Sunday, December 06, 2009

Please Stop It with the "Think of the Children" Nonsense

I do try to listen to the other side and the reason is to maintain some level of intellectual honesty. I listen to Air American every once in a while out of the fear that I may have missed something and that I might be wrong, only to find out in about 2 minutes that no, people really are that ignorant and, no, I wasn't wrong, and yes, I am infinitely and more reliably informed than my leftist counterparts.

However, what I cannot abide is when people who believe in global warming use the "Won't somebody PUH-leeeeeeze think of the chilllllldren!?" schtick. That our future generations will be swimming in a Water World and dying of future global-warming induced diseases. That our "children" will suffer due to our greed and inability to deal with global warming today.

The reason I cannot abide this, is these are the same people who voted to do something much worse and MUCH more real;

Indebt their children and grandchildren to the tune of 300% GDP when you include household and government debt.

Man-caused global warming, for whatever side you're on, is at MINIMUM not an established fact. And in light of the e-mails showing the fraudsters hidding data and manipulating data, at MINIMUM we should launch investigations that determine precisely what is happening in the scientific community and the climate BEFORE we go ahead and implement law or taxation based on the assumption man made global warming is real.

However, there is no debate that we've just enslaved our children to the tune of another $10 trillion (depending on whose estimates you want to use). That's not a theory, that's a fact. But the intellectual dishonesty or perhaps, just the complete inability of these people to link or see their hypocrisy makes my stomach churn.

You're so worried about your children and grandchildren?

Fine, how about you start rallying against the much more real and guaranteed threat of economic collapse instead of a theory that the globe is warming based on human activities? How about you voluntarily vote to increase the retirement age to 80 to shore up social security and medicare. How about you make it a constitutional amendment to have a balanced budget except for times of war?

Stewards of the environment???

My sweet, little perfectly sculpted Irish ass that you can bounce frozen peas off of with a pinging noise.

How about being stewards of the economy?

But then again, I know, I know. You all know me to be even more cynical than that. That I can't really believe that people are that dumb.

Sadly my honest opinion or actually fear is that these people care more about ideology than their own children. The "children" are just a chess piece to advance and implement an ideology. I seriously wonder whether parents who advocate cap and trade, but have no problems indebting the country to the tune of $10 trillion even care what happens to their children after they're dead.


Citizen Morrison said...

Captain, dear Captain. You are spot on as usual. The yammering "think of the children" mom is all too eager to shove her child in his stroller out into traffic at a crosswalk. The look of defiance on her face with a "how dare you!" "Don't you see that the world revolves around my little snowflake." No, there is no concept of what a trillion dollars looks like. Not even a foggy grasp of reality. Must be Big Oil's fault. Gawdelpus.

Anonymous said...

A buddy of mine's comment was everytme you see someone say "think of the/our children" you should hold on to your wallet, and keep your eye onthe constitution because one or the other or both is about to be violated.

SaskHab said...

Well done Cappy Cap. the whole "children" invocation is but one of many hypocrisies displayed by our disingenuous lefty peers. It's either a case of bold-faced lying to everyone's face, as in the case of the AGW scam, or a case of complete ignorance in the face of true facts and common sense. How all these mindless drones keep trying to push this crap in the face of the recent revelations illustrates their true disdain for everyone else, I think. Unconscionable.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. I hate to do this because I really don't like it when others fall back on the compare-your-adversary-to-Hitler schtick.

But, in this case, there's no getting around it. The "think of the children" line came directly from Hitler. When the Nazis first started instituting laws to deprive people of their civil liberties, Hitler said something along the lines of (not a real quote - I'm doing this from memory - but a close paraphrase):

"All of our more controversial laws must be framed in the context of being for the good of the children. People will give up virtually all of their freedoms if they can be made to think it is for the sake of children."

Anonymous said...

The Captain is right again - the "do it for the children" is a pure b---s--- way of justifying stuff that can't otherwise be justified through fact and reason.

I think the phrase first started when teachers were attempting to get levy overrides and new bond issues passed e.g. more funding for schools and in teachers' pockets.

The part that the Cap'n doesn't mention is how when knowledgeable, informed and logical persons don't buy that line of bunk, we are characterized as uncaring, unfeeling, stupid and selfish bastards.

Net - it is more than just "the children are just a chess piece to advance and implement an ideology", the children are also used as a weapon to denigrate a more intelligent and fact based position.

Anonymous said...

A: Children are adorable little barbarians.
B: The people running the world 50 years from now are, today, children.

C: The fact that A and B are both true is what we call a coincidence. There is no causal relationship between A and B. Anyone trying to confuse you about the matter is an emotional propagandist, the cheapest and most dishonest kind.