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Republicans Get 30 Seconds, But the Democrats Get 20 Years

"I have pity for the Republicans.  How are they supposed to undo 20 years of leftist indoctrination with 30 second sound bytes for commercials?"

at the 1:05:00 mark or so.

The Best Graduation Gift

Your son, your daughter, your nephew or your niece are graduating this spring and are going to head off to college.

There is no better gift you can get for them than this.

This $12 book is a microscopic pittance compared to the price you or your children are going to pay for their college education.  And if $12 is too expensive the $5 Kindle version is also available.

It simply is a must and (arrogance and bias aside) I don't know why it isn't in the hands of EVERY high school graduate every year.

Show your love through wisdom, guidance and leadership.  Buy your children "Worthless."  Or, if you have a blog, facebook, twitter or what have you, you would have my eternal thanks if you plugged it on your site.  It really is that important of a book that if you want to do something to fight back against socialism and leftist academia, helping get this book into as many young student's hands as possible the best way to do it.

On a related note.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"He Made Partner"

I'm at my bar.

This is my bar.  The bar I do not have the deed to, but I still none the less own.

And sitting beside me are two men.  One young, one old, both lawyers.  The younger one "just made partner."

The older one is bestowing his wisdom upon the younger, and it is good wisdom.

"Don't forget family."

"Your wife is the most important thing in your life."

"Your childrens' baseball games are more important than late night meetings at the firm."

I admire the older lawyer and respect him.  May even ask for his card later tonight to have a legal resource I respect and trust.

But what i can't get over is what the old man is asking of the young man.  He is still telling the kid that there will be times that he will have to subvert his family for the "firm."

That there will be times he has to stick around late.  That the family will have to come second.  That he may have to compromise his morals to supplicate office politics and power struggles.  It is an old man who has sold his soul to a particular path and is now badgering the young, new partner into a life that he may not really want.

Money is a currency people.  No doubt about that. Money is a currrency.

But the most important currency is happiness, and the source of your happiness isn't the office.  It's your wife/husband/children/friends.

This young victim is literally 2.5 feet from me.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Book Review - The Best of Roosh Vol. 1

Yes, I have been on a book review kick.  You may think I'm a mad man reading this much this quickly, but the truth is I have read most books beforehand and took notes, and then spring cleaning and house repairs took over, postponing the review up to this week, making it look like I was a book worm and a reviewing fiend.  Funny thing is that I still have 3 more books to go and truthfully, until I get counter reviews, the book reviews will be limited to a tit for tat mutually beneficial relationship.

The latest book is "The Best of Roosh Volume 1."

Roosh's latest book is, obviously a "best of" series.  And while that may seem cheap and easy, the truth is I am actually a big fan of when bloggers compile their "best of" series.

The reason is simple - it's their BEST OF and let me mathematically point out what I'm talking about.

Roosh's "best of" consists of the top 90 posts out of 1,742 posts.  His writing is normally superb, but when you take the best 90 out of nearly 2,000 posts you are talking the top 5% of his posts.  My "best of" book "Top Shelf" is 183 posts out of 4,200, again, roughly the top 5% of my posts.

Do you think this writing is going to be anything but pure, intellectual stimulation?  A lot of people think "best of" series are an easy way for the author to make a quick buck because they merely repackage what they've already written.  And while true, they completely dismiss the quality of writing the author is refining, repackaging and presenting to the audience.  In short, this is a person's best writing.  However it was presented or published is moot.

Additionally, think of the time savings.

When you purchase an author's "best of" you're not really purchasing the writing in that you may have already read most of the posts.  You are purchasing time savings.  Because, yes, you could personally go through the past 6 years of posts and pull the best ones, but that will take you over 50 hours and if you pro-rate that at the median wage of $18 per hour, that's $900 in your labor to do so.

The $14 price is certainly worth it.   So just like "Top Shelf" or "3 Years of Hate" you may want to consider purchasing "The Best of Roosh" because it's going to save you way more in labor trying to sift through their corresponding blogs for the gems of information.

Logistics and efficiency aside, what content can you expect from "The Best of Roosh?"

First, it is a great insight and chronology (though not presented in chronological order) of watching Roosh go from observant and independent thinking mid 20 something to accomplished and seasoned-veteran 30 something.  Specifically, his tiring of the game.  Though it has been his core and soul he mentions multiple times across multiple posts that to be a successful player means you must approach courting and picking up women as a job.

I don't know about you, but I don't like jobs.  And, not to brag or be condescending (as I have nowhere near the success he has), I do have 8 years on Roosh in terms of age and am a bit further down the mine shaft than he is.  And it is nice to see that, even with great success, the best start to tire of the constant scheming, planning, strategizing, etc.  Matter of fact you start to feel bad for Roosh because if you step back and look at the book, you start to realize just what a high percentage of his life is dedicated to chasing girls.  Though, this is purely speculation on my part, but I predict you'll see Roosh starting to abandon women and pursue more philosophical, loftier, and self-rewarding pursuits in the future.  An epiphany most men never realize until death.

Second, it is once again, just like 3 Years of Hate, a GREAT primer and intermediary book for any young, middle aged, or old man.  The book is just pure wisdom.  And not pontificating observations or theorizing, but field experience.  Again, I've never been the player Roosh was, but his experiences not only confirm what I experienced, but his experiences and observations go beyond what I ever did.  One would do themselves great service reading and taking in what Roosh is writing about.

Third, I like the typos.  I'm taking a religious stance with this in that I believe men are sick and tired of the predominantly female-dominated publishing/correcting-ones-english-at-the-expense-of-ideas industry.  I truly believe that with online publishing proper grammar will finally be ranked below "ideas and content" as it should have always been until academian charlatans came in insisting their knowledge of "dangling participles" was more important than pioneering lines of thought.  The more and more typos I see, overshadowed by intelligence, innovation, creativity, and just plain cleverness, the better for the publishing industry and readers.

Fourth, though crass even beyond my tastes at time, this book would be 4 times more beneficial to women than its intended male audience.  The irony of course would be for women to get over/look past the crassness and vulgarity that would deter most women and once again READ WHAT THE MAN IS SAYING.  Of course this is day dreaming, but doesn't make it any less true.  Women would benefit IMMENSELY reading this.

I leave with two quotes I found outstanding in the book to give you a taste:

Is she in a group of more than three people? I find that three is the magic number.
If she’s in a group with only one or two other girls, your approach not only has a high chance of success but a low proba-bility of getting cockblocked. In larger groups, the dynamic changes to where she tries to align herself with the group’s previously agreed-upon personality. She’s no longer herself, but a slimy leg of a big anti-social octopus.  She will be colder (even though she may be single) and let her friends levy an immediate cockblock strike upon your person.

I’m not attempting to be funny:
I sincerely cannot feel the difference between the men and women of this country once you take away the clothing and hair. Men look and act like fags while women act like men of yesterday, all to make a lot of money in an office park that contains a Starbucks. If you draw a venn diagram of both genders the circles might as well completely overlap.

You can find "The Best of Roosh" in paperback and Kindle.

