Monday, February 02, 2015

IBM Baby Boomers Actually Get It

I didn't believe it when I saw it, but there is ONE company and ONE group of baby boomers who know how profitable it can be to get rid of all that damn office space and allow your employees to telecommute;


Read to the part where they gained $1.9 billion when they sold their unneeded office space.

What savvy, charming, handsome, and clairvoyant economist, gifted with SAEG(TM) no less, saw this coming years ago?

Hint - it's not Janet Yellen.


Kevin Titus said...

Jesus, do you mean there is actually a chance of breaking the plantation? The mornign commute makes me want to eat a .45 slug.

Anonymous said...

One small issue: They are getting rid of the space in the US because they are outsourcing to India. LOL!Telecommuting if you live in India. Inside the USA, not so much for big blue

Big blue also swing the Axe this year: