Sunday, January 09, 2022

The Red Pill and Suicide



Grizzly said...

I think that the loss of faith in Christianity by a large part of the population lies at the heart of the modern loss of faith in life in general. After all, if you believe that God is false and there is nothing beyond the current moment, then there is really no reason to not resort to suicide--you won't know the difference once you're dead and you won't remember anything of life once you're dead. Like it or not, religion has always been the cornerstone of civilization.

People can say "there's no proof!" but that is just a rehash of the tired left/liberal exclamation "show me the studies!" On the other hand, Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas both did a pretty good job of providing proof of the existence of God through reason. Atheism also does present some pretty intractable metaphysical problems that can only be solved by the existence of God.

I had my own struggle with atheism, drugs, and suicidal ideations. Realizing the falsity of atheism and the truth of traditional Christianity (i.e. not Protestantism etc.) helped me things are not all puppies and butterflies because the desire is still there (decades of that will do that to a man), but things are no longer tears and a gun to the head, and I realize that reality is not as dead as some would claim.

Interestingly, right next to this post is an ad for Bachelor Pad Economics including what is obviously a drawing of Roosh, who realized his own failings, renounced his PUA past, and embraced Orthodoxy.

Anyways, all the best and God bless.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Cappy but you don't understand what being suicidal is like.
When you come to make such a decision, it's because you've already exhausted all other options (in your head, not for real).
So the advice of "max out your credit cards and take a trip" or "do xyz, because you're gonna die anyway" is irrelevant.
Likely, someone choosing to kill himself is in a deep emotional pain and there's no reasoning that can change this state of mind.
This is not about having a rational discussion of what else could be better than dying.
When you're in so much suffering that you can't tolerate a tiny bit more pain, death is the only permanent and immediate solution you have.

That being said, there's some truth in your advices but not for the reasons you think.
To get out of the dark places, the only solution that I know of is to distract yourself.
If you don't suffer from severe depression, then yes, it's possible to do something, anything, provided that it gives you a little bit of relief so that your mind gets away.
And from there, you can go back to slowly build again some positives in your life that give you a little bit of satisfaction, so that you have motivation and hope.
But if you're severely depressed, you can't do any of that by yourself.
And in that case, you need help from outside, i.e. medication, therapy, and possibly some people to assist you for basic daily tasks to take care of yourself.
I've been there, so that's why I know that when you give up on your own life (that is what suicide is), it's a much bigger problem than finding a purpose (which is hard enough already when you're not suicidal).

Anonymous said...

Cappy, this video you posted "should remain up" for as long as possible. I'm 61, and have easily experienced most of what you teach. (Your advice is very, very, very sound!) The idea that one has "zero hope" or "no options", is defeatist. Keep in mind that some of the possibilities can be "chemical" and that in some cases (there are families that are predisposed to suicide due to chemical imbalances in the brain where "pain and pleasure" are derived). Get out in the sun!!! Move around, and leave your "negative environment". If you're not depressed with the current state of affairs in the "states" ... (I refuse to call them United, as they are NOT). Go get a passport, and travel abroad! One will discover "happy people" who have a pittance of what you have .... and you will find that 90% of your depression "goes away". Change your environment and that includes people. Anyone you associate with, if they enjoy negativity, and depression ... leave them and find new friends and a new environment. Contrary to what the media tells you, the ordinary citizens of most countries are just fine with you visiting or living in their countries. I would advise leaving your present culture in the dumpster, where it originated. There are places on the planet where the majority of their folks like to have fun, enjoy life and just plain "be happy". Great post Cappy!

SZ said...

There is actually no proof for God - your stupid rant notwithstanding. The problem was *YOU* not atheism.

Atheism is essentially metaphysical naturalism, and has nothing to do with your mommy issues and drugs. Good for you finding "truth" in Christianity, just bear in mind people say the same about Islam too.

Good luck.