Monday, November 20, 2006

Best of Captain Capitalism - Payment in Kisses

Back when I was young and foolish I fell for a girl.

And it's an interesting thing how a person, a song, or just about anything will trigger the release of endorphines or whatever neurochemical that effectively gives your brain an immeasurable boost and soon your brain it churning out pure genius.

You don't know how.

You don't know why.

You almost feel as if somebody else is in control and you are a helpless by-stander watching your brain work at the speed of light producing pure, unrivalled genius. It's like watching a movie in 3D.

But there your hands go, hammering away at the keyboard, almost as if somebody else were commanding them to write a masterpiece.

Well such a masterpiece I wrote in my foolish folly fancying of a female.

And frankly it did not get the attention it truly and rightly deserved, because it really is that good.

For what, I ask you, is better than the mixing of;

1. Romance
2. Cappy Cap wit
3. Economics



Nothing is the answer.

Thus, I present to you all aspiring, junior, and official economists, the best economic poem ever written. (all aspiring, junior and official male deputy economists have permission to plagiarize this masterpiece as long as it is used to score with a dame).

"Payment in Kisses"

Oh the girl so quickly dismisses
My offer for payment in kisses
However, she’d be much smarter
Realizing the merits of barter.

Oh my dear it’s so simplistic
For my kisses are so intrinsic.
Oh baby we would have it made
If you’d accept my payment in trade


Oh, I’d gladly overpay
And then you’d owe me some "change"
Come on baby don’t you know?
It’s the universally accepted medium of exchange.

Oh I’ll show you where they’re minted
And I’ll show you how they’re printed
They come fresh hot off the presses
The only currency that caresses.

The IRS has no rules
My kisses weren’t taught in the schools.
Accept my kisses as money
You'd be the world’s richest girl, honey


Oh, I’d gladly overpay
And then you’d owe me some "change"
Come on baby don’t you know?
It’s the universally accepted medium of exchange.

The Dinar, Dollar and Shilling
I know how you like your billing
No Euro, no Kiwi nor Sterling
It's my kisses that you are yearning

So don't delay,

There will come the day;

that you accept my kisses as legal and tender.


Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey said...

Oh, so cute and sweet!

Kilgs said...

She is SO missing the point.

Captain Capitalism said...

Oh, I wouldn't say that. Pursuing a degree in econ. I think she got all the jokes.

BradMan said...
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BradMan said...

There was a joke in there? :P

BTW loved your penthouse forum escapade. Im with you on that one.


Captain Capitalism said...

Hey Brad,

Just wait, I followed through on that one. Will be making a post on it sooner than later.