The 80/20 Rule for RELIABLE, Pretty Girls

Notice the emphasis on "reliable?"  I've written about it before, but an epiphany just dawned on me as I'm currently reading Roosh's "The Best of Roosh" and I think this epiphany holds water.

A common obseravtion or "belief" in the world o' men is that 20% of the men "trap" or "monopolize" 80% of the women.  This 80/20 rule is based on the theory that the majority of women (80%)want to date "up" and so the majority of women will only agree to date the minority (20%) of men, leaving the majority of men, womanless.  It is perhaps not a theory as I do recall a college study (that I cannot find right now)  where they lined up a group of male and female college students and found out the majority of men were willing to go out with the majority of women, but the women were much choosier, ONLY willing to settle for the top 20 or 25% of men.  Regardless, the point is one of "prohibition."  A minority of men essentially prohibit the majority of men from attracting women because the majority of women will only settle for the cream of the crop.

But as nature (or god or whatever you want to believe in) would have it, there is a built-in balance of powers giving no creature nor sex a true and absolute advantage over the other.  Enter in the attractive AND RELIABLE woman.

While the majority of college girls will only settle for the top minority of men, they do not realize that the majority of men will not settle for them.  Oh sure, they might go on a date, they may have a night of hey-hey-hey in the hay, but they will not marry them.  Not only because they don't want to, but polygamy is outlawed.  So mathematically one "top man" can only take out "one woman" and usually they're going to insist she's a top dame as well.  This still leaves the majority of women unattached.

However, while this game of attrition is happening, understand something else is happening.  A minority of women, perhaps with a little bit more foresight and maturity, are starting to size up potential marriage candidates.  And while they may like the top 20% of men, they are happy to settle for the next quintile of men in the 40-20% range who have perhaps maybe more to offer than ripped pecks.  Also other women maybe not the most beautiful of them are, are also thinking with a little foresight, snatching up the next quintile.  And before you know it the top three quintiles or 60% of men are off the market.

In short what is happening is the opposite.  A minority of women (20% ) are keeping a majority of men (80%) off the marriage market, prohibiting other women from accessing them.  How do these women do this?  Because they have one trait the majority of women don't have - they're reliable.

Understand good and great men are not going to settle for an average or poor woman.  Sure, we might date you, sure there's always the hey hey hey in the hay, but marriage?  Commitment?  Sorry, that requires adult maturity, responsibility, reliability, and truthfully the vast majority of women don't have that.  This gives that minority of women who DO have the combination of reliability AND attractiveness a HUGE advantage over their pretty, but flaky counterpart.

The girl who shows up reliably at the agreed-upon time is one step closer to capturing a guy long term.

The girl who makes dinner and doesn't spew some kind of feminist doctrine is one step closer to capturing a guy long term.

The girl who supports herself, pays her rent, and manages a positive net worth with no subsidy from daddy or the state is one step closer to capturing a guy long term.

And though anecdotal, my girlfriend, though not a 10, snatched me from the clutches of
  • a GM car model
  • a top notch salsa queen
  • a scorching hot (and equally promiscuous) Minnesota blond
  • and other various 9's and 10's
because the woman showed up on time, did what she said she was going to do, made me lasagna without me asking, and promptly obeyed when I told her to get dolled up in lingerie.

And thus, the 20% of reliable and pretty early bird women who display

adult behavior
and a HINT of selflessness

get 80% of the proverbial worm.

However, there is a flaw in this analogy as only ONE reliable and pretty woman can take out only ONE man on the marriage market.  THus it isn't so much an 80/20 rule as much as it is a pecking order.  A solid 7 or 8 who is on time and doesn't play games will find a quality man loooong before her drama queen entitled 9 or 10 does.  A solid 6 or 7 who doesn't flake on a date at the last minute will get a husband long before her mind-game playing 8 or 9 counterpart does.  And while these savvy and reliable women pick the best away from the 3rd and 2nd quintile of men, after a decade of pursuing the top 20% of men (but never getting one) the 80% of women now have to choose from the bottom 40%.

Ah, equilibrium.  What a wonderful natural concept.

Of course there's howls and whinings about "where have all the good men gone" and "why can't I find a maaaaaannnnn!?" but I, and most other guys, don't care.  Reliable, responsible and attractive women have already sniped us out of the market and now you can have whatever remains.  Just remember the time you shot down the guys who wanted to salsa dance.

Two Book Reviews on Minimalism and Survivalism

Short reviews for two short books given to me by Danny.  "Dirt-CHeap Survival Retreat" and "Rancho Costa Nada."

Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat - M.D. Creekmore

This book was written by a man who lost everything to his ex wife in divorce.  To make ends meet he decided to live in a trailer and go off the grid.  The book is VERY practical with charts, diagrams, how-to's, and is also very clearly written.  It is also very thorough covering everything from electricity to food storage to security.  Aside from the background as to how the author ended up in a trailer, there really isn't a story here in this book as it really is just a how-to manual.  I personally liked it a lot in that it was succinct and to the point.  A small book that would help to have in your bugout bag, I highly recommend it, especially for the price.  M.D.'s site can be found here.

Rancho Costa Nada- Phil Garlington

Rancho Costa Nada is the philosophical flip side of "Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat."  The author who is terminally unemployable finds a scrap of land in the Californian desert and basically builds a shack he can live in for free.  While there are some elements of "how-toism" the majority of the book is the philosophy of living a minimalistic lifestyle, going off the grid, psychological freedom from the daily grind and a general criticism of people self-stuck in the rat race.  This makes for good reading, but it will become very obvious to the reader why this man is unemployed - he lacks focus, structure and organization in his writing (things needed in his former profession as a journalist).  By the middle of the book it basically becomes a rambling and repeats itself.  The first half is great, but by the middle you're like "OK, DUDE!  I GOT IT!  FINE, FREEDOM!  UNDERSTOOD!"  The first half is worth the read and excerpts from "The Crazy Veteran" are also good, but you will get the gist of the book without having to read the whole thing.  You can find his website here.


What do I keep telling you kids about owning precious metals?

Own PHYSICAL, not PAPER.  There is a difference and it is highlighted between the premium people are paying between physical ownership and paper ownership.

Also, this came from Kerry.  I couldn't find a link, but for those of you interested in the Liberty Mastermind Symposium, here's some more info:

