Thursday, February 27, 2020

One of the Few Business Seminars I'll Endorse

OK, here's the deal.

I know most of you want to become part of the 1099 Superior Race.  I know most of you know that you may have to work in the corporate world for a little while, but invariably want to live a free life and work for yourself. And while the paths to achieving this goal are largely skilling up and making yourself invaluable to clients and employers, you may also consider buying a business.

BUYING A BUSINESS IS A VERY RISKY PROPOSITION.  Working in banking I have seen scores of dipshits cash in their 401k's and start floral shops or sports bars only to file for bankruptcy later.  So if you're going to do this, then I am COMMANDING you to take this seminar first.

Dave has advertised on my little online media empire here before, but I was also on his show where we talked about all THE PITFALLS of buying a business.  Not the glorified touchy feely bullshit dudebros and Tina-the-soccer-mom focus on when they think their "essential oils" business is going to make them millions.  I trust Dave, I know he knows his shit, so if you're debating buying a business TAKE THIS SEMINAR FIRST before you even start thinking about looking for one.

Depending on the package you want it costs around $150.  Through in flight, car, and hotel in Vegas, you're looking at $500 for the whole thing.

THAT IS A FRACTION OF THE COST OF YOU BUYING A FAILED OR DOOMED-TO-FAIL BUSINESS.  It's like me recommending you hire Chad Elkins to do your taxes because the money you pay him WILL SAVE YOU MULTIPLES MORE DOWN THE ROAD. It is an investment, not a gamble.

So if you have any inkling or desire to start or buy a business, attend Dave's seminar and bring a note pad to take notes.  Might save your life and your IRA accounting.

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BriarRabbit said...

"I know most of you know that you may have to work in the corporate world for a little while.."

Or you can work the disability system, get a check and peddle blackmarket items from a piece of land back in the sticks. Or so I heard a friend say.