Sunday, August 09, 2020

Why Men Need to Accept Big is Beautiful

This is an important one for the boys out there who are sick and tired of seeing nothing but fat chicks to date, not to mention get furious over being called 'sexist' for not finding fat chicks hot.  You need to realize the "fat movement" is a drug that NONE of these girls are ever going to sober up from.  The drug is too powerful, too intoxicating, and going off of it would result in them waking up to (and therefore living in) a life they simply can't handle.  And so no matter how true the fact "big is not beautiful" is, it doesn't matter in their minds.  Merely agree, pat them on their heads, and move on.  Spare yourself the frustration trying to argue with their heroin addicts.


BB said...

From what I see, say at the beach yesterday, young working class white dudes (many of whom are strong and fit) have no other choice than fat, heavily tatted, blue-haired, lower-class women.

I don't understand men's desperation. You literally get nothing a man wants from these women. If they were fat, but were, say, chaste, with a sweet disposition I could at least begin to comprehend.

These women have literally NOTHING that a man wants to offer – fat, ugly, unfeminine, bitchy, tatted, been-with-seventeen-other guys.

Can being gay be any worse?

Maniac said...

The Left is fueled by envy - envy of White people, envy of the wealthy, and in this case, envy of fitness and beauty. They don't want to do the work, so they move the goalposts.

DayByDayCartoon said...

Nice background, heh

DeepThought said...

I work for a Fortune 100 and see women hit the wall and freak out and pick guys that are best, sub-optimal.

By sub-optimal, I mean overweight and unattractive even if they were skinny.