Wednesday, April 22, 2009

America's Collapse Causing Depression in Males

I often sign off with my signature "enjoy the decline."

The purpose of the sign-off is to emphasize that the decline of America is really unstoppable and that you might as well enjoy the decline while you're here on Earth. Don't produce anything, don't work hard, just live off of the carcass that is the US, and yes, you must take that mentality because it's reality.

For example I refuse to make more than $30,000 a year (if i can help it) and ensure that I take at least one month of vacation in a remote destination with 3 weekend vacations a year to split up the horrible Minnesota winters. Why do I refuse to do this? Because life is short and any money that I make beyond a certain point is taxed into oblivion and all I end up doing is becoming a host to the economic parasites of this formerly great nation. Additionally, it ain't like there's a lot of jobs out there anyway. Regardless, since I will die inevitably, I am packing in as much fun as I possibly can and avoiding working as much as possible.

Of course there is a drawback to this approach - it's anti-male.

Not "excelling" or "doing your best" and just "loafing off" is quite literally against the psychological hard-wiring men have. To sit and do nothing, to NOT have a career, to not (over the long run) advance and progress is the single worst thing for a man's psychology. It will ruin a man, at least a man with morals. And to tell men to just simply "enjoy the decline" EVEN THOUGH THAT IS THE ONLY OPTION THEY REALLY HAVE, still sometimes doesn't work.

How do I know this?

I am a male.

I am the creator of "enjoy the decline."

And even though I am fully aware that there is nothing that can be done, and was at the forefront of realizing this epiphany, I still suffer the same fate as my good friend Save Capitalism, I suffer the occasional bout of depression.

Now as he writes, he is not trying to beleaguer you guys with his problems, and neither am I. However, he does bring up a good point and I wish to amplify it. The collapse of the world's formerly greatest nation will and already is having a negative and disproportionate effect on men. It's one of the rare statements and claims I'll make WITHOUT researching for hard data to prove it and will solely rely on anecdotal evidence. The collapse of the US is foisting depression on men.

Craig, a good buddy of mine, was formerly the most driven, hard working entrepreneur you'd ever meet. Now, with the economy more or less destroying his business, and no hope in sight, he's depressed, he's sad, he no longer cares to try anymore and he asks me "why the hell did I bust my ass off." He's now thinking about driving truck out in the Williston oil fields (until of course environmentalists protest and lobby) and I'm half tempted to join him. He feels guilt for not being able to provide for his wife as much as he'd like.

Another buddy of mine, Richard, has the natural spirit of an entreprenuer, but every venture he tries never grows sprouts. Not because of the lack demand or lack of brilliance, but because of a lack of disposable income on the part of would be customers. Any ideas he has at his current place of employment are quickly disregarded on account he is a mere 27 years old, and thus he is relegated to stagnation. He is arguably just as knowledgeable on economics as I am, and KNOWS he has to enjoy the decline, but in the end whenst we share cigars there's still the lack of hope and spirit there might be a future.

Dave, a friend of mine in Chicago got his MBA AND LAW DEGREE has not the connections or ass kissing skills to find stable employment in Chicago. He only stays alive to "observe what's going to happen" because he's got nothing else to do and has taken a truly macabre approach to life.

There's of course me, your beloved Captain. I KNOW you have to enjoy the decline. I am intricately familiar with how hopeless and powerless individuals are against the ignorance and spoiledrottenbratedness of the masses of "Americans" if you can even call them that. I KNOW to forfeit labor for leisure and I KNOW I have no choice. BUt sure enough, I listen to some Rush Limbaugh or Joe Soucheray and before you know it I'm at the liquor store buying bottle of Rumpleminze. I get angry. I get pissed. I get enraged. I get near a debilitating level of depression. I force myself to run. I force myself to work out. But it only helps temporarily as the endorphins wear off from a 7 mile run in about 2 hours. In the end I buy a bottle of booze to put my brain out of its misery from running every possible economic scenario in its head, all of which end in demise. Perhaps buying booze and getting drunk is "enjoying the decline," but it's nothing more than an escape and a lot of nights the only way to force myself to sleep.

