Friday, July 31, 2015

There Is No Stock Market, Just a Dump for Central Bank Money

I love it.  A company posts earnings that dropped 9.3% over the quarter, BUT...

the stock jumps 11%.

No, there's no stock market bubble here.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Escaping the Insanity

With the outright stupidity (and the implications of having a feral, mindless, zombie society) I decided to load up the car and head out west.  Within 2 hours of being in the Black Hills, all the strife and anger went away, and I did not see one SJW or frothing aged 40 something feminist at all.  Here is what I saw:

Just remember not to let them or the insanity get you down, and to enjoy the decline.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ivy League Losing Its Luster?

In the end, reality wins.  No matter how rich or connected your parents.

What Cecil the Lion Tells Us About America

Cecil, the famous 13 year old lion, who was shot (which increasingly seems to be) illegally has made the news across the planet.  As more and more facts comes in it looks like the hunter, Walter Palmer, shot him illegally (though whether he did this knowingly is yet to be determined).

When the news broke and when I read the article, it seemed to me that once again the MSM was going to run with this story and the facts be damned.  There were statements made to villainize Dr. Palmer, but nothing confirmed for a fact.

"They lured the lion off of the reservation!" - Is that illegal?
"He paid $50,000 to hunt the lion!!!!" - Don't you usually have to pay a lot of money for safaris?
"You can't shoot a tagged lion!!!" - Really?  How do you know?

There were others, but my interest was piqued when nearly the entire planet decided to post his personal information online and protest at his house, many people making death threats.  And so naturally like any agitating realistic and principled person I went online, made a YouTube video and told people to stop being sheeple and think about how the media is potentially ruining an innocent man's life all to boost ratings.

Teh interwebz were having none of it.

Now, Dr. Palmer wasn't the only one getting death threats, but so was I.  And this of course, bathed in an endless list of brilliant and cogent arguments presented by the YouTube community about me "being a dumbass" or "a stupid fucker" and other arguments of intelligence, thought, and ponderance proving the quality of education the Millennial generation is receiving in college.  But it wasn't the death threats or names that forced me to pull the video (that comes with the territory), it was when they started posting the private data of Dr. Palmer that I now had a legal risk.  And so unfortunately the video had to come down.

Still, we don't need the video to realize a very important and vital lesson about the mental faculties of your average American.  And that lesson is they are no longer capable of logic, reason, empiricism or sanity.  Worse, they're so selfish and narcissistic, they happily put their emotions over principles and the rights of others.  With no proof (at that point in time) that Dr. Palmer was guilty of violating any law people were already threatening to kill him, ruin his career, and ruin his life.  Some were so far gone they said they didn't care about the legality of his kill, they just thought he should be punished for hunting.  And it is this principleless, amoral, mindless mob who put their emotions over, not just an individual's rights, but reality, facts, and truth that not only makes it difficult for the legal system to mete out justice, but is undermining our respective societies today.

The real story is not that poor Cecil was tragically shot.  It's that western civilization, specifically the younger generations, have lost their collective minds and do not have the mental faculties to be adults, let alone adults in the free world.  They are effectively zombies.  And there is no reasoning with them.

Plan accordingly.


Monday, July 27, 2015

Your "Internet Boyfriend" is Not a Real Boyfriend

No, you don't have a "boyfriend in Italy."

The Sanctuary Where Men Fleeing Feminist Churches Have Gone

My latest piece from Return of Kings that, in particular, would interest Christian (and other religious) men who are sick of their religion becoming feminist and leftist.

The "Knowledgesphere."

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Man from UNCLE and Racism

Interviewed by Kerry Lutz this week and we talked about the irony of being called racist for trying to help blacks, plus our anticipation of the new movie "The Man from UNCLE"

Why You Are a Slave for 13 Years

Time for some basic, simple 4th grade math everybody.  The kind of math that debunks even the most complicated and detailed arguments of the left, not to mention, boils things down into very basic, simple, and understandable terms.

Understand that money is nothing more than the physical manifestation of human time.  We, as humans, would like to exchange our time because different humans have different specialties that benefit us in terms and quality and extension of our lives.

I don't know how to farm, but Bob the farmer does.
I don't know how to program, but Bill the programmer does.
And I don't know how to do taxes, but Amy the accountant does.

Sadly, neither Bob, Bill, nor Amy want me to spend my time doing YouTube videos for them all day.  BUT, if I convert my time into a universally accepted medium of exchange (called "money") which they can use to buy and purchase things they DO want, this allows us then to exchange our time.

So somebody pays me for my curse-laden wisdom.  This transforms my time into money, and with this money I buy groceries from Farmer Bob who provides me his time in the form of said groceries.

There is one small minor problem.

Once you convert your time into money, into a physically tangible item, it can be stolen, take, "haircutted" or taxed away from you.  And we all know how thieves and governments (but I repeat myself) love to take your money.

Now, in theory, there IS a difference between a government and a thief.  A thief merely steals your money and provides nothing in return, thus the definition of theft.  But a government TO THE PENNY should be provide you something in return.

What, you ask?

Well, public goods.  Goods that directly benefit you.

Roads, defense, judicial system, laws, regulatory services, libraries, etc.

But there is ANOTHER "small problem."  Democracy.

Since we live in a democracy, other people get to vote on how much the government takes of your time/money and where to spend it on.  And since it is human nature to be immoral, lazy, greedy, and parasitic, the majority will vote to take your money and spend it NOT on public goods that benefit everybody, but them.

This, in it's more literal and linguistic definition can be called "legal theft."  But it goes by the leftist euphemisms of "income transfers" or "wealth redistribution."

However, and let us be very clear and literal about this, this transfer of your time/money to other people with no compensation goes by another name - slavery.

Whether you like to admit it or not, whether you'd like to ignore this fact or not (as it will raise your ire) you are a slave to other people in this country.  No different than the plantation slaves of the confederate South.  No different than the slaves of the Caribbean trade during the 1700's.  No different than the slaves of the Middle East (that academians and history revisionists seem to ignore).  The only difference is that instead of being kept chained and on a plantation, you are tethered by law (which is enforced with jail time and guns), which (ironically) makes for an even more productive slave.  You "think" you're "free" on account nobody is stopping you from going anywhere, but this serves to make you more productive, which generates for income for your slave masters.

Of course not all of your time is confiscated by the government.  If they did that, then why work?  Why not become a modern day slave master who parasites off of the productive and just collect a government check?  But you are a slave to SOME LEVEL and the question is how much?

Thankfully, ole Cappy here has been blessed with SAEG (TM), and can tell you precisely what percent of your life is spent as a slave.

13 years.

The math, again, is quite simple and thus literal and irrefutable.

If you start working at 16 and retire at 65 that is a 49 year work history.  The state, federal, and local governments tax us at a rate around 36% (using government spending as a percentage of GDP).  However, not all of that money goes to public goods that you benefit from.  Truthfully, 75% of it is income transfers to other people, ie- your masters.  So if we take a 49 year work history, multiply it by .36, and multiply that by .75 you see that you spend

13 years

working for other people.

Now I know the leftist argument that is coming.  That this money goes to help "the poor," the "disadvantaged," the "under privileged," and "the children" and every other group of sops the left bribes with your money.  But even if I thought these groups of people were truly disadvantaged and deserved the income transfers, it doesn't change the relational fact that these people are parasitic.  And in them being parasitic, they are by default making you slaves to them for 13 years of your working life.

The point I'm trying to make is not one of whether there should be a safety net or we should spend money on the poor.  It is to clearly identify and explain what is going on - that those who collect a government check are parasitic and should be THANKFUL for those who work extra to bail them out of their stupid ass life decisions support them.  They should be humbled that other people are sacrificing a percentage of their lives (13 years to be precise) so that they are shielded from the consequences of their mistakes.  They should be grateful so many millions of Americans are working damn well near a quarter of their working lives for others.

