Saturday, May 02, 2009

One Way to Solve the Housing Crash

Destroy supply.

Though mold and regular lack of upkeep will do that too.

Regardless, it is beautiful. I would just love to see the faces of the bankers, mortgage brokers and real estate developers that help piss away the resources on those homes that would only be destroyed.



Anonymous said...

You're late, Mish has been following this for at least the last week! It needs to happen, and no I'm no commie that believes in the broken window fallacy. There's just too much built, and too expensively, let it die. Then at least one part of society might be right.

I know you said $1500 for your research into where to go - how much for a basic dude, trying to make ends meet, and not tied to this country anymore?

See - I read you Cappy, as one of the first things I do; as that I'll tell you when you're slow - don't get off your game! Sometime, I'll even get the significant other to let me buy your book. She loves reading you, but thinks that you'd be boring in long prose...Shite that says it all doesn't it, she loves reading you, and she's a lefty leaning, democrats cant do no wrong type person - But Cappy's right!

It'll probably take till next paycheck, but I have a real arguement to BUY THE BOOK!

Sorry for rambling - I actually have a supercomputer and it takes it 25 min to complete what I just told it to do. For whatever reason I decided to comment here today ;)

Captain Capitalism said...

Well I appreciate your wife letting you read my book.

Now convince her that medicare and social security will destroy the nation and her other hubby (Obama) better get off his ass and do somethign about it other than say nice things in nice speeches.