE single leftist, the level of revenge you would exact wouldn't even compare to the lives leftists have chosen to live for themselves.  And the reason why is that living outside the real world of economics, romance, love, logic, psychology, sex, friendship, and career ensures you will ruin those things forever in your life.  And not only will you ruin them, they will torture you in every single one of those capacities until you are dead.  Your life will not merely be "wasted" like a happy drunk or pothead, it will be TORTURED as your adamant and desperate belief in leftism never jives with reality.  Again, if you think about it, it's a punishment you'd think twice about meting. 

So this Christmas, and for the rest of your life, do not let leftists or the fact they're "getting free money" or "vote against freedom" or "vote to increase your taxes" lessen your finite time on this planet.  Though they'll never admit it, they are getting punished ENOUGH.  Just be happy and take solace in the sanity, serenity, and good mental health that comes with living in the real world.  And as the impoverished single mom feminist screams at you on the internet, or the black nurse says white women should kill their babies, or a university allows you to "self-identify" as a different race, just pour yourself a drink, throw on some jazz, appreciate your non-leftist friends, share this post with some fellow conservatives and enjoy the decline.
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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Fuck You Garrison Keillor

Your hypocritical, public sector, cause you couldn't hack it in the private sector, ass won't be missed.

Oh, and remember when you penned this piece telling Trump he was done?  

Good to see irony will be your legacy.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Episode #231 of The Clarey Podcast - "Getting Mom a Smart Phone" Episode!

Getting rid of your old car is like taking your dog to the vet.
Convincing mom to get a smart phone.
ESPN is dying...thank god!
Berkeley Women's Studies Major realizes reality.
Scam law school that "helps" minorities go into debt.


in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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