Monday, June 24, 2019

Do Women Like Men or Not?

So I posted an original video that introduced a simple question - Do women really want men.  In that video I opine about - given women no longer need men (government checks, created make-work industries) and their preference to put careers and educations over family formation - did they ever really want men in the first place, or was it out of begrudged necessity to breed and survive they merely tolerated them. I didn't subscribe to one theory or another, but merely offered the theory.

It created a minor backlash, if not critique. 

However, one intrepid listener paid a handsome fee to address some of his questions, concerns, as well as some of his colleagues outright disagreements with what I said.

This is the response video to that request, where I try to focus (towards the end of the video) why this is the ultimate and most important economic question men will face, and the conclusion is not unicorn farts or chocolates.


SM777 said...

Errmm, No. They just like the money of men. Actually, they don't even like that anymore since the majority of women in the US have married the government to one extent or another.

Oh well, so what do we do? MGTOW

Alchemist said...

It's not that women don't like men. They love me when they are horny and out dancing. They want to have sex. They just have zero interest in being mother to children or (worse) wife to husband.

Anna Hitchings can't find a man that meets her standards.

Once you figure out the score you can deal with it. It just goes against everything we are taught growing up. Nothing to be done but to get over it.

On the height thing. Once a professional dancer told me "I could never date a guy who is shorter than me." About two weeks later she was explaining "you have a tall presence."

Game works.

ndfw76 said...

If they are happier being single than I believe it's just not wanting to admit to themselves they messed up. I think if they were happier the numbers of antidepressant usage would be a lot lower.

ndfw76 said...

If they were actually happier I think their anti-depressant usage would be a lot lower.

maruadventurer said...

Its all sales. Which means what is the hot button of the buyer? And yes, cold calling (aka rejection) is really a drag. But there is a flip side. Come about 30 most women I have seen have the light bulb go off and say -- "Why the hell am I doing all the heavy lifting?". Sadly for most that is also their 'sell by' date on the clock.

My assessment is that women are predisposed to assess risk other than what is immediately facing them at the moment. They don't think if I do X, two years from now can I fulfill my obligation Y.

Robert What? said...

Game is extremely important in marriage as well. Occasional applications of Dread Game are especially critical. Take it from me.