15 Alternative Media Websites Join Forces To Present One-Day Symposium Discussing
The Elevated Threat Level To Your Liberty And What You Can Do About It
DALLAS, TX – Liberty Master Mind LLC ( is pleased to announce it will be hosting the first-ever Liberty Mastermind Symposium Saturday, June 29th, 2013 at the DoubleTree DFW Airport North Hotel in Irving, TX. The one-day symposium will bring together thought leaders from 15 alternative media websites to discuss the elevated threat level to your economic and personal liberty and what you can do about it.
“Liberty is under assault,” says Kerry Lutz, the symposium producer and host of “Our roster of speakers has a combined audience of nearly one million readers, listeners and viewers and that number is growing. People are flying in from all over North America. If you want to arm yourself with unconventional, out-of-the-box thinking to help you survive and thrive in today’s hostile political climate, you’ll want to attend on June 29th.”
The Symposium begins Friday night June 28th with a special “night-before” reception and dinner. Guests will enter the reception through a private receiving line where they will meet and shake hands with each of the speakers and panelists. Following dinner, a special keynote speaker will conclude the event and set the stage for Saturday’s Symposium. A private screening of “Silver Circle” will conclude the evening –
The lineup of speakers includes:
Martin Armstrong –
Robert Ian –
David Morgan -
Bill Murphy –
Jeff Berwick –
Andy Hoffman –
John Rubino –
Michael Krieger –
Jay Taylor –
Elijah Johnson –
Gary Gibson –
Lindsay Hall –
The RMB Group (Rutsen Meier Belmont Group – is the Diamond Sponsor of the Liberty Mastermind Symposium and their Chief Market Strategist, Lindsay Hall, will be speaking.
The Symposium will be held Friday night and all day Saturday, June 28 and 29, 2013, at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dallas – DFW Airport North; 4441 West John Carpenter Fwy; Irving, TX 75063. A special room rate of $99.00 has been secured. Guests can make room reservations directly with the hotel by calling 972-929-8181 with reservation code ‘LIB”.
Registration for the Symposium is $249 per person and includes breakfast and lunch. The Friday night reception and dinner is $99.00 per person. Register for both the dinner and the symposium and you will receive a free one ounce silver coin. Registrations received after June 10th will be $50 more. You can register online at:
For more information please contact:
Coordinator; Liberty Mastermind Symposium

Manliest Man Ever

107 years old
Celebrates memorial day with cigars and whiskey.

Damn right.

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Most Underutilized Weapon in Men's Arsenal

One of the things that irks me is when a company or an organization does something un-American, bigoted, racist, or just stupid, and then...

everybody complains about it and then...

does nothing more than that.  They just complain.

Remember Absolut vodka and how they did a campaign showing "Mexico" overtaking California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico?

No, of course you don't.

It would inconvenience you too much to ask the bartender to make sure you don't get Absolut vodka.  What's the sovereignty of the US, American culture and the American labor market worth compared to the 5 seconds of your life it would take you to ensure Absolut vodka pays for its threat against US sovereignty.  That 5 seconds is too much effort.

I could go on, but you get the point.  I'm sick of people (especially conservatives) being whinny bitches when some Hollywood leftist spews their anti-American mouth off, and then like sheep you still go and see their god damned movies, instead of holding to a standard and refusing to patronize the leftist scum.

So here's your opportunity guys.  The Samsung commercial has been in the news for the past week, let's see if you men can actually pull out that rusty ole boycott weapon and actually cause Samsung pain and financial cost for being ignorant and sexist.

Let's see if you guys just want to bitch on the internet about how the world is stacked against you, or if you want to cost Samsung so much in sales they fire the ignoramouses that made such a stupid commercial.

Let's see if you can, albeit indirectly, exact your toll of revenge on the misandrists who did that, costing them their jobs.

Here's their e-mail address if you care to expend the precious 5 seconds of your life telling them to shove it.

I got a Samsung, just got it 2 months ago. And when the contract is up, my new phone will be anything but.  Of course, if Samsung were to issue a statement and proof they fired all the people responsible for the commercial, I'd go back.  But we all know that isn't going to happen.

(On a hilarious side note)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Party On Wayne

Party on Garth.

This I dedicate to you spoiled brat children protesting and rioting against a country that took you in and saved you from the sh!thole you came from.

Guns Are a Girl's Best Friend

Remember ladies, your emotional and psychological predisposed position on guns (conveniently given to you by educational and social brainwashing), should trump your safety.

Keep voting democrat!  It works so well for you!

Strictly for Da Guys

Greetings gentlemen. 

The ole Captain needs your help.

I need all the guys in the Cappysphere to send me what they would like to know in terms of personal financial and economics advice or wisdom.  This is going to lay the foundation for my next project and though I have a pretty good idea of the topics I'm going to cover, I want to make sure I leave no major or significant topic unaddressed.  Things like housing, budgeting, financial planning, etc, anything in the realm of personal finance that would be of interest, benefit or curiosity to you, please list them in the comment section below.

Also, if you would be so kind, forward this to any other bloggers or readers who may be charitable enough to link back or provide some topics/ideas as well.

Many thanks,


Book Review of "Men On Strike"

Dr. Helen of PJ Media fame is in a very small, but elite league.  She is one of the few professionals (PhD in psychology) to address and bring to light the sexual-sociological backlash men and women are having to feminism.  The only other person I've known to do this is Dr. Roy Baumeister with his book "Is There Anything Good About Men."  However, while Dr. Baumeister's book focuses on society's current view or opinion of men, Dr. Helen's new book "Men on Strike" addresses the consequences of having a myopic and solipsistic societal view of the sexes.  And the consequences aren't good.

As the title would suggest, men are going on strike.  They are striking from their traditional roles as breadwinners, innovators, hard workers, protectors, etc.  But worse they are abandoning their roles as husbands and fathers.  Not out of a lack of desire, but worse - they are being forced out of these roles as society has made both roles too risky to forfeit their precious and finite lives for.

Naturally there is a backlash.

Women want men to "man up" and marry them.  Women want men give them children.  But, particularly ironic, while women SAY they want men to be effeminate, sensitive, caring, listeners, their behaviors show their preferences for strong, thuggish bad boys have never changed.  This confusion (and risk) to men has sent them fleeing, and blinded by feminism, modern day women can't figure out why.  They are stumped as to why they're 42, single, with some other man's child, a masters degree in creative writing and NOT getting approached every day.  They simply cannot connect the dots.

Dr. Helen explores this reaction of men and tries to connect the dots for women.  Her language is polite, diplomatic and correct. but this is a herculean task to ask of her because she is trying to undo the brainwashing women (and men) have received for 40 years.  It is a harsh pill to swallow, too harsh for the progressively deteriorating and childish men and women who populate America today, and her blog receives more criticism than inquiry and acceptance.  Regardless she tries and has a professional psychological background to back it up lending the book authority.

Unfortunately, however, what she writes will be nothing new to those who have been on the frontlines since the war began.  The book will bring no new observations, epiphanies, or theories to veterans or those well-read about the plight of men in western civilization.  It is simply a refining, repackaging and delivery of an argument that has been going on for a decade.  However, the intended audience is not members of The Manosphere, but rather society at large and is where the value of her book lies.  It is made to be digestible to the general public and, again, has the backing of Dr. Helen's professional background.

The only real complaints I have about the book are two fold.  One, the heavy reliance on anecdotal evidence rubs my economist soul the wrong way.  While good, anecdotes can simply be dismissed as anecdotes by more cynical people or (worse) ideologues who have no intention of pursuing truth and only wish to maintain a political agenda.  There is some empirical data, and enough anecdotal evidence would give cause to investigate a claim further, but given the entrenched and politicized forces of feminism and socialism, stories are not going to debunk them, let alone convince them.  Two, it lacked organization and succinctness.  This could of course be due to my general impatience and ADHDDDHHD, but I would have liked to see less heart and more of a clinical "legal case" made in this book.  Again, though, that is a preference.

In general "Men on Strike" is one of the first real "official" books written by a professional that should make the jump from "fringe, right wing manosphere" to MSM and should be welcomed, or at least, heard out by the main stream.  It may not make a great book for those of us already familiar with the battle, but would make a great gift or argument for introducing somebody to the backlash that is occurring against feminism today.

