Saturday, December 01, 2018

New Pin Up Girl Covers for the "Best of Cappy" Books

Greetings all!

After working with three artists over 5 months, I finally had the covers redone for "Captain Capitalism - Top Shelf," "Captain Capitalism - Reserved" and my new book "Love Letters to the Left."  ALL books are available on Paperback and Kindle.  You may have to search "kindle" and "paperback"as Amazon has yet to consolidate the kindle and paperback links into one listing, BUT THEY ARE AVAILABLE IN BOTH FORMATS.

The good news is that the covers showcase the talents of three different comic book artists.  One is a traditional comic book style, the other a more modern comic book style, and a third influenced by Japanese anime (though, not dictated by it).  They came out exceptionally well and I hope you enjoy them.

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Anonymous said...

I really liked the redhead in a bathtub. Did you give her away as part of your promotion?