Monday, March 03, 2008

Captain Capitalism's 2008 Annual Chart Contest!

It occurred to me during the busy season of dance classes, taxes and writing a book, that now would be a great time to implement 2008's Captain Capitalism's Annual Chart Contest!!!

Yes, you too can be a great chartist (not the British political party) like myself!

Just submit your charts to (remember it's, not CAPTAINcapitalism) and in doing so, not only will your chart be posted, but whoever comes up with the best chart wins...



A signed photo of the Captain


The Official Junior Deputy Economist Award


The Captain's instructional dance video of your choice!

How can you NOT enter????

So start sending in those charts! (Besides, I am serious lacking time to post any serious commentary and chartage, so help me out!)


IMEF UDLAP said...

Free topic??
If i win, how can i collect my prize? im from México.

Captain Capitalism said...

Well you have to win the competition first. There is fierce competition for this most "coveted" prize.

That being said, if you win I will mail the prize to an address you specify (private of course).

You can enter as many charts as you wish! I can mail dollars or convert them here first to pesos, but I think you'd get a better exchange rate down there.

Ranty said...

Now you're writing a book?

Bravo, I think that's a good idea. But you WILL need an editor...