Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Fuck You Garrison Keillor

Your hypocritical, public sector, cause you couldn't hack it in the private sector, ass won't be missed.

Oh, and remember when you penned this piece telling Trump he was done?  

Good to see irony will be your legacy.


Survivorman said...

Yet another old, Caucasian, hetro MAN that was a HUGE Hillary supporter in the last election..

Anyone else see a pattern here?

asylum said...

The pattern I'm seeing is a bunch of quivering-lipped beta's are getting run out on the yard-arm for awkward, failed advances. Weinstein, Spacey, Cosby aside, the latest batch seems like schlubs getting it wrong.

You wont see Jason Statham on this list. You notice no one said squat about Paul Walker's g/f age. Just a few observations.

Anonymous said...

Enjoying it all so much.

Bill Sturka

Anonymous said...

Great entertainment watching these leftist assholes getting called out daily! Ironically, the liberal media is helping to drain the swamp, because they can't help from eating their own. What a shit show this country has become!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the decline!