Alas, because of human nature, the opposite is true.  These parasites are ungrateful, even entitled, demanding more and more, 100% incapable of humility, gratitude, humbleness, and thanks.  All they can see is that those who worked harder and didn't make decisions that required a parasitic existence have "more" than they do and instead of looking into the mirror and accepting responsibility, they merely vote in more.

Many of you ask why I'm such a hard ass or such an "asshole" when it comes to helping out the poor. 

I merely ask you why you aren't.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ahhhh, Socialism

Yeah, you leftists keep championing this shit.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Leftists are Lazy

I'm going to say this again until people get it.

I don't care how many millions of pages of books are written by thousands of political scientists, journalists, or grad students.

If you want to understand leftist politics you need to understand only one thing:

Laziness is the reason for EVERYTHING they do.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

"But the 50's Were Racist!"

It is without debate that the 1940's through the 1960's were America's "golden years" wherein:

Economic growth was nearly double what it is today
Unemployment was half of what it is today
The national debt averaged half of what it is today (relative to GDP)


High school graduates could graduate AND GET JOBS without endebting themselves pursuing worthless degrees.

Life was better.  The economy was better. And the future much brighter.

Of course, since the 50's were largely the pinnacle economic achievement of free markets, those on the left must attack it.  And thus, with the assurance of a ball returning while playing against a wall in one-man tennis, you can reliably predict two common arguments the left will use when trying to tear down those glorious 50's:

    1.  The highest income tax bracket was 91% in the 50's
    2.  The 50's were "raaaaayccccissss"

The first argument is easily debunked because so few people were in the 91% income tax bracket that its leftist-desired wealth redistributive effects were not realized, nor did it really affect the economy.  Additionally, using the REAL tax rate (that would be "spending as a percentage of GDP" for you non-economists out there) shows overall taxation much lower in the Evil Racist 50's than what we have today (25% GDP at state federal and local vs. the 35% we have today, and that includes the Korean War).

But the "But the 50's Were Racist" argument the left uses to chicken-out of this economic debate is particularly obnoxious.  For not only is it 

a non-sequitir
a red herring
intellectually dishonest
and ultimately irrelevant to the economic debate (attempting) to be had,

it's down right tiresome.  Alas, time to take this pathetic canard down.

The first and most obvious flaw with this argument is the fact that IN NO POINT IN TIME in the history of THE ENTIRE WORLD was there "no problems."  ANY point ANYWHERE in history there was always something bad going on.

The roaring 20's?  Untreatable cancer.
The industrial revolution?  Polio.
Roman empire?  Slavery.
The Renaissance?  Cheating spouses.

You might as well respond to the argument that "the 80's was an economic miracle" with "yeah, but the Challenger blew up."

Bad things existing or happening during an booming economy does NOT moot the economic production that occurred during those times, NOR the variables/policies that lead to said booming economy.

Two, (and you need to follow the logic on this VERY CLOSELY and CLEARLY):

In claiming racism is a valid enough reason to debunk and dismiss the economic boom of the 50's, this MUST mean that the left believes racism had a causal relationship (in part) with the economic boom. Otherwise they would be intellectually honest and aim for "the best of both worlds."  They would say, "well, we should look at what economic policies were in place during the 50's AS WELL AS eliminate the racist policies that plagued the day."  However, they don't.  They associate and thus imply that RACISM CAUSED THE ECONOMIC BOOM OF THE 1950's and therefore we cannot implement those policies.

Let that sink in.

I know leftists and socialists won't, but let that sink in your brain.

The left (albeit naively, idiotically, and unconsciously) is claiming RACISM CAUSES ECONOMIC GROWTH.

I don't need charts, data, or empirical evidence.  This is just HIGHLY FLAWED and INSANE logic. Racism is GOOD for the economy???  And that if we wanted to get the economy booming again we should implement RACIST policies???

I know the left does not advocate such a thing, but their unchecked, emotionally driven "logic" does.

Finally, what's worse is it shows just how little the left views minorities (albeit unconsciously).  For this argument to be true - that instituting the economic policies of the 50's would BY NECESSITY bring back "racism" - then minorities would have to have net negative economic NPV's.  ie - they would have to be economic sink holes. Not just that they would "produce nothing of value" but actually DESTROY economic value (on par with an estimated 2% GDP per year).  And the WHOLE REASON for the booming economy in the 1950's was because "whitey" was keeping blacks (and others) out of the economy, because if minorities were allowed in the economy (or treated as equals) then the economy would tank as if minorities were somehow "saboteurs."

Those aren't my words.  Nor (admittedly) are they the conscious words of the left.  But, again, it IS their logic and what they are effectively implying.

The truth is the "But the 50's Were Racist" argument is just another TIRESOME, REPEATED, and COWARDLY tactic of the left where they hide the failure of their economic policies behind an unrelated social issue.  They cannot debate their economic plan of socialism, wealth redistribution and parasitism on

historical, or
empirical grounds,

and thus must take the greatest decade in American economic history and villainize it by tainting it with "racism" (and of course "sexism" as men beat their wives THRICE DAILY and Don Draper banged every secretary in his office in the 50's).

However, foolish as this argument is, there is a STEEP price to pay if Americans turn off their brains and fail to realize the non-sequitur in the left's argument.  In dismissing the 50's economic boom "because racism" we REFUSE to look at a point in all of human history where an economy was NEVER BETTER.  Poverty was decreasing at the fastest rate in human history FOR ALL PEOPLE.  Standards of living were increasing faster than ever.  And if we kept this economic miracle up, we would have had income per capita's of over $100,000 today.

The key
The answer
The solution
To nearly all of our economic and financial problems lay in those decades of America's glory years sans, of course, the racism.

Too bad nobody's courageous enough to study them, highlight them, or advocate bringing them back because a bunch of intellectually dishonest parasites calling themselves democrats might falsely accuse you of being a (GASP!) raaaaayyyyyyycccciiiiiisssss!

And no country with an income per capita in the 6 figures is worth that risk, now is it?

Enjoy that decline.

For Your Late Night Listening Pleasure

You may get his album here.

Defaulting on Debts and Jailing Bankers, Can the Iceland Solution Work for the US?

In this rather lengthy video I review and analyze the Iceland financial crisis of 2008 and explain how their solution to the crisis would and would not work here.  I may then go on a tangent about "what President Cappy" would do...which entails a 52 card deck a la Iraq to hunt down banker scum on crotch rockets totting AR15's.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Thursday, July 16, 2015

College as the Fourth Layer of Government

I find sleep hard to come by.  To aid in this I do many things, one of which is listen to podcasts as I go to bed.  As long as they aren't terribly cerebral or detailed, they usually send me off to slumberland.  But while half awake and about to make the jump last night, it was Bernard Chapin's podcast that jilted me out of my slumber.  The reason why was because he started quoting an article about yet ANOTHER female college student complaining about some sort of injustice or another.

I can't remember even precisely what it was, nor was I able to go back and find the article.  But I do remember my brain kicking in saying,

"WTF?  ANOTHER college drama?  ANOTHER complaint filed about harassment or trigger warnings or what have you?  Why is this happening?  Why can't college students get their act together and just go to school?  Why all the made up drama?"

And then it dawned on me.

I learned over to the bed side table, grabbed my notepad, made a note, and though the brain juices were stirred, I managed to fall back to sleep.

When I woke up this afternoon and looked at my notepad the note read "College is the 4 Layer of Government."  And I realized, despite being half awake, this epiphany was dead on.  For not only is it true, it also explains why we can't go one day without some sort of "news article" about some petulant little child filing some complaint in the world of Academia.

Understand the current three layers of government exist for one logical reason or another.

Federal handles all things national and international.  Defense, roads, trade policy, etc.
States handle regional issues, roads, national guard, interstate commerce, etc.
And local handles issues closest to home.  Schools, parking regulations, police, fire department, etc.

And between these three layers of government the US people have ENOUGH (if not more than enough) governance to make sure society works.  However, whereas governments typical form out of a requirement by the people to either regulate, legislate, or provide a certain public service, additional layers of government may evolve simply because an organization has enough power or is put in an effective position of power over a large enough group of people.

