Tuesday, August 31, 2021

How Employers Forcing Employees to Take the Vaccine will Cause Atlas to Shrug


kurt9 said...

Karl Denninger has been talking about this exact same issue.

Anonymous said...

I went galt back in March. It's been a beautiful summer of sitting on my boat and enjoying the decline. I'm not participating in the economy in any way that's not necessary, and I'm paying much less attention to macro issues.

Let it burn.

Maniac said...

Millions of workers suddenly dropping out of the workforce will cause ripples.

I'd like to think that Resident Biden won't be stupid enough to mandate the clot-shots, but then he's surprising me on a daily basis with his ineptitude.

Karl said...

Cappy, you're looking well!

Yep, told employer to shove it. They pulled our merit increases in March 2020, suspended bonuses that Spring. Docked our pay 5%. And didn't fix those until late 2020. Enacted all the mask, temp checks etc. like panicked little girls. The last straw was the boss riding my ass. See ya! Guess I wasn't the only one, as I've heard they're now throwing [retention] bonuses at employees left and right as an effort to slow the turnover.

The Galt's Gulch dream is intoxicating. I've read Atlas Shrugged three times, and I think I'm due for a fourth. Ayn Rand nailed it with the conversations in that book - something you can't get from the movies.

riverrider said...

i left my job at a prestigious military institute of higher learning when they required the root beer. i don't know if i'll be employable at all now. the libs should keep in mind arab spring happened only when men couldn't feed their families with a day's wage.

Anonymous said...

I'm in agreement with you except for the part to quit on your employer: do not do that,have them fire you, then you will be able to collect those checks!

ChrisW said...

Hey, we need our Flavor Aid vaccine! We'll all be happy if everybody takes them!

heresolong said...

Close to 70% of Australians think that anyone who is unvaccinated should not be allowed to travel, even across state lines, and have restrictions placed on their ability to work or shop.

Where did this optimistic Cappy, who thinks that there is hope come from, and what did you do with the old one?

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van helsing said...

cabal run companies may not care that much if they already plan to pull a bain and strip them.

Swede said...

My employer required us to give them our vax status. I just said "No". No reason given. I'm sure I'll be getting the axe before the end of the year.

I don't believe in "asking" for an exemption. What gives anyone the right to tell me what to do? My body, my choice.

The answer is NO. BFYTW.