Thursday, October 22, 2020

The End Game of Woke Corporate Culture

A client at my consultancy had an interesting question - where do corporations end up if they keep putting politics over profits?  He was specifically talking about feminism and where corporations and governments are forcing women into executive roles for affirmative action purposes, but the larger trend he was talking about was where corporations put politics over profits.  

I was somewhat conflicted because I didn't know if corporations were indeed putting politics over profits or merely capitalizing on the political religion the education industry programmed most Americans to have, and - like most Americans - were merely virtue signaling as a sick, unethical, racist, sexist, marketing tactic.  If this was the case, then this was just your average American corporation taking advantage of whatever means to profit.  Just like the US Department of Transportation built the Interstate system and corporations now use that infrastructure, the US Department of Education built socialism/feminism/environmentalism/woke culture as the country's official religion, and now corporations were merely opportunistically using that infrastructure as well.  

However, if I had to put money on it, I don't believe corporations are this savvy or intelligent.  Call it a hunch, call it experience, call it knowing my generation which is now in charge of Corporate America (Gen X), but I actually believe "Corporate America" as we know it is not so much trying to machiavellianly capitalize on the woke culture (being willing to ditch it the second it doesn't become profitable), as much as it is inferior Gen X NPC's who captain these corporate ships are trying to be popular.  And since they have now replaced profits with politics, these corporations in the long term are no longer viable and there will be consequences to piloting these corporate ships into metaphorical icebergs. 

And so after some thinking I figured out where "Corporate America" is heading.  And not only is it an interesting journey that lays ahead for Corporate America, but there are some key and vital lessons young, industrious, hard working people are going to want to learn before getting on the "USS Corporate America Titanic" boat.

First, take a lesson from an entity that is further down the woke/SJW/virtue-signaling/diversity rabbit hole - government.  Specifically, the Department of Transportation.  It could be the national Department of Transportation, a state Department of Transportation or the municipal one, but the point is take the government agency that is responsible for building roads, bridges, and maintaining them.  That requires they employ of many civil engineers, tradesmen, architects, etc.  

So why are there so many fat, middle aged black women with no experience at the upper management levels of these departments?  Also, why are there diversity meetings, women's empowerment meetings, etc. at every step of the way when the focus should be building stable, non-collapsable bridges?  Of course I'm stereotyping, but there is no doubt in DC and across the nation thousands of under- and un-qualified people (stereotypical fat middle aged black woman or not) hired because of the traits they were born with and not the content of character.  And the reason why is that politics is being put ahead of profits the taxpayer (not to mention the safety of the American driver).

Still, this has set forth a key trend younger people will need to be aware of going to work for "woke" corporations.  And that is the real work still has to get done.  The Department of Transportation still has to build the roads.  So what you will see (and some of my civil engineering agents in the field will verify) is that yes, the stereotypical 54 year old black woman who knows nothing about civil engineering will be the boss and there will be touchy feely meetings about shit that, frankly, has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with roads.  But they will outsource the real work to real engineers as contractors because in the end, the agency (be it the Department of Transportation or "Proctor and Gamble") has to legitimize it's existence.  It can't just be a welfare jobs program for minorities or women, hosting self-pitying sob sessions over how it's so unfair they get preferential hiring treatment.  The organization needs the veneer of a purpose, and thus they outsource all the real work to contractors.  And that is where smart and savvy future workers will go.  Contract work.

