Thursday, March 27, 2008

You're Not a Team Player

I remember talking to a recruiter and he was a blunt fellow (which I appreciate). And he said, "Look, you're not a team player."

I then pointed out that most of the banks I was working at were losing money hand over fist and that wouldn't banks or other employers who wanted to make money want a "non team player" from a bank that was losing money than a "team player" that help the bank lose even more money?

"No, it is more important to be a team player than to make a profit."

It was blunt, but depressing at the same time. You don't do what's right. You don't do what's obvious to make a profit. You just be a team player and don't think.

Thus it's nice to see the results of putting "being a team player" above "profit and truth."


Ryan said...

Hmm... Teams... group... not making a profit a priority... OUR FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS HAVE BEEN HOPELESSLY INFILTRATED BY COMMIES!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cappy!

I have the perfect job for you!

No team players required!!

Keep it up! I love your blog!

Captain Capitalism said...


You are correct more than you know.


Thanks, I applied in a very Cappy Cap sort of way. As in "I'm one of the few people that had any balls to say there was a housing crash, you might want to have me on staff" sort of way


Wulf said...

Being a "team player" means knowing your role and staying within it. It's somehow a nice way of saying "you aren't paid to think."

I figure, fair enough. Any company that encourages me to do my job without thinking or caring about it... they're getting exactly that out of me for as long as I am there. Any policies I dislike/disagree with, I ignore rather than attempt to change. And I look for a better job.

Captain Capitalism said...

Agreed Wulf, but when your job is to write about the US economy and housing market, your job is now to think and either lie about it or tell them what they want to hear.

ropali shinde said...

I dont know about the bank, but in many other field the concept of "TEAM" is very much required to roll on, else it will be difficult for the survival of the organization