The larger point is that no matter how much a man "conscientiously" knows what the reality of the situation is and how hopeless it is, he is hard-wired to care regardless about his and his loved-ones' futures. He is wired to care about the future of his country, especially if it is a good one. He cares about reality and justice prevailing. And above all else, a man cannot help but be depressed when he sees greatness destroyed by parasites and ignorant spoiled children for what essentially ends up being "no damn good reason at all." And this creates a problem.

Suicide is up. Alcohol consumption is up. And more men will be killing themselves in the future as they can no longer reconcile an "Enjoy the Decline" philosophy with their male hard-wiring to care (and I don't know this for a fact, I'm guessing, so prove me wrong). But where this is particularly going to affect America and makes this a particularly disturbing trend is that it won't be the degenerate males that are offing themselves.

It won't be the druggie, hippie, OD-ing types like Kirk Cocaine or Jim Moronson or Janis Joplin and other degenerates of society. It's going to be John Jones, engineer who can't find a job. Bob Bobson, computer programmer who can't find a job. Steve Stevenson, mechanical engineer who lost his job, couldn't find another one, couldn't support his family, and got divorced. Philbert Philbertson who is too young to receive a SS check, but never had the economic opportunity to earn enough for retirement. Craig Craigson, entreprenuer, who in any other economic times would have founded a successful company that employed Bob, Steve and John. It will be the productive males that made American what it was (and would have continued to maintain America as it was meant to be) that will be no longer participating. It will be the sole solution to America's economic problems that are either offing themselves or are depressed to the point of paralysis and indifference, rendering them an ineffective force and denying America any genuine hope of a future.

Now a lot of people will immediately dismiss my premise that these "stupid males" are somehow the backbone of the country and how dare you dismiss the contributions of women and blah blah blah. You will also notice how they will completely ignore my pointing out there will soon be a "crisis" of male suicide in the US (certainly a "crisis" by the standards people on the left use to define minor problems in society as a "crisis"). But this post is not for them. It's for the dwindling population of genuine, old school American men who, like Save Capitalism, like Craig, like Richard, and even like myself, have a hard time "enjoying the decline." So permit me some wisdom that will hopefully bring some solace to your lives.

First let me point out and reiterate that one of the most important things you can do to achieve a happy life is realize what you do and do not control. It is simple logic that you should not get excited, let alone spend one single calorie of energy "worrying" about things that you cannot control.

Can you overcome millions of idiotic youth brainwashed to vote for socialism? No.

Can you overcome millions of desperate women who vote for a president based on his "pecks?" No.

Can you overcome the trillions of words of indoctrination women receive from "women's magazines" or "Oprah" or prime time TV or EPL crap? No.

Can you overcome the millions of men who forewent their manly calling and instead became Prius driving white knights and are more than willing to sell out men as a whole to get the attention of women? No.

Can you overcome the incomprehensible level of ignorance the average American has when it comes to economics, and quite frankly, doesn't know the difference between a million, a billion and a trillion and are thusly COMPLETELY unaware of the severity of the financial crisis? No.

The ONLY thing you end up doing is wear yourself out and shorten your life expectancy.

So let go of what you can't control and instead of listening to Rush Limbaugh, turn on the jazz station and pour yourself a Rumpleminze.

Second, life, no matter how bad or at a disadvantage you may be, is still life. What else are you going to do? Like my friend Dave, a bad life is much like a bad movie. So, what? Your only other option is to watching NOTHING. "Blackness" to quote Robert Downey Jr. Additionally, if it gets so bad to the point suicide is the answer, then you have what I like to call "God Freedom." "God Freedom" meaning that if you really don't care if you live or not, act like God. Rob a bank. Go sky diving. Borrow as much money as you can from a bank and blow it all on Vegas or whatever you want with no intention of paying it back. Complete a bucket list before you kick off.