For example, most people really don't have the freedom of speech in the US.  The reason why is that employers act as a defacto 4th layer of government.

You can't make politically incorrect posts on facebook.
You can't participate in politics publicly, lest you be fired by Mozilla.
What's your Twitter password?
Pee in this cup.
Were you out late last night?  You look tired at this morning's meeting.
You can't date at work.
And (my all time favorite "law" one of my employers told me) you can't teach dance class.

And the reason employers can get away with this is because they have power over you in the form of employment.  You need their money to survive.

However, a new and even more Orwellian fourth layer of government has formed and that is colleges or "Academia."  But whereas the power of employers come from the fact you need a job, Academia's power comes from the fact you need a degree to even get a job! (or so they say).  Ergo, entire futures of young people's careers are literally balanced in the hands (and whims) of the unelected officials of Academia.

And who are these unelected officials?

Professors, administrators, diversity officers, and other worthless academic bureaucrats who most certainly, if not entirely, hail from the left.

This has resulted in a defacto tyrannical government forcing their own leftist, socialist, feminist, and anti-white anti-male ideology on the unfortunate and unsuspecting student-citizens of Academiaville.

No longer can "Bill" just show up, get his degree in engineering and go on to work for Boeing.  No he needs "diversity training" before he can graduate.

No longer can "Amy" just show up, get her degree in accounting, and go work for Peat Marwick.  No, she needs to have 20 credit hours in "Corporate Social Responsibility" before she gets her degree.

And no longer can "Bob" just show up to class, flirt with "Jessica" (who he had the hots for on the first day of class) and nail her a month later after a couple dates.  No, Bob needs to worry NOT ABOUT THE COPS, but about how the City Council of Academiaville have revised the definition of the word "rape" to mean "regret."

You combine this all together and you get nothing short of a propagandizing, tyrannical, leftist, Soviet, Orwellian nightmare.  And Mr. Chapin's recent podcast was just one example of the many instances of this hell young people must endure.

The Duke lacrosse team was a perfect example where the fourth layer of government didn't care about police reports, facts, or justice.  They (frankly) hated white males and used their effective government power to punish them for, well, being white males.

The fraternities of UVA were shut down by this fourth layer of government because Rolling Stone magazine wrote a story about a rape that was found out later to be false.  Again, facts, police reports, forensics, and reality be damned.  The leftist, feminist ideology of UVA's City Council was the effective law of the land there and they don't like fraternities.  Shut them down!

How about Mattress girl at the Soviet Socialist Republic of Columbia University?  Again, a provably false rape accusation where the unelected officials of Columbia university made the life of Jean-Paul Nungesser not only hell, but made it very likely he'd never have a career.  It wasn't until Mr. Nungesser provided proof (in the form of texts) that the sex was consensual and that Mattress Girl (and Columbia University) was proven wrong.  (He is now suing Columbia University, good for him.)

And how can we forget when they turn on their own?  Laura Kipnis, a feminist studies hack professor enjoyed the experience some lampreys enjoy when other lampreys attack their own.  After writing an article decrying the "sexual paranoia" she witnessed on college campuses two complaints were filed by (you guessed it) two lampreys feminist college students against her.  After circus court ordeal where college administrators wouldn't even tell her what the complaint was about, she was exonerated.

But what makes the drama in college campuses today so frequent and "news worthy" (not to mention laughable) is not so much the Orwellian nature of leftist college administrators as much as it is their own success.  Through nearly three generations of leftist brainwashing in both K-12 and media, the (predominantly) aged, baby boomer leftists of the 60's who run Academiaville are now reaping what they sowed.  Thus, their problem students are not the "evil" "Straight Laced White Boy McGee" who comes in, wants to major in Actuarial Studies (who they desperately wanted to punish because of whitey-malelyness).  It's the professional victim-monsters they've created that are now the citizenry of their domain.  And they couldn't deserve these little self-created Frankenstein monsters more.

19 year old spoiled brat children from the suburbs who have NEVER been held to a standard and have ALWAYS been told they were right filing complaints against professors.

18 year old adult children who have NO real world experience, but have been brainwashed to believe because they champion the politically correct approved crusades and causes, they are "smart" and know better.

And particularly delicious is the egomaniac hordes of young American female students who have been led to believe that not only are they great, but are automatically victims, constantly under assail and assault, because they have a vagina.  And that if things don't go their way, by god, they need to file a report and get people fired.

The result is a circus that belies not only the true intent of these academian leftist ideologues, but shows us what a leftist utopia looks like and the ultimate insanity that would ensue.

Trigger warnings
"Safe rooms"
False rape hysteria
Worthless college graduates with worthless college degrees
Financial ignoramouses who VEHEMENTLY defend wasting $200,000 on said worthless degrees
Fat acceptance
Tuition increases at 8x's the rate of inflation and 5x's the rate of wage increases

and ultimately

an entire generation of adult children who are not only completely useless and valueless to the rest of society, but are LIABILITIES NOBODY will want to have anything to do with.

The solution, of course, is two fold.

One, you do not have to live in "Academiaville."  You can attend conservative colleges like Hillsdale which do NOT have the totalitarian, leftist insanity.  You can focus on your studies and side step all the leftist indoctrination that is falsely posing as your "pre-requisite" classes to ensure you're a "well rounded person."  Plus girls at Hillsdale will unlikely accuse you of rape if you kiss them on the cheek goodnight.

Two, that internet is coming.  Already the IT industry (rightly) places more value on certifications and experience than it does that increasingly worthless piece of paper.  Additionally, with places like ASU offering accredited degrees online in conjunction with the likes of Khan's Academy and CourseX, the MOOQ's will be replacing college campuses for a fraction of the cost, and NONE of the insanity.  The only thing stopping it is getting American employers to realize it.

And truth be told, the Ole Captain has a little trick up his sleeve that might just make that happen sooner than you think.

But that is another story for another time.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Absolute "Must" Economic Lessons to Pull from Paul Krugman and Greece

Language warning, but seriously, this is something to watch if you are trying to understand the economics of the Greek debt crisis...not to mention how the minds of "leftist economists" work...or don't.

Picking on Greeks Will Be the New Racism

I predict (as leftists are predictable) that they will claim picking on Greece and Greeks is "racist."  They will do this because it will divert and deflect all legitimate attacks against this nation's parasitism into one of "you hate Greeks," further hiding their ideology's spectacular economic failure (socialism) and allowing them to keep their pride (no matter how mentally-acrobaticy they had to be to have any pride in parasitism). 

This now presents all self-respecting westerners the opportunity to nip this in the bud and prevent the left from creating another entire new "victim class."  Thus we have an option.  We can say,

"No, no, this is NOT racism.  We are justifiably picking on a stupid and idiotic people who voted in the world's most evil and worst political party, not to mention shaming deadbeats and parasites who simply refuse to pay back what they borrowed.  You will not turn this into a debate about race, which it isn't, as we have the self-respect to refuse to be hosts to another group of parasites."

Or we can fall for the ruse, abandon the argument against Greek socialist theft, and rush to

and plead for forgiveness

because we were accused of "racism."

Of course, I don't have a lot of faith in our guilt-laden-brainwashed westerners to grow a spine and tell the left to shove it when this accusation comes.  But in the meantime, here are some jokes that were originally Latvian in origin, that now apply to Greece.  Enjoy!

Why Whites Are Cowards When It Comes to Talking Race

"An accusation of racism is like an accusation of rape.  Even if it isn't true, it can ruin your career."

(Language warning)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

NASCAR is Next

Look closely at the first pic.

Why Women Make Less Than Men

Thanks to a VERY deep undercover agent in the field (in academia!), I think I have found the perfect, singular and AUTHORITATIVE source to point young women to when they claim there's a wage gap, women earn less than men, glass ceiling, etc. etc. etc.