Second, if you think "Oh good!  I'm a minority/disadvantaged person and so now I can get one of these cushy jobs with no qualifications!," think again.  Because now that meritocracy has been abandoned for traits, there is nothing you can do within your power to advance your career in these new "woke" environments.  You were born Hispanic, you were born female.  That's it.  Those are you two qualifications.  And so what is going to happen is a Hispanic, female, WHO IS ALSO BI is going to be promoted over you.  Worse, if you think corporate office politics was bad before, just wait until it becomes the Oppression Olympics.  Working for Boomers was already a nightmare in the 80's and 90's.  The regular corporate politics was intolerable.  You throw on a bunch of self-absorbed Millennial and Gen Z'ers who swallowed the woke-SJW-victimhood socialist politics whole, Corporate America will become a combination Game-of-Thrones meets Arkham Asylum.  Backstabbing careerist spinster women, minorities convinced everything is racist, all professional victims looking to be oppressed so they can sue, all of them jockeying for the ONE executive position that might be open?  You'd be insane to want to work in this genuinely toxic environment.  Alas, this is why I recommend to any minority or female clients I have that, sure, get your 2-4 years working experience at "Target" or "Ernst and Young."  But once you get that experience, and you can join the 1099 Superior Race (look it up) you get the fuck out.  Life is too short, and your sanity too precious, to be sitting in on "diversity" and "female" empowerment sessions in the vain hopes of being promoted to "assistant reserve vice account director."  Besides, as real professionals, it's insulting to have it implied you're racist or sexist or stupid enough to be either.

Third, the "Brand Name Business Model."  This is what I believe will be the final stop for Corporate America.  

As all the real work is outsourced, and Corporate America working environments become insufferably toxic, all the real and talented labor will simply leave, or never show up in the first place.  This "brain drain" or "talent flight" will gut Corporate America of any real leadership or productive people, leaving the only asset of the company it's logo/name.  This then results in a new business model where 1099er's do all the real work (hopefully uninterrupted from home) while a bunch of political psychopaths maintain the brand name at "corporate," duking it out for increasingly pointless titles at the "diversity and inclusion" department.  This relegates Corporate America's function to mere PR for a brand name.

Not accounting.
Not engineering.
Not operations.
Not production.

P - freaking - R. 

And if marketing departments weren't political enough, imagine what all that juicy woke socialist cancer will do for employee morale back at "corporate."

To a certain extent this "Brand Name Business Model" is already happening.  Take a look at Target for example.  Target is the perfectly woke corporation sopping wet with forked tongued virtue signaling.  But Target employees themselves don't really produce anything.  They outsource everything.  The real production is done by near-slave labor overseas.  The products are then hauled by real companies (transport companies) overseas and over land by real men and women who are boat captains or truck drivers.  Sure, Target has some accountants on staff, and certainly they have thousands of stock boys stocking the shelves, but in the end "Target" corporation is just a red circle with a red dot in the middle, that stupid dog, and a bunch of corporate stooges working at their increasingly Game of Thrones office in Minneapolis (assuming it isn't burnt down).  For all the production Target creates, 95% of the jobs are outside the corporation.  5% goes to tell you how much they like BLM.

Now the question is do you want to work for a "corporation" where it's main goal is merely to keep up an image?  Sure, at one time working for Citigroup might have meant doing real analysis or providing good financial services to your customer.  It may have even had the fringe benefits of working in a cool downtown environment with the prestige of having a corner office, maybe some interesting colleagues.  But now that the actual function/operations of the firm is outsourced to telecommuters and 1099's, what's left at corporate HQ is a corporate husk of it's former self.  And the sole purpose of this husk is to tell the world how woke it is and just how much they're down with the socialist cause to capitalize on the woke-religion the government programmed every one to have.  Worse, as evidenced by my observations of Gen X business "leaders," they actually believe it.  Which means whatever unfortunate souls are working at this husk are now forced into what is nothing short of political indoctrination which should be an affront and insult to any self-respecting professional.

I know for the past 50 years media, Hollywood, television, colleges, even professionals themselves have painted the picture that you want to work for "Corporate America."  That a 9-5 job with some overtime hustle would land you a managerial position, a stable career, and the coveted "six figs."  But as is with everything in the world, things change.  "Corporate America" no longer exists.  Corporate America is no longer the large, efficient, super powerful engine that once powered the great American economy and provided millions of people with careers and professions.  It's a bunch of psychopathic Karens who don't produce anything and whose sole job it is to keep up the shinny image of a brand name so people buy from that brand name.