Third, no guilt. No matter what no guilt. Along with kicking around the idea of writing a book titled, "Enjoy the Decline," I want to write a post about how, with the government now accounting for 40% of GDP, that it is PERFECTLY fine to accept government handouts and live off the dole. It is more or less impossible now to completely support yourself 100% and be a real man. I have to this day done so and in my youth used to think it was a shame to accept government money. Nowadays you are insane if you think you can get by without government money. Let go and relax and enjoy some of the socialism forced upon you by the idiots of society. You again really have no choice.

Fourth, understand the type of men like you and me are the ones who are biologically, Darwinistically and genetically suited to survive. We are minimalists. We can get by with crappy cars, crappy clothes, and some bare level of food and water. Have you seen our adversaries?

They cannot live without a;

Sugar Daddy bank account
Food stamps
Government housing
Daddy's credit card

and a whole litany of other income transfers.

Can you imagine your typical American suburbanite princess wife surviving if the scheit hits the fan and her spending account dries up?

Can you imagine the ghettos of society without their monthly welfare checks coming in?

Can you imagine the spoiled brat liberal arts students-come-law-students-come-professional protestor trying to survive if electricity is shut off?

It may not be a wonderful society...matter of fact society will have collapsed if there's no electricity, but who do you think is going to be in charge? Tanner McEffeminite-Hyphennamed kid and his sociology degree? Bob McBobson collecting his welfare check and never bothered to learn a useful skill living in government housing? Or those "stupid" "minimalist" males who bought guns and ammo and know how to field dress a deer and know how to repair cars and build structures and run plumbing?

Understand, that if the WORST case scenario comes about, then WE are the ones who are going to do best because we can at least deal with it and don't need a McMansion con Lexus or government subsidized living.

Fifth,and this is the hardest part, you need to train your brain to accept 1-4. This is hard because I'm now asking you to go against your hard-wiring. Millions of years of evolution and genetics have programmed you BEYOND conscientious thought to react a certain way. Hormones and chemicals are released into your brain no matter how much FACT your brain knows and WILL make you feel a certain way. But there is hope.

If you're like me and millions of other men in the manosphere, or just plain society, you've overcome something more powerful than having a psychological or genetically embedded interest in the advancement of society. You've overcome something more powerful and more visceral to your genetic code than your "man code" of self-supportation, independence and freedom. You've overcome your natural, Darwinistic desire for women.

Not that you've abandoned women or sex. Heavens no! We still love women and sex. You were just able to not have it ruin or rule your life like you did when you were 18. At the age of 18 you were, like all of us, a slobbering...well...slob-beast, trying your darndest (even though you had NO CLUE HOW) to attract members of the opposite sex. You were lost, you were clueless, you were above all else miserable. Of course overtime you started realizing that no matter how much effort you put into the system, it didn't increase your chances. Matter of fact, you probably realized the LESS you tried, the BETTER you did (thus the element of "game" which is a whole other matter). Additionally, the epiphanal realization that you are finite and are going to die, put more value on for-sure things like video games and buds. In short, you were able to temper your natural Darwinistic desires for the em-betterment of yourself. And just like you were able to temper your natural Darwinistic desires for women, you must also temper your natural Darwinistic desires for a successful society.

Of course the natural follow up question would be;

"OK, so what do we have to live for? We don't have a progressing, advancing economy, women we have abandoned, I can't find a job, I have no career, there's no hope whatsoever in the future, what is left?"

And the answer is simply, "How about yourself?"

It's greedy.

It's self-serving.

It's anti-male.

But you have no choice. And I want you to incorporate that into your thinking.


So you might as well relax, pour yourself a bottle of Rumpleminze. Get a motorcycle. Buy that video game you wanted. Order the lobster. Screw your 401k (it's just going to be confiscated anyway), don't invest in any property or any fixed asset that ties you down, date a ton of different women and above all else




"This post brought to you by Rumpleminze! Yes, Rumpleminze! Life got you down? Surrounded by socialist idiots? Desperately wish to beat the skulls of spoiled brat Americans who find it fashionable to slander and criminalize our formerly great nation and destroy any hopes of an economic future? Destroy your worries with a stiff belt of Rumpleminze!

