Monday, September 24, 2007

How to Stop the "It's All About Oil" Argument Dead Cold

I really don't have patience for ignorance or idiocy. I really don't. Thus I lament the loss of my youth when in college I would try to argue with brainwashed skulls full of mush about the merits of capitalism, Libertarianism, the evils of socialism and what have you. Because what is the point? Kids at that age, who are now (perish the thought) adults are so intellectually dishonest that they are going to believe in what they want, regardless of the truth, regardless of empirical evidence, regardless of facts. And I'm not talking religious right facts like "it says so in the bible." I mean like, "the Federal Reserve's 8th district came out with a report" type facts.

But the biggest waste, the most futile mission you could possibly go on is trying to convince a brainwashed dolt that subscribes to the farce that BIG OIL is somehow controlling prices.

A complete waste of breath.

None the less, that doesn't mean you're not going to run into them. And when you do, it is insanely hard to fight the urge to use your superior knowledge to backhand them into reality.

So here is the least painful way you can do it;

Big Wheat.

Yes, Big Wheat.

While the world's leftists are worried about Big Oil, little do they know the true threat comes from Big Wheat. For while Oil has increased 100% or so, it has been nothing more than a diversionary tactic to distract the innocents of the world from the real threat;

Big Wheat.

For wheat has nearly trebled in price!

Wheat producers who are in cahoots with the Bush Administration have been conspiring against the American public to fleece us of our hard earned money to line the pockets of the special interest groups of Big Wheat.

We should pick a day that NOBODY BUYS BREAD! That'll stick it to them! Yes, the Wheat Boycott Day! You see, if we all stop buying bread on one day, then according to some inane, college sophomore, American Idol level of incredibly flawed logic, we'll somehow be able to stick it to those fat greedy corporate Big Wheat bastards! We'll show those corrupt Big Wheaters that we don't answer to Big Wheat!

However, on a serious level, the point you can make (though I doubt it will stick) is that as the global economy has grown, demand for all sorts of foods and commodities has skyrocketed. Not to mention the push for ethanol has allocated more land to corn and less to other grains. These factors have driven up the prices of these commodities at a rate faster than oil.

Of course, such a logical and commonsensical explanation won't hold against the literally delusional, ulterior-motivated leftist thinking. You could show them all the charts and data in the world showing them it's a booming global economy that is driving up commodity prices and they still won't believe.

Big Copper.

Big Aluminum.

Big Tungsten.

All of their prices have increased as fast if not more so than oil.

The truth is they WANT to believe its Big Oil.

And in WANTING to believe, it means they don't really BELIEVE its Big Oil at all

Which means they're intellectually dishonest.

Which means they must have an ulterior motive.

Which, frankly, and simply is that they hate capitalism, want your money and need a villain to rationalize the transfer of wealth.

I really wish it wasn't so simplistic, but it is.

But then again, what can you expect from simplistic minds?


El Borak said...

Don't forget about big gold ;)

marketmania said...

great post !

Anonymous said...

And there's also "Big Water"! Once upon a time, you could ask for drinking water almost anywhere and you could usually get if for they are often asking for $3 per litre!

Anonymous said...

Does the growth in ethanol have anything to do with the increase in wheat's price? How about production around the world?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but the price of bread hasn't doubled in the past 5 years though either. So like the gas companies, either they are screwing themselves now or were screwing us before.

Kasia said...

Does this mean we should no longer eat our Wheaties? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Here are two of the biggest fish in the 'big wheat' pond. Note both are communist style 'mandatory membership' organizations:

Canadian Wheat Board

Australian Wheat Board

So there you have it, forign governments are conspiring to drive up wheat prices, just as CC whined, err, predicted.

If that wasn't bad enough, the Canadian Wheat Board has successfully fought off an attempt to limit its power:

And the Australian Wheat Board was caught bribing Saddam Hussein:

Gotta love big government. Imagine if these guys ran a health care system:

Anonymous said...

Just a note on growing corn to make alky; it seems that it is about six times more productive to make the alky from sugar cane; just how ill is Fidel, anyhow... ?

Anonymous said...

Just a note on growing corn to make alky; it seems that it is about six times more productive to make the alky from sugar cane; just how ill is Fidel, anyhow... ?

Anonymous said...

About making alky from corn ? It is about six times more efficient to make alky from sugar cane...