Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Intellectual Aussie Titan Known as Frank

So there are two schools of thought regarding pr0n.

One, endorsed by the intellectual titan known as Frank is that "Pr0n is necessary to be profitble on the internet"

The other, endorsed by Captain Capitalism is that "Pr0n isn't necessary to be profitable on the internet."

What triggered my line of thought on this was that my stats seemingly have a near 1.0 correlation coefficient between hits to my blog and whether I have a picture of Wafah Dafour up or not. And while I'm not necessarily in it for the money, it sure helps my stats to have a babe next to my economics charts. Almost a Vanna White if you will, but instead of turning the letters on Wheel of Fortune the girls would be showcasing charts of equity only inflows into mutual funds as a percent of corporate profits.

Regardless, no, I hold firm to my belief that a blog that profiles emprical evidence that proves capitalism is the one, only and optimal economic system has merit enough on its own.

Then Frank mentions this post. A more recent post of his and the most popular post by far, resulting in now what is probably 4,000+ hits.


For the intellectual titan known as Frank has caught Captain Capitalism in a quandry. While adhereing to his love and affinity for capitalism, Captain Capitalism has made one gapping error. He has failed to recognize that the market is always right. No matter what reservations the Captain may have about throwing pr0n next to his pure and untainted charts, it still doesn't change the fact that;

1. Most economists are male
2. Most males are a bunch of horn dogs
3. Most males would rather look a skimpily clad knock out babe than a chart.

Alas, it seems more and more babes will have to be showcasing my charts.


Jonathan said...
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Jonathan said...

"Alas, it seems more and more babes will have to be showcasing my charts."


Arcane said...

She is like 80 billion times hotter than the Ladenite model you've been fawning over lately. Good show!

Arcane said...

I have an idea... why don't you use pics of scantily-clad babes as the background image on your charts? :)

Has anyone done that before?

Frank said...


Perhaps you could use a pic of the Spanish TV host to feature your charts - you could cut 'n' paste your charts in the TV screen to her right :)

Mind you since my mentioning yesterday that the Spanish TV host posting on my site is the most popular link on my site so far this month, I received another massive surge in hits - not for the TV babe, but this instead:

Yesterday during the day it was barely worth a mention, but in the evening something made it pick up and it now has close to 6000 freakin hits would you believe!?!

Go figure!

David_Z said...

i usually get several hundred hits...

per month.

oddly enough, my "" does exceedingly better than blog. Apparently people would rmy friend's crazy dad fed me morphine pills, than my opinion of capital punishment or free trade...

sad world, eh cap?

Captain Capitalism said...

Well it's exactly like my semianrs versus dance classes.

I do seminars on a wide array of finance and economics related topics. I also teach dance classes on the side.

And despite the fact that the finance classes would be infinitely more beneficial to people, guess which one accounts for a plurality of my business income?

2020 though, people will be in for a rude awakening and those tango lessons ain't going to do squat for them.

Wulf said...

I have been telling Rammage that the AtlasBlogged writers need to change our names to something feminine, and put up pics of women. That will increase traffic. I have seen many a site written by a woman (they claim) where the quality just does not justify the traffic. I won't be catty enough to name any, but the long and short of it is that you are once again right.

Captain Capitalism said...

You could always go and get a real life conservative/libertarian girl to write for you guys...


Yeah, right "convervative/libertarian girl" Like leprechauns, gnomes and social security.

Oh, I kill me!!!!!

Seriously though, if you do get a feminine name, it would have to be Ginger or Bambi.