So far it only looks like it is available in paperback format, but I am sure it will be available in Kindle soon as well.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Three Years of Hate - A Review

Matt Forney sent me a copy of "Three Years of Hate."  He also said he would be discontinuing the book for reasons I don't know and don't understand.  The reason why is it is a solid book that, though I don't agree with everything in, is going to benefit and serve its reader with not just entertainment, but wisdom, intellectual stimulation and the exercise of rethinking your own thoughts.

First it is very well written, perhaps too well.  His vocabulary had me looking up multiple words, giving me an unexpected vocabulary lesson.  But the flow, context, logic and structure of his writing was very enjoyable, as if you're just talking to a guy at a bar. 

Second, it is very thought provoking.  Something challenging your own philosophies, but more so he expands and advances current thought and philosophies (and this was originally written about 2-3 years ago). And not just in the real of courtship and dating, but politics, economics, and philosophy.

Third, I would say, though not intended to be a primer, it is a great introductory book for the young man or woman about to take the red pill.  It is not too elementary or basic, but neither too advanced or over one's head.  Not all of it is about red pill theory or questioning your world and premises, but it does address pretty much every major theory, thought, law and development that has been created in the Manosphere.

Fourth, it is blunt and visceral.  This may deter most female readers (who I would strongly recommend getting over his crass language and normal guy talk and instead listen to what he is trying to say), but it is precisely what makes this book a very enjoyable book.  It is a normal guy speaking normally, resulting in clear language that does not dance around societal-pleasantries and political correctness.  It is an example of what all men should be able to do in public and entice no criticism. 

Fifth, outright hilarious at time.  His "End of Night Game" is not only funny, but brilliant.  There are many phrases such as below:

I’ve always preferred to listen to news/talk radio when I’m in
the car. Music radio is a waste, re-playing the same five songs over and
over again. NPR is faux-intellectual drivel for SWPLs who want their
friends to think they’re cultured and smart. And I never really cared for
sports. There’s nothing like a good screaming rant from some middleaged
white guy to keep you awake during those long drives.

that will make you laugh your ass off.

Finally, typos.  I love typos.  You want to know why?  Because it shows the author spent more time coming up with ideas, thoughts, and philosophies than worry about the bleeping difference between a semi-colon and a regular-colon.  I read books for the intellectual stimulation and knowledge the author is attempting to convey.  Not to worry about whether a comma was in the right place or not.

About the only complaints I would have are two.  One, while Matt broaches the topic of race and race relations, 95% of what he says would only serve to help all people of all races, there is 5% I just cannot sign up on board with or have not thought through thoroughly myself to have an informed or at least wise opinion. Two, his economic observations are somewhat underdeveloped and immature.  He would benefit from doing more (albeit boring) data and empirical research on the FRED database than reading another philosopher wax poetically never citing a chart or data series.

All in all I would strongly recommend this book as it will only serve to help the reader and stimulate their mind.  I would also STRONGLY recommend it to women who want to see how men really are and what really goes through their minds.

It is available on Kindle and paperback.

The Death of Charm

At any time you may ask any woman in my life if I was charming.

And they will say, "indeed he was." 

Charm, I have to chalk up to my Uncle Jeff who, though a wonderful man, was very short and bald.  He had to develop his charm and he did to the point I would say he was the epitome of it.

He was sharp.  He was witty.  He was intelligent.  And he was a natural.  He always had the right thing to say to crack a smile in others AND (most importantly) it wasn't rehearsed.  He was smart enough and quick enough that he WAS charming so it came off as natural and genuine because he was.

Being a nerdy skinny kid myself in my youth, I started focusing my efforts to become like Uncle Jeff.  I would try to be witty, practice and form the art of dry wit.  TO this I added watching Cary Grant flicks, Humphrey Bogart flicks, and Jimmy Stewart movies, developing a repertoire of quotes no girl my age would recognize as plagiarism.  And sure enough, over time, growing taller, learning to dance, lifting weights, working out, riding motorcycles, etc.,  I developed into the devastatingly charming man that I am today.

Again, if you don't believe it, ask any woman who knows me.

However, like many other things, I have taken "charm" off of the table and now reserve it only for women I deem worthy of it.  My girlfriend, my female friends, and old ladies I happen to run into at coffee clubs.  And the reason this charm has been taken off the table is twofold.

1.  Most charm is not appreciated by my contemporaries or younger.  Older women will always get the  "who are you really and what were you before" line and they LOVE IT.  My female friends will always appreciate me purposely underestimating their age.  And the girlfriend will always appreciate the clever and witty inside joke hidden within an otherwise unremarkable statement.  But most women simply do not get it.  THey are not cultured enough, nor have the vocabulary to appreciate it.  Most witticisms will go over their heads and worse, they may see you as simply as nerdy, goofy, or just plain creepy.

2.  You have to earn charm.  Just like chivalry, just like respect, I don't hand it out for free anymore.  If I'm going to expend the calories of energy in my little brain to say something entertaining and cute that will improve and enhance (albeit minorly) your life, then you better have done something to deserve it.  Not necessarily benefiting me, but you better have proved yourself to be a good person, a person I find agreeable, and somebody deserving of charm (or respect, or chivalry). 

While this may address why myself and other genuinely charming men have in a cartel-like fashion limited the supply of charm, we cannot lay the Death of Charm solely at the feet of women.  For while there is no limit to the Disney-Channel-Justin-Beiber girls-cum-ladies now entering society who may demand it (or feel entitled to it), their male counterparts are hopelessly incapable of charm. 

Lacking any fatherly discipline, let alone guidance, let alone role models, young men today have no concept or clue of charm.  Hats are still being worn backward 20 years after the plague hit society, "hawt" is still being pronounced, and the behavior is so uniform the word "douchebag" now has a VERY precise Urban dictionary definition, defining young men who can only be described as well...douchebags. 

Few men know how to dance, few men know how be witty or creative, none of them have any culture beyond X-Box 360, and nearly none of them could even mimic Jimmy Stewart or Cary Grant because they have no clue who they are.  This is not a call for them to "man up" but rather to point out the current crop of men are incapable of charm, thus further limiting the supply.

Because of this, we once again delve into the world of economics to explain what is happening in the courtship market.  With demand for charm being relatively constant, and the supply of charm dropping, charm comes at a premium.  The price of charm has gone up.  And if you want charm, then you better be a girlfriend, a good female friend, or a charming woman yourself to get it.  Because if you're not willing to pay "P2" in this market, there is no charm for you.

(PS-you would deserve charm if you could explain what "P2" is or could just explain the chart above and not tell us who Kate Perry is dating right now).

Friday, May 24, 2013

Why Every Young Man Needs to Hang Out With Older Women

I once again decided to avail myself of the free gym and lounge offered to my girlfriend at her place of employment.  Normally my schedule consists of lifting weights, using the communal internet to do my daily work, running on the local trails and then grabbing a bite to eat.  However, the powers that be had a surprise in store for me, and that surprise took the form of 5 elderly ladies.

