Sunday, September 19, 2004

The Chapin Nation

Chapin Nation

OK, girls, here's the disclaimer. This web site is for guys. Not the sensitive 90's pansies you were brainwashed to like in college, we're talking old school, real men. Men that got in fights in school. Men that picked up a gun and went to war to protect the homeland. Men that didn't major in philosophy, sociology or feelings. Men that if you're with on a date, you feel safe. Men that don't cry.

Part of being real men, means you like women. And none of these "modern day women" that look like men, dress like men, and try to be men. We're talking real women. Women that a proud of their femininity and like showing it off in dresses...or perhaps a little less. So don't be going and complaining to me when you see the occasional photo of a dolled up moll on this site. Just accept it and read what they have to say. It'll help out more than the 10 years of counselling you've been getting.

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pls check out
warning it is promale/antifeminist