It's a PDF file, but in short it is a 182 page paper on earnings potentials for different degrees.  You needed read the entire document (obvious) as much as just peruse the charts in the first few pages.  It's DAMNING as to just how clear it is that women simply choose:

More popular and thus
More supplied/flooded majors

which (if they ever bothered to pay attention to economics 101, but "math hard") explains not only the wage gap, BUT PROVIDES THE THE KEY IF THEY WISH TO CLOSE IT! (but again, I know, I know, "math hard")

Anyway, book mark this page and merely link to it anytime you get into this tiresome and obsolete argument that there's a wage gap.

Why It Could Very Well Be President Bernie Sanders

Like any good economist admits he cannot predict what will happen to the economy, I also admit I cannot predict politics.  However, my spidey senses are tingling and sadly I have to admit that if I were to put my money on any one of the current candidates it would be...

Bernie Sanders.

Oh laugh as you might.  I know he is a bona fide socialist and endorses policies that are even "too left" for most leftists, but hear the ole Captain out.

First, I cannot see why nobody else (at least to my knowledge) has pointed out the more-than-one parallels between Mr. Sanders and Mr. Obama.  I say this not to be hyperbolic or because I hate Mr. Obama, but simply because it's true-

They're both socialists.

Sure Mr. Obama ran and presented himself as more of a "lefty independent," but his actions, words, and deeds in office (and his entire political career if you cared to study it instead of listening to his pablum speeches) is that of a socialist. 

Tax the rich
Spend more money on the poor
Socialized medicine
His hatred for private property
His hatred for Western Civilization
Not to mention all of his affirmative action efforts to advance minorities and women at the expense of whites and males, which gives his version of socialism a particular racial and sexual flavor.

You combine that all together and you have a socialist who is no different in action, policy or voting that Bernie Sanders.

Ergo, so what if Bernie Sanders is a socialist?  Our president is one too.

Two,  socialism is no longer a four letter word.  The Millennial generation proved that beyond a doubt in 2012.  And so we must tip our hat to the long-LONG term strategy of the left to slowly but surely brainwash a generation through the schools into thinking that something like socialism is a "good thing."  Ergo, while you, me, and our Baby Boomer counterparts either grew up in the 80's (knowing socialism was evil) or grew up in the 60's (only to have the Volcker Recession kick your ass into adult economic reality) and know the evils and drawbacks of socialism, the Millennials don't.  They're SO brainwashed, they can't even put it together and realize that is was socialists (in the form of their teachers, professors, and leftist politicians) who have completely screwed them over in terms of

tuition/student debt/worthless degrees
a lousy economy/labor market


that whole minor social security/medicare thing

Ergo, just as the Millennial idiots voted against their own best interests in 2012 (and 2008) they will most certain vote again to shoot themselves in the foot come 2016.  And Bernie Sanders is the most qualified candidate to help them do that.

Three, brainwashing and politics aside, the real reason I believe Bernie Sanders will win is (once again) something similar to why Obama won the nomination in 2008 - he's not an insider.

Well, yes, of course Mr. Sanders IS an insider.  The loser is the epitome of career politician never working a real job in his life and immediately going into politics in his mid 20's.  BUT the fact he runs as a socialist means he has something nearly no other politician has - honesty.  And it is this honesty that effectively makes him an outsider and not part of the "established political class."

Consequently, because he's honest and forthright about his politics he at least STANDS FOR SOMETHING.

Something I disagree with wholeheartedly
Something that will continue and accelerate our decline.
Something I would thoroughly enjoy watching being implemented as it would just destroy the Millennial generation and the baby boomer retirements that heavily rely on them.

But at least something more than the self-serving pablum that is spewed from the mouths of Obama and Clinton. 

And it is this, combined with the aforementioned traits of Mr. Sanders, that I believe he will get the nomination and win.

If Sanders is nominated the democrat party will be presenting PRECISELY what about 60-70% of the population wants.

1.  A (reasonably) HONEST politician who
3.  That "something" is more free money at the expense of the "privileged class."

With such a candidate you'll win about 80-90% of Millennials, 80% of women, 90% of minorities, and 50% of men 30+, making it impossible for the republicans and whatever spineless, ball-less, SWPL establishment putz they decide to throw at the wall and hopes sticks.

Of course, the republicans could nominate their own equivalent of Bernie Sanders.  An individual who speaks his mind.  A individual who is honest.  And an individual who isn't establishment republican.  But republicans are already too busy shooting themselves in the foot and dumping Trump.

Alas, don't worry fellow conservatives and libertarians. The republicans will, as they always do, f*ck it up.  They'll pick a nerdy SWPL square that has no spirit or character.  A boring, connected establishment patriarch who's not the best candidate but "whose turn it is."  And a sheepish individual who cannot handle the media and DARE doesn't get dirty and fight back.

So pour yourself a drink,
Make plans to vote with your feet
Participate in capital flight
And enjoy the decline.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Helping Out Blacks is Now "Racist"

To give you the short background on the story.  Mumia of Obsidian Radio did a two part episode (part 1  part 2) on my book and whether it was racist or not.  Specifically, he read the complaint of a reader "Vector 313" that claimed The Black Man's Guide Out of Poverty was racist and that the Manosphere was eschewing black men.  Naturally, I disagreed, but sadly Vector 313's views are not uncommon.  Many (though I estimate only 40% based on book reviews thus far) of black men will view a book that is SPECIFICALLY and PURPOSELY designed to help them as "racist."  Because of this (and wanting to thank Mumia for covering this topic) I have put together a much needed response that points out the INSANITY (not to mention bigotry) of refusing help simply because of the race of the person it comes from.  I sincerely hope it reaches the ears of Vector 313, changes his mind, as well as any black man who agrees with him.
"Hello Mumia,

I was humbled to find out my book (The Black Man’s Guide Outof Poverty), and the issue of whether I was a racist or not were topics for two episodes of Obsidian Radio.  Obviously, because of the efforts I put into writing the Black Man’s Guide Out of Poverty as well as that whole minor thing of being called a racist, I wanted to defend myself against your listener Vector 313 (and those who may agree with him).

In short, I need Vector 313 and everybody who agrees with him (that I am a racist for writing this book) to, step back, clear your minds, and ask themselves a very simple question:

“A guy wrote a book titled



Do you hear yourselves?

This wasn’t

“How to Make the Black Man Down.”


“How to Keep the Black Man in Poverty.”


“The Black Man’s Guide OUT of Poverty.”

You are accusing an individual, who wrote a book that is intended to help black men, which is the antithesis of racist, a racist.

Another minor complaint I noticed from Mr. Vector 313 was that the Manosphere does not care or is not for black men.  That it’s largely a white boys’ club and black men are neither welcome nor allowed.

But when one of the more prominent members of The Manosphere (that would be me) takes the time to combine his expertise in economic and finance, with the consultation and advice from man young black men, to author a how to manual with the express purpose of helping young black men lead a better life than he did, just because the author is white, THAT DOESN’T COUNT????

What more was Mr. Vector 313 looking for?  Perhaps a donation of 5 pints of blood and a kidney?

Here is the sad truth.  I can’t argue with the Vector 313’s of the world because they’re insane.  They have racism on the brain.   They are trained to see racism, even when there is a genuine and sincere offer to help, a genuine and sincere olive branch of comradery, a genuine and sincere attempt to help a fellow man.  And while I’d like to say that Vector 313 is in a small minority, unfortunately if I use book reviews as a proxy, nearly 40% of black men view a book that is designed to HELP THEM, as racist simply because it was written by a white guy.

Of course, I predicted this, but it still doesn’t make it any less pitiful and sad.  40% of the black population is going to reject help simply because it comes from a white guy (which, by the way, IS the epitome of racism).  But that’s fine.  Because while 40% may continue on the ways of the past, doomed to repeat it, and ignore potentially successful ways to enrich themselves and escape poverty, 60% won’t.  60% are at least open-minded enough to “give anything a try.”  60% are thankful that a (GASP!) white guy took the time to write a book specifically for them.  60% are going to read it, and 60% of them are going to improve their finances, not to mention their mental health, romantic health, family lives, and racial relations with other races.
So to the Mr. Vector 313’s of the world, who are very offended and are (predictably) used to guilty, SWPL, white people rushing to grovel, beg, apologize and ask “what they did to offend you?”