At first it was just one.  I was sitting in a comfy chair in the lounge when this amazonian woman (6'1') walked in and sat beside me.  She inquired if I was with the "coffee club" and I said, "No, I'm just here because my girlfriend works for the company and this is considered my 'bachelor daycare' which prompted laughter and prompted conversation.

She was a widow and a mother of children slightly older than myself, and she was waiting on her friends for their little coffee club.  She was promptly on time, suggesting to me she may have been ex-military, and started to ponder whether her friends were even going to show.  She called one of them and while on the phone started jesting to her friend that she was sitting with a "fine young handsome man."  I interrupted and suggested she tell her friend I would abscond with her to Bermuda, her friend on the other line laughed loud enough I could hear it.

Sure enough within half an hour her friends all did show and as they trickled in I was introduced to them as her "new boyfriend," "boytoy," and "time share."  Every one of them laughing at each new title.  I had work to do, but set my laptop aside because it became quickly obvious and apparent these ladies were neither boring or uninteresting.  Yes I had work, but since I knew other humans are the most important thing in life, I set it down and participated with the ladies.

I would say "normal jousting" occurred, but while the pattern of conversation was that of jousting you would have with other men, the fact these ladies were older made it superior conversation.  They were wise, they were experienced, they were witty.  In short they were the perfect people that you would want to engage in conversation.  They were not crass, but certainly weren't saints either.  They would tell stories about how they would peek through the blinds to see young men (back in the day) roof the house from across the street.  They would make high-brow remarks about me "coming over to do work for them," but at the same time inquiring what I did, telling me about their families, and other more innocent topics.  They were also cultured catching every Victor Borge reference I would lay on them and not having to require me to explain who Cary Grant was.  They, in short, were not just a pleasure to be around, but were the epitome of fun.  No person on the face of the planet would not have fun with these women.

Because of this I decided that we should all meet at the lounge during the day time and I would grill them steaks and make them martini's.  Not one of them refused the offer.  We set a date, arranged for some minor logistics, and I have a afternoon date with 5 elderly ladies for steak and martinis in the near future.

Now let me tell you the important lessons to take away from this experience.

#1 Enjoy Them While They Are Here

Every young man, and I mean EVERY young man, needs to hang out, at least once, with elderly ladies.  Not for any ulterior motives such as MILF/GILF or gigilo/money, etc., but because this is the last generation of real women you will ever get to interact with.

Understand once this generation dies off you get to deal with aging boomer hippies, middle aged Gen X'er feminists, and entitled Gen Y'ers and millineals, all of which have to one extent or another been influenced and impaired by feminism.  In other words the last true remaining, classy, Sophia Loren-esque women will die off and you will never get to enjoy hanging out with them, leaving you with "empowered women" and "masters in communications" types of females who are only female in gender.  There are non-physical reasons men like women and these women are the last ones on the planet that "got it."  Reasons that are soon going to go away and you won't ever get to enjoy.  So I suggest you enjoy their company and presence while you still can.

#2  This is "How It's Supposed to Be"

You ever feel like you're walking on eggshells with modern day women?  Always wonder where the next sucker punch is going to come from?  Asking yourself the question, "Will I go to jail if I ask a girl to dance?"

Well that's because women have been co-opted under the socialist guise of "feminism" to be victims and any interaction between men and women is hyper-analyzed to see if those interactions in any way can be construed as "oppression," "victimization" or "crime."  In other words, a war has been declared between men and women, unbeknownst to most men.

This is how women were before the "war."

Men and women got along.  Men appreciated women and women appreciated men. They would wittingly spar, counter with charm and see who could crack the most smiles from the opposing team. They were not focused on themselves, but rather intrigued and interested in the other.  And if you ever wish to experience how that felt, not to mention have a standard or a "goal" as to how men and women should interact, again, hang out with older women.

#3 True Judges and Judgement

Nearly every young man is judged every day.  And he is certainly judged when he approaches a woman of his age be it for a date, a social event, or what have you.  However, unfortunately, this young man has no context.  And when Sally McDitzysociologymajor shoots him down, perhaps even mocking him in the process, he actually thinks that this somehow reflects upon his:

moral caliber
personal caliber
worth as a man

My question is simple - why do you let the most inexperienced, spoiled and childish people in the history of human kind (20 something western girls) judge you AND accept their judgement as a true measure of your worth?

I do not say this out of desire or bias, but because it is true.  What experience, wisdom or hindsight does Tanya the Suburbanite Princess have to give her such authority?

Older women are much better judges as to the quality and caliber of a person (be it a man or a woman) than their younger, spoiled-brat, entitled 20 something counterparts and if you really want to know if you are a good person, charming individual and all around good man, then it is older women you should hang out with.

Can you get them to laugh?

Can you get them to like you?

Can you get them to smile?

and the ultimate condoning of your quality as a man

Can you get them to start inquiring about setting you up with their daughters or granddaughters?

There is no larger or better endorsement to your caliber and quality as a man than a nice ole grandma lady asking if you have a girlfriend and saying she has a nice single grandaughter she'd like you to meet.

I say all of the above not because I'm looking for anybody to validate myself or others.

I say all of the above not to make you feel better about yourselves.

I am saying all of the above because it is true.

Our female elders, just like our male elders, have just as much wisdom and MORE when it comes to the opposite sex.  And if you want to enjoy the company of women, and appreciate the true intellect of females, and have some honest judges as to your worth in salt as a man, then I strongly suggest you hang out with our female elders.

This post made in honor of my dance partner in Wyoming.  She said yes when all the 20 somethings said no.

Why Techies Love Tax Hell California

Because while they be smart in IT, they be dumber than all hell when it comes to economics.

I Will Never Apologize

For liking hot, toned, in shape chicks.


And the sooner you feminists realize that the sooner you and the entire other half of the population are going to get along.

Yes, Jimmy, the Democrats Are Socialists

Of the limitless examples of American ignorance, claiming that the democrat party is nothing more than a socialist one and the scoffery that ensues is one that particularly angers me.  The average American (at least in my day and before) was brought up to see "socialism" and "communism" as pejoratives.  And for good reason.  Socialist economies grow slower.  Socialist economies produce less and have more poverty.  And if they go too far down the left side of the political spectrum into full blown communism, they have a tendency to kill hundreds of millions of their own people.  So when you make any accusation of a politician or person being a socialist you are immediately dismissed as crazy or a right wing lunatic because you're essentially claiming that person is a fool-near-murderer.

However, practically nobody in America bothers to take the time to understand, economically, what a socialist is.  And so when the democrat party champions nationalized health care, wealth redistribution, unions and worker parties, bailing out companies, and investing in solar ones, the average American ignoramus does see "socialism" they see a party that "cares" and is "for the little guy."

I try to make things simple as possible, so simple the empirical data is right there telling you you're wrong about the democrats and the US not being socialist.  But even this simplicity, fact, and empirical data is not enough to overcome the stupidity and ignorance of most Americans (and thus why I no longer care and enjoy the decline).  But for posterity's sake I'm going to throw this old beaten up chart up one more time.  It shows government spending as a percent of GDP. 

