Monday, April 04, 2022

"The Menu: Life without the Opposite Sex" Now Available for Sale!

You can buy it here.


Anonymous said...

In my own case I didn't date much until I was in my mid 30s. By that time almost all the women I dated were divorced single mommies, usually angry with men. I was just too busy until I was about 35 to date much.
One problem is that you often (usually?) don't know the true personality of a partner until you've been married for a while. Dating isn't really a very good way to get to know someone, if you want to know what they are really like.
So I never got married, that's the downside. The upside was that I had enough time and energy and drive to build a successful business, and to retire in my mid 40s. I didn't need to be filthy rich to just support myself. I also had the freedom to date women in a few other countries (almost all of whom treated me way better than American women did). I had so many hobbies I've almost forgotten some of them (windsurfing, motorcycling, bicycling, hiking, stone sculpture, metal sculpture, furniture making, traveling, home repair/restoration, learned a few languages, welding, volunteering overseas, etc). I'm not bragging, just saying that what I got in return for not being married was quite a bit.
My opinion is that the main purpose in life is to develop your personality. It takes a long time and most people never make much progress, largely because they don't realize that's all they really have, their personality. When you are single, if you have the mental capacity, it is probably easier to develop your personality, since you don't have to compromise on everything like you do when you are married.
I was fortunate in that a number of women I dated showed me their true personality when we were dating, so I could see that there just wasn't much upside to marrying them.
Being a lifelong single sounds like a negative to many people, but it can actually be a huge positive if you understand a few things and don't just waste all your time on pointless activities (like watching TV).
You should note that like tends to associate with like. As a single you will tend to have single friends, rather than married friends. It's just a better fit.
As an introvert I really appreciate the quiet time that I have. If I want quiet I just turn off the electronics and relax. Most women tend to talk much more than men, so it's harder to get quiet time. Many (most?) people like to have some sort of noise going, TV, radio, etc. You can't really think with all this electronic crap going all the time, or if you do think, it's distracted, low quality thought.

Karl said...

Congrats on the new book!

Anonymous said...

bought and read. your writings on novelty was worth it alone, never considered it before. bought a pontiac solstice years ago and loved it but eventually sold. now have a SL500 and am already looking to sell it. will consider what you wrote on novelty from now on before time and money investments, never did that before your book.
and i echo your video. if youre a person losing hope and not "Enjoying the decline", dont off yourself; read this book. there are lots of good things on the buffet, trust me.

tdcommenter said...

Got it on Kindle AND used the Amazon link off to the side.

leeholsen said...

now i have read reconnaisance man(in addition to the menu, book of numbers and enjoy the decline),
in reconnaisance there was not that much for me as i am past the age of your target and experienced enough life to know what i want and like but thought worth a read. ironically, i'm looking to relocate to the northern chicago suburbs(around fox lake). i can take the cold over the heat and that's far enough out that crime is not an issue and housing there is actually cheaper than san antonio and houston(cheapest housing in the country for cities).
my goal is to travel around the upper midwest and go to NL central games in their cities. yeah, january thru march there will be days i cant get out but i work remote. better than summers in taxes, wher i try and stay in and out of the heat may thru september. just wanted to say that after reading your book as not everyone likes 6 months of ball sweat.
one last thing, i would advise you to maybe look into advising your audience to doing something like buying the ETF SH, which shorts the s+p. as you can see, looks like the stock market is really going south, probably another 20-25%, might be a way for some people to make money in their portfolios rather than lose it under biden; i'm doing it.