Fuck off. 

Obviously, being nice, sincere, and giving two shits about you doesn’t work with you.  Trying to help only results in an accusation of racism (because you disagree with the message) which is not only unjust, but insulting.  So fuck off.  Don’t want help?  Fine.  Nobody's forcing you to read the book.  You hack away at life using that same ole same ole “wisdom” that has FAILED to close the

Employment and
Life expectancy

gaps in the past 60 years. 

Keep thinking doing the same thing over and over again will result in different results. 

And keep viewing the world through racist glasses that makes you so ignorant you refuse help just because its origins are white.

Because as I’ve said before “It ain’t my life you’re ruining.  It’s yours.”

Ergo, I kindly and humbly ask you to reconsider, reread the book IN ITS ENTIRETY, and at least permit yourself the right to entertain ideas you may find disagreeable ESPECIALLY if they are designed and intended to help you.


Aaron Clarey

Friday, July 10, 2015

Don't Blame "Capitalism" for China's Collapse

And don't blame it for our own collapse either:

Self Employ or Die

I'll say it again,

Trust no one but yourself.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Read a Book, Read a Book, Read a Mother Fucking Book

Hey, I got a book in mind!

Understanding Ownership

On a run around one of my favorite routes, I ended up listening to a podcast from Bernard Chapin.  Uncie Bern had wandered into the discussion of whether the Nazi's were indeed socialist (which by most mathematical, economic, and political measurements were).  While one would think with the full name "The National Socialist German Workers Party" would leave little doubt, Hitler was a such a bad man that the left desperately has (and still needs to) paint him as a right winger (while still have heart palpitations for Mao, Stalin, and Che).  This has resulted in a painfully childish debate of semantics about who owned what, were the means of production owned by the state, did the state tell the corporations what to do, were they "corporatist," blabbity blah blah freaking blah.

Alas, I believe it is high time to do away with semantics and discuss precisely what is "ownership" so that before we all get caught up in the minutiae and technicalities of ideologue-infested debate, we can let you, the individual, think for yourself as to whether or not the Nazi's were indeed socialist (not to mention, be able to identify who is and is not an advocate of socialism).

First, one must ask "why do we own any assets" in the first place?

Is it pride?  Is it power?  Is it consumption?

It can be all of those things, but we have to delineate between a consumable good/asset and an investable asset.

A consumable good (or asset) is precisely that.  It can be consumed. 

An apple.
A bottle of scotch.
A movie.
A video game.
A car.

All of these things, sometimes immediately, some times over the course of years, are inevitably used up or "consumed" by the "consumer" and no longer serve any purpose or value.  They feed a person, comfort a person, make life convenient for a person, but in the end they are consumed.

Contrast that with an investable asset, where that asset is not to be consumed (like a Milky Way bar) but rather employed in a process or business to generate INCOME aka PROFIT aka EARNINGS. 

The computer you use to run your company.
The factory used to build widgets.
Even the trucks (which can also be considered a consumable asset) is considered an investable asset as long as it is used in such a capacity.

These assets are used to generate further earnings by which you can live off of and thus are considered "investments."  Alas, "assets" in this particular economic sense of the word typically imply there is some income generating potential of those assets and are what are traditionally referred to by communists as the "means of production."

Now what the left and communists will do to "prove" the Nazi's were not socialist is point to the fact that under socialism it is the state the owns the means of production while under capitalism it is the private sector or individual who owns the means of production.  And since the Nazi state did NOT own Germany's corporations, but rather said corporations were still in private hands, the Nazi's=Capitalists=Ronald Reagan=White Males=Kill Them All.

However, like most arguments of the left, they are disingenuous, deceiving, and intellectually dishonest. 

The reason why is that while "officially" under Nazi Germany corporations were largely in private hands, the state still effectively told them what to do, what to produce, and how much of it.  So sure, the deed to the plant had "Hans Fricktenstein" on it, and the deed to the factory had "Heinrich Gorsternstoppen" on it, but it was only in name.  The Nazi state controlled it, not the individual "owner," rendering "official ownership" moot.

Of course, faux leftist intellectuals and libertarian conspiracy theorists will then pull out the term "corporatist." The leftists do this to throw you off track, while libertarian conspiracy theorists do this so they can use 50 cent words to fake intelligence.  But whatever name they call it, it's still the STATE that effectively controls and owns the factors of production.  Merely slapping "corporatist" on it does not change it's economic nature.

However, thinly veiled and politically-incentived semantics aside, there is a more compelling, fundamental economic reason that ultimately governs what precisely is "socialist" vs. what precisely is "capitalist."  And it is not whose name is officially on the deed, nor even who effectively "controls" the assets.

It's who owns the profits of these investable assets.

You see, the ONLY reason people go into business is because they want to make a profit.  It's very cute and funny how naive college students, as well as their older (yet pathetically not wiser) professor counterparts think "profit" is some how evil or unnecessary.  When in reality NOT ONE THING in ANY economy would ever have been produced without the prospect for profit.  You go to work because you intend to earn more than the gas and car maintenance you expend working there.  I write posts and books because I intend to make money on them.  And Warren Buffett gives up his money when buying companies not for S's and G's, but because he wants the profits of the companies he's buying.  Thus, the real reason for assets even to be considered "investments" or "means of production" (and thus, sough after) is because of the profits they MAY potentially generate.

Alas, ownership is not determined by the deed, nor even the dictates of what is to be produced by the state, but who receives the profits.

At first, leftists and other ignorants of society will rush to point out "who receives the profits."  The evil rich people.  The illuminati.  The bilderberg groups.  "Big Oil."  "Big Pharma."  But there is ONE entity that that is a bigger shareholder than all the interconnected, multinational corporations and hedge funds combined.

The state.

You see, with a 36% federal corporate tax rate, combined with a ever so roughly 4% state tax rate, the rough average corporate tax rate is 40%.  This means your state and federal government combined are the single largest shareholder of US corporations. 

They did nothing to earn that money. 
The states nor the federal government risked their own money in purchasing any investable asset.
Even Barack Obama didn't build that.

They merely through law declared that they are the default owner of 40% of all US corporations.

Throw in dividend taxes and the statutory rate is 50% (arguments of effective rate duly noted). 

Ergo, the economic REALITY is that the United States is not an "evil greedy capitalist" nation like the left would have you believe, but a half owned, state entity where the government is the defacto 50% owner of all US corporations.

Now, of course it is not only corporations and companies that produce all the economic production in the nation.  There are individuals, small businesses (who are not in the 50% tax range), and (as many leftists are no doubt spewing vehemently) just because the STATED tax rate is 50%, doesn't mean corporations pay that rate (the EFFECTIVE rate, sans dividends, is closer to 32%).

But we all know that the government taxes these entities as well.  We have sales tax, property tax, personal income tax, gas tax, nearly everything is taxed.  So it is ALL forms of profit that are taxed one way or another.

So how do we measure this, and thus define, whether a particular government or political party is "socialist" or not?

Government spending as a percent of GDP.

I've hit this one on the head before, but not from the angle that taxation is nothing more than a percent ownership in private ventures.  And while you may "own" your house, or may "own" your corporation, or may "own" your stocks, you only own the percentage that the government does not tax away.

What is that percentage in the US?

Well, it depends on the state, but on average 40%. 

When you combine state, federal, and local spending, the cumulative "state" is a default 40% shareholder in all American economic activity.  This is certainly not the totalitarian Soviet Union or today's North Korea, but it is also NOT the "evil, heartless, capitalist" nation the left successfully dupes the perennial idiots of our country into thinking it is paints it to be. 

The larger point is not that the US is "40%" socialist.  Nor that a "communism-socialism-capitalism-anarchy" spectrum more aptly describes today's economies (although it does).  The key is to understand that it is ownership of PROFITS that determines the true ownership of the assets.  And that any debate that ignores this should be relegated to the societal garbage bin where it belongs - academia.

