Friday, October 09, 2020

Live with Troy Francis: The Economics of Pursuing Women


Unknown said...


Turn the question around.

"Is it worth her finding a boyfriend?"

Answer: Yes. Because her expectations are that said partner is going to do all the heavy lifting in the relationship.

"Is it worth him accepting the proposition?"

Answer: It depends. What is the trade value, slim as it is.

Men, stop the chase.

Ricky Rari said...

Outside the box thinking, nice. I bet you graduated from the Carlson School of Business with that attitude!

Anonymous said...

Most women are a lot more trouble than they're worth

SM777 said...

Ummm, not over age 55. Due to declining urges, there is no point. But single women in this age group start getting real friendly. It's probably due to the disparate gender ratio, which is what? 85 men for every 100 women or maybe further than that?

Even the ones in good physical shape start to have saggy arms. There are a very few really attractive ones, but they are normally with men around age 40 - 45 who likely still have the "urge".

A Texan said...

We really need a chicken ranch in most towns. Somewhat cheaper than the hassle of marriage and a relationship.