Saturday, March 30, 2013

The DeGroote School of Business

Sorry DeGroote.  You deserve your own post.  We're getting sick of the sexist crap leftists, spineless, compliant wanna-bes-but-can't-do teachers and academians are pawning off as education.

Business degrees, unless in Accounting or MIS are worthless.  They are just plain worthless.  NOBODY should major in business.  But what is worse is when you have to suffer a purposeful and designed political campaign of socialist, leftists clap trap from losers who couldn't hack it in the real world and end up being professors.

You want to go to DeGroote?  Go right ahead and see if you can ever pay back your student loans.


Redneck Joe said...

That article was astonishing. Truth is stranger than fiction. This society is really ramping it up - the collapse is going to be spectacular.
The women I see in business (education, psychology, sociology, and government bureaucracy for that matter) don't even realize that this whole out of whack, unbalanced mess is coiling a cultural and economic spring and doesn't have a chance of continuing without debt expansion.

Marty said...

The article suggested the reason women do better than me is because they don't follow the rules as closely. Well, of course women don't need to follow the rules, they were the ones who created all the rules so men couldn't express themselves in the workplace. All this study suggests is that men have become completely "domesticated" by the feminist movement, and that only masculine women can do what is necessary to make companies run better, as none of the "rules" were meant to apply to them.

Jack Lane said...

This had Cappy Cap written all over it. It must've killed you to stay quiet for this long!

Positive Thinker said...

This is kind of related and I'm not sure how Canada is compared to Australia, but something like 80% of small businesses are run by men who are over 55 years old.

The government is paying for young people to do TAFE courses (kind of like trades schools) in running small businesses because they're worried that too many small businesses will collapse if every person wants a 9-5 job.

The 65 year old guy who wants to sell his business and retire needs either someone to hand it down to (son/daughter, but all family members wanted 'real' careers) or someone to buy it.

With no young people in the market to buy small businesses, they're forced to either keep working into their 70s or close the business with no payout for walking away.

More proof that Universities oversold the concept!

I also note that if you look on dating sites they allow people to pick education level. So many women with degrees or masters that expect the same level of education in their potential dates!
Who'd have thought that women in their 30s could afford to be so choosy!

Eric S. Mueller said...

The author of that piece has a serious shit eating grin in his picture.

Anonymous said...

As a PHD student in business, let me tell you that "socialist, leftist" idiots generally are found far less often in business than in most other areas (although I imagine engineering has us beat). Since we're hardcore capitalists and all that.

I couldn't even get ahold of that article to pick it apart, because my university doesn't subscribe to it. Thats a pretty good signal that its a shit journal printing shit. Another indicator is that the research is based off of surveys of managers; management surveys are pretty widely recognized as bad research now.

Anonymous said...

"losers who couldn't hack it in the real world and end up being professors."

You're a professor too. Teaching with your blog, books and occasional campus meetings.

There is nothing wrong about teaching and nothing "loser" about it.

Anonymous said...

Women make better decisions than men???? If you believe that you have not been married.

Anonymous said...

Better decisions?
Like running up massive student debt and ending up qualified to pour coffee?

Eric S. Mueller said...

I finally got time to sit down and take this a little bit seriously. A part in the first paragraph jumped out at me:

A survey of more than 600 board directors showed that women are more likely to consider the rights of others and to take a cooperative approach to decision-making. This approach translates into better performance for their companies.

The part about considering the "rights" of others is what I wanted to comment about. As I observe postmodern culture, when many of us red pill manosphere types think of rights, we think of absolute type rights, like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The majority of modern people, especially women, don't think of rights in these terms. They think of rights in terms of "which short term entitlement do I feel like I should be getting right now.

So, yes, women are more likely to consider the "rights" of others, at least, in terms of short term entitlements, such as "Well, I believe she has the right to not have to look at a coworker reading Captain Capitalism at work". Or "I have the right to you not being allowed to read Maxim at work". Or even "I have the right for you to lose your job for joking about dongles".

I say the article is correct in that regard, although probably not for the reasons the author (or whoever commissioned/told him what to write) wants.

And as far as resolving disputes, what he means might work for two little boys arguing over who gets the bigger piece of pie, or who can play Modern Warfare next on the PS3. It's hardly a good way to run a business.

Hot Sam said...

First of all, the article doesn't support the inflammatory headline. The research claims that women make more "fair" or "moral" decisions. That might actually be true if we had a common and objective measure of fairness or morality. Men probably dominate the lower tail of considerate behavior.

I have yet to see a woman with excellent decision making or problem solving skills. They make good mediators. They know how to "listen" in the sense of getting down to the emotional level. Their biggest problem is that they let emotions cloud their judgment, especially when important decisions have to be made.

Women definitely have value to add to a decision making process, but women understand leadership the way men understand pregnancy.

That guy has the smile and the tan of a used car salesman. There is no question that this article is a ploy to lure in the preponderance of women who are entering college. In other words, he wants money and he is manipulating women's emotions to get what he wants.

Accounting, Finance, Economics are all legitimate majors, and women excel in accountingbecause of their attention to details. Accounting is also conducive to dual desires for family and career. Women can do very well in sales or marketing where their ability to relate to others pays off. A lot of these "business administration" programs are just a stretch to get the word business into the name. DeGroot sounds like a fly by night operation that gives a worthless degree for tuition equal to the maximum financial aid a person can get from the government.

Jose said...

To be fair to these guys, Harvard Business School had a promo for a program like this a few days ago. It's in fashion, so everyone to get some credit for contributing.


Ten Mile Island said...

I reviewed Ch.4 of Drucker with staff last week. Said I only had one problem. Most women really don't contribute much more than scolding or applying tincture of iodine.

It's really not in their genes to be creative.