Sunday, June 21, 2020

"All the Cool, Intellectual Kids Hang Out in Uptown"

Allow me to tell you a quick story.

On the first day I moved to Minneapolis waaaaay back in 1993, the local college kids told me "uptown" was the cool place all the edgy smart kids went.  Of course, to "go there" you needed a lot of money as food was expensive, coffee the same, and if you drank drinks were overpriced. 

Aside for the rare restaurant that I liked, Minneapolis's "uptown" was a pretentious, arrogant place for trust fund kids to spend their money and party, yet still act like they were self-supporting intellectuals as they sup upon $7 lattes and attended art fairs.

Well, not so much anymore.

Admittedly, it has been over 20 years since I first set foot in uptown, but now after a full generation of children have been brought up to be virtue signaling social justice warriors (both of the ghetto and lily white suburb variety) the leftist elite of uptown now have their chickens coming home to roost.  Whatever true intellectuals that existed in Minneapolis have long ago left for the burbs or warm tax free states and rarely-if-ever concern themselves about being "intellectuals" hanging out in the effete parts of major metros.  And now you have the leftist eloi and their K-12-conditioned morlock creatures who are feeding upon them.

As you all know I left Minneapolis long ago and am leaving Minnesota for greener pastures.  I truly could not give a shit about this shitty town, it's arrogant leftist people, or the frankenstein monsters they created.  I'm sure Minneapolis will come up with a slogan or a motto about "all in this together" or some other placating bullshit.  who knows, they might change a lake name again.  But in the end, they get what they deserve and I will enjoy  watching the city burn.

Enjoy the decline, minneapolis!  Enjoy that freaking decline!


HOSP said...

What? I thought "diversity is our strength"? Hmmmm...?

Kids, stay out of cities and suburbs (they're next on coming attractions). Oh, and avoid crowds if at all possible.

Patrick said...

It's even more of a ghetto shithole than it was last year. Now almost everything is boarded up and almost everyone outside are all wearing facemasks over there.

Older and Wiser said...

Undoubtedly, the only 'solution' that Democrats and their leftist tools will think of is to disarm law-abiding citizens (as usual).

Mike said...

Best advice I ever heard when I was in school:
"See all these kids with their Nikes and Members Only jackets that think they're God's gift to the world? The day high school is over, nobody's going to give a plugged nickel about how awesome they think they are. The popularity contest ends on graduation day, so don't waste a single minute worrying about what they think. You get some skills so you can get a good job."

I've already passed that on to my kids. I guess in today's terms, Nikes and Members Only jackets would be replaced with "man" buns and avocado toast?
Meanwhile my kids are learning to code, learning martial arts, and practicing Spanish.

Glenn said...

33 years I've lived in the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities, and the wife (unlike me, native Minnesotan) are leaving for South Dakota ASAP. Probably be gone by Labor Day. The gutter rats can have it...

Dominique said...

Hey Cappy! How are you doing? Where are you moving to?