Monday, February 22, 2010

Take That Toyota

You and you're stupid Priuses.

Does anybody else see the irony of this?


Anonymous said...

no. I do not know what an iron has to do with this.

Ryan Fuller said...

You're cheering on the government witch-hunt? A bunch of globophobic blowhards get into a position to try to screw over Toyota and you're on their side. What the hell, Captain?

Toyota is a good company. Sure they make the Prius, but good companies respond to consumer demand. They found a market of self-righteous, tree hugging hipsters and exploited it for everything they could. Kudos to them.

The government is going to use this recall thing to try to kill Toyota for daring to outcompete the godawful American car companies. It's a disgrace that you're happy about this.

JB1000 said...

Toyota is building the "green" sort of vehicle the government is preaching about. Unfortunately, they are NOT building them with UAW workers and the Government is not a majority stock holder. Toyota is going to be catching all sorts of government grief until GM and Chrysler are making money or until both go down for the third time.

Hot Sam said...

I AM LMFAO, ROFL at all the Priuses with Obama stickers plastered all over them.

It could only be better if we found out Trader Joes was buying merchandise from sweatshops!

The Krowbar said...

I like this follow-up: “While the administration may have changed, the bureaucracy itself has not...” said Republican Oversight spokesman Kurt Bardella.

Nope. It's just as obese and worthless as ever, Kurt. How about trimming some of that fat?

I'm also guessing the Democrats' union ties will not allow them to play nicely with a company which prefers to manage its money, rather than making childish, unrealistic promises to greedy labor unions.

Liberista said...

wonder if automakers are already charging the customers for the liability insurances will become common as governments enforce giant recalls for alleged or even real defects.

AeroGuy said...

This is an interesting and disheartening issue because there is yoke on everyone's face. Toyota is a industry leader and has championed management methods that have been used by companies around the world. So it's definitely disheartening to see them f*** this up so bad. Their fix is a band-aid, they are covering their asses, and they are not doing enough to address some very real problems. That said, everything else people have said is also true. There is blood in the water and there is a good chance Dems will find enough s*** on Toyota that they can go way overboard and mess up the economy even further. I'm pretty sure Toyota employs more Americans than Chrysler since Chrysler isn't even an American company anymore. This is a bad situation and I only see all the players making it worse.

Anonymous said...

Well, in my opinion, Toyota was so intent on cost cutting, profits and in beating GM as world's largest auto producer, that they essentially became GM and lost focus on quality and want the customer wants.

Toyota world class quality and reliability has taken it in the shorts and not just recently.

It also appears that there are multiple insiders whistleblowing on Toyota's practices.

I can't tell how much politics are playing into it, but it sure seems to be enough evidence combined with enough different problems to justify an investigation.

And of course it's election year so expect lots of pompous exploitation of the situation by pols wanting press.