Monday, February 13, 2006

Chin Up Fellow Aspiring Economists!

Notice the "liberal" arts majors, which coincidentally is what most liberals major in.

Hee hee...yeah, you guys suck.


JTapp said...

I hope a masters degree adds exponential value.

JTapp said...

The 2% drop in Comp Sci salaries is what I find interesting. The outsourcing of basic programming work to India is lowering the wages here to be more competitive.

Captain Capitalism said...

That's what I noticed too about all those "starting salaries" figures.

I would have killed for those figures.

I think somehow they're systematically overstated. That or I've been living in the blue collar world too long and college grads who have their nepotistic daddy's connections pull in $70k to bring up the average, which world I do not see.


2nd best line of work I've seen is to just become a carpenter, fix up old houses, and then sell them. That's what I'd do if I could do it all over again.

Best line of work is robbing banks. Easy, but risky and there's that minor element of going to jail.

In both cases you needn't pay off student loans.

Andrew L said...

Yeah, those figures seem way to high. Even the liberal arts majors' salaries look appealing!

Is it possible that the statistics include students entering the workforce with a graduate degree? I could almost imagine someone with a Ph.D in History or English raking in 30 Grand American every year, but there's no way a BA could be worth that much.

David_Z said...

A B.A. in History or English will fetch you $40K where I'm from, if you can get a teaching job in high school.

A B.A. in International Business, and fluency in French will get you stuck pushign envelopes for $32K with no hope of advancement. If I had known that the B.A. in IB was useless, I would've majored in Finance or something. But nobody bothered to tell me that, and I can't get a refund on my college edu.

So, let's just take out some more loans and get a Master's Degree in the "Dismal Science," which happens to be increasing in desireability lately...

I should finish sometime next summer.

Frank said...

"Where's the capt?"

Yeah, that's what i was thinking, has he disappeared?

The insects won’t rule the world for much longer - computers and robots will enslave us for the rest of time soon enough. It's already started:

I found this on today. It seems like they've already got their reproductive organs up and running. Get a computer science degree - it pays good money now and it may save your life one day when these evil machines eventually take hold.

JTapp said...

At Baylor they tell their graduating MBA students to expect $60k+/year starting out. I think that's nuts.

Capt (if you ever re-appear). Did you see John Stossel's special last week on ABC in which he ripped Lou Dobbs, and made him look completely ridiculous for opposing outsourcing & free trade?

Kirsten said...

Well the engineering numbers look pretty realistic to me. I guess my statics professor was wrong back in the 1990's when he tried to convince us that there was no money in engineering and our peers in the business college were going to make all the money.

Captain Capitalism said...

Yeah, but what does it matter waht they pay you guys in Cali? once they take out all your taxes, you're still only making $3400 a year.

I really don't know how anybody can live in that state.