Yes Rumpleminze is the choice of drink for all dwindling and remaining genuine real American men who still believe in independence, self-reliance and just plain refusing to let the government become the father figure of society. But since you don't control that and most people will call you a misogynist for daring to suggest men might have some "role" to play in society, why not drink your problems away with Rumpleminze!?

Yes that cool soothing minty freshness will assuage your fears and concerns and help you say, "I just don't plain give a frick anymore!" as it heavily coats your worn out throat from yelling at leftists "YOU MORONS! WHY ARE YOU DESTROYING THE COUNTRY???"

There is no better reward for an idealistic, patriotic manly man than Rumpleminze!

A gift from the heavens....manufactured in Canada.


(post script - I would appreciate any advice about writing a more thorough book about "Enjoying the Decline." Books take a lot of effort and time, but am currently kicking around writing a book as such. Any advice/commentary would be appreciated).


Anonymous said...

unfortunate but true

Anonymous said...

Great post. However, doesn't the effort and time required to write a book be contrary to the premise of your post? I mean, if it's not worth trying to get a career, make more than $30,000 per year, abandon women (to a degree) etc, why is it worth writing a book?

Anonymous said...

Writing the book: It's manly type of therapy for when chopping wood gets on your nerves.

Also the chances of earning more than minimum wage are limited.

CSPB said...

There is too much realism in this post. It will result in cognative paralysis in over 80% of men and 99% of women. Heads buried where the sun doesn’t shine can’t see the fan or the scheit.

Captain Capitalism said...


And let's not forget about all my clients who will bitch and whine about me speaking reality. Which, if you think about it means we're doomed if powers that be complain about their agents pointing out reality.

what's funny is I AM at the point where the costs of keeping up even a part charade is more costly to me than any money I make. I am more than willing to collect a government check if that means I can continue to speak freely. Especially if it's at the expense of the hard working conformists who don't want to "rock the boat" no matter how realistic my observations are.

raliv said...

if you duffer from depression: go get a bottle of St John's Wort from your local kroger.

Your life will turn into a hazy warm sunny day where you mysteriously laugh off everything bad and find the bright side of everything.

Its awesome and natural.

Marty said...

I'm always willing to help with a book, el Capitan.

Tony said...

Capt, you hit it on the head. "Enjoy the Decline" is so hard to do, when one realizes everything those three words signify.
Aside from the fact that it's getting harder to actually enjoy anything out here, enjoying the demise of the concept of freedom is nearly impossible.
The shit is going to hit the fan, it's only a matter of time. When it comes, we will either prevail or die trying, either way I've reached a place where I'm ok with either outcome.

CSPB said...

Exactly, I have a friend that is a Sales Manager/Engineer selling industrial devices. He works his butt off and pushes design, marketing and fights internal battles all the time. Product quality has declined and keeping customers happy after product failures is not easy. (Meanwhile the company posts record profits and all the mucky-mucks get big bonuses.) He is constantly going the extra distance and artfully fixes the problems created by his superiors. He is not old but the struggle and worries are taking a toll on him and his family. I ask him why he is travelling so much and working so hard. He tells me that no one else is willing to do it or is capable of doing it. This is true. Yet his superiors can flit around on whimsical meet and greet jaunts, even to international locations. The company long ago dissolved the engineering department so all designs are now farmed out and no one has any legacy knowledge. Significant production is overseas, which logistically compromises quality.

Most corporate people are just collecting a paycheck, looking busy, kissing posteriors, and do not have the capability of being truly productive or innovative. The corporate world is a disaster waiting to happen because the bold problem solvers are burnt out and many have given up striving to keep the wheels from falling off. The corporate bureaucracy and inefficiencies are second only to the government bureaucracy and inefficiencies.