A country where government spending accounts for 40% of GDP is NOT a capitalist one.  It is a socialist one.  And if the republicans had any balls they would start calling the democrats the "socialist" party because that is what they are.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sarah LeTrent, Sorry, "Fat" and "Attractive" are Mutually Exclusive

Sarah writes a piece getting excited about some nobody who photoshops fat people in Ambercrombie and Fitch ads.

Oooo!  You witty liberal arts majors!  What would the world do without you!?

Just one problem.

"Fat" and "attractive" are mutually exclusive.

And I don't have to explain or write any further because nature and genetic programming ensures the above statement is true.

Enjoy the fat!

Post - post - Ah, I see Sarah is a worthless person with a worthless degree.  Must have been KILLER studying for that "BA in Communications."

Ladies Night at the Cappy Club

Come on Joanne, you know it's because they major in easier subjects.

Again, you wonder why I view the democrats with such hatred and disdain, here is your answer.

Another example of Zombie Liberals.  You suggest some rape charges are fake and trumped up, you are now "pro-rape."  There is no thought or conscience with these people. Only a political platform.

Leslie provides another great historical lesson that you either were never taught in school, of if you were, you have completely forgotten about it.

To this day, I am still befuddled why anybody or corporation donates money to universities.  Agreed, the person's original intent was not the best, but it was her money...was anyway.

March Madness!

To this day, I still am amazed how many people think I'm a eunuch and not simply a man who had a vasectomy.  Though, there seems to be a lot of confusion about this anyway.

The Abilene Paradox.  THough I am thoroughly amused and entertained when groups of people shoot themselves in the foot.

Gotta have outfits.  Life's too short not to have them.  Though I prefer the nurse theme myself, the naught librarian is always good too.

You think teen pregnancy is bad there?  Just visit Casper, Wyoming!  Regardless, is it wrong of me to enjoy the self-inflected misery teenage mothers condemn themselves to for the rest of their lives?  Good, I didn't think so either, especially since i'm paying for them.

Hey!  Why does Jen get the visit from the professional meteorologist!?  Why can't I get a visit?  Would have helped my chances with tornado chasing!

That's precisely what everybody in this society needs.  Tough talk.  Too much touchy feely worthless lies have been being spread around and pandered off as truth.

THey had a term for that back in the olden days - "stay at home parent."  It was when the parents brought up their own children instead of outsourcing it to the public schools baby sitting farm.

I have an interesting question.  Today's manly men are truly manly.  The generally hostile environment we've been brought up in AND had the intellectual audacity to question it and thus ingest the red pill, have made us more manly than average.  We don't care about people's feelings.  We don't care about political accusations or consequences.  We have no problem standing up to feminism in that we really don't care what they say.
So riddle me this riddle me that, when this generation of Manosphere men start to make decent coin and start to make their own men-only clubs, and the feminists and socialists come in and try to destroy our clubs, do you think our reaction is going to be the compliant, tail-behind the leg variety that you're used to from previous generations?  Methinks not.

Neither I, nor Kathy, nor any other real adults give a damn what kind of made-up allergies your kid has.

That's it for the ladies' night linkage.  Would be nice if the ladies showed the Captain a little love.  But, sniff, sniff, nooooobdy loves the Captain.  Poor ole Captian, nobody listens, nobody loves.  The girls are completely unaware of his existence, and if they are, they probably don't like him.  Sniff, sniff.

The 2013 White Privilege Conference

I can't think of anything more despicable, hypocritical and deceitful than this bunch of communists resorting to anything to get other people's money.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We're Winning

We're winning and the feminists don't like it!

Why Martin Crutsinger Must Be Assassinated


Don't you know the media is here to serve the democrat party and destroy the US!?!?!!

WHAT ARE YOU DOING POINTING OUT SUCH FACTS AND TRUTHS!?  Don't your superiors at the Star Tribune know what you are doing???  And what incompetent editor let your vile, fact-based reality through!!!????

I'm sorry, you will have to be terminated for being an actual journalist, holding to standards, seeking the truth, trying to help America and acting as the genuine 4th branch of government not being the democrat party's bitch.

The Lawyer Job Market Is So Bad....

"How bad is it?"

"The lawyer job market is so bad, lawyers are now resorting to prostitution!"

Yuk yuk yuk.

"I'm here every Tuesday, folks!  Don't forget to tip the waitresses!"

Anybody want to guess her undergrad?

Our Man Flint

Just ordered it for myself.

How can't you like James Coburn?

Plus the theme song is very bachelor-pady.

How to Exact Your Toll of Revenge on Bankers

Listening to the Bill Burr podcast, one of his common refrains is to rip on the bankers. He recently bought a house and realized that he more or less signed away his life for 30 years.  However, like most teens-50 somethings, he has a very simple understanding of economics and because of this defaults to blaming a handful of bogie men for the condition of the US economy, bankers being the most prominent.

Like blaming "big oil" or "evil corporations," he doesn't really know what he's talking about.  To figure it out would take too much time and effort, and since it makes simple logical sense in his world view of economics, his ire and hatred is directed towards bankers.  However, unlike "evil corporations," "corporate executives," and "big oil," Bill Burr, and every one who disproportionately blame bankers for the ills of our country...

are right.

Though accidentally right, I am here to tell you now, after working in banking for nearly 20 years,  Bill Burr and everybody else who blames bankers and the banking industry for our economic problems today are right.  Bankers are the verminous scum you suspected them to be and you should have every ounce of contempt, despisement and hatred for them.

Are there some good bankers?

Of course.

Are there some banking executives that truly are there to make good loans and grow the economy?


But in my experiences such quality people account for less than 15% of those employed in the banking industry.

For the most part, bankers and banker-eqsue types fall into two categories.

Dumb and evil (and sometimes both in a Venn Diagram sort of way).

Dumb bankers lack the intellect and mathematical skill to fully analyze and assess the quality and risk of loans they are making.  They have practically no knowledge of accounting or financial analysis and out themselves rather quickly by being the "rain maker" or "salesman" (or most commonly admitting to playing high school football).  They're always "in it for the deal" or "trying to find a way to get it done."  In reality they are simply that.  A knowledgeless salesman trying to get a commission on a product that is flawed to a person who is unlikely to pay them back.  They don't care about loan quality, they don't care about their clients, they don't care about them employer, and (since the banking industry is backed up by the FDIC and Fed) they don't care about the taxpayer.  They have no other skill and very much like other pure-sales jobs, quantity is quality because they get their commission.  Again, not because they're evil, but they're too stupid to connect the dots between a taxpayer bailing them out and the crappy loans they constantly bring to committee.

Evil bankers can be stupid as well, but typically know, or at least don't care, what they're doing.  They KNOW the client isn't going to pay them back.  They KNOW they're condemning the client to file for bankruptcy in the future.  They KNOW they're financially crippling their clients, their employer and the nation, but they just plain don't care.  They're going to get their commission regardless of morality and will sell anybody under the bus if it financially benefits them.  They view themselves better and more valuable than most people and is again why (I explain in "Worthless") most finance majors are finance majors because they are too lazy to  study calculus, but still want to make the salary of an engineer.    Worse still, in booming times when it's nearly impossible to NOT make money, they charter their success to their "intelligence" and not the massive macro-economic forces behind that success.  They buy luxury cars they can't afford, houses they can barely pay for, and trophy wives sure to learn the difference between debt and equity spending when they invariably divorce.