Alas, if you are smart (or simply self-respecting) you will be smart enough not to get on this sinking ship.  You will develop and hone the skills necessary to become part of the 1099 Superior Race.  You will realize that a corner office downtown was never on the table, but a much better offer awaits you on a beach in Thailand as you work from your laptop.  Do not envy the "corporate executives" of the future.  Pity them.  Because life is too short to be called "racist" or "sexist" and sit through "struggle sessions."  Let alone work for a bunch of mentally ill Karens.


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Anonymous said...

Interesting phenomenon. It's basically Atlas Shrugged in motion.

What's a stock investor to do? My guess is pick the least toxic options and try to stay one step ahead of the sinking ship.

Mike in AZ

Ed Teach, Maritime Reclamation Specialist said...

The woke corporate culture is already destroying the sportsball leagues, in the middle of this plandemic. You would think that the sportsball junkies would be flocking to their idiot boxes to watch sportsball entertainment. The junkies are finding better things to do with their time. Sportsball leagues will still exist but like everything in the circle of life, they will fade away, some sooner than others.

I have advised young close relatives to stay away from big corporations for long-term employment. Stay at the most 5 years and then get out and do your own thing. In the long term it is the better investment to bet on yourself, than to think a large corporation will care about you, other than making sure you follow the corporation's woke culture of all white men are bad. These corporations will fade away with their brain drain. It's inevitable, because nothing man makes lasts forever. Creative destruction will occur. Always has and always will.

Bill said...

Those corporations as they will be less and less able to provide goods and services efficiently. Therefore they will ever be more dependant on government money (taxes plus central banks) to be profitable until they become QUANGOs.
In Germany the government has openly started to finance the main newspapers already.
The end is a weird mixture of capitalism and communism.
After a while everything will crumble nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

The "non-collapsable bridge" line was hilarious.

A Texan said...

Yeah, how do I get one of these? Does your company not have enough Asian Nazi cross dressing faggots employed? Obese cat ladies? Transweirdos manning the front counter? I can help!

Jobs in Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Have Risen 123% Since May—Here’s How to Get One
October 13, 2020
By: Jane Kellogg Murray

Tucanae Services said...

I think your client missed it. Corps view is not 'Politics over Profit', its 'Politics for Profit'. The two are not the same. You don't have to believe me, just walk down 'K' street in Washington, DC. There is better ROI made on that street than anything on Main street.

Post Alley Crackpot said...

This is one of your better bits in a while because you're not repeating yourself, BTW. :-)

"... as much as it is inferior Gen X NPC's who captain these corporate ships are trying to be popular ..."

When I moved to the US, it took me a while to realise that the jokes and songs about America being a huge high school writ large aren't just for reflective amusement.

Corporate America these days isn't commanded by the quarterback of the football team, and that's really where things started to go pear-shaped for America because it needs strong leadership more often and in more places than technical trickery.

Instead, Corporate America manages to get by on the softer skills of the kinds of people who would get elected to student councils and participate in such things as Model United Nations, the people who would in Britain make up the skilled-but-not-often-competent civil services after cramming themselves into something boot-shaped at university.

If Americans can't figure out where you fit in the national high school cafeteria, they apparently choose to assign you to the table with all of the foreign exchange students.

What has been very helpful with having been assigned to the foreign exchange students tables is that the people stuck at them have no illusions that they are in any way dependent on Americans except as sources of labour for whatever projects the Americans can't come up with on their own.

Now that The Rona has reconfigured a number of things, the ample cafeteria seating for the national high school model has mostly been abolished, and so Americans no longer really know where they sit in this grand scheme. (This is immediately visible in the lowered standards for personal grooming and attire you now see across America.)

But that's perfectly all right, because those of us who got assigned to the foreign exchange students tables were never made comfortable, and so we're in the process of reassigning your seating to somewhere less costly or less irritating, such as entirely out of the country.

I'm considering doing it myself: Bermuda is a very attractive option with low costs for processing paperwork for year-long visas with which you can "earn remotely", just as one example that's attainable by more mobile Americans.

If it weren't for the bulk supplies that have a perishable date sometime next year that have been cached because of all of The Rona Policy idiocy in America, I'd be off like a shot.