It is a messed up world all around and transportation disruptions will quickly show the vulnerabilities. I’d say we have arranged our industry Just-In-Time to be Fukushima vulnerable to other Black Swan events. Workable economic decisions made when energy was cheap and trade barriers were low may lead to widespread demise.

Now why would any company hire a man that points out such inconvenient truths, even if such a man somehow made it through the predominantly female HR department?

CBMTTek said...

Write the book.

I have tons of anecdotes that could help from my personal experience alone.

Write it. You are correct.

Sonny Ortega said...

Dear Captain,
this is by far the greatest column I've read in months. Please write the book!

The Shrug said...

We men are damned if we do and damned if we don't. We simply cannot win. Let the Strong, Smart and Independent© Uberwomen deal with it; I'm done.

Anonymous said...

CSPC @ 6:25PM

I have the exact same issue as your friend and am very tired of making outstanding effort and giving strong commitment to excellence without recognition, awards or even a thank you. Meanwhile, the fat asses running the show get their multimillion dollar bonuses for offshoring jobs to cheap resources that can't do the job on time or with acceptable quality. Every year it gets worse.

We are losing accounts quickly and very publically due to poor quality of the offshore resources.

But, I cannot seem to shift to the mentality of doing the minimum to get by. I have customers relying on me.

But I'm seeing the beginning of the end, for product development is moving to low cost countries and low cost people, which means that my company will not have any products that are worthy of being sold because the quality is so miserable.

Every day, I get more depressed working there - it is hopeless.

ray said...

"Second, life, no matter how bad or at a disadvantage you may be, is still life. What else are you going to do?"

that is so inspiring

sniff, makes me want to, well.... take ONE of the bullets outta the gun ... make it a contest!

do you SEE the kind of effect you have on people, Captain? see?

"Books take a lot of effort and time, but am currently kicking around writing a book as such. Any advice/commentary would be appreciated)."

write a book called "Rumplemintzkin" youll make a mint <--ugh

depression in western, esp u.s., males is understandable and normal given the tremendous attempt over the past century to exterminate masculinity and fatherhood, and the gloating that u.s. institutions take in crushing maleness

it'll make victory that much sweeter, after all, you ARE The Cap'n! salud

Anonymous said...

You DON'T have to be part of the decline, nor be depressed. USA is not the only place in the world.
Cash out and go to a vibrant non-socialist country and enjoy the struggle to succede in any endeavor that gives you the "flow", the satisfaction, baby!

I have been in central Mexico for 20 years and love it here--it's weak, inept govt. is easy to take.

sth_txs said...

I stopped listening to Rush Limbaugh years ago. I regard him as another statist phony on par with Rachel Maddow. If we were truly serious, he would have supported Ron Paul or other like him. But hey, Rush has his millions while the rest of us do with less. Just like the liberals.

Anonymous said...

European comp sci graduate (msc) here.
We've got limited reserve banking, we've got a central bank, we're measuring our currency's worth by the worth of the dollar,
and funniest of all, we've got a 54% AVERAGE salary tax (no, not vat, no mandatory insurance included). Don't believe it? Google around.

So, here's to you brother, enjoy the decline. And make sure you don't work too much. Pick up a sport like powerlifting.

Anonymous said...

Well, the Lakers are on tonight. That'll be fun, right?

Bill Gilles said...

I think you've got chapter one done...

paige said...

Do you really know zero women who are depressed because of the state of society and economy?

Anonymous said...

It's end of men, you know.

But don't worry. Hanna Rosin said that women are leading the ranks of management!!

Women managers will fix everything.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking myself of Chile or Brazil - first as places to invest and perhaps move their if things go to hell here. Both are stable governments, both recognize the value of freedom and free enterprise and both are booming economies.

In a few years, I think I'll be looking for a place to ride out the political and economical apocalypse our country will experience due to it's lack of leadership and lack of character.

