Friday, June 29, 2018

Episode #260 of The Clarey Podcast - THE SCOPRIONS STRIKE BACK Episode!

The world's most profitable hike.
Women value work and career more than fun, love, and children.
Going overseas to avoid paying your student loans.
Cappy's Pacific Northwest Motorcycling Adventure.
The Scoprions STRIKE BACK!!!


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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heresolong said...


Cold in the west in June: Yes. You didn't do your research. A few years ago I went with some buddies from north of Seattle, through Yellowstone, Missoula, and home. Didn't take off my riding gear til we were in Leavenworth on the way home. It was c-c-c-cold.

Angry Cappie: I missed that. Thanks.

Women for whom career is a priority: Isn't that a bit of a distorted sample, given that if marriage was a priority they would have been married by the time they hit 30 (or at least have a candidate on the hook)?

Anyway, good podcast. Enjoyed listening to you pant while cars roared by on the freeway. It was a bit of a flashback to when you used to do podcasts while driving your car to a security job where you were going to work on your book.