Now, just ask yourself this question.

What does a 40% socialist state say about who owns you and your life?

That is for another post at another time.

Episode #100 of The Clarey Podcast

The Racist Running Game
"Senior Frogs"
Old dudes who can kick your ass
How mansions are works of art and not homes to live in
Greece, Cosby, and the idiot who killed himself with a firework
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And fan mail


in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

(Just to let you know it has to download the MP3 first and then play as my hosting service decided to "change" things because we all know "change" is always better)

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Economics 101 Quiz

OK, lieutenants, economists, and agents in the field.  What's wrong with this picture?


Federal Reserve: "Student Aid/Loans Cause Tuition Inflation"

To which I say, "No shit Sherlock!" (language warning)

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Tuesday "I Lost My Boxer Shorts" Linkage

Interesting "4th of July" dates in American history.

The Fourth Power.

DT of DT and The Man decides to join the ole "Let's Repair Our Livers Bandwagon" in this episode of The Black Brigade Debrief.

I love the chart at the bottom.

Why do you run everyday?
So I can do it tomorrow (links to a lengthy video that you may want to have time to view)

Well, so much for Cos.  Now that we have evidence you can form your opinions.

Ahhh diversity.

My son was stupid.  Make a law!

I get a shout out by Mr. Cotto! 

The three types of dads.  Which one are you?

Higher Priced Weddings Correlate with Increased Divorce Rates

As do pricier engagement rings.

In short, if you blow more than $20,000 on a wedding, your chances for divorce go up 350%.

Still trying to find a study that shows the correlation coefficient (not to mention a study about the rate of divorce amongst women who insist on hyphenating their names, though I've heard studies have been squashed on that topic).

Monday, July 06, 2015

Germany, Not Greece Should Leave the Euro

I had faced a problem.

The new laptop I got SPECIFICALLY for being able to conduct business whilst adventuring was not recognizing the videos from the sim card I used with my camcorder.  This was quite problematic as the majority of my consulting division's business is via video and not e-mail. I then started calculating how many hours it would take to trouble shoot this problem (do I download a codec, how long is it going to take to find the answer on google, what if nobody has had this problem before), until it dawned on me that the solution was NOT to somehow force my current system to work, but to simply use the built in camcorder that came with my new laptop. 

Another instance, I was at a swing dance joint.  I was feeling pretty good about myself, dapperly dressed in a suit fresh from my banking gig, and with no commitments for the weekend, was quite sure I'd land a couple phone numbers, perhaps even a girl back at my home that evening.  However, there were very few attractive women at the club and those that were, were very stingy with the dancing.  Even those that said yes were a bit standoffish.  At first I thought maybe it was my approach or I had bad breath or something to do with me.  But then I realized it may just be the joint and not me.  I soon left to go salsa dancing and met a Russian ballet dancer (which is another story for another time).

I could go on, but there have been instances in my life where the solution is NOT the one you think you should be looking for, but one where you need to step back, take off the horse blinders, look at the problem from a wider scope and realize there is usually a much simpler, better, efficient, and cheaper solution.

And thus is the case with the current soap opera surrounding Greece.

Recently Greece voted to reject austerity measures that were insisted upon by the EU in order to continue to have the right to suck the blood out of hard working Europeans receive a bail out and further financial assistance.  However, polls also showed 74% of Greeks wanted to remain in the Euro so they can continue to parasite off of other countries for reasons that are not too clear and ironic.

Naturally, the balless EU and its largely pansified, socialist member nations didn't dare play hardball, delivering rightly-due punishment to the communist Greek government.  They instead said the door "still remained open for negotiations" which will continue to go forever and ultimately be like collecting on a mortgage of a $30,000-naire "Dudebro" and "Ditzytrophywife" American couple who bought a McMansion in 2006 on an adjustable ARM with their "part time sales" and "hair stylist" jobs.

So what is the solution my fine aspiring, young, deputy economists?

Is it to kick the can down the road again (and again, and again ^n x infinity?)
Is it to kick Greece out of the EU, forcing it to print off quintillion of "drachmas" and have the idiot bankers who lent them the money bite the bullet?
Should you send in tanks as would have been the norm back in 1800's?

How about something much simpler?

How about Germany leaves the EU?

While everybody is focusing on the screaming spoiled brat child in Europe, throwing its temper tantrums (that would be "Greece" if you didn't know), nobody is focusing on the one sole adult in the room, and that would be Germany.  Germany, by nearly all measures is a superior, more responsible, more productive, and more intelligent country when it comes to economics than Greece is.  It has only ran a deficit of 2% GDP the past 15 years (while recently balancing it) while Greece has ran a deficit averaging around 10% (halving it to "only" 5% today).  Germany's labor force participation rate is (a still laughable) 60.3% today, while Greece barely has half it's able bodied people LOOKING for work (52%).  And Germany's government spends (again "only") 44% GDP while Greece's spends 59% (while still screaming bloody murder over the "draconian" calls for austerity). 

We could go on, but you get the point.  You can look at nearly every economic measure at the OECD comparing Germany against Greece and see that one country is a reliable, responsible, productive adult and the other is a petulant little spoiled child.

However, there's another interesting thing about Germany.

Germany, is the ONLY adult in this daycare center euphemistically called the EU.  Again, Greece is merely the loudest child, but if you look at the finances of nearly every other EU member, they're no better than Greece.  France, Italy, Portugal, you name it.  They all have debts approaching the point of being unpayable and populations that are just as delusional and just as entitled as their Greek siblings.  And what this ultimately means is that the only real net-economic producer in this Euro-zone is Germany, making it the host to all the other parasite nations.

Alas, the solution is clear.

We can focus all the attention and negotiations and can-kicking and bail outs on Greece all we want.  But Greece is merely one of many more countries that will be going through the same thing.  It would be much easier for the EU's sole economic producer to abandon it's position of "host to the parasites," and let a Germanyless EU suffer its own fate.  Germany could start the printing presses tomorrow, re-releasing the Deutschmark and at a rate I'd say around 2 Euros to 1 DM.  There'd be international demand for it, and given German speed, intelligence and efficiency, they would lose at MOST 1% of GDP making the adjustment (which would save them the roughly 3-5% GDP the Greeks have been leeching off of them via bailouts).

But most importantly of all,

We Americans would no longer have to listen to this BS, soap opera drama where you European idiots ACTUALLY LENT MONEY to a socialist nation and thought they'd pay you back.

We can get on to much more important things like talking about Bruce Jenner or the Kardashians.

As they say "Auf Deutsch"

"Genie├čen Sie den Niedergang!"

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Adam Kotsko - Why White Professors Sometimes Hate White People

Add Adam Kotsko to the growing list of professors (both white and non-white) who are blaming white males for all of the world's problems.  Their solutions range from demanding reparations (from people who had nothing to do with any of the world's past grievances) to calling for white males to kill themselves.  Of course Mr. Kotsko claims his demand white males commit suicide was a "joke," (and I'll let you be the judge of that), but it is clear that Mr. Kotsko is for effectively enslaving innocent white males for past transgressions (both real and made up) that they had nothing to do with.

In short, Mr. Kotsko hates white males...ironically, of which he is one.

Is Mr. Kotsko a worthless degreed academian with no real world experience?

Did he major in a worthless subject ensuring he never works a real job and only anti-male, anti-white, leftist authoritarian 4th tier degree mills will hire him?

Is this just another crusaderer leftist who is too lazy to work a real job and is just biding what little remains of his pointless, worthless life on this planet acting like he's morally superior to others?

But while this type of behavior is entirely predictable and expected among non-white racist professors, why are there white professors that seemingly hate themselves, even calling for their own race's enslavement or even suicide?

Well, strap yourselves in there fine lieutenants, economists and agents in the field, and pour yourself a hefty drink.  For the ole Captain is going to explain it to you.