In short, it is not only perfectly normal, but it is your right to hate, loathe and wish the utmost of atrocities upon most bankers.

Of course "the utmost of atrocities" would largely fall under "illegal."  Much as I would like to hunt down bankers I personally know and release an unimaginable hell upon them, I can't for it is illegal.  However, that doesn't mean you, I or anybody else can't exact our toll of revenge from the banker scum, especially in a legal matter.  And that is what I intend to show you how to do today.

Understand that while you may think bankers are sitting up top some sky scraper, smoking cigars on a mahogany desk, that is the furthest thing from the truth.  The majority of bankers are not your "Goldman Sachs" types living it up and whooping it up with other people's money.  The vast majority of bankers are miserable people, who just like everybody else, has every day problems.  But worse for them (and this where your revenge comes in) is the fact they work in banking, and this makes their lives miserable.

First, the banking industry is different and unique from most other industries in that it constantly gets bailed out.  However, there is a negative consequence to that.  Recessions, much like your liver, filter out deadweight and underperforming companies and people.  If you can't provide a good product at a good price, booming or busting economy, you simply go away.  This "survival of the fittest" aspect of economics is not only a law, but ensures that only the most competent, efficient and productive people remain, getting rid of the losers.

However, in bailing out the banking industry this "purging" or "purification" process never takes place and crappy bankers, from crappy banks get bailed out and/or simply go down to the next crappy bank to start a new job.  In other words it would be like you eating some salmonella-infected food, which your body promptly vomits up, only for you to re-eat it, re-sickening yourself again, re-puking yourself again and so on and so forth.  Bankers, for the most part, are this regurgitated vomit constantly re-introduced and never-leaving the banking industry.

But ask yourself the question, how fun or productive is it constantly having to work with regurgitated vomit?  In other words, with such a low-quality and low-caliber class of people employed in the industry, can you imagine how painful it must be to work with such losers?  8 hours a day of dealing with inept co-workers, none of which are competent at the 8th grade math banking requires?  Egomaniacs who all think they're better than one another, and the politics, back-stabbing and corporate BS drama that ensues?  I've witnessed it and experienced it and it is PAINFUL.  It is veritable torture to go into work, day in and day out and deal with such ineptitude, egomaniasm and deceit.  It is this fact, that most bankers must suffer their own ilk, that should give you at least a couple of ounces of flesh.

Second, the bankers are one thing, but the clients are another.  Matter of fact, they're equally low-class and low-quality as the bankers.  And not only do the bankers get to tolerate each other, they get to tolerate their miserable clientele as well.

At one bank I worked at the fattest, most disgusting woman (she looked like the gal in Raiders of the Lost Ark who was having the drinking contest with Mariam) traipsed her obese ass into the bank to cash a check.  The check was for $6,000, an amount this sow never saw in her life.  She was always overdrawn on her accounts, had well over $1,000 in fees, and was just a miserable, pathetic, excuse for a human being.  But what made this great was just how obvious it was she had printed this check off of a cheap ink-jet printer.

My solution was simple - call the cops and get this vermin arrested for passing fake checks.

But oh, no.  Not for the staff nor my boss.  How did we know it was fake?  How did we know she purposely printed this off?  Besides (and pay attention to this) we needed her late and overdraft fees because those (despite never being paid) made this a profitable account.

Another client came into my office wanting a loan.

A loan for what?

A loan for GAS MONEY.

Gas money for what?

Gas money for (and pay attention to this) visiting his new-born grandson in Denver that had to get heart surgery due to complications of the birth.

I didn't know what angered me more.  Him lying to my face with some BS story or the fact he was a 60 year old man resorting to make ends meet by requesting a BANK LOAN FOR GAS!!!

Regardless, I could go on with stories, but you get the point.  Most bankers are not dealing with quality clients, quality borrowers who intend on paying them back.  Most clients are cut from the exact same regurgitated vomit cloth as the bankers.  And this makes the bankers' lives miserable.

Third, along the line of crappy clients is the fact that the majority of work bankers do today is not developing new business or lending money to help expand some successful operation today.  It's dealing with problems from the past.  Specifically, "problem loans."

Problem loans are loans that are simply that.  Problems.  They're not getting paid back, the client is late, the client has split town, you name it, the bank isn't getting paid.  This then requires the banks to "resolve" these problem loans. However, here is where the banks and bankers shoot themselves in the foot.

Since the economy still sucks, there are no new or potentially profitable loans to make.  This puts the focus and onus of most banks today on saving EVERY SINGLE PENNY FROM THEIR PROBLEM LOANS.  In other words, since there is nobody banging down their door to borrow money, they instead focus on trying to save as much money as they can from bad loans.  This means around 90% of a banker's time is spent dealing with:

1.  Collateral that has deteriorated WAY below what is owed on the loan.
2.  Tracking down problem clients to hopefully, maybe, potentially getting them to make a payment.
3.  CONSTANTLY negotiating with their vomitesque clientele to refi, extend-and-pretend, short sell, restructure their loans
4.  CONSTANTLY hounding the clients to get 2009-2012's tax returns, balance sheets and financial statements
5.  Tracking down assets that had been stripped of the property and pledged as collateral

Ironically, however, a vicious spiral develops.  Since the only business most banks have are these problem loans, they are practically forced to constantly keep these losers afloat.  This chains most bankers to their loser clientele, making their jobs even more miserable and providing you an added ounce of flesh.

Fourth, Frank-Dodd.  Frank-Dodd is legislation that resulted from the financial crisis and housing bubble.  In short it is a MONSTER of a piece of regulation and I cannot emphasize just how detailed, invasive, and petty it is.  I was paid for two days to (and pay attention to this) change a cell in an Excel spreadsheet from reading "Sources of Repayment" to "Financial Capacity of Repayment" for all of our loans.  There rarely wasn't a day where our contacts at the OCC and FDIC weren't handing down some new and minor change our bank had to make.  And so petty and pointless were they, I was and still am to this day, convinced Frank-Dodd was nothing more than a means to punitively punish the banking industry.

Does such regulation hurt the economy?


Does such regulation prevent loanable dollars from getting out into the economy, harming economic growth.

You bet.

Does Frank-Dodd drive up the cost of banking for consumers and customer?

Darn tootin'.

But it is a NIGHTMARE for the bankers and banks to deal with and they deserve every second of it.

In the end, what you need to do is step back and look at what has become of the banking industry.  It is not this high-flying, romantic, booming and advancing field that it may have been.  It is not the "Mad Men" sort of martini's and golf Hollywood has painted it as.  And it certainly isn't a functional or sane segment of our economy exploiting you or other innocents.

It is hell.

It is
  • Arguably now the most regulated industry in the country (bar medicine)
  • Populated by the country's most incompetent and corrupt people
  • Serving, pampering and baby sitting the country's worst financial basket-cases
  • Whose only future prospects are cleaning up messes of the past with no economic growth to exploit in the future
And that same banker scum, that disproportionately caused the economic and financial problems we have today, are forever condemned to work in that industry because...


they have no other talents and no other industry would ever hire them.  They are stuck there with the regurgitated vomit both as coworkers and clients for the rest of their "professional" lives.

