Thursday, August 27, 2020

How The University of Colorado Boulder's "Hip Hop Studies" Certificate Proves Higher Education is Worthless

To be honest, I don't need to explain "how."

The average person of average intelligence can immediately deduce why a "certificate" in what is a hobby or enjoyable activity is worthless.

The average person of average intelligence should be FUMING that an "accredited institution" like the U of Colorado system would dare waste the taxpayers money and the students' tuition on such a joke of a class.

And the slightly smarter than average person would realize this is actually racist as it will disproportionately attract black students who - having already come from a disadvantaged background - will waste precious time and money on a "certificate" that will not only fail to land them a job, but make they look like complete idiots to the rest of the world (a la - "hey, look at this kid.  This idiot actually put "Hip Hop Certificate" on his resume!")

I have long ago given up on getting younger people, let alone their unfathomably student parents, to wake the fuck up and stop blowing $500 a credit on degrees and classes that are completely worthless.  But if you are so inclined to either save yourself from a worthless degree or save your child from the same, please consider buying the book below:


A Texan said...

That HipHop certificate still can't top this one:

Speaking and writing proper English is patriarchal white colonialism? What parent would pay money to have their child taught this drivel?

Robert What? said...

Next: a PhD in hip hop?

Mike said...

Last year a friend of mine was telling me about his daughter's desire to go to college to get a BA in African-American studies. I pulled him aside and told him he might want to advise her against it. When he asked me why, I told him, "Look, this is going to sound horrible, but to potential employers, that degree is going to be a giant red flag and make them think that your daughter has a major axe to grind about race, and that she'll be a huge lawsuit risk. It will make them avoid hiring her if they possibly can." I told him she should live at home while getting a job, getting an Associate's of Science, and then move on to a STEM degree or a trade, because it will save her a ton of money and improve her chances of getting a much better job.

Hip Hop Studies certificates, hyphenated-American studies degrees and all that crap are doomed in the long run to be giant red flags of employees that will be lazy and litigious: it will doom them all.

Post Alley Crackpot said...

Right now, it has become increasingly clear to me that some of you have not been paying attention.

Now give this man a goddamned honorary doctorate, University of the Communist Republic of Blunder.

If some should-be-nameless uni couldn't be arsed to give Charlie Brooker a media studies degree for specialising in video games, why should the University of the Communist Republic of Blunder be able to do this for "hip hop studies"?

Utterly rhetorical. :-)

Maniac said...

If they want to waste time and money on shit like this, so be it - so long as I don't have my tax dollars paying off the ludicrous amount of debt they'll incur afterward.