Monday, May 24, 2010

I Shall Never Complain About My Dating Life Again

I actually know a couple guys like this.

Was led to confirm this fact by this.

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Mark Adams said...

A similar phenomenon exists in the blanket octopus, in which the female is about seventy times the size of the male, although he spends his entire life drifting about the open sea just hoping to eventually be swept by a current to a female. Also, the female will hunt prey by ripping the tentacles off of Portugese Man O'Wars and attacking fish with them (the octopus is immune to the venom, but the fish she whips with them aren't). That's the animal kingdom's equivalent of some 450 pound trailer chick on an episode of COPS who lives with a 65-pound crackhead boyfriend running at the officer and trying to beat him with a turkey drumstick all the while ignoring his pepper spray.