Thursday, February 18, 2010

How Low Can You Go?

Wow, Greece demanding reparations from Germany so they can continue their bloated public sector spending binge.

I am just speechless at how ingrained an entitlement mentality can become.


Anonymous said...

Like the park rangers will tell you, it's fun to feed the bear, but when you stop feeding it, things get ugly.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I laughed out loud when I read that story. Human Beings have such a hard time admitting they are wrong. Politicians have used scape goats since the beginning of time.
This is also a good example of why recessions are a good thing, for an economy. Recessions clean out excesses and correct mistakes.
A bailout of Greece will just allow the same group of socialists to over spend government revenues. A bankruptcy would force out the the current government, and allow for a change in policies.
The US government went bankrupt in the early days of the Republic. The expression; not worth a Continental, was a term for worthless money. The US Republic learned a hard lesson, and maintained a strong monetary system for over a century. You can`t help wondering if the current US government, will also have to learn a few things about fiscal management.

Anonymous said...

People with strong verbal skill always win an argument, not a war. Greeks even make themself like winner for their 300 apartan losers in their total defeat by persians. Greeks have been slaves for nearly 2000 years but still very proud of themself.

Anonymous said...

I think all the hard workers in Greece left. Makes me glad my grandparents emigrated from Greece in the early 20th century!

Ryan Fuller said...

A big part of the problem: "Communist MP."

You know Anonymous, the Spartans weren't known for being great speakers. They're where the word "laconic" comes from.

But, uh, didn't the Greeks *win* the Greco-Persian wars? What with the whole "driving out the invaders, annihilating their navy and killing the guy they left in charge" part at the end?

Thermopylae was a hell of a fight. They lost, but being outnumbered somewhere between eight and hundreds to one, that's to be expected. Running between five and twenty to one casualty ratio while so badly outnumbered, on the other hand, is badass.

So yeah, Greeks these days are a bunch of whining socialists, but denying the military accomplishments of classical Greece is just stupid. The world didn't see that level of asskicking against superior forces again until Finland owned the Soviets in the Winter War, and hasn't seen it again since.

Anonymous said...

"Alright Germany, fork over the cash or the Euro gets it!"

The Russian Mafia are looking at each other and asking why they didn't think of something like that!

Dave said...

Who is John Galt?

Mr. Econotarian said...

Turkey would like reparations for the sack of Troy!