And knowing that is where you should get your full pound of flesh.

If you liked this post, consider buying Aaron's book "Behind the Housing Crash" where he chronicles his adventures and exploits in banking during the build up to the housing crash.

And if you REALLY want to piss off bankers, start buying your stuff via Captain Capitalism's Amazon affiliate program.  Nothing would irk his previous bank-employer scum than seeing him make millions on a business model purely based on ripping the banking industry a new one.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Why You Should Aspire to be a Security Guard

If I had stayed out of banking when I originally intended to, I would have had more years experience as a security guard than I would in banking.  The reason why is that my first job in college was as a campus cop which then predispositioned me for future security work.  Sure enough if I needed any extra cash I would work a night shift or go part time.  Also, security work gave me options, thus any time a boss got lippy, I was misled about a job's duties, or there was just a good ole fashioned market melt down I could tell the boss to pound sand and take off.

However, while most people look at security guards as one of the lowliest of "professions" truth is it's the best damn job you can have.

The reason is simple - the job allows you to work on you.

Understand that the vast majority (if not all) corporate wage slave jobs require your time to be completely consumed and preoccupied.  And more often than not that time is consumed with a mentally boring and mundane task.  And even if it isn't, the culture is such that you still have to "act busy," which is even more mind-numbing than actual work.  In the end, yes you do have a job, but your brain is completely and 100% occupied doing boring work that advances some other person or company.

However, with security work it is different.

First, your job is to merely be present.  Not to track down the bad guys.  Not to do detective work.  Not to be a wanna be cop.  You merely sit at your station or desk, make an hourly patrol, and then return to your desk.  The reason why is the big secret in the security industry.  You really aren't paid to protect, you're paid because having a uniformed person on the premises gets that company or client a decrease in their insurance costs.  A decrease that MORE than compensates them for the $9/hour they're paying you.

Second, since you aren't supposed to be doing anything other than merely existing most security companies allow you to do some other work.  In other words, there is no expectation you need to be constantly occupied all the time.  Matter of fact, it's expected you'll bring a book, study, bring a laptop or whatever.  Some security companies and some security gigs won't allow for this (for example body guarding some socialite at a night club) and these are not the gigs I'm talking about.  But the majority of security work is sitting at some corporate campus, twiddling your thumbs, killing time.

Third, the caliber of the average security guard is crap.  Absenteeism is a huge problem, drugs another, and nutjobs thinking they're cops and pulling people over (known this to happen twice) is rank throughout the industry.  If you are just a clean cut guy, looking to make a couple bucks on the side, and can show up on time and not be high, you are in.

Finally, the night shift.  If you are going to work security make it the night shift.  You don't want to be the armed and overpaid receptionist for an office building downtown unlocking people's cars, towing cars, and in general dealing with everybody's mistakes. 

In the end and combining all these traits together, you have the PERFECT job, especially for independent-minded people like us.  You are paid, albeit it a minimum amount, to sit and work on your own stuff, occasionally getting up so you don't fall asleep, and are completely alone (assuming you took the dog shift).  It is the perfect recipe for an inventor, an author, a entreprenuer, or just a minimalist who likes to read books because it gives you 8 hours a day to work on what you want.  Better still, it FORCES you to work on your own projects because if you don't have anything to occupy your time you will get bored.

For example I wrote "Enjoy the Decline" in 45 days while pulling 16 hour shifts sitting at a warehouse as a security guard.  I wrote "Behind the Housing Crash" in just three months doing the same.  Another guard I know wrote the code for an entire program as a security guard.  And another one I knew doubled as a network administrator who would telnet into work and get paid double.  Though the work was not glorious and the title guaranteed not to impress chicks at bars, working security gave industrious individuals like ourselves the time, the discipline and the opportunity to focus on ourselves and our endeavors.

But the true benefit of working security is ultimately financial.  Specifically, your chances of becoming genuinely rich are higher working as a security guard than a corporate cog.

Understand nobody becomes rich busting their ass off in the rat race, climbing the corporate ladder.  Most people will deem the mental and pscyhological costs too high to make it into senior, let alone executive management, settling instead for a very median wage.  But as a security guard, busting his or her ass off, aggressively pursuing whatever your idea or dream is, you stand a MUCH BETTER CHANCE at becoming rich than your average corporate, ass-kissing slave because it is your entire idea.  If it works, you get to benefit from it 100%.  Also realize that while, yes, a corporate cog could come home and start working on his or her new business idea or invention, corporate employment is so mind-numbing most people just want to sit and veg out.  Security work not only allows you to work on your own stuff, but does the opposite of what corporate employment does to your mind.  Instead of numbing it, it invigorates it.  It gets the creative juices flowing and consequently gives you more passion and energy to pursue and accomplish your dreams.  I've come home from 16 hour security shifts more invigorated and pumped up about life than a 4 hour day cut short by a computer network failure or power outage at a corporate gig, just because the damn job gives you hope.

Of course, all of this is contingent on one thing - that you have a plan or a goal AND you have the discipline to pursue it while working the night shift.  For if you don't have those two things, then, well, yeah, you're just a rent-a-cop wanna be Paul Blart.  Otherwise, there is absolutely no shame in working a security gig.

The Liberal Mind

Amen brother.

When the IT Guy Shrugged

I wonder what all those MBA's and HR directors will do when the IT guys across the world just say, "f@ck it" and go fishing instead.

Glenn Thrush, Douchebag and Beta of the Year

If you wonder why I hate socialism and leftists, this is why.

Monday, May 20, 2013


BASDSMTOT (Bachelors Against SUV Driving Soccer Moms Texting or Talking While Driving) is a new crusade I want to pursue because I'm bored and want to tell other people what to do with their lives so I can feel better about myself campaign I want to start to protect society from a genuine scourge that threatens us all

Soccer moms who drive SUV's and don't pay attention because they're too busy talking on their phone, texting, or are just plain lousy drivers.

Many a bachelor and motorcycle riders would have been killed had it not been for our superior reflexes and defensive driving that compensates for the general poor driving ability of this group, but we here at MADD, BASDSMTOTWD want to be just as aloof, unaware and indifferent about our driving ability as the texting talking soccer moms.  I want to be able to do my make up, text, talk on my phone and try to discipline my child while crashing into and totaling a bachelor's convertible (that actually happened to me) with no consequence of legal punishment.

So what I suggest is limiting the ability of normal, responsible adults to have a drink and enjoy life soccer moms to drive because I'm a unproductive member of society, and like Mayor Bloomberg have nothing better to do, I care about society.  therefore I'm asking the legislature to limit the NODUITSUV (Number Of Distracting Units In The SUV) to 2.  NODUITSUV would be any object or entity that is capable of distraction such as:

1.  cell phone
2.  child
3.  make up
4.  magazine
5.  on star
6.  another person


So if you have your cell phone, three chidlren, and your husband.  Too bad, you can't take all 5.  You need to make three separate trips hauling only 2 NODUITSUV's each to abide by this law.

And I don't care how much it inconveniences you, because "if it just saves one life, then it's worth it."