Monday, February 21, 2022

How Inflation Destroys the Poor



A Texan said...

Yes, too bad no one wanted to listen to that 'kook' Ron Paul guy that was shouting about this for a long time when he was in Congress.

It's not just Trump though with the trillions. There is that $2 plus trillion that could be accounted for at the Pentagon the night before 9/11. Glenn Beck had a video earlier this month about the bank bailout of 2008 or so. A trillion at least went to the big banks like Citigroup and Bank of America. Foreign banks in Japan and the EU got a trillion. Where did they get this from?

Nicolas cordova said...

Why don't nations aim for a stable currency? One where the currency stays the same. No inflation or deflation but just staying the same. The prices for goods and services might change due to market forces but the currency stays the same. That's what I want.

Sue said...

Dear Captain, your blog is interesting. Interesting blogs are rare, maybe that has something to do with the general dumbing down in society. Take care, sue