Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Extermination of the Individual

Uncie Bern Bern delves into the sick and evil world of communist Russia.


leeholsen said...

not meant to hijack, but technology does this also. rather than think; todays youth just googles it and blindy accepts the search result.
makes one wonder if technology is a better control than it is an productivity accelerator.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing about Russia is that, during it's Romanov era, it war run by oligarchs (the nobility), during it's communist era it was run by oligarchs (the politburo) and now that communism has collapsed it is still run by oligarchs (the rich state sanctioned petroleum mafia)

Russia has always been a country ruled by fierce and controlling men.

Call them czars, communists or petro-politicians, nothing has changed in Russia, just the brand name.