But Americans often mix up cause and effect: the captain of the football team and the homecoming queen are popular because they are attractive aspirational figures. The "most likely to succeed" also happens to be an aspirational figure because this person often has the means to survive regardless of how crappy the surrounding environment happens to be.

Instead, Americans are now led by the B-group who did all of the right things and made it through all of the right passageways while also being mosly bereft of talent, hiding this by making pretences at having all of the right "soft skills" at wrangling people.

I think America could benefit by returning to its past in which it was less likely to say nice things to appease certain people and more likely to tell each and every one of these whinging retards to suck a fat fucking cock in Hell.

Anonymous said...

Corporate conservatives were a relic of the world wars, an obsolete form of war. 19th century robber barons or 18th century "pirate republic" companies like East India are more representative of corporate nature in the past than anything about real capitalism.

Capitalism is based on entrepreneurship, not management. That's something conservatives forgot in the 20th century, and still haven't remembered.

Anonymous said...

"As all the real work is outsourced, and Corporate America working environments become insufferably toxic, all the real and talented labor will simply leave, or never show up in the first place. This "brain drain" or "talent flight" will gut Corporate America of any real leadership or productive people, leaving the only asset of the company it's logo/name."

The hard truth is that average people aren't all that talented. And people need incomes in order to pay the bills and eat. If you're a white male, you will find it increasingly difficult to find a job at these big, bloated corporations (who dole out the majority of jobs that provide a stable and steady income). Unless said white males happen to possess talent that puts them into the near-genius category (ie: actually talented) then they are shit out of luck.

So all of the entry-level or low-level corporate positions are either outsourced overseas or given to designated minority groups who receive preferential treatment.

And what do conservatives do in this situation? Do they provide comfort and reassurance? Do they actually fight back against this injustice? No, the boomertards tell their younger antecedents to "pull yerself up by the bootstraps. America is the land of opportunity!" Just look at that useful idiot Sean Hannity berating Tucker Carlson because he had the temerity to criticize that "good capitalist" Jeff Bezos.

Anonymous said...

"You will develop and hone the skills necessary to become part of the 1099 Superior Race. You will realize that a corner office downtown was never on the table, but a much better offer awaits you on a beach in Thailand as you work from your laptop."

Again, your prescription for young men is to become part of the gig economy and live in a Third World country? I've done contract/gig work in between long term and stable jobs for quite a few years, and it plain sucks. I would get a 4 month temporary contract and then I'd happily and cynically collect unemployment benefits until the next contract gig became available.

In the meantime, all of the nonwhites will get all of the plum jobs from the government and corporations. And they will be the ones who will have the stable incomes that will allow them to buy a house and raise a family. Have you seen what is happening in the industrial midwest? Are young white males happily "enjoying the decline" as all semblance of economic opportunity gets gutted out? The opioid crisis is the direct result of outsourcing, affirmative action and corporate bean counters destroying white America's economic future.

Most people (white and nonwhite) do not have what it takes to make a living by starting their own business or manage a stable of clients for defacto short term gigs. This is not a realistic solution. Anecdotally, you and some of your readers might be able to pull it off (in a way, I was able to do it myself for a while), but for the vast majority of people, they can only do low-end work.

Roy said...

".....all the real and talented labor will simply leave, OR NEVER SO UP IN THE FIRST PLACE."

Bingo. That one part of that sentence says it all. The whole post could've been just this. Sometimes I feel like I was one of the those guys who didn't bother to begin with.

"I know for the past 50 years media, Hollywood, television, colleges, even professionals themselves have painted the picture that you want to work for "Corporate America." "

I always hated that shit. As if there is nothing else but being a Wall Streeter or some other type of corporate employee. That's what GenX grew up on, everyone had to go to college because all the millions upon millions of us were all going to cram into those offices in a few small blocks in Manhattan, because there is no 'rest of the country' to speak of.

A Texan said...

Thanks corporate Amerika! Seriously, who would fight for this system. And Trumps done some good things, but the best the could have done was fire his poop head son-in-law (((Jared))) and long time ago.