Monday, February 09, 2015

Dear Seattle, This Is Your Future

You socialists are so dumb.


leeholsen said...

i believe this is america's future. now, businesses have been using automation to replace costly employees for over 100 years; but given the cost increases and tax increases on businesses(thanks obama and obamacare); businesses has to go to extremes to keep the doors open.
imo, its just a matter of time before the walmart and grocery stores can put something on every item for sale(currently hard to do for a single tomato) and checkers and retail sales will be gone. rude reality coming for americans. i'd say tens of millions living in 3rd world slums in the usa like mexico does today is quite a possibility.

Craig R. Meyer said...

On the flip-side, Singapore is a great opportunity for waitstaff people who are raised up to Western standards of customer service. I've heard of big Singaporean restauranteurs hiring talent scouts to go search the TGI Fridays and Applebees in Tulsa and Dallas and wherever for people. They hook them up with a gig in Singapore for significantly more money.

Mr. M said...

This is why we need a Guarantee Basic Income. Once machines displaces human workers where will the people get their income from? Remember no job means no income. Also I really doubt that the market will produce any jobs in the future.

A.B. Prosper said...

Great plan that. Most of those businesses will be joining the poor and unemployed when they no longer have a middle or working class to buy their products.

Or they'll pretty much guarantee high taxation. Don't want to hire people? OK, no problem, The IRS will figure out how many people your machines have just laid off, double that and charge it as an annual automation tax. Easy Peasey.

of the angry mob armed might just Ferguson the place. Enjoy the Decline!

Anonymous said...

Was just having a conversation about this today. Human labor has effectively become too costly and uncompetitive compared to technology that is heavily subsidized via overseas manufacturing in the USA. Raising minimum wage isn't going to help. Only making human labor provide more value added than machines will remedy the road we are going down. Don't see how? I predict a technological dark age instead of a religious one like we had before. You will have the masses of ignorant, the people who run the technology, the owners and their enforcers to keep everyone in line.

Dave said...

Can't do that in America. Some enterprising customer would stick a finger into the drone's propeller, get it chopped off, and sue the restaurant for a million bucks.

Anonymous said...

As a Seattleite, I wholeheartedly endorse this. But not for the reason you might think.

Waiters are given the princely sum of $3.25/hr by their employers. Stateside restaurants who use this technology aren't really saving all that much money by "employing" these drones.

The real savings is for the customer. That $3.25/hr for the waiter doesn't affect the cost of your meal all that much. Let's say you spend an hour at the restaurant ordering, waiting for food, eating your meal and paying your bill. Your waiter likely has at least two or three other tables they are waiting, so you are really only spending $1.00-1.50/hr on that waiter from your dinner bill (after including taxes). However, you are expected to tip 15% at minimum on the bill you receive. If you tip that much on a $40 bill, that's $6 out of pocket, for a total of $7 given to the waiter for that hour of service.

When people make issues out of paying waiters a full minimum wage in lieu of the current $3.25 plus tips, waiters often cry foul. But you'll never hear them be thankful for the good tips they get, all you'll hear about is the one needy customer who left nothing or change and a written thank you.

Anonymous said...

no its not. in this case, its not cost effective.

and too complex.

its way better to re-arrange the sitting to simulate sushi bar.

if you visit 3rd country restaurant, you will have pre made cooked food called "hot food" which is like home cooked, but in large number. so you just self serve, by taking whatever food you want, what ever drink you want, and pay before going to your table and eat it.

this drone only make it look cool, and the cost will be passed to customer anyway. my 2 cent.

evilwhitemalempire said...

"This is why we need a Guarantee Basic Income. Once machines displaces human workers where will the people get their income from? Remember no job means no income. Also I really doubt that the market will produce any jobs in the future."
There IS a viable alternative to mass welfare and taxation.

What if EVERYONE just owned all the robots?

Then we could all make money that way instead.

People's Capitalism is basically the equivalent of everyone owning an android that went to work everyday (in our place) but gave us the money!

And here's a leftoid criticizing the idea. So it's bound to be a good thing!

Anonymous said...

Just remember that once it took 100 men to carry rocks up a hil,, the some cunt invented the horse and cart and 99 men lost their jobs.

There was an entire industry centered around people who shoveled horse shit off the roads. Then some cunt came along and invented the motor car and all those people lost their jobs.

Some fuck-wit invents flying drones and a few waiters lose their jobs.

When jobs become redundant, those people are free to go and exercise their efforts elsewhere and they do. It's how we progress.

Is it possible that while jobs are being removed in the waitering world, jobs are being created in the burgeoning drone industry?

Red Knight said...

You mean we can stimulate the development of automation and robotics by raising the minimum wage? Count me in!

Anonymous said...

Seattle contains an abnormally high concentration of computer programmers and IT experts.

Seattle will develop and build the drones that will put Minnesotans out of work.

When a waitress loses her job in a Minnesota restaurant, a businessman in Seattle will be making millions selling drones all over the USA and the rest of the world.

You'll see.