It is unsustainable, yet the current occupant of the white house remains ignorant of the problem and in fact is driving us at full speed toward an economic armageddon. Very similar to the captain of the titanic ignoring warnings and going full speed into the iceberg.

Two years from now may be too late. Hopefully, it won't be.

TGGP said...

"Not because of the lack demand or lack of brilliance, but because of a lack of disposable income on the part of would be customers"
As Scott Sumner (and Karl Smith) would say, this indicates a failure of the Fed keep NGDP growth on track.

Dali said...

Men want to provide, but they can't when affirmative action employers hire women over them for the sake of diversity, when they earn their bullshit degree in the liberal arts and have no useful skills, when they no longer have access to stable jobs even in STEM fields, and when they can't find a decent wife because most women debauch their way through high school and college.

Makes more sense to drop out of the rat race than to go to college and be a brainwashed debt slave.

Anonymous said...

Screw the decline! I still want a Warthog!

sth_txs said...

"You DON'T have to be part of the decline, nor be depressed. USA is not the only place in the world.
Cash out and go to a vibrant non-socialist country and enjoy the struggle to succede in any endeavor that gives you the "flow", the satisfaction, baby!

I have been in central Mexico for 20 years and love it here--it's weak, inept govt. is easy to take."

What a stupid comment!!! The point you are not grasping (you are probably an Obama voter), is that America will be like Mexico or some place similar very shortly if this continues.

This shit is not a joke! I've talked to people who have lived in these Latin American countries with high debt and corrupt government for a time. Columbia, Ecuador, Mexico - one man lost all of his savings. Another was able to convert his money to dollars and keep enough to live on. What do Americans use instead?

There is lack of respect by all levels of government in most of the country for civil liberties or property rights. If you don't have those things, then life will become worse for many unless you are really really wealthy. I'm fortunate to have state job for now; I realized years ago 'working hard' was such a crock of shit these days.

Daybreaker said...

In mentally preparing to write your book, you should think about your theory of history, and make up your mind about at least the outlines of what you think is the big picture.

Do you believe in cyclical history, like Thucydides? Do you see a straight line like Bill Gates' Road Ahead? Do you see a pattern to history, and if so is it purposeful? Who drives it, or what makes it like that? Is it an unchanging human nature that brings us to the same situations again and again? (Which might lead you to a cyclical theory.) Or what?

Don't talk about these things in your book. Just think about this a while, make up your mind, and make a few notes on your big picture assumptions. You shouldn't need more than one notebook, if you are sternly concise, and referring to this notebook from time to time as you write will keep you consistent, and give your book more lasting worth and the appearance of having been written by a better class of person than the usual pundits.

Personally, I think history is just one damn thing after another, and it's like that because there is no one consistent human nature, and it's like that because Kevin MacDonald is right and there are different evolutionary strategies that go in theoretically under-determined directions, with no inner essence to force them all to return together as one "human nature" for all mankind. There are heavily weighted mixtures of virtues and vices that typically come with particular populations, and when those populations are gone, that's it forever. Kiss the Whites goodbye, and you also kiss goodbye the kinds of idealism, romance and creativity that made Homer, Virgil, Shakespeare etc. possible.

From my point of view, at least I got to see the best of mankind, just before it was all torn apart.

You should look to see what kinds of compensations follow from your big picture.

If you think that things are bound to get better again after this inevitable brief setback on the road to predestined planetary bliss, enjoy the decline while it lasts.

Anonymous said...

Well, the collapse has not happened yet and they have been saying it forever. Sounds like the Rapture for the end of the world types. Besides the people I know who talk like it, don't seem to really believe in their actions.

John said...

Why not go prospecting for gold, in a serious way? And write a book about it? You mightn't find gold, but it suits your outdoor interests. You can be sure that whatever regimes supplant the present one, gold will be valued.

