Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Prostitution Now Legal in Manhattan

Which it effectively is if you're not going to prosecute it.


leeholsen said...

this is great news ! now you can go to new york and see a show and then get your own private show after !

seriously though, new york is on the fast track to third world. defunding police will lead to all sorts of violence and gangs and this will lead in all sorts of drugs sold and human trafficking. most likely the rest of the usa to follow suit.

captain you were right, nothing left to do in the usa now but "Enjoy the Decline"

Mike said...

Important distinction: the DA is going to decline to prosecute prostitutes. He said nothing about declining to prosecute those who solicit prostitutes. Separate law, still apparently going to be enforced.
Either way, I'm curious if they're going to redirect the resources to investigate and prosecute child and human traffickers, pimps, and the like. Giving hookers access to resources to get clean seems like a great idea (although how many of those resources will be redirected by governmental corruption is anybody's guess), but addressing those who enslave others is vital as well.

Oswald Spengler said...

New York City is well on its way to becoming the "gritty NYC" as depicted in movies like Taxi Driver, Death Wish, and The French Connection.