Friday, August 10, 2007

Help the Captain Help the Major

Well you may know him or not, but a good friend of mine has postponed his career as a corporate lawyer and rejoined the military, and that is the blogger Swanblog.

He will be stationed in Baghdad and I was thinking it would be nice to compile a calendar for him of all the different people that appreciate his service. Plus, he was telling me how they basically take semi-truck containers and convert them into housing for the troops as cargo is unloaded.

So picture this fellow capitalists, economists, junior, deputy or otherwise;

My good buddy, living in a trailer container, with a hole cut out for the air conditioning in the middle of the desert. And in his little corner of this trailer in the middle of the desert there's a calendar with a bunch of people he doesn't know, but they appreciate what he's doing. And then when people come in and look at the calendar they say, "Hey, who are all these people?" he says, "I don't know, bunch of crazy American blogger people, but they appreciate us and they just wanted to let us know."

I think that would give warm fuzzies to everybody. But in the desert, I think they'd prefer cool fuzzies.

Regardless, help make with the warm fuzzies (or cool fuzzies) and send me your pictures (tasteful of course), and I'll put together a calendar for the Major.

E-mail your photos to the Captain at (it's not "captain" capitalism", it's just "CAPT" capitalism, people keep goofing it up) and I'll send them to the Major.


Anonymous said...

Well, if you want an Aussie in there, you know where to find my pic :)

Peter said...

Very nice gesture. The only request that I would make is to address the pics to my entire unit. That would be the 381st Military Police Detachment.