Frank Lee said...

see my comment at Save Capitalism

Offshore ownership of metals is easy, and most anyone can raise a few grand USD to do so if sufficiently motivated (God freedom indeed, though I dearly hope you were joking about bank robbery). During the dark ages, there were places which were cool to live in. Parts of Latin America and Asia will be livable while the West goes up in flames, you just need to not be broke.

DubTee said...

Your friend doesn't by chance work at Allen Bradley does he?

CSPB said...


No, similar things are happening all over.

Although this is not my forte, I have heard that similar things are happening at various large companies that make the stuff that makes things go in industry.

Anonymous said...

On a related note. I have noticed a widespread increase in twenty something white males starting to mimic ghetto behaviour and go around in gangs to cover each others backs. Its like they sense trouble and are starting to act in primitive, tribal ways.

- Breeze

Anonymous said...

Yuri Bezmenov

Looks like you've fallen to the planned 'demoralization'

Anonymous said...

Good post, I agree, with one exception: "The collapse of the US is foisting depression on men."

Screw the passive voice here. "The collapse" is not doing anything to us, and it's not causing itself. An ungodly coalition of people who prefer handouts to work, uptopian socialists (and their ideological fellow travelers in various hyphen group movements) and crony capitalists are intentionally collapsing the economy; *they* are doing this to us. So I'd say fight those bastards where you can, and enjoy it - if you can poke them with a stick and make 'em angry, or better yet make 'em cry, then go for it. Enjoy the decline... but remember, fighting can be pretty damn fun too.

CSPB said...

More evidence that possibly the best option is to "Enjoy the Decline"

Corporate America To White-Collar Men: You're Dead To Us!

Chuck said...

This is why I moved to Australia and took up surfing. I now do contract accounting work and go surfing on weekends. Between contracts I go to a new country for a holiday (over 30 now) and have been to every contenant but Africa and Antarctica. I am 26.

A friend and I had a serious wake-up call when we realized we made more money working fewer hours in the mail-room as university students than as consultants with MBA's on Bay St (Canada's Wall St). The ticket collector at the subway and the garbage man made more than us. We both quit and now life is good.

If I didn't look like the love child of George Costanza and Radar from MASH life would be perfect.

Gary said...

God bless you!
I am facing a death from cancer at a relatively young age (late 50's) but I feel fortunate compared to today's young people.
I was able have a successful career in medicine, accumulate enough to take care of my wife, and had an opportunity to travel despite starting from poverty (no indoor plumbing until I was a several years old). Most of all, I lived most of my life with a sense of hope, a feeling that I could achieve my goals, and confidence in my society and government. Young people face the Twilight of the Gods and it will be tought be some will come through.
America used to be the land of opportunity. It is now the land of stupidity. Idiocracy is not just a movie.
While I understand your distress and despair, try to stay prepared to take back this country when the collapse comes. I wish I could help but that will not be possible. In a rational word, the old would fight and the young would be saved to build the future.
Good luck and write the damn book, just to get your thoughts in order and to maybe influence a few others, if nothing else.

Gary said...

Most of our luck is when and where we are born.
I was born in the best country at the best time (not that it was trouble free).
I was wealthy, successful, and was rewarded from my talents and hard work. This is not the case now and may not be for some time.
However, you are correct that people of strength and character will rule the ruins of our once great nation.
If my age and health permitted, I would fight with you.
Don't enjoy the decline. Be aware of it and build your life, as much as possible, independent of it.
Good luck and write the damn book. Just because the land of opportunity is the land of stupidity doesn't mean you can't do something worthwhile.

Eman said...

Take it from me--I'm a 33-year old part-time worker who tutors at a neighborhood community college--a quasi-feminist environment where you least expect it. I've been employed there for nearly 8 years...of course, it's a bare minimum, except with what's been going on, I'm hanging on to that job...Enjoy the decline!

Oh and Capt.Capitalism, get started on that book, man...


Marvin said...

FYI, when you write these really big long meandering posts (with no charts), we can tell that you're not getting laid enough. ;-)

Traveller said...

If we have only ourselves, we should cultivate ourselves.

