Monday, June 10, 2019

Cappy's on Praxey

Praxey is back and Cappy is on it.

If you do not or did not know what Praxey is/was, it was an app you get for your phone that allows you to contact various specialist and consultants directly for their advice.  When it's Version 1.0 was rolled out, it was predominantly used as "emergency Asshole Consulting" for people who had a quick question or issue come up. 

It's pricey as hell as I charge a $25 minimum and $3/MINUTE after that, so if you're going to use it BE BRIEF and get to the point.

Also, if you happen to be in the industry and have a readership/viewership that might want to contact you personally, consider getting the Praxey App and offering your services.



Tal Hartsfeld said...

It's nice to know of a service that (potentially) heavily penalizes talkative people.
As an introvert it drives me nuts when someone just drones on and on and on and takes all of forever to "just get to the god-damn point already!".
Maybe such a service might inspire certain individuals to (possibly) modify their "communications skills" more to the benefit of the other person.

Anonymous said...

It’s probably just that my intellect is lacking (tho I am quite proud of it, just probably not on your level), but your pricing is unclear to me. Do you mean that there is a $25 flat fee and then $3 / minute after that, or do you mean $3 / minute with a $25 minimum fee (so you basically need to pay for at least ~8 minutes). Thanks!