A while ago I knew this guy called "Bob."  Bob had mommy and daddy pay for his masters in computer engineering and thusly never knew poverty, strife or what it took to make society work.  He was spoiled and consequently lived on the "top decks of the Titanic" never seeing the dirty, sweaty engine room below that made his luxurious life so possible.  Because he was never where the rubber hit the road in society, he was a staunch leftist.  He believed that taxes should be raised, George Bush was evil, blah blah blah.  However, when I asked him,

"What's it like forking over 50% of your income to people who don't work for a living?"

as he made well into the 6 figures he said,

"I prefer to pay them so they don't riot or revolt."

And that was the god's honest truth.

Go back considerably further in time and there's another similar example - danegeld.

"Danegeld" was simply money paid to the vikings in viking times so that they wouldn't raid northern mainland Europe.  It was "protection money," nothing more, nothing less, to protect then Holland, Belgium, Normandy, and Denmark from viking raiders.  And just like that wimp my old colleague "Bob," they'd rather effectively submit themselves to slavery than fight the parasites that were attempting to live off of them.

Now while the two aforementioned examples may not have any obvious link to Mr. Kotsko's hatred for the white race, there are some similarities and a shared seed between the two that explain why the likes of Mr. Kotsko call for/hate on their own race.  And that commonality is laziness.

I will say it again for the cheap seats.

All socialism and leftists are is lazy.

The ENTIRE doctrine of socialism, communism, liberalism, feminism and leftism can be summed up in one word - lazy.

They simply do not want to work and if given the choice between self-supportation or parasitism, they will choose parasitism.  This is why the vast majority of leftists are in academia, government, non-profits, or just on the government dole AND is also why the majority of their efforts are merely concocting reasons and lies as to why they are entitled to other people's work.

They are




And Mr. Kotsko (and the increasing number of - surprise surprise - leftist worthless liberal arts academians) are no exception.

However, laziness presents a problem for people who are defined by it and live by it.

It's hard to survive with that mentality.

Again, the majority of leftists' work is simply rationalizing and coming up with reasons you're entitled to other people's time in the form of money.  It is rationalizing slavery.  It is rationalizing their parasitism.

This is all well and good when there's a healthy host full of a lot of blood you care to leech off of.  But what if there isn't?  What if the host is dying or dead?  What if the host just plain doesn't have any more blood to give?  Or the host is under threat of being taken over and replaced with a new entity?

And this is where the laziness is combined with cowardice on the part of the left.

It is my humble opinion that these leftists professors' survivalist instincts are kicking in.   And because they are soooooo steeped in viewing the world through academically induce racial goggles, they see their own race "demographicing out," and non-white demographicing in.  By 2047 whites are expected to NOT account for half the population, and given the political movement to criminalize whites, blame whites for all problems, and use them as the scapegoat, these cowardly professors see the OWN WRITING on the wall and will gladly throw away any self respect they have, as long as they're on the "winning side."  This will hopefully "curry favor" with their new "overlords" and since they will have a track record of calling for the suicide of whites (and sometimes males) in their sad pathetic minds, their sad, pathetic, parasitic lives will be "spared."

There is however one problem.

In not even having the slightest bit of self-respect, and being so lazy you'll "submit" yourself to a new "tyrant," what kind of life will you live?  I mean, I know being a liberal arts profession at a worthless school in an industry that is bursting like the Dotcom bubble must suck.  But I cannot help but conclude your life will be like "The Toadie" from Mad Max 2.

Who is "The Toadie?"

Well, this guy who tries to catch the boomerang:

It doesn't matter how degrading the environment or his/her position in life is, leftists are so lazy they will accept ANY POSITION, as long as it avoids real work.  The Toadie is a weakling.  The Toadie doesn't care to work out.  The Toadie does not care to become a road warrior.  But that's OK.  Even if The Toadie's fingers get cut off and he is the butt end of all jokes, perhaps even Lord Humongous' bitch, it beats having to work a real job.  And that ultimately means having no self-respect, valuing yourself at 0, to the point you'd call for the suicide of your own kind.

The truth is this really has nothing to do with race.  This is 100% psychology, psychopathy, cowardice, and self-loathing.  These professors, who by their own "profession," are unconsciously admitting they do not care to be real men and women in this society, are the true and genuine fools in this world.  They are the weaklings that would rather enslave themselves by paying danegeld to perceived-future vikings than lifting weights, taking up arms, and training to fight them off.  They are the modern day incarnations of "Bob" who would rather bribe the parasitic masses than refuse them, fight them, or face them.  And sadly, they are the true racists for deep down inside they believe their own leftist, hate-filled propaganda that there's some knid of race war brewing or (more idiotically) "whites should commit suicide" when in reality most minorities and whites get along just fine and we'd miss some friendships and loved ones if half the population just up and killed itself.

So do yourself a favor.

Don't pay the danegeld.
Don't pay the protection money.
Don't be an Uncle Ruckus.
And don't suffer from "The Toadie Syndrome."

Friday, July 03, 2015

Self Employ or Die

It is now approaching 8 years that the country suffered the 2007 financial crisis and has since been stuck in the slow-growth doldrums of Keynesian mediocracy and "new normalcy."  Despite trillions in stimulus spending and QE monies, the (largely) left's attempts to spur economic growth have failed.  During Obama's administration GDP has grown around a paltry 1.8% per year, unemployment (if you believe the official figures) is just now below a recessionary 6%, and labor force participation has dropped to its worst measure since the last worst recession (The Volcker Recession).

However, while the macro-economic picture is bad, it doesn't tell half the story for younger people.  And that story is a horrible one.

Unemployment for youth is double that of the national average.  Labor force participation hasn't be this low since the FIRST oil embargo in the 70's.  And (depending on which measures you want to use) UNDERemployment for the "most educated" generation in the history of America is anywhere between 30-50%.  And this says nothing about the trillion+ dollar student loan albatross hanging around their necks.

The irony of course is that this generation did it to themselves.  They voted for Obama.  They "hated" on corporations.  They launched the OWS protests.  And they Venn diagram heavily with the parasites of society who euphemistically call themselves "SJW's."  There is no generation that hates capitalism, economic growth, economic progress, and success more than today's young.  However while they did pull the trigger and it is is "technically" their own fault, it wasn't as if they weren't completely brainwashed into doing so.  The young did not grow up in a vacuum, uninfluenced by parents, teachers, media, politicians, and TV.  They are a byproduct of the previous generations.  And so while they did indeed vote against their own economic interests twice (and with Bernie Sanders, maybe a third, even fourth time) you can't blame them too much given the leftist indoctrination and complete lack of economic and financial fundamentals Gen X and the Baby Boomers failed to teach them.

However, the Millennials are no longer the doey eyed 18 year olds they were when they first voted for Obama in 2008.  Nor are they the infatuated 22 year old female masters student with the VT's for Obama when they voted for him again in 2012.  They are now a generation completely lost because all the promises and guarantees the previous generations told them are not coming true.  And for the first time in their lives they are facing the full costs and consequences of being led to make the stupid decisions they did in the past.  It is here they are finding out they've been living a lie and the real world is completely different than what they were told.

It is here there is a fork in the road and an important one for them.  For they have the choice to start listening to the Knowledgesphere-harsh truths, facts and reality evil, blunt jerks like me spew on a daily basis, or simply double down on their indoctrinated religion of leftism, stick their heads in the sand, and continue to live the lies they were told to believe, consequently ruining their one, finite life on this planet forever.

And I think if you're here, you're thankfully in the former.

If that's the case then there is an important lesson you need to learn.  For it's about your only shot at happiness, true financial success, and a life that was infinitely better than the one you've lived thus far.  However, it requires that we look back and admit that what you were told was wrong.  And not only was it wrong, but the people that told you it had no clue what they were talking about.  We need to realize these people are living lives just as sucky as yours AND ALSO admit taking "conventional wisdom" that applied in the past does not apply into the future.  We need to be forward looking, proactive and realistic, and develop strategies and make decisions based on these real world observations, all to salvage what remains of our lives.

In short, you must self employ or die.