Read books, learn some ability or craft, keep your body fit (beware about alcohol and drugs and stuff), listen music, watch movies. If you advise to "rob banks" (eh eh) you already know it is uber easy find a lot of stuff in the net more than you will enjoy in ten thousand lives.

There is not anymore moral stigma if we use our mind to analyze books music or videogames. Nor if we spend our time traveling to see strange animals or plants. We always knew these things help our brain activity and development, that it seems the last thing the collectivist feminist state will try to steal from us.

Maybe I misinderstood you but I do not agree on who collects guns is stupid. I would think the opposite.

Anonymous said...

This post is HEAVY! I look around and struggle like my college educated brother yet the best job in the county is a mechanic at the local roller coaster joint. Something my brother is not qualified for and his little bro with a GED and trade school education is. Where is he headed? To the River House bought with my college fund. The main point is a valid one and if it keeps one good man alive and not kill himself did more for society than any article I have read (think Beatles "in My Life"). I love my 6 month vacations working for peanuts on Maui every year. Now back to work because, Pops needs his pool opened and Mom needs the house painted and I am looking forward to Maui or maybe the Big Island again this year. Oh I forgot, got to fix brothers 93 Camry window. And see his 3 well grounded kids. They love Peepop's and Memom's pool too. In my life I've loved you more.
Aloha Nui Loa

MarkyMark said...

As a former surfer, I long ago learned to differentiate between what I could control vs. what I couldn't. The ocean is a GREAT teacher in that respect; one good wipeout will disabuse you of the notion that you can control much of anything...

Anonymous said...

Sitting here in Sydney Australia, this post seems completely alien to me. So do most of the comments.

I earn 5 times Captain's max salary here doing a cushy job. I could easily get another job if I wanted to. Finding this one took me all of 3 weeks. I get unsolicited calls about jobs (sometimes paying more than I get now) all the time. These are from people I sent a resume to years ago.

My brother is a bus driver and he gets more than double what you do. Pretty much everyone I know earns at least $50K and many get multiples of that.

I work a 40 hour week, sometimes less.

Sorry to hear you guys are doing so badly. We Aussies feel for you. America is a great country and you deserve better.

Our women can be difficult like yours, although they're not too bad. Australia with Thai or Brazilian women's attitudes would be the perfect country.

Ryan said...

The trouble with Australia (I just returned after 5 weeks there) is compulsory voting.
This virtually guarantees every dimwitted woman will vote, which means labor will prevail, and mass immigration will continue.

You Aussies are screwed and don't even know it. However, you might have a few years left. Loved the gold fields and the history, though.

The masses of Chinese who own an increasing share of your cities, mineral wealth, and farmland, yet view you as dogs and won't make eye contact with you, should be a red flag.

Chris said...

@ Ryan.

Us Kiwis follow Aussie politics and business out of self defence. Firstly, the current galah (go look it up) who barely managed to win the last election is dog tucker when the Aussies to the polls this year.

Dog tucker. Toast. Because Australians know how to count.

Secondly, I get those recruitment notes as well -- I could double my salary if I went to Aussie and worked 50 plus hours a week.

But that does not fit well with raising two boys solo. I'll pass. For now.

Cappy, write the frigging book, man.

Or get the hell out of Minnesota. Work on a farm down here (we need dairy workers) or drive a truck in Aussie (where you can mine that lovely uranium). Or go somewhere more sane in the States.

Just get away from the zombies running your state.

Paul said...

Hiya Capn,

here's a practical suggestion for financing your book. There's a sort of vc raising site for creative works called, where you propose your project and state the amount of $ you want to raise, and people commit to supporting the project for specific amounts. If your target is met, your supporters pony up and you're off to the races.

I figure that this could be the motivation you'd need, put down an amount and see how much it's worth to us Cappy Cappites to make it happen. Several hundred Cappites ready to pony up even $5 or $10 apiece amounts to a lot of Rumpleminze ....

Anonymous said...

I love minimalistic living!---A woman