Saturday, February 27, 2021

Man Goes to Where Work Is. Hailed National Hero

 Point and purpose of media called into question.  More "not news" at 6.


heresolong said...

I would say that:

a) you are right but

b) it is a good story but

c) could have been better if the media could have made the point you made. This is the way to get ahead.

Wonderings: Does he have a license to have a business or to be a plumber in Texas and is this going to jam him up? If so, thanks media, for outing him on national news.

David said...

When those pipes in Texas started bursting left and right, I bet all the plumbers in that state was thinking "cha-ching!!"

Marius said...

Showing initiative is pretty rare these days , though, so it probably is newsworthy.

Juan said...

I once cleaned up after myself and didn't inconvenience others. Where's my medal and blowjob by some hot chick?

A Texan said...

Given the dire situation of a shortage of plumbers, the Texas governor did have enough sense to get the state agencies to accept licenses from other states and issue temporary licenses. These guys will be busy into the summer if not the rest of the year.

Anonymous said...

If you ever have to fix a frozen pipe yourself, shark bite fittings and PEX piping are amazing. No torch, glue, or solder. The fittings just snap into place. Just be sure to deburr the pipe ends and you are done. I am a landlord with a PHD in frozen pipe.

Faithless Cynic