On my latest western adventure I had lunch with a friend of mine on a main street in a small Minnesota town.  He was telling me the story about how his dad worked for one of the largest airlines in America, until it went bankrupt.  It emerged out of bankruptcy, but the pension he had worked so hard for was wiped out.  The poor man is now underwater on his mortgage and relies on my buddy to support him.

On a less personal note, one of my most hated cities, Detroit, has gone through a similar such scenario.  Not necessarily the actual city of Detroit, but its delusional and spoiled brat government workers who were promised insane pensions on the financial back of a dying leftist town.  No matter what promises were uttered by the latest criminal-cum-mayor, in the end math and reality reigned supreme and thousands of former city employees are facing a fraction of what they were promised for pensions.

I could go on, but the points are clear.

1.  The traditional life cycle of employment previous generations lived by no longer works and is no longer in effect.  You will NOT find that life-long job at the local factory where you put in your 30 years and get your golden watch and pension.  You are lucky to be working as a barrista and often for many young people today Uber and Lyft are the best employment options you have.

2.  The previous generations have absolutely no freaking clue what they're talking about.  Not only did they lead two full generations towards the path of life long poverty, debt, and underemployment, they themselves have so piss-poorly managed this nation you now have a country with 110% debt to GDP, a 7 year old recession, a housing bubble, a Dotcom bubble, a retirement bubble, and oh yeah, they're still blindsided by pensions not being funded AND no more than 10% of them have adequately saved for their own retirement.

And finally,

3.  No form of employment is safe.  It's one thing if a traditionally leveraged and risky industry like airlines file for bankruptcy.  But when government pensions can't even be honored it shows you there is NO employer who can be relied upon to pay for your retirement, let alone keep you employed.  You are just one CEO's-trophy-wive's-demand-for-a-horse-farm away from getting laid off.  One moronic bankster-inflated asset bubble bursting away from losing your job.  And just one rating-agency's-downgrade-of-your-municipal-employer's-bonds away from losing your pension.

In short no place in America today is a consistent and reliable source of employment.

But dire as America's labor market is today for young people, this only speaks to the reliability of employment.  It says NOTHING about the working environment that results when you have such an oversupply of desperate labor juxtaposed against weak demand for it.  Specifically, an intolerable and hostile work environment where employers are becoming increasingly petty, controlling, manipulative, and sadistic.

Forget requiring an MBA and 5 years experience for an entry level job.  Forget 5 stages of interviews, 2 with HR ditzes, and 3 with increasingly incompetent levels of management.

What if you actually get hired?

So untenable and fragile is your employment today it isn't enough that you merely perform well at your job.  You need to navigate the insane and illogical labyrinth of office politics and managerial pscyhology.  You need to walk on eggshells.  You need to anticipate and forecast the inconsistent, psychotic, and always changing demands of all "stakeholders"  You need to "kiss the ring" of your employer and dance like a good little monkey.

Alas, merely showing up on time and giving 110% isn't enough.

You need "diversity training."
You need to donate to the United Way.
You need to commute to the new office 90 minutes away.
You need to attend company functions on the weekend.
You need "sexual harassment training."
You need to "walk to raise awareness for ADHDHHDDHDDDD"
You need to "give us your facebook password."
You need to "smile more at work."
You need your "flair."
You need to "come in on the weekend."

And above all else, you need to avoid right leaning politics.  Either through donations, public forums, or your right to freedom of association.  Otherwise you will be doxxed, you will be fired, or magically a "sexual harassment case" will be made against you.  And your career, no matter how far along you are to retirement, will be ruined.

It is these two traits - the mathematical/economic impossibility of a traditional career, combined with the literally psychotic and totalitarian environment employers have become - that makes the only acceptable form of employment in your life self employment.  You must self-employ, or you will mentally die.

Of course a lot of people don't think self-employment is for them.  They're not the "entrepreneurial type."  They like the "comfort" of working for somebody else.  And to that I say "tough."  Because you are operating under the premise that you have a choice.  Yes, technically you do have a choice, but so bad has the employment prospects and employment environment become, that it practically forces you into self-employment.  However, if you consider the pros and cons of self-employment against traditional employment, it will hopefully at least make a convincing argument for self-employment and at least provide you the incentive to "get into the entrepreneurial mindset."

First, you eliminate the issue of reliable employment.  You are your own boss and thus you have your own best interests at heart.  You will be the best boss you ever had and will treat yourself better than any boss you will ever have.  You will not outsource your job to India.  You won't sue yourself for sexual harassment.  You won't "choose to go another direction" when times get tough.

Second, mental health.  In being your own employer you won't have to endure the petty Baby Boomer boss antics of "predict my mind or else we'll fire you."  Or "I told you this, but I really wanted you to do that."  Or "I'm a 20 something brainwashed girl and am offended by everything and will file harassment complaints all the time."  Or (my all time favorite game) "I Know We Said Your Job Would Be X, But Now that You Signed a Year Lease and MOved Here, It's Going to Be Y."

In short, all the mental BS, lies, and gimmickry is gone.

Third, efficiency.  Closely related to mental health is the fact that most employees want to do their best.  However, because more value is placed on conformance and ass-kissing than ass-kicking, being an efficient and productive employee gets you nowhere.  When you're the boss it is all efficiency all the time.  No games, no politics, no chicanery.  Every decision you get to make is 100% efficient AND 100% IMMEDIATE.  There is no "waiting for approval" or "waiting for the green light" from your boss.  The mental health alone that comes with the feeling of "getting stuff done" is amazing and rewarding.

Fourth, no commute.

I know the aged, Baby Boomer powers that be who are desperately clinging onto the reigns of power believe this is a myth, but you don't have to commute. Matter of fact, most jobs can be done from home (unless of course you pursue a trade type form of self employment).  This not only frees up time but drastically improves your mental health, your physical health, AND dramatically improves your family life.  More time with the kids, more time with the wife, more time on the boat, more time playing catch.  And its amazing how if you get rid of a commute you get rid of your chances for divorce.

And finally, five, better finances.

In being self employed you can write off a whole host of things you normally can't as a wage slave.  Travel, computers, office space, insurance, etc., it usually compensates for the fact you have to pay your full social security tax.  However, the tax write offs are not the key financial benefit of self employment.  It is the long term asset you are building up that cannot be confiscated nor stolen from you (unless the communists take over).

The government can rescind the tax benefits,, even confiscate your 401k or IRA.
The government can inflate away or just refuse to pay your social security.
And your employer can (as we noted before) just go bankrupt and not pay you your pension.

However, your company, your network of clients, your expertise and everything else that goes into generating income from it cannot.  In building your own company you create a system that is mobile, non-confiscatable, and unable to be rescinded like a pension or social security.  That system can continue to generate income no matter what happens to social security, and (if done right) can be sold for more money than what 95% of Americans have in their "retirement accounts."  If you're self employed, you won't have to sit there for 30 years post retirement worrying about whether "Montgomery Wards" is "going to make it" for the next 30 years.  You just need to know that "Bob's Roofing" is running well under your son, "Bob Jr." as he pays you your 30% cut of profits and you retire down south on a beach.

But for all the pros (nay, compunction) of self-employment, there will be one final predictable argument against self-employment.  And that is

"We all can't be self employed."

And you're right.  We all can't.

Thankfully, despite the pure awesomeness of me and this blog, we are still a small minority when it comes to the general American population and interwebz.  Because of the statistics of the bell distribution curve the average reader here is smarter than 93% of the population who are too busy being lemmings, watching daytime TV, Ellen, The View, Sports Center, Meet the Press, CNBC, The Kardashians, and "24/7 Bruce Jenner Saga Drama Show."  They lack the intelligence, ingenuity, incentive, drive, rigor, and determination to become successful entrepreneurs and (thankfully) will serve as those tortured wage slaves at Initech or McDonald's so we don't have to,.  And better yet, they will indebt themselves to that miserable existence TO BUY OUR STUFF.

Alas, we are compelled to become self-employed.  Not just because economics and reality mandates us.  Not just because it's the most basic self-respecting thing you can do for yourself.  But because if not us, then who?