Friday, December 25, 2020

How Value is Determined in Men

I am currently reading "The Way of Monkey."  I'm only about 25% done with it, but it is arguably the best philosophical, yet simplified, work on eastern-being-introduced-to-western philosophy I've read...though keep in mind, I do hate reading.

Regardless, here is an excerpt, I hope you consider purchasing it as it simply and easily solves all the major problems society faces, even if society does not want them.

"If you hold freedom as your highest value,
equality represents your very enslavement.
Both those who hold equality, or hold freedom
as their highest values see their opponents as a
force of evil that must be utterly defeated.
Both go to war against the other believing they
fight for the common good of all mankind."


jabrwok said...

Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free. I'll take freedom.

leeholsen said...

abosultely true quote. imo, the only way for men today, especially with the way the western world is trending is to be a MGTOW and a minimalist and your goal is freedom and nothing else like debt, sex, any woman and any material object gets in the way of that, even if that means your house is 1000 square feet on the edge of town and you car is over 10 years old. and if you land a wife and she isnt willing to sign a prenup on what you will give up to her and any kids of your assets, you effing walk; your freedom is worth it.
75 years is 27375 days, and we all know how fast a week goes by, why would you give up any of your days more than you have to.
doesnt matter if your idea of freedom is doing astrophysics calculations or driving your 15 year old pickup with your dog to the lake and catching and releasing the same fish day after day, a big house, the latest corvette or a kate upton look alike is not worth mine.

Unknown said...

So what...? You shouldn't hold freedom or equality as an ideal?

Anonymous said...

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Eric Wilner said...

Ah, the tricksy double meaning of "equality"!
Freedom is entirely consistent with the classical-liberal conception of equality before the Law: that no one is above the law, and all should be protected alike.
The conflict is between freedom and the collectivist demand that all* must be forced into equal outcomes via unequal treatment.
It all depends on who's writing the dictionary.

* Except the Commissars, naturally.

Red Pill Lessons Learned said...

"leeholsen said...
...and if you land a wife and she isn't willing to sign a prenup on what you will give up to her and any kids of your assets..."

leeholsen, please realize that a prenup is no better than used toilet paper in Family Court. All Cupcake has to do is shed crocodile tears as she spins her sad tale about how she was deceived and pressured into signing it, and the mangina judge will throw it out without a second thought.
The only thing that a prenup is good for is making money for the lawyer who makes it.

Anonymous said...

Why do otherwise intelligent red-pilled men keep promoting pre-nups?
Cupcake doesn't need to do any whining - the judge will toss the pre-nup as
soon as he determines it's not in the best interests of the child, which is immediately.
Pre-nups have no force of law and are just a money-earner for lawyers.